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Found 42 results

  1. Guest

    What Are Your Plans?

    Hi all For those of us who haven’t got our visas yet, I just wondered what your plans were? Or if you had any at all. Do you know where you are heading, (which state) or where you would like to go? Have you got a job lined up, or are you hoping to find one when you get there? For those with children, have you been looking at schools/ school websites? Are you planning to rent, buy or build? For us, sdp and I, our plans are now on hold until we actually get a visa. I think I have been a little bit premature with the planning, getting a little carried away as the husband says, “what are you looking at schools for? We haven’t even got a visa yet”, (typical bloke!) I suppose he has a point though. But as a woman and a former girl guide..... :laugh: ........”Be prepared” is something I like to do. So have any of you made plans? Thanks, Gill :biggrin:
  2. From a Dummy's perspective of Aus immigration the process broadly meant that you had to have 120 points independantly and a job on the SOL to apply for GSM, and if you did not reach 120 points you could make up extra points by obtaining state, family or work sponsorship. MODL meant extra points and those jobs were processed quicker...RIGHT?? Now they suspended the MODL, a new SOL is on the way and there is this talk about state migration plans. My question is what are the state migration plans going to mean? Does it mean that if your job is on a state's migration plan, then you can apply for immigration sponsorship through that state? Which means some restrictions on where to live and work? So what is the diffs between the old state sponsorships (such as subclass 475) and state migration plans??
  3. We are a family of five and live in the Midlands. The children are 10, 9, and 6yrs. Mid 2007 we commenced plans to emigrate to Australia. Shortly afterwards a young close family member was taken seriously ill and we had to postpone our plans. The situation came to the saddest of conclusions in July last year. We recommenced our emigration plans late 2009. Our dilemma is in terms of the costs of achieving emigration now compared to 2007, as a direct result of the recession. So much so that we are seriously considering delaying our plans further. Our costs are roughly 1. Agents fees 1500.00 2. Visa 3000.00 3. Police checks 70.00 4. Medicals 1000.00 5. IELTS 150.00 6. Skills assmnt 400.00 7. Air Fares 3500.00 8. Container 5000.00 Additionally our house is currently worth £85,000 less than when it was valued two years ago Add to that the value of £500,000 at todays exchange rate 1.78 v 2007 rates @2.2 = >£100000. In total nearly £200,000. Has anyone else had to delay their plans for similar reasons? When does it just become too expensive to emigrate. OH says we could have a long holiday in Australia for the next 15 years for the monetary value we would need to sacrifice to pursue our plans at the moment.
  4. doubter

    When Your Plans Go T--s Up

    Hi everyone, Having posted off my visa application and medicals 3 weeks ago for a sponsored PR visa, which I am told will take approx 3 months to process I decided to have a pulmonary embolism(blood clots in lungs) and am now having to take warfarin for 6 months(this is the normal treatment.) As you can imagine this has messed up my plans for the near future as I was working on a timeframe of April 2010 and come off the warfarin May 2010(police checks expire in may as well) Has anyone experienced a change in medical condition after having visa medicals and what did you do? I realise the implications of a PE as I work in health care but I wasnt really ill and carried on working and I hope this is a one off. Do I tell DIAC about change or do I just wait and see if visa is granted? Not entirely happy about going to Australia taking warfarin an would prefer to come off it and have all clear but realise this will be my chance lost of having job and visa. would appreciate others similiar experiences
  5. Hi Can anyone reccomend a good private health care plan which also covers us for dental work, husband had to have tooth out today and it cost $360 ! so need to get cover asap because i think he may need more work doing. Thanks
  6. Guest

    Getting back into plans...

