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Found 828 results

  1. Good evening everyone I hope you’re well. I recently (September 2020) submitted my citizenship application and “front loaded” I.e submitted all documents including but not limited to my UK police check. I have just received a further information request asking for my police check. I’m not sure what else they need/ want from me? My ACRO police check is dated within the last 12 month and states my maiden name. Since applying for citizenship and the police check I have not left the Country. Has anyone else been asked for their police check twice or know what I need to do?! Any help would be amazing! Cheers!
  2. Riccardo

    Drink Driving Convictions

    Hi everyone, I have applied with my partner for the 186 Visa and he has 2 drink driving convictions (one in 2008 and one in 2015). In both convictions he has received a fine and the license was suspended for 8 months (no jail time and no one was injured). On his student visa he hasn't declared those offences and the visa was granted. We then discovered that he couldn't apply for a further visa due to PIC4020 for the next 12 months so he left the country. Will Immigration be ok with these 2 drink driving? We have gathered character references (one of them is from the Sponsor) and he did a statement saying how he reformed since. I have been in the country for 5 years working for the same Sponsor and we want to make sure that he will pass the Character Test.
  3. Jobee1

    Police and Health Checks

    Hi Help appreciated please. Does anyone have any UK experience and can answer for me... 1. Do DIBP tend to ask for Police and medical checks/clearance? 2. If these are not ready at the time you apply for a visa, can the visa be rejected due to information being submitted after the 60 day limit? 3. Any idea how long it takes to get a Police check in the UK? Many Thanks Jobee1
  4. steve5545

    Getting PR for 50 year old ex cop

    First post on here, so please be gentle with me! I am a recently retired police Inspector with 31 years service and reached the ripe old age of 50 last summer. I have wide experience in investigation, public order, negotiation, health & safety and a wide range of other areas which I won't bore you with. I am very keen to secure a move to Oz and to work in policing. From enquiries with NT Police, that needs PR before they would consider an application and my age prevents me getting a skilled migrant visa, without sponsorship or nomination. I have family already living in Darwin, but the visa options associated with family connections, don't seem to apply to our circumstances. I am left with either getting a sponsored job outside policing, with a view to possibly applying once PR has been obtained, or finding a state who offer sponsorship for police roles (which I don't believe there will be) Can anybody advise of any employment which might suit my experience and would offer sponsorship, or suggest how I can get a skilled migrant visa at my age? Many thanks Steve
  5. Hello all, I'm after any advice, whether it's good or bad, anything! I'm a qualified Crime Scene Investigator, having worked 4 years for South Wales Police before resigning to travel the world. Almost a year after returning home, having dead end, minimum wage jobs, I've decided to up sticks and move to Australia! However, I'm having trouble finding any information relating to my profession. Either I have to be a Police Officer, or there's just nothing written about being a civilian. I don't really know where to go from here, and can't help feeling a bit lost! If anyone can help out, or knows someone in a similar situation, or can point me in the right direction that'd be fantastic Thanks, Beth
  6. Robbouk

    What Next?

