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Found 285 results

  1. I have been stressing about the new points test however, I do have age on my side, (30 points, I thankyou :wink:) and as long as I get 8 on the ILETS test then I am better off waiting till the new points test comes in to affect as I wont have to rely on a state sponsorship, though I believe a SS would speed up the whole process. and I have no Idea how hard the ILETS test is, if anyone could give me any pointers on how hard it is to achieve level 8 on the ILETS test I would much appriciate it! also I welcome comments :radar: from other on the new points test and how it could affect you for the good, bad or down right ugly!!! July the 1st is rapidly approaching and even Will Smith cannot stop this worldwide change from happening!!!!!
  2. Hi, assuming I scored 65 or more points under the new system would positive VETASSESS skill assessment still be a requirement? Basically, up until now I never scored enough points anyway due to lack of Diploma etc. However, under the new system I will benefit as I've been in my profession for 8 out of the last 10 years so the new system is good for me. The problem I had previously was that VETASSESS wouldn't give me a positive skills assessment due to lack of equivalent qualifications. But given the new system if I score enough points would I be ok or would my lack qualifications ruin the party again?
  3. hi all just wondered if anyone got very rough estimation of fees from gomatilda. have fee from asa so want to compare. Was going to do alone but think with new points test coming into effect from july think will take pressure off us if an agent is involved!!! i am a nurse applying for 176 but worried that visa will not be in before july 1st only application for skills assess and possibly state sponsor so not sure if that counts as already starting the process???
  4. Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone can remember when the DIAC stopped processing new applications for visa's in 2010 when the new rules came in. Could this possibly work the same for the new test in 2011? Same boat as lots of others at mo in race to get everything together and aiming for 30 June 2011 which may be a bit of a waste of time if they close early!! Look forward (as always) to your replies Lugalugs x:wink:
  5. atlime

    Ielts test for more points

    After looking at what seems to be all the options I'm now wondering if I should take ielts test in the hope I can reach overall 7 for the extra 25 points At the moment I am 5 points short for 175 visa so would need to go for 176 but as I don't have skills assessed yet I won't have time before July changes So.. What if I go for ielts? Would an English UK passport holder reach 7? If I do I can then apply for 175 and failing that I will need overall 8 to get enough points after July I'm 38, married, 1 infant, painter and decorator (last 4 years with 13 years previous) just applying for aqf111cert, gets me 110 points I think so ielts 7 proficient english would give me extra 10? Whats everyone think?
  6. OH is currently filling out 176 visa application online, he had points on his licence which have now been removed.. On the form the question is Have you or any other person in this application, ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)? Does anybody know does he need to include this information or does he leave blank; is this considered a crime/offence?
  7. Guest

    Specific work experience points

    Hello PomsinOZ members i have just received an email from Engineers Australia that i will be recognized as Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914 I have been working in my company for the past 6 years , by which i am supposed to earn extra 10 points in the " Specific work experience " The thing is , the HR letter provided by my company , only specify the current job position ( which i undertook 2 years ago ) , the yearly salary , and that i have been working for 6 years As you may see it is lacking some of the requirements mentioned by IMMI , like - being temporary or permanent - full time or part time - 5 duties undertaken If you may , can you please guide me with a form or a doc file that you used which IMMI considered successful to earn you the 10 points
  8. Guest

    Points Questions re: 176

    Hi Everyone, We're right at the early stages (have just sent off skills assessment) and still getting our heads around the whole process, having worked out our points, I think we qualify for 120 - would this mean Phil still needs to sit the IELTS? Stella
  9. hi without going right into it we need to tell diac we need to claim points for ielts to be added to our app how do we do that? thanks kelly
  10. Hi everyone, I have been reading about the new points test (as of 1st July) as we are a little worried our application will not be with DIAC in time. Anyway we only have 60 points however it says: English language Superior English - IELTS 8 20 points My husband is sitting the test tomorrow. But it is the general IELTS test not the academic. Do you think that the 20 points are scored on this test or should he be sitting the Academic test. We need all the points we can get so he is under a lot of pressure to perform tomorrow. Eekkkkk so hope he gets it. Thank you Keglin :huh:
  11. Morning Really quick question, but not one I can find an answer to.. We've just completed and submitted an application for Victoria state sponsorship, but on the form it asks how many points you are claiming for your visa application. Should we enter the points including those for state sponsorship or leave these out? Thanks
  12. Elliott-Family

    x box live, topping up points in oz?

    Hi We brought our UK x box to Australia with us late last year, we have bought games (COD) black ops since we have been here and that worked fine, when we updated x box live we used a UK credit card, that's now expired. I have just bought some microsoft points to upgrade the map but they won't work? In sure this has somethin to do with UK/oz but don't know how to resolve it If any one can shed some light would be most grateful as have a very unhappy 12 year old and I'm $25down :-( Thanks Claire x
  13. Is anyone as confused as me as to how many points we actually need to complete our application to Western Australia. My husband and I and our young family are applying to emigrate on a skilled sponsored visa. He is a carpenter. We have been told we so far have 105 points, based on the General Skilled Migrations points test. It seems that we need 100 points to make the pass mark. Our immigration agent has told us to take the IELTS to increase the chances to get a State Sponsorship. My husband took the IELTS but only got a 6 for writing so he would have to take it again and hope he will now manage to get a 7. On reading on-line information it seems that if you get a State Sponsorship you get an extra 10 points. Is the extra 10 points with the 105 enough to guarantee that our State Sponsorship will go through? Will we actually increase our chances to get a state Sponsorship for WA if we take the IELTS and get another 10 points on top of our 105? Do you actually need the points to get a State Sponsorship or to eventually apply for the visa at DIAC? Lots of questions..... Has anyone out there been through this whole process and can they help!
  14. Guest

