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Found 285 results

  1. I'm attaching the Minister's press release and the points test to apply from July next year. By removing points for occupations and ascribing points for qualifications the points test will give relative advantages for degree based qualifications as against trades. Ironically these changes will also, by adopting a credentialist approach, spell the end of RPL based applications for a variety of occupations. Also the introduction of additional points for a higher level of English might discriminate against many applicants. More analysis to come. Cheers, George Lombard
  2. Raul Senise

    July Points System – Caution

    There have been many recent posts in regards to the new points system which will be implemented from the 1st of July. I advise caution in this regard, as there is still much we do not know for certain, as much of the relevant Regulations and none of the Policy has yet been released. So far only some of the Regulations are available, such as the regulation which deals with the points allocation (Schedule 6C). This is problematic as the relevant Ministerial Instruments and Policy have not been released. As one example, the definition of Superior English in the Schedule defers to another Regulation, which Defers to a Ministerial Instrument, which has not yet been released. As such it is yet to be defined. My point is to proceed with caution and not make any irreversible decisions until the full ambit of the new system is know.
  3. Hi Myself and my husband have decided to move to Australia and have done a lot of research so far to work out the best way to get there. However, we have a couple of questions I hope somebody can help us with? We are looking to apply for an independent 175 visa with hubby as the main applicant and myself as a secondary applicant. We plan to do this post-1st July under the new points test. My hubby is a qualified accountant and has worked in the industry since he qualified 15 years ago. He is ACCA qualified with no degree. This is where our confusion lies. With regards to the amount of points available for education, can anyone advise whether ACCA would qualify for the 10 points under the new scheme? We have read the release from DIAC that states that 10 points are allocated for an "award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation". We have had an initial chat with a migration agent who cannot confirm what this means and if ACCA would qualify for these 10 points, although they did say that ICAA would give a positive skills assessment. Does this in itself mean that the 10 points will be awarded? Apologies for the long-winded post - I wanted to set the scene accurately! Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. gaz n family

    Points for Speeding.

    I have been lucky enough to have the police write me a letter. They say i was driving a little too fast. I have looked at doing the speed awareness course, but it looks like we wont have that option as the courses are fully booked till after our departure date so it looks like i will have to accept the points. How does this effect the hiring of a car, or swapping your driving licence over?
  5. Dear All, My name is Philip. I am an international student here and doing a Master of Professional Accounting (2-year degree). I will complete my degree by end of 2012 and I am now preparing to apply for PR. I graduated from Vietnam with a Bachelor of Applied Science - Software Engineering degree. My Bachelor degree was awarded by RMIT Melbourne, but I studied full time in Vietnam. I have 1.5 years experience in IT and nearly 4 years experience in business. All experiences I gained in Vietnam. I am now doing a Master of Professional Accounting (2-year) in Perth. I would like to gain 5 points for one year Australian work experience under the new point system. I can get a part time job (20 hours per week) with a contract starting from now until end of 2012. Currently I have 2 options: + Option 1: IT support in a Design Company. + Option 2: Sales in a Chemist shop. Because my nominated occupation is Accounting (SOL) and as a rule the working experience claimed must be closely related to that occupation, which option should I choose in this case and whether or not I could gain 5 points from that? Thank you very much. Philip.
  6. Hi! I would like to apply for either ACT or SA state sponsorship. Since I am 40 and my work experience in the nominated occupation has been discontinous for a number of reasons, I may have some problems in scoring 65+ points. The solutions seemed to be waiting a few more years (at least 2.5), with the risk of having my occupation removed from the list or the criteria changing again. :arghh: Reading about the new point systems I have noticed that it is not specified that 3/5/7 years have to be consecutive nor all recent. If my interpretation is correct, I may just go for it and start the skill assessment straightaway :jiggy: What are your thoughts? Please reply.... K:err:B
  7. Hi It has been mentioned in a couple of places but not everyone may be checking those threads so I thought I would open a separate thread. Here is the link to the the latest release of details about the points test - came out yesterday I think The pass mark for points is still 65 http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test.pdf
  8. Farrukh Zeeshan