    Hi All I have completed my EOI (including IELTS and Skills Assessment), applied for the 3 Visa's that I meet the requirements for. Should I be doing anything else while I wait. Police Check, Health Check etc etc Paul
  7. I am being talked into going to work in Australia for a year by a friend who has just returned from there. what he doesn't know is i have a sexual offence caution from 2008. its augured that you cannot have a caution for sexual offences but im the rare case! (arresting officer knew i didn't mean any harm and tried to let me walk. his boss wanted results which meant i had to take the lightest thing he could get me - a caution. This was from an incident from when i was 15-16, and is too embarrassing to tell my friend and ask him... would this caution stop me from applying for my Visa? as not yet ready to go and nothing is set in stone im not ready to apply for a working visa and just thought i'd ask here as i can stop worrying about it and maybe start planning. if anyone can help that would be great!
  8. HEY ALL Thanks for reading and hopfully advising I recently (last Feb) finished my working holiday visa while on this visa i think i must have accumulated a few parking, speeding and toll tickets but have had no correspondence to this at uk address I'm hoping to return to australia in March to visit my family there who live in Perth I always get stopped for the character check as i have criminal record in the uk and they take me in room ask ifi will commit crime i say no then i go My question is this Will information they at immigration see and charge me for parking fines, speeding tickets, tolls things or my credit card information? If so how would i find this information out?
  9. Hi, First post, so here goes:chatterbox: I've just received my conditional offer of employment with WAPol. I took part in their latest recruitment drive over in London. Its now time for Visa applications! Just wondered if anyone else on here is at this stage or has recently made the move who could offer me some advice. Main things I'm looking at; Rentals, where to rent? Should I rent near the academy? How much money is advised to bring over as a minimum? Pension Transfer Shipping Any general advice? Thanks in advance x
  10. Hi, my name is Brandon Austin I'm 17 years old and hopefully I should be moving near darch/landsdale around April/may time from the UK I would really like some information from anyone who has a fair bit of knowledge on the police force, or current and ex police officers. I have always wanted to join the police since I was about 5 and have just had such a big interest ever since. I have been in the army cadet force over here for 4 years and reached the rank of corporal of horse for the household cavalry which is the equivalent to a sergeant. I would like to know what sort of salaries they get paid how their ranking system works and how I could join ect. Eventually I would like to join the T.R.G (Tactical Response Group) or become a detective as I love a challenge and excelled at CQC/CQB (close quarter combat/Close quarter battle) and I was awarded best shot in the county for ages between 12-18 in 2012 for getting a grouping of 9 out of 10 rounds within a 4cm radius using the L85A2 rifle at 150 m and various other requirements for the army also I am very physically fit and I am currently doing a BTEC level 3 sports course at 6th form which will give me 3 A-levels and I am predicted A*,A,A in results. also I love solving puzzles, questions , riddles and crime scenarios. so if anyone can please give me any guidance or info on what i need to do. That would be very much appreciated Thank You.
  11. John and Wendy

    Day 1 of research our move to OZ!

    Hi everyone, I have just joined this site researching the possibility of the big move from the UK, my main concern is jobs for us both. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning much more. This is something I have wanted for the past 10 years, with the state of the UK now, I'm finally jumping ship. Johns background 30 years old, 10 years in the security industry including the British Army where I served as a Royal Military Police NCO, specialised in close protection with a tour of Iraq behind me. I left the Army 6 years ago and have been working self employed in close protection (bodyguard)/surveillance/private investigation/security chauffeur and instructor. I have vast qualifications in security, I am also an advanced driver at the highest level with lots of experience working with celebs and royalty. Before joining the Army, I was a qualified landscape gardener which I continued to do whilst on leave from the Army. However, I'm not sure how transferable those skills are. I would consider joining the Australian Defence Force, or police. Has any ex military amongst us done that? Wendys Background 25 years old, no kids, not married (I am Johns partner of 5 years with plans of marriage and kids), I work in retail which I have done for 6 years, on the shop floor for 1 year and office admin for 5. I am also security trained and licensed so would ideally be looking for work in admin/retail or security, failing that, a full time mummy and supportive wife. Any advise people can offer is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance. We are a blank canvas, we are open to any ideas of location and careers. We look forward to hearing from you, kind regards, Team WEMO! - long story :biggrin:
  12. wanderingwheels

    Police Certificate enigma!

