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Found 50 results

  1. What is the difference between oz plastering and britian, i hear that they plaster with different materials and different ways. I think that Ireland and britian are more qualified and educated in more aspects of plastering than oz plasters who are broken into singular types of plastering. regards damien
  2. hi there, just read your message about ata,have you done the aqf111 in plastering yet? if so what are over all costs,as seen ata £1500 is this figure correct? also tradetrain charging £2950 for the aqf111. whats different about courses apart from price tag? any info would be great as finding all these figures and different companys confusing and dont want to be ripped off. many thanks adi
  3. hi everyone , i wanted to ask a question on solid plastering and getting a 175 visa ,any advice would be appreciated .here goes ...... i have a city and guilds and an nvq 2 in solid plastering and believe i will need to get an AQF111 in order to get assessed with TRA ,can anybody tell me what is involved in getting the AQF 111 ? Also i am currently working as a trowel man for a spray applied concrete company as we all know the plastering and building trade is dead, do you think this will be classed as experience with the AQF/TRA as it is still a trowel occupation ? I believe the AQF assessers do site visits will this be suitable or do you think they will want to see me actually skimming /rendering? any advice from plasterers who have been through the process would be great .
  4. can anyone help me im looking to go to australia and i have a city and giulds and nvq2 in plastering i would like to know where the best part of australia is for work plastering and if any one has any links or advice also any good agents u might recomend to help me along my way thanks david
  5. Hi All, Can anyone tell us if there is much work for Fibrous Plasterers (tape and jointers) around Brisbane/Sunshine Coast areas. Have been reading threads that say not much around for chippies at the moment so just wondered. Ideally looking at Caloundra area but willing to travel. Still waiting for visa but as with everyone need to know whats around. Thanks Seff n Sarah
  6. Hi All Just wanted to know has anyone done the AQF111 for solid Plastering. I'm doing an assessment which lasts a day. It's being carried out by some aussie training agency here in Ireland. Just wanted to know has anyone done this assessment and what exactly does it involve. any help or info much appreciated Cheers barry
  7. baz6679

    Plastering TRA Test

    Hi All Just wondering has anyone completed the TRA assessment test for solid plasterers. I'm doing mine at the end of March and just wanted to know what it involves and can anyone offer any advice or tips cheers
  8. Guest

    plastering test

    HI,does anyone know what the tra look for when assessing fibrous plasterers? Is there a practical test you have to do ?
  9. Hi all I am going to Mackay Queensland with my wife and baby in March for 3 months to stay with family. I have worked as a plasterer for 2 years but I don't have any formal qualifications. Does anyone know if I can I do AQFIII solid plastering while on holiday in Mackay? If so will this benefit me if I apply for a permanent visa? Kind regards gyrfalcon
  10. Sorry, put comments into wrong thread - meant to be migration issues!
  11. Guest

    plastering in aus is a joke

    after been made out to feel like I'm not a qualified plasterer thought i would see how the Aussie's train and qualify mmmmmmmmmmmm its a joke all i can say on this matter is i have forgot more than they need to pass what they need to look at is the training needed to be classed as a plasterer in the UK no wonder the British are classed as the best trades people in the world this assessment should involve comparing our works to there's and then see if we are qualified sorry if i sound very bitter but i am spent years getting to where i am and some jumped up office kid says sorry your not good enough thanks for listening folks feel a bit better now :arghh: ps. for anyone reading this post from the body that trains apprentice plasterers, a plasterers derby is spelt derby and not darby and it was the epyptians who started the plastering and not the greeks like they state, they need to do more research.
  12. Hi there, I am planning to fly over to Perth to do the AQF 111 qualification in Solid Plastering in the next couple of weeks. Can anyone confirm that I can do this on the 3 month tourist visa? My understanding of the 3 month ETA is that you cannot engage in studies or training for longer than 3 months, as the course I will be doing is only 2 days long I pressume this will be fine but I don't want to fly over to then be told I can't do the course because I am on the wrong visa. I would really appreciate if someone could advise on this one!! Also, has anybody else done the AQF 111 solid plastering and how did you find it?
  13. Hiya, My OH is a plasterer, we got our skilled visa about 5 weeks ago but are panicking a little bit! We want to move to Perth but have read worrying threads about tradesmen coming home due to lack of work or contractors flooding sites with tradesmen to get the job done quicker resulting in shoddy work. We have a young family and obviously are concerned about the upheavel and cost involved in moving, also does any one know whether the credit crunch has hit Oz yet, we are struggling to find work over here and are concerned as to whether we could be moving out of the frying pan into the fire! Anyone please help!!!:unsure:
  14. Moriarty5