    New Points Test Announced

    New points test for skilled migrants effective 1 July 2011 – 6 June 2011 On 1 July 2011 a new points test for skilled migrants will come into effect. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#a
  9. The DIAC confirmed the new points test being released on their website yesterday which comes in on July 1st. I have a question regarding overseas qualifications. They quote "To claim points for a qualification obtained overseas, the qualification will need to be recognised as being of a standard comparable to the relevant Australian level qualification. Generally, applicants will be able to request an opinion on their qualification claims from the relevant assessing authority when seeking their skills assessment. For further information about this process, applicants should contact the relevant assessing authority. " Does anyone know what requesting an opinion from the assessing authority involves? I have already got my skills assessment ffrom Vetassess and I'm just waiting for July 1st to put my application in when I'll have enough points. Do I need to get Vetassess to send me something else regarding my degree or do I just go ahead with my 175 application.:biggrin:
  10. Long awaited details: On 1 July 2011 a new points test for skilled migrants will come into effect. Information about the points test, which visas are affected and how this relates to those eligible students and former student visa holders for transitional arrangements is available. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm
  11. Hello all, I've considering emigration for a couple of years but never looked deeply into it. I am aware that the new points system is coming into effect in July. I'm currently studying Photography at Degree level, and hope after this to go on to study a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary School. Therefore will be a qualified seconday school teacher. Looking at the new points system, I will be awarded the following ... 30 points for age. 20 points for English language (already achieved IELTS 8) Now this is where I am confused.. the new points system states that under the Qualifications section that a Bachelor Degree offers 15 points. Now if I have a BA in Photography, and a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary, would I be awarded the 15 points? Also does the degree need to relate to the job which is on the SOL that I'm applying for? Either way if my degree counts for 15 points then I'll have the 65 points that is expected to be the requirement. Will I then need to gain experience in the UK in my job before applying for a my visa? Or as I will have the necessary points can I just apply then find my first job in Australia? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions! Adam.
  12. We have just had our 1st shipper in to give quotes on moving our worldly possessions and have a query regarding our car. The shipper said he had never heard of requiring 100 points to gain the import certificate. It is quite clear on the site that you must supply certain documents and we are surprised that he knew nothing. I have tried looking for info on PIO but get bogged under with Migration Info threads... With requiring 100 points we do not qualify for importing our car as although we are selling a property we are not selling our residential house (just yet), we do not have jobs (yet!!), we do not have a rental in Oz (again yet!!) therefore we have no bills etc to submit. We also cannot supply evidence of applying for Medicare, Oz driving license or a TFN until we get to Melbourne. We already have bank accounts so we get 95 points. Is there anything else we could supply tgo get ourselves another 5 points? Please help, my OH loves his BMW and is disabled so the car is adapted specially for him so we really need to take it!!! Any answers gratefully received, thanks!!!
  13. Guest

    Points on UK Licence

    Hi all Can you help me? Last month I got my first speeding fine and have been offered to go on a speed awareness course. My question is - if I dont go on the course and get 3 points on my licence - will it affect me in any way in Queensland, Australia? We are due to move out there in November. Thanks
  14. :sad:Hey everyone! I'm writing this post in a bit of a ''down in the dumps'' state!! Having gone through this process with the help of an agent and spending thousands for them to do our paperwork, we are now told that we have no chance of getting anything done by 1st July before the changes. The agent was slow to send our bits off and my husband (an electrician) has already paid for the Vetassess paper in order to do the practical. (Not to mention many thousands of £ as agents fees) The next practical is on 11th July (beyond the deadline of course). My agent is being very vague, but suggests we DON'T now pay for or do the vetassess practical, as she's not sure whether it's going to be worth it! Oh great!!! We were applying for State Sponsored in Perth, but now she's saying the only option may be for him to now find work sponsored employment!!! This, she says, is all due to the changes in the points system, which we now don't make enough points for. I am gutted... Not only have we spent thousands on this, we have invested so much time and emotion in the whole thing. I feel like it's all been for nothing and we may as well have done it all ourselves. I understand that this new points system is unclear right now, but feel that enough has been on the internet for my agent to have had a better idea before letting us continue. I'm so worried that my husbands trade will no longer get us there. He has been trading for 8 years but has no degree, just C&G. Is anyone else out there as confused/concerned/utterly unhappy as me????? Cheers for reading my rant! Lucy
  15. Hi, I will be applying for the 175 indepedant visa after the 1st July under the new points system. As I understand I require 65 points to pass the visa. I am awarded 30 points for age, 15 for my degree and according to the Australian Visa Bureau's Online Skilled Visa Asessment I get 20 points for English language which brings me nicely to 65. However, to claim the 20 points for language do I have to take the IELTS or am I simply given the points for being a UK citezen and completing my degree in the UK? Thanks. Luke
  16. AJW

    New points system

    Is it true that there will be no points for occupations on the SOL, and no points if you're over 45 years old?
  17. Hi All, I'm on a 457 at the moment and would like to apply for independent PR. As a 32 yo structural engineer, I have enough points under both schemes. Do we think that once the new points scheme is launched, these applications will get priority or faster processing? I'm thinking of uploading everything on the 1st July to get first in the queue. Surely the minister will want to get people onto the new scheme?
  18. Hi There, My partner and I are in the early stages of getting our paperwork together for our 175 visa. I've been looking at the points system and our current situation is: I'm 24, my partner 25. We're going on the back of my application as I'm a secondary school teacher and hold a Bachelor degree I have two years of work experience and not three (Plus six of those months was on maternity leave!) I am pretty sure I can attain IELTS 8 So my question is, do I need to wait until I'm 25 on 1st September to submit my application? At the moment, I calculate 60 points (Age, Quals and IELTS) but would be 65 on 1st September when I turn 25. Just wondering whether they take it from the age you are when you apply, or the age you are when Visa is granted. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  19. Guest

    Points for age under new system

    Hi My question is I am 31 at mo and will be 32 on the end June. Will I qualify for the 30 points because I will be 32 or will it be 25 points as I will be passed my 32nd birthday. This whole process gets very frustating.
  20. catinahat1975

    AQFIII on the new points system

    hi all. i have just read that SA SS will be closed from May until after July 1st.:arghh: i have just started my AQFIII as a Landscape Gardener with the hope to beat the July deadline but this is now not going to happen. What do i do now?:wacko: i think i can get the 65 points on the new list but not 100% as not sure if they will accept my AQFIII as being done in Australia as it's done online and by using my history and knowledge from the past 18 years. anybody out there know of other visa's or ways in? :chatterbox:
  21. Guest

    Points system question!!!

    This is my third thread today.... we are new applicants for the 175 visa and are at the initial application stages. We are unsure whether my partners points are taken into account if I am the lead applicant. I am sure that it is not the case, but we really do not want to get this application wrong and it is always good to check and double check again!!! Thanks, any help welcome. Carlie, Dan and Helena
  22. Can I ask if we get our SS before July and lodge our visa 176 before July so we are judged under the current points system will the fact (for example) that my occupation is removed from the Sol4/SMP SA list make any difference?? Or do they honour their SS and once got it and process 176 visa? Just trying to understand if we are lodged by July whether we need to be concerned about the new points system/SS lists?? :eek:
  23. Hi all, Whilst we are currently researching our move down under we are not thinking of starting the visa process until around this time next year. I'm worried that under the new points system that we won't be able to go as based on my OH's trade, experience & apprentice ship we only get 50 points which means we would have to get 20 points on the english test or go down the state sponsorship route (although I've heard you have to have mega dosh to do this). Can anyone help ease my fears. Lisa:eek:
  24. Hi all The new points test states that you get Nil points for IELTS level 6, 10 points for level 7 and 20 points for level 8, now my question is, is it an average they are after, I need level 8 to get up to the points needed under the new points system, but, I saw under the old system managers and professional needed say 7 across the 4 tests so, 7,7,7,7 but under the new test all it say's is Superior English IELTS-8 (Link to new points test below) http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-fact.pdf Does this mean an average of 8 across the 4 disciplins i.e 9,8.5,7.5,7.5 average 8 and this would be acceptable ( I have seen other members post their scores in that format before) or do they want 8,8,8,8 across all 4?:confused: If it was an average across all four that would be alot more achievable for me as being dyslexic does not help!!!! Any input would be much appriciated. Cheers
  25. Guest

    New points system?

    Hi all, Just a question about the new points system- I'm a primary teacher I seem to qualify with age (30points),IELTS (hopefully 20points!), employment (5 at least possibly 10), education (15points), SS (hopefully 5points). But I'm concerned about my occupation. Primary teacher its on SOL 4- so what do you think? Will this be ok? Was hoping to get SA SS and apply under the current system but unfortunately SA will be closed from 2 May for SS and we are still awaiting IELTS and Skills Assessment. So we will now hopefully be looking to apply under the new system.:unsure: Any help or advice? Anyone in a similar situation?