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Found 285 results

  1. I just got a positive skills assessment for 3 year 5 months work experience as a system analyst whhoooopee! It was quite a run around I originally got assessed on 5 years plus of software testing only to see the SS close software testing from the list (criessss!! _ Since I got this first post in a bit of a muddly from all the excitement, i am making it clearer. The new points system says on the page : http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-qualification-aust.htm Points Description of education qualifications 20 Doctorate degree 15 At least Bachelor degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 10 Australian Diploma or trade qualification 10 Award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation. I did a degree a bachelors engineering degree but didn't do honors final year due to family commitments. So I have just an ordinary Bachelors degree. I have a separate honors degree but is unrelated to my occupation. Where do i stand on this 15 points business? A bit worried that I may not make the points now, especially after all the running around i have done. I hope my ordinary bachelors degree cuts the mustard! I thought that the ACS did the qualifications assessment with the work experience stuff. So I guess I am ok for that criteria. But is it a case of sending the degree copies to the immigration along with the application. I don't have to send my certificate to some separate authority?
  2. Hi All, I need help for Assessment my Skills and point test for visa sub class 176, there are two categories as follows: 1- Offshore Skills Assessment Program 2- TRA Migration Skills Assessment Question-2 I am from Pakistan, but working in Qatar since 10 years, do I need to apply TRA direct for assessment? or RTO's (please let me know which RTO for me to asses as I hold Pakistani passport) Question-3 which one shall I need to apply?? I have 17 years experience in Transmission Optical Fiber in Telecommunication and has Qualification B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) plus many certification in telecommunication field from my employer and training achieved abroad. Question-4 there is only one form "TRA Migration Skills Assessment Migration Points Test Advice" for both assessment and test advice with AUS$600/-. Question-5 what will be the next step after successful assessment? Regards :spinny: Syed
  3. Hi All, I am a Computer Engineer (Bachelor of Technology) having 5 Years and 3 Months of work experience in the field of System Administration -- (ANZSCO Code 262113 - Systems Administrator) I have a little confusion, how much points do I score for work experience, 5 or 10 ? :wideeyed: Regards Jyoti
  4. brunkie

    Work eperience points

    Hi, Can anyone tell me, when calculating my years of work experience, do I in include the 4 years of my apprenticeship or is it post apprenticeship only? I have 4 years post apprenticeship expierience which gives me 5 points, but if I include my apprenticeship I have 8 years expierience giving me 15 points. This would mean that I would have enough points scoring a 7 in the IELTS for a visa instead of an 8, and takes a bit of pressure off:wink::jiggy:
  5. robbothejoiner

    Advice on which visa. New points system.

    Hi, which would the best visa to apply for, for a British UK carpenter, my wife who's job is not SOL. With two kids. Struggling for info. Don't seem to have enough points for any visa. Many thanks.:err:
  6. Hi, My other half is a carpenter and has successfully completed his vetassess paper and practical. We sent off for regional sponsorship in June for Murray NSW and today have been told they will sponsor us. Felt really excited until I double checked the new points system and started to get really confused as to whether the vetassess counts toward a qualification recognised by the australian assessing body giving us 10 points or not. Also do we now need to do a points test with vetassess. I am really,really confused so if anyone can help I would be really grateful. We are hoping to apply for visa 475 and as I am not using an agent I do not want to get anything wrong:unsure:
  7. Could anyone please share from experiance if the more points you have the better it is. My OH will be down as the main applicant for a 175 or 176. The main question is that to get my skills assessed costs 3500 AUD, is this worth the money for 5 points when we are sitting on 70 points for 175 or 80 points for 176
  8. What do you think, folks? In order to get 20 points, you need to have 8 in EACH band. Otherwise you get only 10 points for 7 min in each band. Pretty harsh, isn't it?
  9. Heather Law

    New Points Test

    :goofy::goofy: Hi Do you have to clear the 65 points before you include state sponsorship? i have 65 but my migration agent has implied i need to get IELTS 8 to get an additional 10 points otherwise he said i will only be able to get a temporary visa 475. My points allocation is below: New Points Test Factor Description Points Age 40-44 15 points English Language Proficient English - IELTS 7 10 points Overseas work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation Eight years overseas (of past 10 years) 15 points Qualifications (Australian or recognised overseas) Bachelor degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 15 points Sponsorship by family or state or territory government to regional Australia 10 points Total 65 points
  10. I am looking at what is deemed relevant work experience and note the department says: In determining whether an applicant’s skilled employment is closely related to their nominated occupation, the department will take into consideration the occupations within one unit group classified under Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). I think this is quite a narrow interpretation as for instance in this country a probation officer must have a degree whilst under ANZSCO this occupation is classified at a diploma level therefore in looking at the skills level which someone is practicing is going to be potentially fraught. I worked within a drug team and although i demonstrated I had experience running a local drugs project i actually gained my skills assessment based on my probation officer work evidence. So as Drug and Alcohol Counsellor is in one unit group and probation officer is in another unit group I can forsee problems when it comes to having my employment experience assessed! Has anyone else faced similar difficulties or have a solution?:wubclub:
  11. Guest

