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Found 222 results

  1. KazzE

    University offer of a place

    My DD got offered a conditional place at Melbourne today, we just need to show that she has enough points by scanning and sending her last lot of certs for her A2's, they came last week, don't know why they take so long to send them out this is an international place as we still do not have our visas:arghh: the fee's are scary $19900 + a year which = around £8000 so not far off what it would cost here. However we think she may get a commonwealth place (if, bl**dy if we ever get our visas) which will bring the fee's right down. Still not 100% certain that she will actually take up the place and we will have to pay a deposit soon :err: can't even think about this until we have the visas (if we ever get them, frustrated, fed up, cheesed off, I am so over this Australia lark, think I will look at going somewhere else, hmmmmmmmmmmmm where else do I want to go....................... NO WHERE - I WANT MY VISA NOW!) We are all going to London for the day tomorrow, doing a Duck tour, must be mad, it is going to be freezing tomorrow we are also going to do a bit of shopping see the lights etc feeling a bit flat at the moment so I need some good retail therapy to cheer me up Any suggestions for good places to eat around Hyde Park? we are parking near there so it would be good to eat and not have far to go back to the car. Karen :wubclub:
  2. Hi, just reading through everyone's posts,our medicals were posted to adelaide where we had sent our applications... are they lost??we have had no confirmation of them being received, they were posted on 19/10/07 by panel doctors.. Please someone tell me it will be alright... Thanks Siobhan.:arghh:
  3. Hey everyone... I am typing this thread in the baby's room with our heating on at about 80, wearing a jumper and dressing gown on top even thinking of putting on some gloves my hands are that cold !!!! We are still waiting to hear what kind of visa we can apply for i.e. 457 but that was weeks ago now and oh is starting to think this is never going to happen, have found a company looking for his trade (roof/plumber) that look they sponsor so just waiting to hear back from them.... We had the estate agents out today (always handy to know) to give us an idea on how much the house could go for so we can work how much money we will have to take with us once everything is paid off, and she advised us to put the house on the market now - not too sure as nothing has been started at our end yet just putting details out etc.... told her we will talk it over tonight and let them know, then they will come out and take some pics if we are happy to go ahead.... I just wish we were in a process somewhere along the lines instead of sitting on the fence watching everyone move on or move away !!! K xxx
  4. Hi paul dot and gang ,We have three boys and a baby girl the lads are 13, 12& 8 kattie is one on the 30th of oct .I'm a sheet metal worker and i'd just like to hear from anybody where they think would be good for us to live in oz ,Work wise and for football for the lads ,Tom the 12 year old plays at a good level of football .must have plenty of shops for dot ,We were thinking of brisbane what do you think. Waiting for tra Thanks for all your answer's.
  5. After the exhaustion of completely redecorating our house (nearly finished!) and sorting out 20 odd years of stuff, we are now trying to establish where a good place to live would be. :spinny: We're an outgoing and creative family with 3 children, aged 15 13 & 10 and having gone through our finances with a fine tooth comb, reckon we will be able to pay $700-800pw rent. (Keeping aside sufficient money for a good Sauvignon Blanc of course!) :wacko: I've researched Davidson High School, Frenchs Forrest (as they take part in the Rock Challenge which the older 2 girls do in UK). It was interested to find that people travel from all over to see the residents Xmas lights in Davidson.....however, not sure i want to do all that having just arrived! (Expecting to come end of Nov) Also found it a bit weird that 82% of the residents of Davidson or Frenchs Forrest (can't remember which it was) send their kids out of the area to private schools! Hmmmm.... should i deduce that the people of that area are a little snooty or is it something else? Also a bit concerned how bushy it is round Davidson....thinking forrest fires here....don't want to wake up dead do we? :no:Can anyone enlighten us of what life is like in this area? Have also looked at Killara High, Kai-Ring-Gai. YOu have to live in Gordon, Killara, Lindfield or Roseville to get into this school. Looks good but area seems a little pricey. Again, does anyone know what it's like there? Have also looked at Turramurra High, Ku-ring-gai. Looks like a lively, smiley co-ed, with an informative website, which is what we want, but again, does anyone know the reality of the place? I now have a big fat folder of crime statistics and socio econimic listings but as a real life human, realise that this really doesn't give the full picture! All help and local first hand knowledge of life in Northern Beaches suburbs is most welcome!!! (Or anywhere else of natural beauty where OH can commute easily to Ryde for his new job). Thank yooooooooooooo! :jiggy: Katherine (& Geoff) X
  6. Hi all Just noticed on channel 276 discovery home & leisure at 2pm today A place in the Sun is in Brisbane !!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy viewing :spinny:
  7. We have just started our TR and getting stuff together for agent (using gomatilda). we have been trawling seek.com et al for the best place for jobs for CNC/manual machinists/ tool makers. We know someone who will be in Brisbane 2008 but don't get the feeling that there are much call for my OH's trade. Any advice on where would be the best place to start our new life in oz :notworthy:
  8. there's a tv programme starting tomorrow night itv1 at 8pm which appears to be about british expats considering coming home from overseas. Dont know anymore than this but thought it might prove very interesting :err: Lyn xx
  9. Guest

