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Found 285 results

  1. At present I do not fulfil the experience requirement for a 175 Visa as I finished my CIMA qualification 3 years ago but have taken some time out for maternity leave. With the new points test from July stating that you must have experience in your nominated or a closely related profession does this mean I will be able to claim maximum points under the new points test? i.e I have worked my way up the ladder in the accounting profession starting out as an accounts clerk to management accountant, to finance manager and finance director since 1999 so should qualify for the 8 years of the past 10 experience? I'm planning on applying for SS for SA but if they run out of places before I sit my IELTS and have my occupation assessed then I cannot apply for a 175 visa at present as I will fall 10 points short. If I am correct in my assumption above I will easily score the 65 points needed after 1 July (as long as I apply before my 33rd birthday in august lol).
  2. Hi Can anyone claim points ( 5 points ) for partner's skills if the partner has skills in an occupation listed in SOL - schedule 4? I have a friend who has been rejected from VIC recently. Now he wants to apply for 175 but has only 115 point. However his wife has skills in an occupation ( 261314 Software Tester ) listed in SOL - schedule 4. If he assess his wife's skills from ACS as Software Tester ( 261314) can he claim 5 points ? Anyone can confirm this? thank you as always for your advice guys. regards tarini
  3. Guest

    175 Visa. 5 Points Short. Help

    Hi Everyone, Myself and my wife have recently undertaken intensive research into moving permanently to Oz and have decided that applying for a 175 Visa represents our best option. We are now ready to get the ball rolling and begin our application. We have therefore undertaken the 120 points test on the immi website and as a nightmare come true, we fall only 5 points short. My wife is a secondary school PE teacher and I am a solicitor. Unfortunately, a solicitor has recently been removed from the SOL and this would have provided the extra 5 points. Nightmare! My wife is applying as the main applicant and I can provide the following breakdown of her point score: 1. Age - 25 Years Old = 30 Points 2. English Language Ability - UK Passport = 15 Points 3. Nominated Skills Occupation = Secondary School Teacher = 60 Points 4. Skills Assessment - Yes/TBC 5. Recent Work Experience - Yes 6. Location - N/A 7. Health - Yes/TBC 8. Character - Yes/TBC 9. Australian Values Statement - Yes/TBC 10. Specific Work Experience - 4 Years as a Secondary School Teacher - 10 Points 11. Australian Work Experience - No Points 12. Australian Qualifications - No Points 13. Community Language - No Points 14. Regional Australia Study - No Points 15. Partner Skills - No Points/Solicitor recently removed Total - 115 The only option I can see to exceed the 120 Points entry, is for my wife to undertake the Ilets tests and claim for the full 25 on the English Language Ability, rather than 15 points with a UK Passport thus providing 125 in total. I would be grateful if anyone could provide any alternative advice or is Ilets the only way forward? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards
  4. Hi all, I have read the age criteria increases to 49yrs on July 1st 2011. Can anyone clarify if this means 49yrs and under by July 1st 2011 or if one is 49yrs and over can they still can apply? We talked to migration agency in Adelaide who said no I would be too old to apply at 49yrs . Hubby will be 50yrs this month too with all the required qualifications and experienced for LAME. Can anyone clarify what does 49yrs actually mean? Thanks from Ireland
  5. Does anyone know if penalty points are carried over when transferring to a queensland drivers licence?
  6. As a mechanical design engineer with a BEng degree and accredited qualifications from the Engineering Council, I think I'm actually going to be better off under the proposed new points system. I've read many threads on here where people seem to be worse off and read an article in a magazine today that was all doom and gloom for trades people. But surely I cant be alone in finding I'm better off under the new system? I'm still collating the info before lodging my application but I'm really in no rush to get it done before July. I dont want this to look like I'm gloating so I'm sorry if it comes across that way - I'm just curious to see if anyone else thinks the same?
  7. Hi, Does any one know how definate the new points test, coming next July is? Im in a dilema! Just received my IELTS which means I will have(should have) enough points 70, to apply as an independant after July 1st . At present I need to apply for state sponsorship to get the 120 required.(currently on 115) Will they change the new points test requirements before July or could I wait to apply and therefore not be restricted to a certain state if successful? I will be 40 a the end of July so start losing points again!! Should I apply for WA state sponsorship anyway and hope to get that also? if only we new. Thanks Gary
  8. Hi , I was just wondering if anyone could offer me any advice. I am a 35 have a BSc in Adult Nursing as I won't have a years experience by July 2011 to apply before the new point test comes in to force and I don't think I would be have enough points with the new points test would the only option be to try to get sponsorship for a 457 and then hopefully by having some Australian work experience I would then qualify for a permanent visa. Also if a 457 is the only option does anyone know if it is difficult for Nurse with limited experience to gain sponsorship. I am really grateful for any info as this immigration process is as clear as mud:sad: it seems as if something changes every couple months. Thanks :wink:
  9. Hi, I heard from another thread that DIAC is not going to honour for skill assessment via RPL route which is currently in place. I am worried about this point whether it will have any impact if you have qualification not in the occupation on the SOL but extensive experience in the occupation on the SOL. My profile is as follows -Bachelor of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 25 Engineering Colleges in India -Master of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in India -10 Years Extensive Experience with various top Indian IT companies in the IT (all in IT) I am calculating my points as follows Age (34)-25 points English Language (IELTS 7 in each band)-10 points Overseas Work Experience (10 years)-15 points Qualifications (Bachelor)-15 points This makes my points to 65.Please let me know in case I am doing something wrong:daydreaming:. If my qualification is not considered due to RPL route I will not be able to make it. Can anyone please clarify this for me?:unsure: Cheers
  10. Guest