    Well, we've taken a break from the Aussie dream :arghh: things in the UK are as bad as ever for us, and we're re-approaching plans! Thinking about how I can go into teaching! Would it be worth me going on a 176 or a 457 visa? Would a school want me on a 457? Would I get sponsorship? Would Ross get a job in IT especially with this recession! We're also wondering about whether we really want to go to Perth/Western Australia! Yes, we'd be close to family, but is it the area for us! Should I hang on until I finish my SENCO qualification? Should we do another recce over christmas to see what our options are? Back to the drawing board!
  7. Guest

    wow new budget plans 09/10

    wow i herd that they had decreased the number of skilled visas but no one had told me they had increased the number of family and partner visas has any one felt th effect from this? in all cases
  8. Well, I've not been on PIO for a long time after having a serious operation, selling our house, moving into a friend's vacant house (with ONLY ONE bathroom!! Jeez! How do we cope!!! haha!).....and we've FINALLY got the dog's import permits and are ready to book all of our flights!! BUT....and it's a BIG BUT! After 3yrs of planning to move to Perth (and spending last Dec there!) we are now wondering if it's the right thing to do! Even 12 months ago we wouldn't have worried about work, but now it's a completely different story...as we all know!! My husband is a production/operations manager with a masters in business studies and 90% of the work vacancies are on the east coast. We knew that most manufacturing was over there, but there was never a worry that he wouldn't find a job in Perth! Now it is so different! And I'm not asking for advice on where we should live (because it's blatently obvious that we should go where the work is!) but I'd just like to share my fears of now thinking of starting our new lives in a city that we don't know and haven't researched! I feel as though we've been hoping to live in 'Spain' and now decided to live in 'cyprus'...if you understand that? I know we can always move again if we don't like it on the East coast but it will be hard with our Daughter's education and having to fly the dogs out again! But not impossible!! Do you know, I think I've just talked myself out of my worries!! Life's an adventure....these things are sent to try us (and all the rest of the cliches!!) Thanks for reading! Lisa,xx
  9. To start off - Sorry i havent been on line much since returning from our three month trip to Oz but life has been manic. Not much has progressed since we got back, we are still waiting for a formal offer of employment for Hubs and before that happens we cant start the visa application process. Anyway, last night we decided to tell my in-laws our plans to move to Oz and to be honest it didnt go down very well. There was a lot of tears and upset and to be honest its made me feel really uncomfortable about our decision. Has anyone else gone through this? Did you get this responce but then in time people felt easier about it or does it get harder. I know i should of expected this kind of responce but for some reason i didnt. I thought that they may already asume what we were going to do after our trip in Oct - Dec. Has anyway gone through this and changed their plans because of close family reactions? Please someone tell me it will get easier as I dont want to change our plans but i also cant cope with upsetting those i love so much. Sorry to have gone on lol Emma x
  10. Guest

    Hogmany - Any plans?

    Just wondering what anyone plans are for NY eve? We'll probably have a pool party and bbq since it is supposed to be 39 degrees here in Perth and then maybe go and see the fireworks on Rocky foreshore.- They are quite good for such a small place! T
  11. Guest