    Plastering work

    Hi We are in the early stages of planning our emigration to Oz, we are looking at the Gold Coast area. My husband is a plasterer of ten years and is concerned about how much work there will be for him. We have seen from other posts that there is alot of external plastering, does anyone know if the following products are used all of which he has experience using - STO render, Marmorit render, Monocouche. He is also experienced in Polished/Venetian plastering. He has not actually got any formal qualifications, does anyone know if that will be a problem when getting his trade recognised? Any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks:) Louise
  15. Hi all. Does anyone know of any companies in perth that sponsor or have sponsored a plasterer. We came here with a company but the boss is not very reliable nor honest and we want to change sponsor. I dont know if there is a list maybe of companies that do sponsor. If anyone can help pls let us know. Many thanks, Jodie and Dirk XX:notworthy:
  16. Guest


    Hi I have just been looking for plastering jobs around Brisbane and they all say you need ABN. Can someone tell me what this is. Cheers Andy
  17. Guest


    Aye up all , can any one tell me is there any call for VENETIAN POLISHED or MARBLE Plastering in qld, i'm just sorting through my tools what to take and what not to take when we hit jimboomba in Aug . What tools i leave behind the polish can have them (after thay have pulled them out of the skip) ha ha . any reply would be greatfull many thanks Guy :wacko: ps carn't wate to dive bomb the kids in cal n garys pool:twitcy:
  18. Hi everyone Thanks for the replies to my last question, now i wonder if anyone can tell me what the average, daily rate for plasteres and or builders is, in the brisbane area and if there is plenty of work in and around brisbane? Many thanks in advance for your help. Debbie
  19. Hi I have a friend who may be coming over to Perth to work for a year. Can anyone help with info on plastering jobs ie is there much plastering work in Perth area? and approx. how much can he expect to earn? He has been plastering for 20 years and is a really hard worker. Work has dried up over here and he thought maybe a change for a year may give him a boost. Thanks Tina
  20. Guest

    Plastering in Point Cook?

    Hello! We are awaiting our skills application and are currently looking to move to Point Cook. My husband is really worried that he will find getting a job as a plasterer really difficult although he has been platering for 20 years. Can anyone reassure him that he will be ok? Thank you,:unsure: CC
  21. Guest

    tra help with plastering??

    just a little help with the tra stuff pls how long do u need to go back 1year , 2 years with letters from peolple that u have worked for customers and how often apart like 1 month , 2 months or shall i just go and get all of them lol and what about accounts how far back ?? same with wage slips ??? can it be typed then printed from the computer or hand written whats best thanks in advance paul
  22. Guest

    plastering company

    hi could any one tell me about a plastering company called atlas interiors in brisbane tried to find out on internet but to no avail thanks
  23. hi, sorry haven't been on for a while, busy trying to get everything ready for TRA. Soooo many declarations to write.:arghh: My OH is a plaster and tiler and has been self employed dong these trades for about 5 years, what he wants to know is does anyone know if you can get training out in perth. He doesn't have any qualifications in tiling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. april.:smile:
  24. Hi everyone, we are a family thinking about emigrating, my husband has been a plasterer and a joiner, fits kitchens, bathrooms, including plumbing for the past 15 years, for the past couple of years self employed, just wondering what the wages in auz are for a plasterer and a joiner and are they in demand, would it be easy for him to find work,
  25. Guest


    hi all this is my fist post just found you now im hooked, there is a mountain of info, the ? i have is we hope to move to perth soon and was wondering if you have to show qualifacations for plastering or will you just be given the chance to show what you can do ? thanks in advance