    no points for SOL??

    Wondering if someone can help me as I can't quite figure out the points system. I am on a Working Holiday Visa (age 28) which expires in April and will be going back to the UK then but I was considering applying for permanent residency cus I love it here but I do not have a degree or skilled occupation, just normal work experience in hospitality, travel, hotels (10 yrs) and a-levels. My brother lives in Perth and is an Aussie citizen. (I have a few months work experience here but my current employer doesn't offer sponsorship). So... does anyone know if I stand a chance of gaining PR now that the points for the SOL is reduced to zero? Or do you still need a skilled occupation? I am confused. If anyone can shed light that would be greatly appreciated!! :biggrin:
  11. Hello friends. The new points test is so so ****ed up. Whats the deal with points for OVERSEAS QUALIFICATIONS. I have a double masters and a bachelors degree. I did one masters in australia and the other masters and bachelors overseas. Will i be able to claim points for the education i have had overseas and the point for masters in Australia. Lol, if yes then this may be the way. Cheers guys, and good luck to all.
  12. Hi people, I have had a look at the new points system coming into effect next July, it seems to me from reading the info that they are looking at work experience more now and someone like my hubby who has experience all over banking but no quals may be able to apply under this new system. Am I reading that right or am I giving myself false hope here?:biggrin:
  13. i was wondering - with the new points test coming out in July 2011, are there likely to be changes to priority processing? Will DIAC process applications under the new points test first? then process any remaining applications from previous years? Just curious - not sure whether to apply now or to apply later, especially if applying now might just mean waiting for an extended period of time.
  14. Guest

    New Points test

    Hi there, its been a while since I was last on these boards. While the new State sponsorship lists...etc were being done we've not really been thinking about the move and now their out and my job (Pre-Primary school teacher) is on the list, is all systems go....again! Anyway just a quick question or two, has the points system changed? Do I need more than before? Are there any fundamental changes to the immigration process? I haven't had chance to speak to Ian Harrop and Im not sure how many web sites have been updated to provide the correct information. Cal.x
  15. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Go Matilda comment on the situation for those with trade skills. I believe that many who are at the start of the application process really ought to commit to the skills assessment process straightaway - before the SMPs are published - if they are to have half a chance at being in a position to apply for a skilled visa before the anticipated new points test comes into effect. If they don't commit in the very near future - and yes, spend some money - I think it quite possible they will run out of time. Remember how long WA and QLD were taking to process Sponsorship applications 9 months ago? I feel sure there are going to be large numbers applying to these States as and when their SMPs are published. Best regards.
  16. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  17. Guest