    Designated area points

    Im assessing my eligibility under the new points test and would appreciate if someone could confirm a couple of things. Heres how I have worked things out so far. Age - 25 points IELTS 7 - 10 points Honours Degree- 15 points Designtated Area Sponsorship- 10 points Total of 60 points Do I qualify for the 10 points under designated area sponsorship moving to Adelaide, or would I only be entitled to 5 points under state or territory nomination? Or would I get 10 points designated area and 5 points for state/territory nomination, giving me a score of 65 points.
  15. Hi all, I've just sent in an online application and payment for my GSM175. I had my TRA as General Electrician from 2007 which they told me is still valid. I'm a little concerned that I didn't reach the pass mark on my points test. I only scored 110. I am applying for my wife and two sons to come with me. I cannot score any points for my wife's job as it does not appear on the SOL list. She works for the CITB in the apprenticeships department, which is a key role in most tradesman's careers. Do I need to do the IELPS test even though I am English born and bread, or do they look in to your application and your family to see that fact? This would get me the extra 10 points I need. Thanks, Mick
  16. Andy, Paula & co

    social worker with not enough points ??

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help...i am a qual social worker (2 years) and am finding that I dont have enough points for a 175 visa ( have got 100) as I am 41 . I am getting conflicting info with immi.gov advising that need 12 months work experience in last 24 month. However when doing points test it asks for 3 years experience out of last 4 years. I have looked at the sponsored visa and although less points at 100 they ask for many more years experience. Has anyone come across this or am I looking at this whole thing wrong:mad:
  17. Hi I have a quick question- if we lodge our visa application before 1st July am I right in thinking that the new points test will not affect us? If changes are made to the SOL etc at that time will it affect applications already lodged or not?? Thanks
  18. Hi All, I have a friend who is interested in applying for 175 visa (skilled perm) but her problem is - she currently scores 120 on the 175 visa but if her application is not granted by 26th June '10 she will be 35 and therefore drops 5 points so she will no longer have the necessary points. Is she better just to wait until 1st July and then apply as she will still then have 120 points under the new system. Any info would be great as she's conscious that she needs to act fast to get in under the old system or just wait until 1st July & then apply. Thanks all, AM
  19. Hi I know this has prob been asked but...is the New Points test that is coming into effect from 1st July actually official yet? If not, when will we know it is???? Stressing out big time regarding time frames etc - any opinions/advice greatly appreciated:chatterbox:
  20. Hi, We have had a brief assessment from "Concept Australia" and are a few points short of the criteria, and wondered if it would be worthwhile to travel to Australia to seek sponsorship. I gained an ONC in Building Studies in 1988 & HND in Civil Engineering in 1995 but set up my own small construction company, (extensions, refurbs) in 1999 employing between 2 - 10 men depending on workload. I have always been good with my hands and have now become very competent at most trades, bricklaying, joinery, roofing, tiling etc as well as maintaining the day to day running of the sites, but do not have any certificates for these trades, so my problem is finding a category and not having worked for other companies with these trades. We would love to live in Perth or Adelaide and i am sure i could be a good asset to somebody elses company. Does anybody think it would be worthwhile flying out for a month or so to look around for sponsorship or are the companies over there not really interested in people turning up out of the blue, or does anybody have any similar experiences good or bad, Ste, Kaz & Kids
  21. Hello everyone, We are about to lodge our 175 application and we are wondering whether it will be better to do it now with 130 points or we better wait for the new points system from 1 of July and do it then with 75 points. Any idea if these points affect the processing time in any way? Thanks.
  22. Just in, via the MIA: The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has released the new Points Test for General Skilled Migration (GSM), available here and through Commonwealth of Australia Law here. Some major changes include: The bundling of qualifications and work experience to achieve the majority of points; An increased of the GSM age limit to 50 years of age; The inclusion of two additional recognised English language tests; The degree of relationship between sponsor and applicant now determining points awarded for sponsorship; Sponsors now must be Australian citizens of at least five years and resident of at least the two years immediately prior to application; and Regional family sponsors now must be residents of a designated area for at least two years immediately prior to application. I will post an article on Go Matilda News this afternoon: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  23. Guest

    175 visa points

    Hello all, I am newer than a new thing to this and have just completed the application form for a 175 visa on the immi.gov.au site. I managed 115 points which wasn't enough for my girlfriend and I to get a 175. My question is what are my options? I have/am still trying to find a 457 sponsor which would be great for us but I can't rely on this. I haven't explored the state sponsored 176 route yet, but would i be elegible consider my score? Are there any tips for boosting my points or is the online test as black and white as it seems? Thanks for all comments given and I wish you all good luck in your futures. Mike n Soph' :cool:
  24. Hiya. As the title suggests, my husband submitted a 176 visa application last august (heard nothing yet). But now the points test is set to change. He applied for a 176 simply because he had 10 points short of a 175. If what is proposed is true, this means we would have 75 points and could apply for the visa we originally wanted. Does anyone know if we can change it to a 175 after the new points come out in July? Thanks. Jen

    Got the points!

    Hi all, We've just got the okay to start the 175 Visa process yesterday! We've been waiting for 2 years for this so now we are getting somewhere! (With a long way to go still!!) Me28, my Wife27, Step-Daughter10 and Son2. All very excited!:arghh: We're looking at starting out in Perth. Any info that you think may help is more than welcome! Cheers Tyrone