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Found 828 results

  1. Guest

    irish police checks

    hello, does anyone know how long irish police checks are taking at the moment? thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, My senario is this.... I have an employer in Perth looking into the possibility of sponsoring me on a 457 Visa. I am aware I must recieve a Police Clearance during the process of this Visa. However, I was unfortunate enough to recieve a fine from the WA Police in Feb 09 for failure to produce my licence after a routine stop whilst on a Working Holiday Visa. At the time I didn't pay the fine due to the fact I moved over to the East coast. I have been in contact with the Fines Enforcement Registry and managed to find out my fine was still overdue and my licence suspended in Mar 10. Since then I have paid the overdue fine. My question is this.... Will I still be able to obtain a Police Clearance to continue my plans to move or will I be refused a Police Clearance because I took so long to pay the fine???? Also will my Suspension be lifted as I have payed my fine??? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  3. Dont know if anyone can help with this, but any help would be much appreicated. My family and I lived in Oz from Aug 2009 to July 2010. As Im now back in the UK, and planning to work in a school from September I need a police check done for the time I spent in Oz. Ive been on the Australian Federal Police website and they state on there that the cost is $43 (which is fine) BUT they want the funds paid by either an australian cheque drawn on an australian account or by a money order by a bank that is affiliated with an australian bank. I spoken to my Bank which according to the Federal website is a UK bank that is affiliated with an australian bank and they didnt have a clue what I was taking about. Before I wait up untill midnight tonight to ring Oz, I wondered if anyone else had come across this before and how they had managed to sort it out. thanks Alison
  4. skipjack

    Police Officer on SOL list

    Hi, I don't know much about the GSM process - can any one help so i can advise someone else? As commissioned police officers are on the second SOL list (State/territory nomination), could a UK police officer apply through as a GSM? How does the state nomination work? Thanks
  5. xTINKSx

    Police Checks.

    Hey, Does anyone know if you can put more than one application in an envelope or does each application have to be sent separately.... Was wondering this for payment purposes... wasnt sure if I can put one cheque in as opposed to our required 3 application fees. This is for both UK and Australian police checks btw. Also with regards to UK police checks, will the UK ACRO accept an Australian Bankers draft in pounds sterling??? Thanks
  6. Guest

    police transfer

    Hello Everyone, My partner and I are currently going through a skilled migration visa under his skill. we are just waitting to go through the medicals. I am currently working as a police officer in the uk and would like to transferr but have no idae how to go about this?? if anyone has any information i'd really appreciate it. Thanks helen
  7. chiara

    police report

    So my DH is hoping to hear about a job in oz this week which will sponsor him on 457 visa. If he gets the job, he will be leaving the UAE within days since he sincerely cannot take another day of the bull**** there (owed almost three months salary). However, he needs to prepare and so I was wondering, on a 457 does need a police report? I know for the 175 he needed one from each country he had lived in over the past so many years so am I right in assuming this is the case with the 457? He will need to get it fairly quickly if that's the case IF he is offered the job (oh please oh please!) Thanks
  8. I'm applying for Partner visa. In July 2005 I had a road traffic accident which involved some queries on the validity of my license .... I was summoned to local court and explained myself, the panel understood a misunderstanding and said that they would not penalise me in way of points or fine, however I would be found guilty. I explained this in detail for my ACPO Police Certificate...however my Certficate came back with "No Trace" As explained on the form No Trace means: "You do not have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or Final warnings held on the Police National Computer" Whilst I am not out to lie or deceive in my applicaiton, I simply wish to find out where I stand with this. Does it imply that it was never recorded ie more of a warning? and that I do not have/never had a conviction? No "Live" Trace implies that I should have this as my result on the certificate..ie it is on my record by stepped down. Confused :err: Opinions appreciated.
  9. Hi Does anyone know if you have to do an English police check for the last application process for the permanent spouse visa subclass 820 please? I did one for my prospective marriage visa but is it just an Australian police check for the 820 application? Thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  10. Sian1430

    To join the Police in WA??