    'Migration points test advice'

    Can anybody shed any light on this?. If your applying for a skilled visa then you need to apply to the relevant body which in my case is the TRA for a 'migration points test' to claim points for your work experience. I had my skills assessed originally in 2002 when i considered moving to OZ then i decided to open my own business. I'm now in a position where i want to make the move so i contacted the TRA in June to check my positive skills assessment was still valid after nearly ten years had passed and their reply was yes, it never expires. So today i've discovered that if i want to claim the 15 points for the 8 out of ten years overseas work experience i have to submit an application for a 'migration points test advice' where then the TRA will assess whether or not they consider me to have the right experience for somebody at my level. Isn't this just another skills assessment?!! Has anybody else seen this or done it since it became compulsory on July 1st 2011? I've emailed the TRA to double check but then found more info about it on the DIAC. More hurdles to jump! Help????!!!
  12. Guest

    Would I be eligible?

    Hi folks, I am just looking for some advice really. I have just finished a 4 year uni course where I gained a BA hons in psychology. I have work experience working with people with special needs but would like to come to Oz to work as a psychology assistant and maybe continue my studies to gain my PhD and continue my career as a psychologist. I have relatives in Perth and have sat a mock visa questionnaire to find out if we had enough points to come over, the we being my wife and daughter. Apparently I have enough points, my question for now is, how accurate are these questionnaires? It was from the migration expert website if that makes a difference. I have always wanted to move to Oz as there is no prospects for my daughter here. I would also be grateful for advice on where to look for employers, if any, who may sponser. I apologise if I sound as if Im rambling, my head if full of web pages and information overload lol. And then I found this site that may be able to steer me in the right direction instead of me going around in circles Thank you in advance for any advice at all. As you may already have worked out, I am just starting on this journey that hopefully will end up with me in Oz Gary
  13. Waitingawhile

    points for employment

    Does anyone know if you will def. have to use VETASSESS to claim these points - can you apply and just provide the evidence to DIAC? what would be the benefit of using VETASSESS and how long is it going to take for this to be processed? as the skilled assessment process is already very long for those who have just got an assessment like myself are there going to be concessional arrangements and how will these be prioritized? does anyone know?
  14. Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone out there has gone out on or is considering a study visa? We are thinking of my husband doing a course in Oz at a higher degree level (he's an electrician) and get a study visa, with the view to (1) gaining more points on application for working or studying in Oz for 2 years, and (2) possibly being able to continue with application whilst there and (3) with a stroke of luck find a job/sponsorship upon completion of the course. We have got part way through our application with the help, if you could call it that, of an agent. Our agent was slow and we missed the July 1st deadline for getting paperwork in, and now don't make up enough points on our application. She says now his best option is to find someone to sponsor him! Hhahaha! I think she forgets that he would have to retrain as a sparks once there, so a sponsorship would be like gold dust! Our agent says she isn't sure we should book my husbands' TRA test (he's a sparks with 9 years experience), as she's not clear yet with the new regulations. She says he now has to do the EILTS, which is a worry as realistically I reckon he won't score above 7's which means NO points! So with him being 40 next year, it all seems against us! We would have the basic funds to support ourselves, although it won't be ideal. But the bottom line is we really want to get out there and it seems this may be a good option?? Has anyone else tried the study route? It sounds risky to me, but my hubby is dead set on it!!! Hmmmmmmm...!
  15. Alanlisa

    New Points System

    Hi All, I have been looking at the new points system and I was wondering what if we applied for a visa whilst my OH is 32 but by the time the visa is granted he would be 33. Would we get 30 points or 25?? Any info greatly appreciated. Lisa
  16. Guest

    New points test, shed some light!!!

