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Found 222 results

  1. Hi, we are an executive family of 6 making the move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in January 2010! Mum, Dad, 12, 5, 2 and under 1! Can't wait.... We are looking for a 4 or 5 bedroom house with pool, great living areas and a decent yard for the kids to play,, even a house on a bit of land would be great too,,,, we would like to rent for a year or two to get our bearings and then decide where to buy. If anyone knows of any we are looking for anytime in January 2010. As we have 4 kids anyone who can recommend schools our eldest will be in Year 7 and our next one starting school, private compared to the state schools??? also decent dancing schools. We are so looking forward to the move and giving our kids a better lifestyle! Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I'll be out in Brisbane soon for a few weeks to validate our visas, and wanted to spend a few days on the Gold Coast. Can anyone recommend a good place to rent, for 6 adults and 2 kids, which is near beaches and kids activities? I've heard there's lots of nice villas for rent, but would be good to get a recommendation and other people's experiences. Even where NOT to stay would be appreciated. Thanks Shaz
  3. Guest

    Place to stay in Melbourne

    Hi All! Long time no post - sorry but bit hectic getting ready for the big move. We arrive in Melbourne at about 8am on Friday 12th March, then onto Adelaide by train the next morning. We need somewhere to stay for the Friday night, with an early check in on the Friday morning after the long flight. It's proving difficult to find a reasonably priced hotel that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 young kids. Any suggestions? Cheers! Damo
  4. Hi folks We want to move so if anyone has a place to rent around Williamstown, Altona, Footscray, Newport - somewhere around there - let me know. Prefer a house with a garden but beggars can't be choosers so dont mind a flat
  5. Hello all,can anyone help me and give me suggestions,we are a family of 4 ,(2 kids aged 7 and 3)we are arriving at the end of april,to brisbane,,,,i am an electrician and my wifes a teaching assistant,we dont have jobs when we arrive,can anyone reccomend the best areas to live that where i will have the best chance of work(within a realistic travelling distance)that is also good for families?thanks ,,,all advice appreciated
  6. Hi please help i am just starting the Visa stages but was wondering where the best place is for IT Jobs in Queensland and also best place for families. Also is there any other states with great weather and plenty of IT work.
  7. Hi Pls can someone advise me where is the best place to rent in Newcastle suburbs outside the city. We are moving to Newcastle in the New Year and have been told by the company my husband is going to be working for that its hard to find good accommadation I have looked on domain.com.au but there are only few properties there we can do without a pool for the first year but would like somewhere nice that dosen't cost a fortune any good websites to look at pls or suburbs my hubby will be working near New Lambton? Many thanks for any info. Maria
  8. any recommendations of buying an outdoor table and chairs in melb? been to bunnings and they have good stuff but just wondering if anyone else knows other places that might be worthwhile checking out?
  9. hello everyone! just moved over recently, really unprepared.. well i'm 22, too old for this forum? LOL living in the hills district, finding some mates to hang out..
  10. I'm applying for Queensland sponsorship & I'm thinking of the north of the Gold Coast. I was thinking that this would give me the option of working in either the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I have previously lived in Manly in Sydney & I'm looking for a simular sort of area. I was Looking at maybe Hope Island. Any sudgestions welcome.
  11. Anyone seen this? Britain is the worst place to live in Europe (despite our big pay packets) | Mail Online
  12. My Wife and I are looking into moving to Melbourne with our 2 little girls. We are attracted towards East Melbourne and have looked at areas such as Lilydale and Chirnside Park. I'm a Recruitment Manager and my wife is a Childrens Nurse. Can anyone give me any informed advice on these areas in terms of housing, jobs, schools etc? Much appreciated.
  13. calNgary