    Hi All, Just thought I'd run this one by any former UK Police Officers who have made the jump down under and have continued in the Service? I am a serving Police Officer in the UK, my husband and I will be moving to Perth in the new year under a 457 visa through his company (he is a Civil Engineer). We're told once we have been residing in the country for around 12-18 months and providing all goes well with my husband in his role, we will be granted permanent residency. I understand I will need PR to apply for WA Police but am questioning whether it it worth bothering at all? I know the elements of the cops in the UK I can't stand are similar for most - paperwork, red tape, paperwork, discretion....what's that?? Did I mention the paperwork.....:wacko: I know what I am looking to get out of Oz - the great outdoors, enjoying good health, making good friends. I love exercise so I have a nagging ambition to get myself qualified as a personal trainer. But by doing this would I be throwing all my police training out the window?? I'm now a Detective and this has taken a lot of hard work to achieve. I know I can't face working in an office in Oz, I struggle with cabin fever as it is and to look out at the sunshine every day would be torture!! I'll take the positives and negatives on policing in Oz, it will assist hugely with my decision!!
  11. Guest

    Acpo police certificate

    Hi Does anyone know if the Police Certificate details spent convictions etc or does it simply state that there are no ongoing investigations etc. ie If a person had a conviction in the last 2 years and one 15 years ago would they be detailed on the certificate? and if they have had nothing since would the certificate simply show "no trace"? Thanks for any help anyone can give going through a very stressful morning!
  12. Hi All, I applied for an ACPO Police Certificate for a 457 visa application. The certificate expired 29th March 2010. We're now on our second 457, living in Oz, and looking to apply for PR. I seem to remember the certificates are only valid for 12 months from the date of issue but I'm not sure where I read that. Does anyone know how long they are valid for? More importantly, is there an easy way to renew one or do you have to go through the process from scratch? We have been living in Australia for just over 12 months now. If you have to start from scratch, how do you go about getting a new certificate/renewing one from Oz if you can't prove UK address for the last six months or do we not need one if we've been living in Oz for the last year and are now applying for PR? Many thanks, Rob
  13. I sent off my nursing registration today, have been doing more research into the move to OZ. How do I go about getting my police check done that is suitable and accepted by australian government? Also what about the health checks? is it worth me doing all of this before I receive my registration... me is thinking ahead :goofy: thank you
  14. I just recently passed the assessment at Engineers Australia. I am almost ready to apply for the immigration when I realized there will be some problems. My husband had some issues as we cannot get his police clearance here in Bahrain where we live for the past 6 yrs. The problem is a bit complicated but just to summarize, it has something to do with injustice here in Bahrain. One thing leads to another so it will take time for us to fix his problem though there's a chance but really time consuming. i wanted to know if we can waive his police clearance or any supporting documents where we can prove that he is in good character other than a police clearance. I will be honest he is in good moral character but the tradition here in Bahrain where most of the sponsors/employers that hires you gets the mentality that they own them victimized him. Does anyone here had an experience on waived police clearance?:radar: Any input is appreciated.
  15. joeyje

    Police check

    Quick question....... Was about to send police check certificate off to my case officer, then it occured to me that I didn't know whether to send original or certified copy. Any advise??? Many thanks!
  16. Guest

    police staff

    Hi my partner and I are considering moving to Australia, he is a joiner/shopfitter but I'm a bit more complicated.....I have worked in various roles all of which have involved civilian investigation tasks- I worked in the fraud unit of the Identity and Passport Service for some time and have been employed for nearly five years by South Yorkshire Police again in a civilian investigation role undertaking all the statement taking, intelligence research, obtaining information from other agencies including obtaining Production Orders at court for financial investigations. I was just wondering if anyone has any sort of idea wheher there is the opportunity to undertae any of this type of work in Australia or whether it's all police officers that do these jobs over there. If all else fails I do have experience in general admin/office amangement and would be happy to return to that if it facilitated the move.
  17. Hello folks, this is my first thread, so please be gentle with me. Was wondering roughly how long it takes to get a yey/ney after getting medicals and police checks done/:jiggy:
  18. Hi, This is a bit long winded but I want to explain everything so nobody thinks I'm some pyscho vandal and hopefully I can get some clear advice! Just filling in our Police Check forms and I got to the question - Have you ever been arrested, dealt with by way of caution/warning/reprimand or been convicted of a criminal offence in England, Wales Northern Ireland or Scotland? My problem is this; in 2005 I was arrested for criminal damage to private property (scratching my ex-boyfriends parents car). I was asked to go down to the local police station, processed (finger prints, DNA and photo), interviewed and then bailed for 7 days pending further investigation. The outcome was that my ex-boyfriends father had actually got him to lie to the police, I had text messages and phonecalls on my mobile which showed that my ex was trying to get in touch with me whilst the police were actually taking his fathers statement and imediately after he had given his. Needless to say the officer that interviewed me was totally pieved off and despite telling my ex's father this he insisted on going ahead with charges. So it was sent to the CPS who in the words of the officer "wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" and actually my ex's father got a warning for wasting police time. Now I actually work with Severely Autistic and Disabled Children and over the last 11yrs have had multiple Enhanced CRB certificates. Never have I had to delcare this incident and its never come up on the search. I have noticed though on the actual forms you fill in it only asks if you have been convicted of a criminal offence or received a caution/warning/reprimand. It never actually asks have you been arrested. I rang our local police force but they said the Subject Access department are only open 9am-4pm Mon-Fri and I would need to speak to them and discuss it with them. I am now worried this is going to stop us as I know a friends brother once got a caution for cannibis whilst at school and they can't emmigrate to Canada as a result. So if anybosy has been in the same situation or knows about Police things I's really appreciate your help! Thanks for reading!!
  19. Hi I will be applying for my 801 spouse visa for permanent residency soon as the 2 year mark will be approaching. I know I have to do an Australian Police Check. Do I have to do a UK police check too? I visited the UK for a few weeks last Christmas. (I did Uk one a couple of years ago for the prospective marriage visa but is it only needed for that visa and not the 801?) Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  20. Hiya, we're applying for a spouse visa for my hubby and I have recently found out am pregnant (very, very early days yet). I'm desperate to have the baby in Australia (due Dec) and so we're frantically trying to get the visa in. Would it be advisable to front load the application as we're on such a tight timeframe? Or does it not really matter? Secondly, I can't find the information as to how to get the medical/police checks, could some angel please help me? Also, does the police checks take the estimated 45 days really? Thanks a mill xxx
  21. Hi Our only outstanding "Required" bit on ur Visas with the exception of our Medical results (uploaded this week hopefully) is the "Australian Federal Police (AFP) certificate" now we have not lived in oz at all so believe they are not required, is it safe to ignore this requirement and do we have to inform our CO that we havent lived in Oz ? Cheers Jess and Matt
  22. Hello guys, I wanted to pick your brains again. We got the request from our CO for our meds, police checks and form 80 last month. We have 28 days to submit which brings us up to next Thursday. Do you know if its possible to delay our meds and police checks until the end of July? If we get the visa we didn't want to validate before the end of July and go over initially on a reccie. If we do this we will send confirmation of the meds and police checks to the CO. Is this sufficient do you think or will we be penalised? Thanks
  23. Guest

    Police Certificate??

    Hi, how long did it take for your police certificate's to come through ? xx
  24. Hi there just filling out this form as requested - how did anyone send the fee? It states cheque or money order and that any cheques must be from an australian bank or a bank that is affiliated with an australian bank. What is a money order? Also, did anyone send a copy of their marriage certificate? or just passport? will be a pain to have to get another certified copy done! many thanks!
  25. Both myself nd my hubby spent a year in Oz on a WHV from 2002 - 2003, & they have now asked us to get Police Clearance from Australia... I have printed off all the forms & am in the process of filling them in but... It asks for our present address... which is fine, however, we moved to this house in 2006... then it asks for a previous address... The question is... do I put the address prior to this one in Ireland... or do I put an Australian address... & if I put an Australian address down, which one... I was backpacking around the whole of Oz & had numerous addresses most of which were hostels??? Just wondering what anyone else did or thinks I should do??? Cheers in advance... Susie :unsure: