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Found 222 results

  1. mcmillsa

    Head all over the place Oz v Uk

    3 years in Oz been great but have been wanting to go back for a while esp since i found out my dad's cancer had returned and now his treatment isn't working. I returned to see him in March and didn't want to come back here. My husband very happy living here but has agreed to return but would like to get citizenship in a year but now we may not have time to wait. We have excellent jobs here financially better off than we were in the UK, lovely home (that's gone up for sale) kids happy am scared of what we will return to in the UK:confused:. I need to go back to spend time with my dad, do I split the family up for now? Daughter 15, in year 10 how will she fit into schooling again there and son who hates cold. Anyone else been in this position? Don't also want to regret leaving here and not be able to return i know we wouldn't if we could have our lifestyle we have here in the UK meaning financially don't want to be struggling.
  2. We leave for Sydney on a 457 on Monday. We are leaving everyone and everything we know behind. Excitement soon turns to stress and low mood.. We are all dreading the family "goodbyes" on Sunday. Any survival tips? Cheers Paul, Sally, Samuel and Rosanna
  3. so im finally coming to australia in late october on a years working holiday visa ive decided to go to perth because i here theres a lot of work for tradesman. so im wondering where would the best place for me to live and work being a bricklayer, which place in perth would i find the most work and wich place would be the best to live. id apreciate any ideas. thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I wonder if you can help, I have recently left Australia and really want to go back for another year to Perth and study for that period. Does anyone know the cheapest palce to study as I can find is TAFES starting at $10000 a year.
  5. dear all, i'm a 475 state sponsored applicant. i got my ss from SA last September 2003 before the infamous policy direction shift. right now i'm entertaining a thought that applicants who received state sponsorship this calendar year would eventually be included in the state migration plan. because for me the reason why we were given state sponsorship is that that state needs our skills and so it's only rational that those occupations should be in the SMP. well that's how i look at it. please share your comments on my thoughts. God Bless us all.
  6. Guest

    Best place for information

    Hi All Me, my wife and little girl (currently 2) want to move out to oz hopefully within the next 4-10 years. The reason for such an unsure time scale is I am starting uni this September (child nursing degree) which is 3 years long so I want at least a years experience in that role before making the jump (which obviously covers 4 years) and my wife is possibly thinking about going back to uni for study medicine and become a doctor (which is either 4 or 5 years) dependant on the course she decides to go for plus she needs to get her 2 junior doctor years done over here I would guess before she would be considered for getting into the same thing over there. Oh and also we would like at least 1 more child. God help me :biglaugh: I have done lots of research into Oz (only thing we have not yet done is visit), I go on a site called Bob in Oz which is a great insight into an english family over there, obviously this is a great site as well. Just wondering if there are any other site people would recommend I visit, at this stage I am looking for sites that will tell me about life over there, maybe about the different areas to live, typical day in oz general stuff. Also things about the wildlife as that is another big draw for me, I love exotic animals and stuff. Sorry I know I sound mad lol, just wanna get lots of positive information and not so positive so we can have a good idea where to visit for a holiday/fact finding mission in a few years when things are closer to becoming a reality. Any help would be ace. Thanks:hug:
  7. BritChickx

    My favourite place in Australia

    Nope I'm not gonna write about my favourite because I haven't been yet, I wanna hear from YOUUUU. This is another thread for fun. (well and for information too as I'm hoping to go there next year). What's your favourite place in Australia? Why is it your favourite? Attach a picture or link if you like
  8. Guest

    Place Your Bets

    OK, so it LOOKS as if summer is eventually here in the UK, BUT. As we know at certain times the UK has a problem functioning in either very hot weather or very cold, so I am making this list of possibles to see what the future holds if this warm weather continues, and I guess it is only a matter of time before these predictions come true. 1. The Sun newspaper as its headline has: PHEW! WHAT A SCORCHER. Odds: Evens 2. Some moron leaves a pet in the car and the pet fries to death. The normal excuse is, 'I was only going to be five minutes', OR, 'I didn't think it would matter. Odds: 2/1 3. One of the railway companies says that it is the 'wrong' type of heat and the tracks have bent. Odds 12/1 4. Documentary and programming revolving around the dangers of the sun and the risks it poses, i.e., skin cancer. (Such programming NOT a bad thing by the way) Odds: 9/1 5. Water restrictions in place around certain areas of the country. Odds: 2/1 6. Several roads closed due to the tarmac 'Bubbling'. Odds: 5/1 7. Most newspapers having the headline: 'Why Go Abroad When You Have Weather like This. Odds: 2/1 8. Two ice cream sellers get into ruck because their pitch was in the better place at Clacton beach. Odds: 3/1 9. A swarm of 'deadly' ladybirds infests parts of the UK, and the residents told to 'Stay Inside' by the local authority' Odds: Evens 10. A huge number of citizens of the UK now look like cooked Lobsters, and the 'White Bits' are there for all to see. Please feel free to add your own. Cheers Tony
  9. Hi, which is the best place to live around canberra that is more for single people and surrounded by cafes and restaurants but noisy thanks
  10. Hello, Can anyone recomend a good place to buy a SatNav from, We are looking to buy it on the way from perth airport to Kinross. So, any where open ?? around 6.00pm hope someone can help :biglaugh:
  11. What great news, we are due to move there next month and this only confirms we have made the right choice. Does everyone agree with list? This is a link to the full list of best places to live in Oz 100 Best Towns in Australia
  12. emmaroo