    Sanity check of Reccie Plans

    Hi Everyone, I'm researching a reccie trip for me and the OH in October. We're not sure exactly were we want to settle if we do go but have kind of narrowed it down to Melbourne or Sydney. The plan so far is: Leave Home 3 Days in Hong Kong 7 Days in Sydney 6 Days in Melbourne 1 Day in Hong Kong Arrive Home I've reasearched booking hotels and flights separately and they work out fairly expensive (via Expedia etc..). On a recommendation on PIO I tried Trailfinders and so far they've been great. With really nice hotels/apartments in each city (CBD), they are quoting £4k total. How does the itinerary and cost sound to people, about right? Cheers, Doug :err:
  12. Hi Everyone living in Oz. Would appreciate your option. Hubby, daughter and I have been in Brissy for 10 months. We have settled in here but it is not all we hoped for. We love the outdoor life style - went camping at Rainbow Beach a few weeks ago - hubbys got a kayak etc. Jobs are good and plentiful but wages aren't great you have to move about to get a good job. We bought some land at Tamborine with the idea of buidling a house but prices have gone up so much since we started researching Oz that we are selling it and staying in rented. We spend more on food here than in the UK and I miss shopping in Sainsbury (can't stand Woolworths or Coles). We are now looking at staying another 18 months, getting citizenship then heading back. We have difficulty having any social life that doesn't involve going around other peoples houses or going out separetly. I miss my daughter having special relationships with her grandparents and our friends. You know you are going to miss your friends but I thought we would meet new friends (which we have) but they are not like our old ones. Schools are only good out here is you pay for education - your average state school is not up to much (specially senior years). Anyone else having seconds thoughts? I would be happy to get citizenship and head back for a while. It is just tough missing special things and people and it doesn't matter how hard we try we can't replace them here. We are very determined goal orientated people but we can't make a decision and stick to here - I think because we realise that the boom happened to quickly here and now our dream isn't achievable...........
  13. Im sure this has happend to many, loaded car full of car boot sale stuff, only to have to unload again due to rain. The biggest bug bearer though is, never had much to drink last night mindful that up early for car boot. I hate rain ...... More important why cant i find somewhere local that has indoor market lol AND you can set up around midday so can go out night before. :arghh:
  14. :cute:Hi there, everyone! To all of you that know us, and all of you that don't, I thought we'd share the latest happenings in the Bridge household. We are off to the Gold Coast in June of this year, with me beginning a College Course in July. I will be training for a qualification in running my own Pre-School / Kindy. My husband is taking a chance that something will come up for him. He currently works for Tesco, and has for 23 years. He was a Store Manager for 14 years, and is now a Store Manager Coach. On putting feelers out and about, he has now been offered interviews by both Coles and Woolworths! I am sooooooooo proud of him, I could pop! What a Superstar! This will make our new life in Oz so much easier. We were prepared for the school fees, College Course fees, property rental, bills, etc. etc. having to be paid for from our savings, for a couple of years, but it's starting to look like that won't be necessary... what a relief. The reason for my sharing this, is that there has been such alot of support for us and our plans, that I wanted to shout a massive THANKYOU to you all!! We have been through some particularly hairy moments, and you have kept us going, and our dream alive. You will all know who you are; The likes of Mrs. C and Helaine, in particular. You have been our lifeline, at times, and it has all been much appreciated. :notworthy: The only remaining step, is to sell the house! :arghh: Fingers crossed for that next, eh?? Take care everyone! I wish you all luck in following your dream x x x :wubclub:
  15. hi guys. been on pio for a while now, it is a fantastic site with lots of meet ups been arranged all over the country. but as we live up north and have kids it is too far for us to travel. we live in the lake district, which is about two hours either direction of newcastle, scottish borders. so if any one would like to arrange a meet up get in touch on the forum and we ll sort something out. any suggestions would be great. loads of love nic xxx:notworthy::jiggy:
  16. Guest

    Flight Plans

    For anyone planning a flight to Oz, Come via the States with Air New Zealand! STANDARD baggage allowance is 2 bags per person at 32kg per bag. = 64kg per person we came london Heathrow - LA - 10 1/2 hours LA - Auckland = 11 1/2 hours Auckland - Brissie = 3 1/2 hours
  17. Lynne2007

    My New Plans ;-)

    Hi my favourite guys, well i have some news update for you all. When i was at school and a little girl all i wanted to do in my career line was be a midwife as i adore babies and always have done. I never ever got the qualifications for it as i hated school due to being bullied big time so could never concentrate due to not wanting to be there, this has been a wanted thing ever since then and i even went back to nightclass to redo my English and Biology when i was about 16 which my dad payed for and also did it with me for the support, but unfortunately i failed the exams yet my dad passed then all i got from my dad is i am thick even though he was joking i felt really fed up (due to what i went through at school with no support from my dad). So due to not having the qualifications etc i thought well i will go into care work as it was kinda along the career lines i wanted as i still love caring for people and making a difference in peoples lives so have loved my career ever since. Well i have now decided to go for my midwifery training so will take 4 years as i have missed the enrollment for september so going for 2008 and have got tons of papers and books to read to i can be prepared etc. So basically guys i am hoping to be a midwife which i wanted as a childhood dream and also this will mean we can get to Oz with nobody stopping us apart from immigration So here goes to a new career xxx