    A Place in the Sun

    Hi everyone, I'm writing an article for A Place in the Sun, about buying property in Eastern Australia and would like to hear from anyone who has done it and would be prepared to tell their story, for publication in the magazine - preferably with a photo. Go on, it would only take a few minutes of your time and just think how impressed all your friends and family would be!!?! Cheers, Jeremy
  10. Guest

    A place down under

    Hi peeps I just wondered has anyone been watching "a place down under"? I find it portrays a pretty negative view of moving, & soz if you are or know her but that Mandy( I think her name is) Skeggs is a right stuck up winge!! Don't know if thats just the way she's portrayed? Sh critisises because her hubby was a supervisor or site manager in the UK & has got to go back to being a brickie in Oz, she criticised the mother of her daughters friend because she worked in "cash converter". She critisised the Aussie way of life etc etc. #What a pain!! Anyone else agree?? Michele:arghh: :rolleyes:
  11. Guest

    c4 a place down under

    hi all if anyone interested, all this week they got a place down under on channel 4 at 12.30 following 8 families on their lives down under donna
  12. hi there, i hope some of you lovely people out there can help?? we are at the final stages of getting the tra ready to be sent off, where is the best place to get an international money order from?? hope that makes sense, i'm all over the place today!! thanks in advance for any help and advice. shelliexxxx:wubclub: :wub:
  13. I've just read that on Monday 2nd April 2007 on the More4 Sky channel the programme 'A Place in the Sun' is in Rockingham, Perth :yes: Karen x
  14. Hello there to everyone who spends every possible free minute on here, Its nice to know that I am not the only one who is in constant anticipation of the next thread! All my friends and family know our plans and are happy for us, but I feel that i only have one thing on my mind and one subject just waiting to come out of my mouth when it opens, I am now paranoid that i am boring everyone... So THANKS people for making me feel not so isolated. LUV KIMx
  15. stacybird123

    cheapest place to buy a visitor visa?

    hi ive been searching on the web for a visitor visa to australia and the cheapest ive come up with so far is £12 each, does any body know if i can get any cheaper? many thanks stacy
  16. Guest

    Best place for work?

    Which is the best state to find work as a mechanic?
  17. Is there anybody who could recomend a good but reasonably cheap hotel because i am coming out in may for a month to visit a couple of my mates and need somewhere to stay any help would be good thanks alot Neddy
  18. Hello to you all, just wondering where is the best place for us to purchase our flights from, like does anyone know any good web sites or telephone numbers that we can pick them up cheap???????? 8) hope you can help thanks again fancyfella and the tribe :shock: P.S. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE
  19. I live in Manchester and am in the process of arranging my medical and xray could you please recommend a doctor in the North West who is resonable or alternatively are there any good ones in London as I have a trip down there in a few weeks
  20. Hi All. We have recently got our PR visa and are trying to decide where to settle in OZ. I'm a Chef so there will be work all over for me but hubby is in IT and it may be limited. He is a Network Engineer (Cisco). Where would the best place be to settle? We like the idea of Perth but are worried there may not be enough work there. Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks x
  21. Hello all...being somewhat of a virgin to this forum and to the whole emigrating thing too..can anyone shed any light on the most ideal area to live in..Having never been to Oz (but partner lived in coogee for 2 years but thats looking quite pricey) we are thinking of moving over there permanantly with our 5 year old daughter. We kinda think somewhere between brisbane and sydney, neither of us are city dwellers nor total out in the sticks country bumkins types... I guess my wish list is somewhat challanging...so here goes... a) 4 bed house for under $400K in area suitable for families (ie..not a rough dodgy area) b) has excellent primary/secondary school c) local amenties within short drive/walk away d) beach not to far either e) easy train ride or 1-2 hr drive to nearest city f) oh and a local vet would be good...as need to find work as a VN. well if anyone can advise on an area that fills my probably unreachable list...you would be a complete saint and it would at least give me somewhere to start aiming for when we go on our recky visit next year. cheers HCC
  22. Guest

    A good place to live?

    Hi my hubby has asked me to find out the best place to live. We live in a rural area in UK. We would love to live somewhere similiar. The ideal place for us would be rural. have mountains ( maybe not too near as the spiders may win) and want everyone would love to have is be near the sea. can anyone tell us which part of OZ is similair to this? ALSO we are motorbike riders can anyone recommend anything sites/information etc so we can see the prices of second hand bikes over there, or would it be best to ship out a bike as the second hand may not be very good. Can seem to find any information about types of bikes, prices, road conditions etc. many thanks val