    Experience - New Points test

    Hi All Under the new points test a greater emphasis has been placed on experience. However, can anyone clarify how many hours per week you need to work to claim for this experience? I seem to recall 20hrs being a minimum unde the current system. However some have suggested to us that they sum up the part time hours to pro-rata full time! My wife has over 9 years experience, but part time - 18.75 hours pw. She is now full time (since September). We live in hope as this new points test brings us closer to a visa than ever before:daydreaming: Our only other options is a RSMS. As always, your help is appreciated!:cute: Thanks IrishStew
  18. Here is Chris Bowen's press release on the new points test. Not much detail, but it doesn't take effect immediately which will be good news for PIO members. The new points test is proposed to take effect from 1 July 2011, subject to passage of supporting legislation through the Parliament. It will apply to anyone lodging an application from 1 July 2011. NEW MIGRATION POINTS TEST TO BETTER ADDRESS AUSTRALIA’S SKILLS NEEDS - Media Releases - Chris Bowen - Federal Member for McMahon - Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
  19. Hello, I am new here and this is first post so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am currently in Oz with my husband and 2 children, we were pretty sure we wanted to emigrate but thought we should come over and check the place out first! So we are here on 3 month tourist visa and staying with my husband's Uncle who has lived here for 40 years. We had planned to apply for Visa 176 when we return to Uk in Jan, my husband is a Glazier - which is on the SOL list, he is 30 and has 15 yrs experience in this trade. I have spoken to an agent who said we would have to go to TRA, get his skills assessed and then apply for AQF III in order for his skills to be accepted as work experience was not enough anymore. Also, he would have to take IELTS test, which just seemed silly to me as he is English!! I am an English Teacher to foreign students in the UK and know how hard the IELTS can be if you do not use the correct language they are looking for! Anyway, we were going to go ahead and apply, and also ask the Uncle to sponsor us - though I was told this would make little difference to the time frame/costs - but may mean we could get rid of IELTS test as would not need so many points. This was all going to cost around 6k (GBP). Now. today, I have seen the new points system which will be introduced in July 2011. I can not make out if we would be better off waiting to apply after this. It seems that my husband's work experience may be more relevant after this date in the new system and that we would get 10 points for the Uncle and 30 points for my husband's age...but would still have to take IELTS? To be honest I find it all a bit confusing! I also can not work out if we could get state/territory sponsorship for his profession. It is on Schedule 4 SOL list - but I am not really sure what this means! Can anyone help?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance. :biggrin:
  20. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  21. Here is a very sensible statement from the Australian Industry Group on the new points test to be introduced next July 1. It describes the great shortage of trades people in Australia and how the new points test will make migration harder for them. They also comment on the negative aspects of the decision by DIAC to award zero points for getting a 6 on the IELTS which, after all, is a fluent English standard. http://mia.org.au/media/File/AIG_Points_Test.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Emailmarketing&utm_content=1145437595&utm_campaign=MIANews-Supplement&utm_term=AustralianIndustryGroup Sandra
  22. On the new points test it states points for occupation or closely related occupation. what would be a closely related occupation for an accountant? Thanks Emma
  23. George Lombard

    Details of New Points Test

    See attached. Note the table of changes after the Minister's statement. DIAC presentations also at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#h including a Factsheet and FAQS. Cheers, George Lombard
  24. Migrant skills go to the top of the list THE points system for skilled migrants that notoriously preferred hairdressers over Harvard scientists is about to be abolished. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is scheduled to announce in Sydney tomorrow a new points system in keeping with wider reforms to skilled migration. For further information see SOURCE