    Hi folks, I'm still in the early stages of my application. IELTS done and waiting for skills assessment but I'm certain of a positive outcome. Very recently, I found that I will need to get a police certificate for the last 10 years so I am planning to get it in the meantime to avoid delays. Following is the requirement stated on www.immi.gov.au When is a police certificate required? If you are over the age of 16 and have lived in any of the countries listed in this document for a total of one year or more in the last 10 years, you must get a police certificate from that country. The certificate must cover the period of time from the issue date back to the age you ceased to be a minor or must cover the whole time you were in a country. For immigration purposes a police certificate is deemed to be valid for 12 months from the issue date. To give a brief history about myself, I was born in Feb 1990 and grew up in Muscat, Oman and was there until April 2005 (15y), when I moved to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. After spending about two years there, I moved to India in April 2007 (17y) and since then I've been residing permanently in India. After reading the above requirements, I'm almost certain I wouldn't need to obtain a police clearance from Oman but I'm confused about Tanzania. The text states, "The certificate must cover the period of time from the issue date back to the age you ceased to be a minor" So, what is the age of minority for the purpose of this certificate, completion of 16 years or 18 years? If it is 16 years, I may have to obtain certificate from both Tanzania and India but if it is 18 years, I will have to obtain it only from India. Does anybody have an idea? Please help me out. Am I missing something here?
  13. Hi Guys, Page 40 : http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-requirements/character-penal.pdf States that : Non-resident citizens -> Apply to the nearest Indian High Commission, consulate or embassy in your country of residence. Technically I am an NRI (Non-resident indian) as I have been in OZ for 3 years now. The thing is my application is ready to submit and I'm pending the Indian PCC(I have a valid one from the Police Commissioners Office but as of Feb 2013, DIAC wont accept that anymore). I want to goto India and get the PCC from my local RPO instead of waiting endlessly at the mercy of VFS in Sydney. The reason is I travel a lot on work and cant afford to have my passport locked up with them. Has any NRI citizen successfully had an onshore visa application approved in Australia with a PCC that was obtained from the local RPO from India rather than the VFS centre in Australia? Thanks!
  14. Kerry85

    canada police check help please

    Hello all, i am in the process of applying for a partner visa and need a police check for canada as i lived there for over a year. I am currently in australia and have had my prints done but my question is what do i send with them? i have seen the list of info required but i cannot for the life of me find a form to fill in with my address and reason for request etc. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  15. RandC

    Wapol 2013

    Hey everyone I have recently submitted my application for the WAPOL. I was wondering if anyone else is currently going through the process or has recently been through it and could give me some inside information? Take it easy R
  16. Hi all I am in the process of putting in an application for WA Police as it appears they are still recruiting overseas bobbies. One of my friends has already been accepted and he is now just waiting for his visa. The main issue for me is the whole concern of the standard of living and jobs for my wife if we make the move. I know the standard of living thing is sometimes personal but I would just like to get an idea what you guys would think of our potential move....so here goes. I would hope we would like a 3-4 bed detached house and it doesn't need the major mod cons of swimming pool etc. I would think we would bring a 20k deposit ($30k) at least and would set an initial budget of $350,000 dollars for a house. Is it going to be possible to get a mortgage/afford the mortgage and all other associated costs on the one wage of a Police Officer. I think the wage will be $75,000 dollars taking into account my previous service. How much is the take home on that? The house would not have to be near the beach as I wouldn't mind driving but I wouldn't argue being withing walking distance if possible. Mainly it would just have to be in a nice quite area with a few shops, pubs and places to eat out near by. Basically so we have no less that what we have in our small town of Silsden (near Ilkley) if anyone knows it. My wife would hope to find a job soon enough but we would need to know that we could get by without struggling initially and would obviously rent in the first instance. I have been told not to work out the cost of living in pounds as it's just not realistic. The obvious increase in salary is attractive but if the household costs, commute costs and general living costs are way more than here in England I would like to know. I think what would be the best help possible would be someone who has been in the same boat recently and has had the same budget's in mind. How have you got on etc?? I have also been told that if successful I would be posted in the metro area. Is the public transport good or would I need a car? I have been told cars aren't cheap in WA. I would only need a small family car around 3-5 years old I would think. My current car is a small 1.2 petrol familiy car that cost us £5000 at three years old. So some sort of comparison would help. Well if you've got this far I really do appreciate your time just for taking time to read this thread. Your help will be greatly recieved Thank you Lee
  17. MORE than 115 leadfoots a day are being snared by a new fixed speed camera on Kwinana Freeway in Como - the latest cash cow for road-safety coffers. WA Police statistics show that 3597 drivers were issued with fines in the first month after the camera was switched on in mid-July. Of those, 120 speedsters were travelling at more than 20km/h over the 100km/h speed limit, including eight hoons at speeds of 41km/h or more. The Como speed trap is the state's second fixed freeway speed camera. The first, on Mitchell Freeway in Innaloo, has nabbed a staggering 14,759 people since January. But, unlike the Innaloo camera, the Como device has been rolled out with little fanfare. State Traffic Operations Commander Michelle Fyfe said police would continue to target drivers who risked their lives and the safety of others. "The speed limits are there for a reason. They are there to keep everybody safe and to make sure everybody gets to their destination safely," she said. Late last year, WA Police bought several German-made metal cabinets to house speed cameras on freeways and highways. Previously, the only fixed devices were dual speed and red-light cameras at intersections. Other fixed freeway speed cameras are due to be installed on Kwinana Freeway in Success, Roe Highway in Willetton and on Mitchell Freeway in Stirling before October. The rollout comes two years after Monash University Professor Max Cameron mooted fixed speed cameras and point-to-point for WA freeways and highways as a key road safety measure. Police Minister Liza Harvey said fixed speed cameras were part of the State Government's $30 million enhanced speed-enforcement program. From July 1, all revenue from fixed speed and red-light cameras goes to the Road Trauma Trust Funds, which aims to reduce death and serious injury by upgrading roads, increasing alcohol and drug testing and extra police traffic enforcement. Kwinana Fwy near Como and South Perth is one of WA's most favoured speeding stretches, with 20,283 fines netting $3 million issued in the 2010-2011 financial year. NABBED: THE COMO FREEWAY CAMERA'S FIRST MONTH OF OPERATION. July 12 to August 12, 2012. Under 9km/h: 2620 :mad: Between 10-19km/h: 857 Between 20-29km/h: 92 Between 30-39km/h: 20 More than 41km/h: 8 Source: WA Police
  18. Hi all, so happy I found this forum! I am applying for my unmarried partner visa offshore and I have some questions about medicals and police checks. 1) can you submit these later than the rest of the application? I know that they normally expire after a year. I see some people mention front loading their application by sending these in first but can you submit them later? 2) does the Australian partner need a medical and police checks too? My partner and I both lived in Japan for two years so I know I need to submit a Japanese police check but I am not sure if he needs one (I didn't see it mentioned in the Aus gov helpbook but have heard that for a defacto visa for NZ both partners need it done so wanted to check if it's the same). Good luck to everyone in the application process. The amount of work involved is somewhat daunting but it'll be worth it!
  19. anniefrombath

    Medicals Done: Getting Excited!

    Hi Pomz In Oz gang, I'm so pleased I found you lot!!! All this emigration malarky can be pretty daunting/emotional/exciting/exhausting, can't it? We had our medicals yesterday, and the police-check certificate requests are in the post.... could this be the last bit of waiting in a very very (very) long process? :arghh: Hoping to get to Melbourne... Annie Skills Assess Submitted ACS Online 06-04-11, Positive Skills Assess Letter 03-08-2011, IELTS (overall 9.0) 06-May-2011, 176 (Family Sponsored) Visa Submitted Online 09-09-11 + De-Facto Partner attached, CO Appointed 26-03-12, Health Assess 04-04-12 & Police Checks Sent Off....
  20. pete2011

    Australian Federal Police check

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to get an Australian Federal Police Check from the UK ?:jiggy:
  21. they are not specifically on the list but it says members of chartered societies which they are. Every other form of health worker is on there, doctors, nurses, social workers, registered care workers
  22. Hi guys I need to get Oz police clearance for a job I have applied for... I'm going to walk into town as I need to get some docs certified and then post it off. Just wondering if there are any recommendations on who I might approach to certify the docs and how much I might be charged? It looks as if I can go to the police/post office/bank - just not sure if they will appreciate it! Cheers
  23. Is it normal to not see the police check requirement along with medicals when you log into e-business? Just wondering if sometimes it's not required or whether it's just not listed.
  24. Hi everyone, My hubby is in the Air Force and we spent 3 years living in Cyprus. Our agent has told us we need a police check from there and was wondering if anyone else has gone through this? I've found an application form from the Cyprus Police website, but have no idea how to go about it?! Where do i send it to etc? OMG how dumb am I? :embarrassed: Someone help!!! :jiggy: xxx
  25. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I was wondering if anyone who has put their application in can confirm. We are applying for a 176 and are just waiting for our SS to come back before we put our application in. My confusion is that someone put the online list of documents on a thread on here which said you needed to upload your medicals and CRB checks with your application but I thought you were supposed to wait to get these done? Not sure whether to book the medicals now or not. Can someone help please :biggrin: