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Found 828 results

  1. Hi, anyone requested an Australian Police Check lately? The website says it takes 3 weeks - wondered if they actually take that long to come back....thanks
  2. Guest

    Police checks PMV

    Hey, just wanted to see if anyoene could help me out....I'm in aus at the moment and leaving for uk 8th jan. Il have my initial forms ready to do to aus house in London and il also post off my police check for the uk. Question is...can I do my aus police check in december before I get home. I know they need to be valid for a year and we will hopefully get married in October so surely I can do police check in aus in dec and then send off my uk one as soon as I get back. Any advice is great! Also just general advice about the content of the visa is much appreciated! Thanks guys!!!!! :biggrin:
  3. And how can fruit flies kill????
  4. zidden

    Police check or not

    I have currently been granted state sponsorship (October 26th) and uploaded all required documents to DIAC so far (October 27th), except for medicals and police checks. I am still awaiting a CO. Is it wise to proceed with the Police checks now and book a Medical for December/January so that I am organised? I am a low risk catergory so I my 176 visa should take 12 months and both of these final checks are valid for 12 months. Thanks. :unsure:
  5. 4chizzel

    Police Check delaying 457 visa

    Hi Could anyone tell me how long it takes a supervisor to review a police certificate for a 457 visa? My boyfriend is coming on my visa but unfortunately has a one off criminal record from 4 years ago. He never went to prision, was just given community service. We sent the police certificate last week. Everything else, including medicals, have been finalised. This is the only thing holding us back and the case officer originally told us she would grant the visa the same day as the police certificate was received. I've handed in my notice at work and now were stuck here waiting for a deciosin and every time we ring the DIAC my case officer will not speak to us (she speaks little english) and she won't give us the name of the supervisior to explain whats written on the certificate. Im fed up of waiting! I would be grateful if someone who has been in similar circumstances could tell me how long it took for them.
  6. Ali&Paul

    Police checks UK/Northern Ireland

    My husband spent some time in the army in northern Ireland and our CO requested police checks for both UK and NI, do we need to get two separate checks done? His certificate came in the post today but no mention on it of anything to do with NI even though we put his NI address on it, does anyone have any experience of this? Many thanks, Alison
  7. dinkydoo

    Arrghhhh!!! Aussie police checks

    Our aussie police checks have just arrived and our names are spelt wrong on them!!!! Spent $86 on them to get them back wrong!!!:arghh: Dont understand how they are wrong coz we had to send copies of passports/marriage certificate for our identification???????? Not sure what to do........:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  8. Hi guys, I'm not sure if any one would be able to help me. My CO recently contacted me and told me to get my documents ready for my the processing of my 485 visa. I was really happy and thought wow end of visa nightmare and I can apply for my 885 soon! Little did I know that 1) the finger prints that I needed for my Singaporean Police clearance expired a while ago and 2)Fingerprints can no longer be done at my local police station and has to be booked through a central hotline!! So anyways to cut a long story short, the next appointment is in a months time in Ballarat and it takes a month on the Singaporean end to get my police clearance sorted. I was just wondering if anyone has been through a situation like that and how it was resolved with the Singaporean police! Im so lost and desperate! Pls advise! ljwalvin
  9. Hi does anybody know if the police clearance you get for your 176 visa covers you for social care work or would i need to get an australian police clearance for any job i apply for in Australia?
  10. Guest

    ARCO Police Checks

    Hiya All Just completing our police checks, we haven't yet been asked for them but I'm 'front loading' in anticipation (need to try and get our visa granted before 7th December). Do I just have 1 certificate sent to me and then forward it to our CO when it is asked for? or do I have to have it sent directly to our CO in australia? I'm rushing to try and get them in so any help will be much appreciated. Neil:hug:
  11. Hi guys Iam applying for Perm Res from 457, been in Oz 7months, do I need to apply for an Oz police check? I have already sent for UK police check and a colleague @work just told me that I need an Oz police check too. I thought a police check is only necessary if uve been in a country for 12months or longer?
  12. I am applying for my citizenship in Australia. Can someone please tell me how to go about getting my background check/police clearance certificate from FBI from USA where I was living before? Rao
  13. Guest

    Medical tests and police checks

    I have sent off my application a few days ago. Do I want untill I have received a case officer before I go ahead with my medical examinations and police checks? Im a bit confused about when I get all of that completed.
  14. The Pom Queen

    Police issuing visas?

    I just read this article but surely the police have no say in who can or can't stay in the country, or do they? The wife of Walter Ciaran Marsh, charged with murdering nurse Michelle Beets, has told a jury that police offered to help her and her brother obtain a visa independently of her husband if she told the truth. In the NSW Supreme Court this morning, Samantha Marsh said she and her brother decided to "ignore it and stay loyal". However, about two weeks later, Ms Marsh decided to tell police that her husband confessed to murdering nurse manager Ms Beets about one hour after he slit her throat and stabbed her in the chest at her Chatswood home. Advertisement: Story continues below "I asked them whether or not I would be charged as an accessory. I was worried I would be charged. They got approval from their boss that afterwards I would get a piece of paper in which it said as long as I told the truth I would not be charged." Under cross-examination by Mr Marsh's barrister, Keith Chapple, SC, Ms Marsh said she had been in Australia on a student visa but it was cancelled when she became a dependent attached to Mr Marsh's 457 working visa. That visa would become invalid after Mr Marsh's contract at Royal North Shore Hospital was not renewed. Her brother's visa was also in jeopardy because the hotel management school he was attending went bankrupt. "They [police] told me that if I told the truth I didn't have to worry about my visa and my brother's visa. They could help me with a visa to stay in the country ... So I could have an independent visa." Mr Marsh has pleaded not guilty. The hearing continues Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/police-offered-to-help-me-get-visa-says-wife-of-man-accused-of-killing-sydney-nurse-20111004-1l66u.html#ixzz1ZnzqTeWM
  15. Guest

    National Police Checks AFP

    Hi all, My CO needs National Police Checks certification from Australian Federal Police. My immi agent told me that I have to do it cause he isn't allowed to apply for. I try to find all the details about that but I found that the only way to pay is by check (made through an Australian bank), no other possibilities? Is it possible apply for it online ? Thanks Luca
  16. dinkydoo

    help with aussie police checks

    Just filling out police check forms and me and OH have to have aussie ones done too, have some questions that I would really appreciate some help with 1. can I post the 2 together in same envelope and include the 2 payments on the same cheque or do I need to do them individually????? 2. can I send a bankers draft from a UK bank made out in aussie $$$ ?? Thank you in advance for your help
  17. THREE English backpackers have been released from the Cairns watch-house on bail as the police officer they allegedly assaulted recovers from his injuries on sick leave. Stephan Jarrett, 31, Lewis Whiteside, 22, and Sally Summersgill, 21, were bailed yesterday on condition they hand over their passports. It is alleged the trio assaulted a sergeant at Palm Cove about 3am Thursday, knocking him unconscious before attacking his partner, who tried to help him. Police opposed bail in Cairns Magistrates’ Court yesterday, arguing they had no fixed residence because they were thrown out of the caravan park they were living in over the incident. Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Bob Soper said the alleged assault was "very serious in nature". "The officer in question who has been assaulted is now on sick leave," he said. He said capsicum spray was used, and a taser was deployed. Mr Jarrett was found to have cannabis and amphetamines on him and was charged with drug offences, and Mr Whiteside also faces a charge of public nuisance. All three have been charged with assaulting police. Defence solicitor Tom Eckersley said at least one of the accused would contest the charge. He said he also believed two of them could be dealt with under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, rather than the criminal code, because their charges only related to a shoulder charge and a shove. Mr Eckersley said without passports, the trio had nowhere to go and were not a flight risk. "It is in their best interests to remain in the community," he said. Acting magistrate Kerry McFadden said the backpackers would need to report to Smithfield police station twice a week and not approach any point of international departure. They surrendered their passports to police yesterday. "I’m satisfied that imposing conditions on these defendants will ensure they appear on the next (court) date," Mr McFadden said. They will appear again on October 21.
  18. Hi Everyone! Im new member of this site! And I'm very thankful i found this site. Hope you could help me with my question. I want to get a police clearance from the USA since i was lived there nearly 2 years. now Im here in uk got a job and they were asking a police certificate from the states. Any one could help me! Espicially to those people have tried to to this before. many thanks
  19. Guest

    Police Certificate??

    Hi how long is it taking for police certificate's to come through? xx
  20. Hey, I am off to Perth in 11 days and am currently waiting for AHPRA to prosess my paper work for Nursing Registration. I am aware that I will need a police check and a working with children check. How do I go about this? Do I need to contact the local police force here in the UK and also obtain another police check on arrival in Perth?? Any info would be much appriciated.. Thanks Carly
  21. oidara

    Police checks

    We have to get police checks in 3 countries: UK, Austria and Slovenia. Bit of a headache! I am wondering if it's okay to go ahead an do that already even though we won't be submitting our 175 application until November? I know it's early, but we're going to be overseas from next Feb and it will be very difficult to get these documents remotely. Am I right in thinking that they don't have a defined validity? Or is there a limited amount of time attached?
  22. ajs604

    Police checks - why?

    Just wanted to ask a quick question may seem stupid. But when I was applied for my 176 I had to apply for a police check? Why is this so? Surely if you were wanted it would be on interpol. I undertsnad the purpose of the check is to see your history - does it also show if you are wanted. Not that I am lol - just intrested in the process.
  23. Hi folks, We are planning to make our visa application in December after (hopefully) getting a positive skills assessment from ACS. From the end of Jan next year we're going to be on the move a lot and we're wondering about getting our medicals and police checks done in January before we set off as it will be very difficult afterwards (especially the police checks). I know that both of these documents are valid for 12 months and that it's important not to do them too early as they need to be done again otherwise. But what I don't know is how far into the visa process they have to be valid. By which I mean, do they just have to be valid until you get a case officer (which I understand to be about 6 months after lodging the application)? Or do they still have to be valid at the time when the visa is approved? If anyone can clarify this for me, that would be great. I hope I've been clear in what I'm trying to ask!
  24. Does anyone have any experience working for the police service in Queensland? Any existing coppers or new recruits? I'm thinking of a career change and always fancied being in the Police. I've researched a bit on this and all I could find was posts on WA and SA police (as they recruit direct from UK), WA came off fine but general consensus was to stay away from SAPOL! was hoping QLDPOL wasnt in the same class as rubbish employers! Thanks Mac
  25. Hi all things were going so well, we've recently been asked for our medicals and police checks. After having the police checks returned we just found out my OH has a stepped down conviction from 1995. Apparently for 'allowing cannibis to be supplied on his premises' .He had a party in his flat at the time (1995) and the police came and caught one of the party goers smoking a spliff and arrested my OH as it was his flat and took him to court and fined him £125. At the time he thought he was being fined for 'allowing cannabis to be smoked in his flat' and thinks he remembers pleading 'not guilty'. But it was so long ago, and so petty as he wasn't even smoking cannabis himself let along supplying or awware of anyone suppling..plus has a completely clean record apart from that..does anyone know if this could screw things up for us? Has anyone got a similar conviction and been granted a visa. ?? we're applied for 176 state sponsored and worked so hard to get this far, we're devastated. any comments appreciated.