    Hi all, I take it there are loads of you out there who have been eagerly awaiting the new points test and like me, wants to know weather or not we still qualify. So....... heres my first question! Am I correct in saying that we can no longer claim points for an AQF certificate achieved offshore through previous work experience. Only AQF's achieved through FULL TIME STUDY IN Australia is now valid under the new points test???? Would love to hear from anyone who has checked the new points test and still confused and has some feedback. Julian
  17. Hi, I have reached the 65 points mark using age, english language and education. I have 65 points. My question is should I go to the extra trouble and expense of obtaining the evidence to claim more points for overseas work experience? Do applications with higher points get higher priority?
  18. Hi our family sponsored visa 176 was lodged on the 9th june 2011 but payment was only just taken a few days ago. We have just been put in cat 5 even though my husband is on the shedule 1 SOL list and was on the old one. We had 100 points which was needed for the visa. Would they of done our points based on when our visa was lodged? or would they of done the points on the new test because they took the payment after the 1st of july? i would presume it would be from the old points as that was when it was lodged, but i cannot understand why we would not be in cat 4.
  19. Hi We are moving to Sydney in September (I'm Aussie but my husband is British) and when we arrive I won't have a job and my husband is self employed so I wanted to know what others have used when looking for rentals? We will have funds we can show in our account from the sale of the house but I know they often ask for references from previous rentals or employers details both of which don't apply to us. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed any light on what to do? As for the 100 points of ID what can you use if you don't have anything with a fixed address on it? And is it 100 points for my husband and 100 for me or 100 in total? Thanks all. You think I'd know this being Australian but yesterday I became a British citizen as well after being here for 12 years! :jiggy:
  20. jakc

    Unclear on points for

    With the recent changes to the 175 visa process, I am now trying to figure out how many points I will get. I have been getting some help on this over on this post, and currently it looks like I will either have to sit an English test or provide more proof on previous employment to get the points. I have some confusion over the skills employment section. First let me state my situation: Have worked in a skill on SOL for around 5yrs* back in UK. Have worked for 2yrs in same skill on the SOL, for 2yrs in Australia. Will be 3 in Feb 2012. * Currently trying to get proof of this from previous employers. With some it being contractual, it might be tricky for me to get this proof, and might have to suffice with only 3yrs in UK. So with this in mind, I am trying to understand how many points I could get from this section on the points test: Its that bottom right Note that has me confused. "...for any combination of Aus or overseas..." There is more detail in the pdf: Now what does this mean? I have worked overseas for 5yrs = +10pts AND I have worked in Aus for 2 yrs = +5pts Total=15pts? Or should that AND be an OR, meaning a total of just 10pts? I am not sure if its a combination of both, or if its one or the other. Can anyone help clarify this? The more I read it, the more confused I get.
  21. Hi, I don't quite like the way it's stated: Required X years' job experience in a nominated occupation or related one. My boyfriend has 3 years' experience in Software Testing (at this time he was doing his BA at IT) + 3 years Software Development. Altogether over 6 years full-time. He has ACS assessment as Developer Programmer. The question is - can these periods be combined to get 10 points for >5 years job experience ? I suppose many IT guys may have such situation, as they often started as Testers. Any ideas?
  22. On the new points list the points for Educational qualifications are below, have any diploma nurses applied since 1st July? If so have you been able to claim any points for your diploma, we're getting different opinions as to whether points can be claimed. Not sure whether points can be claimed because of a positive skills assesment? You have met the requirements for award of a: • bachelor degree, by an Australian educational institution; or • bachelor degree, awarded by an overseas educational institution or a recognised standard; or • post secondary qualification or award of a recognised standard as specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing. 15 points You have met the requirements for the award of a diploma by an Australian educational institution, or a diploma awarded by an overseas educational institution of a recognised standard. 10 points You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining the applicant’s skills for their nominated occupation. 10 points Thank you
  23. Hi all, I have completed my three years bachelors degree in IT overseas with 67% overall. After that, I worked as Help Desk Support role for 4 years before coming to Australia. I completed my Masters in IT here in Australia last year in July and applied for 485 and still waiting. I have got my skill assessment as IT Business Analyst. My question is : will I be able to get 5 points with my overseas experience as 'closely related' occupation ?? Very confused if the Help Desk role is regarded as Closely related with Business Analyst ?? Any help will be appreciated. thanx
  24. Hi everyone, Posted this over in the Perth Pom's forum but have not had any response so hoping some of you good kind folk can help! Looking to emigrate to Perth area in the coming years ahead but OH and I have a question about the work experience section of the new points system. Is work experience essential? The reason I ask is that with our ages (26) and with me completing a PhD in the next year and a bit and taking the IELTS test to get level 8 that would give us 70 points. Would that be acceptable or is work experience a mandatory element of the points system? Thanks in advance, Robin and Lindsey.
  25. Hello guys, I am lodging a subclass 175 application online, with a honours degree (division 2 class 1). I selected that in the honours level in the australian qualification window, however the system only estimated 110 points during the online application (giving me only 5 points for 2 yrs study in aus instead of 15 points for 3 yrs study in aus + upper 2nd class honours degree). I changed the qualification just to see how the system reacts, it turned out that master degree and honours class 1 and class 2 division 1, the system only give 5 points instead of 15 (possibe bug?), but it worked fine with PhD degree.. All those warnings of throwing me into the pool scare me a lot, did I miss anything here or should I submit with 110 points? Thanks in advance