    New QLD road rules now in place

    As some of you may be aware QLD made some changes to their road rules this month, the major changes are ,,, fog lights — turn off fog lights in clear weather. If you drive with fog lights on in clear weather you risk being fined A$40 single centre line — don't U-turn. If you do a U-turn over a single continuous centre line you risk being fined A$180 and three demerit points seatbelts — all passengers must wear them. If you drive with a passenger of any age without a seatbelt or child restraint you risk being fined A$300 and three demerit points wheeled recreational devices — if you ride one when and where they are not permitted you risk being fined A$40. For full details please look at this link Queensland road rules Cal x
  14. Hi All, Has anybody got any suggestions about getting a reference through your current workplace without causing alarm bells to ring?! (I need to have references from collage, 1st job, previous job and currant job) Please help! :eek:
  15. If I were rich it would be subiaco..in a townhouse, with maid, room for 2 cars and pool. But sadly...i am not that rich. Here is a list of wants: 1. Easy access to city, be it car, or bus, or train and ride (assuming parking exists at peak) 2. Nice community if possible, not some rather large nameless suburb, maybe a church or local centre or something 3. Kiddie things (small children), be it parks, play centres, sports centres, groups 4. Cooler if possible. so coastal is a plus...but not essential 5. Local shops…that and a bit of a town centre 6. No air traffic noise 7. Maybe a 4 bed, 2 bath for 500-600 a week, or a nice 3 bed. 8. Schools. Currently…guessing that floreat/wembley could work, or victoria park or places south of that like wilson. then there is the area around sterling, maybe that works...maybe you can do a park and ride at stirling station, blah! innaloo...doubelview... Looking at the roads and maps I am guessing places like melville, applecross are all rather…to far out for travel, but maybe they have some secrets like a good park and ride. Maybe you can get a nice place there and use some good transport links. or maybe the traffic is all fine and someone from melville/murdoch can car it in to CBD in 30 mins.
  16. We may be moving to Mandurah in the next few months and would like to know the best all round place to love. We have about $650 a week to spend, we just need to know the best place to live. (close to shops, beach, schools etc.) Thanks! :cool:
  17. I just came across this article here that stated Australia is the best place to raise a family. They have some interesting stats. What do you think?
  18. Something that most people like to do when they move to Australia is go out, discover the wildlife and shoot themselves a kangaroo - and I mean with a camera, not a gun! If you haven't got at least one picture squatting down on some grass and dangling a child within inches of those large pointed ears, then your relatives just won't believe you're here! So for all those heading over to Perth for a little look round, or those who have just moved here, here's why kangaroos are the best way to keep you from killing your kids in the car, and a list (and some links) for some really great places to get some up, close and personal action with a Skippy or two. Anyone else on here know of any other good Roo spotting spots that they can add to the list? Rachel :spinny:
  19. My partner who is an artist/musician, myself ( a chidrens nurse) and our 4 kids are looking at moving to Queensland but have no idea what area would suit us. We need somewhere lush and hilly and would look for an elevated house (eventually!) with great views. Obviously because of the kids we can't be too cut off. At the moment we live in in a beautiful area of North Wales and need to match it. We would never cope with life on the flat or in the suburbs. Any ideas greatly received!
  20. Hi all i have recently started my visa application for Oz, my occupation is roofing tiler, my agent has said that 3 states will state sponser me for the trade I do, they are Victoria,South Australia and Western Australia,which one would be best for me long term?,i.e which state is best/most in demand for roofers at the moment,is there plenty of work for the trade that i do in Oz or has it dried up because of the current economic crisis?
  21. Melbourne, is a scary place, says Andrew Demetriou | Herald Sun Sounds like Blackburn to me.. Judge attacks promotion of Melbourne CBD drink culture | Herald Sun AFL captains join forces to tackle Melbourne CBD violence | Herald Sun AFL captains take a stand against Melbourne CB violence | Herald Sun
  22. Hi, me and my husband are hopfully going to move to Perth with our two young children, (aged 2 & 5 months). But we can't decide where we would like to live. Where's the best place to bring up small children, with good local schools in the area, local shops etc in walking distance and preferably close to the beach. Please any advice is greatly appreicated :cute: Many Thanks.
  23. No place like home - to move back to Liverpool from Perth.
  24. tracy123

    Victoria the place to be

    Victoria’s estimated population is 5,205,200 (as of June 2007) with more than 70% of all Victorians are living in Melbourne and is Australia’s 2nd largest City but smallest mainland state. People worry about the Victorian weather so I’ve included the average monthly temperature as a guide. Victoria has a dry heat and during the summer months it will hit the mid 30 degree mark. Melbourne’s climate is temperate and variable with no great extremes and one of the lowest rainfall levels in Australia. www.bom.gov.au Average monthly maximum temperature in Victoria Month Melbourne Mildura January 25.8 °C Melborne 32.8 °C Mildura February 25.8 °C 32.7 °C March 23.8 °C 29.3 °C April 20.2 °C 24.1 °C May 16.6 °C 19.6 °C June 14.0 °C 16.0 °C July 13.4 °C 15.4 °C August 14.9 °C 17.7 °C September 17.2 °C 21.1 °C October 19.6 °C 25.0 °C November 21.8 °C 29.0 °C December 24.1 °C 31.7 °C Source: Bureau of Meteorology Transport Trams Currently, there are 31 individual tram routes in the metropolitan area, eight depots, and a fleet of 474 trams, providing nearly 34,000 services a week. Melbourne has the third largest tram network in the world with 245 kilometers of double track, this is growing all the time. The train, trams and buses all run off 1 ticket even though owned and run by many companies. Melbourne is divided into 2 zones, zone 1 is Melbourne’s inner suburbs and zone 2 being it’s outer suburbs. Then you have the country network run by V/Line Fares Short term Metcards ZonesCity Saver City Saver Full $2.80 Concession $1.60 2 hour Full fair (zone 1) $3.70 (zone 2) $2.80 (zones 1+2) $5.80 Concession (z1) $2.30 (z2) $1.70 (z1+2) $3.30 Daily Full (z1) $6.80 (z2) $4.80 (Z1+2) $10.60 Concession (z1) $3.70 (z2) $2.70 (z1=2) $5.60 Off-Peak Daily Full – – $9.90 Concession – – $5.00 Sunday Saver Full – – $3.10 Seniors Daily Concession – – $3.40 Education The table is a list of the highest-rank schools based on VCE results as published by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The data are ordered by the median study score (MSS in the table). The maximum study score is 50. If the results are equal, schools are then ranked by the percentage of the students with a study score above 40 (P>40 in the table). Low average VCE score by P40 or MSS measure does not necessarily mean that the teachers of a school do a bad job or provide a poor environment for the gifted students. Some schools (e.g. Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, Melbourne High School) are highly selective and take only the fast learners, some private schools attract fast learners by offering them scholarships, etc. On the other hand, many schools accept all the applicants (or even specifically encourage applications from students with learning disabilities) but still provide an excellent environment (accelerated programs and advanced classes) for the gifted students. Girls on average produce better VCE results than boys and therefore the statistics of all-girls schools may seem better. Finally, academic progress is only a part of the services that secondary schools provide to their students. Still many parents consider high VCE study scores to be very important in their choice of the schools. Some private schools encourage gifted students to take International Baccalaureate examinations instead of VCE, thus, lowering their average VCE score. First line the number that the school is placed in 2006 Name of the School Where the school was placed in 2005 MSS P>40 1. Mac.Robertson Girls' High School 1 39 43 2. Melbourne High School 2 38 38 3. Bialik College 3 37 41 4. Shelford Girls' Grammar 44 37 36 5. St John's Regional College 39 37 33 5. Korowa Anglican Girls' School 40 37 33 7. Camberwell Girls Grammar School 5 37 32 7. Mount Scopus Memorial College 7 37 32 9. Presbyterian Ladies' College 7 37 31 10. Ballarat and Clarendon College 9 36 28 10. Carey Baptist Grammar School 21 36 32 10. Melbourne Girls' Grammar School 21 36 32 13. Ruyton Girls' School 12 36 27 13. Scotch College 12 36 27 15. Genazzano F.C.J. College 17 36 25 16. De La Salle College, Malvern 4 35 28 17. St. Kevin's College 6 35 25 17. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School 9 35 25 18. St. Catherine's School 21 35 24 18. Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar School 37 35 24 18. Melbourne Grammar School 17 35 24 18. Camberwell Grammar School 12 35 24 22. Caulfield Grammar School - St. Kilda East 21 35 23 22. Caulfield Grammar School - Wheelers Hill Campus 19 35 23 25. Sacre Coeur School 26 35 22 25. Methodist Ladies' College 12 35 22 28. St. Margaret's School 9 35 21 28. Beth Rivkah Ladies College 57 35 21 28. Huntingtower School 34 35 21 31. Tintern Girls Grammar School 59 35 20 31. Firbank Grammar School 32 35 20 31. Trinity Grammar School 44 35 20 34. Lauriston Girls School na 35 19 34. Loreto Mandeville Hall 12 35 19 36. Kilvington Girls' Grammar 33 35 14 36. Edenhope College na 35 14 38. Swifts Creek School na 35 11 39. Victorian College of Arts Secondary School 29 34 23 39. Goulburn Valley Grammar School 29 34 23 39. Mentone Girls' Grammar School 21 34 23 I'm more than happy to keep adding things as i find them, but it would be great if people could add things as well almost like a 1 stop shop, that anyone thinking of moving to Victoria could find all the info on 1 thread rather than trolling through the 1000's of threads PIO have. Also please note the VCE results are from 2006 if you look at the 2005 results, results can change.
  25. Hi All, I have lodge an application to DIAC yesterday under 175 sub-class. My trade in in MODL/CSL. I am from Northern part of India I would like to know regarding the employment verification. Do they come personally to verify or via phone??? Few of my past companies shut off so i am bit worried what will happen. Last but not the least, when will they start verification - after 2 months or later. Can you someone please explain. Thanks in advance, J