    No place like home?

    I was fortunate to spend 8 months in Perth last year with my parents as they immgrated 18 years ago and loved it. I am planning to make the move myself hopefully soon. I returned to Scotland and was able to get my job back etc and things are just the way they were before I went to Australia. My problem now is I am sruggling fitting back into things. I am not enjoying my work, and day to day living is just so boring for me. I am starting to really feel bitter about Scotland and I hate it as Scotland has always been good to me but it just does not feel like home anymore. I know that being away from my family has a lot to do with it but has anyone else felt like this and if so, how do you cope? :arghh: A very confused Emma! x
  13. Guest

    Between a rock and a hard place

    My partner and I and children (I have just had a baby) have an application in for a visa to Australia. When we first applied the plan was to go to Oz for five years or so, but subsequently my partner has decided he wants to go for life. I thought I would be able to return to the UK to live at any time (after the five years agreed with my partner), but sadly research has thrown up the Hague Convention which means that despite the fact we are all British, I would not be able to return with my children unless I had my partner's permission which I do not think he would give. My partner is determined to go with or without me and the children. I am now in two minds what to do - on the one hand there is the australian dream of sunshine, beaches and a new start after a turbulent few years where we have not had a lot of luck, but there is the real risk of losing my children if either the relationship does not work out or if I am so unhappy I want to come home or if the rellies are ill etc. On the other hand I could stay in grey Britain with a new life as a single mother, trying to explain to my first born why she does not have a Daddy anymore, but at least I get to keep my children. I will not be able to get any financial help from my children's father as he will be abroad nor obviously any emotional or practical help with school runs and all the things to do with bringing up children. I worry about the children not having their Dad and whether they will blame me in the future for them not going to Australia/being a family. The visa is imminent and I will need to remove my name and the children's names from the visa which is tortuous as it is so final in terms of the Ozzie dream, my relationship with a man I love so much, and the children having their father around (please excuse the emotion but I have recently given birth and am inevitably feeling more vulnerable and I am very upset at the moment). Whichever way I go, I will wonder whether I have made a mistake? And it will be too late - if I choose to stay in UK now, I wouldn't have enough points if I reapplied in the future to join my partner, if I go to OZ and it all goes pear-shaped, I can't keep my children. If only I had known about the Hague Convention before applying for a visa, or if only the law were not so strict....but if I had absolute trust in my partner like obviously the rest of you have, perhaps I would not be in this predicament at all. By the way, my partner will not sign a legal agreement to say I could keep the children. Comments or advice please.
  14. Hi We are moving from the Uk to Adelaide in Feb 09 really excited and scared :jiggy:. We have fell in love with Adelaide in particular Glenelg and also Christies Beach. Are these good areas to live and work? Sean is a carpenter and i am an office worker and our son who is 20 is also a carpenter. Any other advice you can give us would be much appreciated.
  15. Hi, Can anyone advise me of somewhere to stay (family of 4) in Melbourne. Looking at east side. I need somewhere nice but cheap. Staying for 3 weeks, 1 week along ocean road and the remainder of the time checking out life in Melbourne. Thanks
  16. Horse riding amongst the orchards in Evandale North Tasmania.... The Apple Isle they call us! Flinders Island Tasmania Longford Tasmania Kevin (itcouldbeworse) has some beautiful photography on Tasmania, I sincerely hope he can download some of his piccies here.
  17. Hi again! We got word this week that we are approved for out PR, but, that of course we have to leave the country to obtain it. My first thoughts are New Zealand, pretty close, pretty cheap flights and hopefully not too spensive to stay there. So, if any of you have visited there, where would you recommend we visit? Or if you can think of an alternative place to fly to, let me know. We need to give Immigration peeps the heads up in the next 28 days, although we have until Dec to actually fly out/return. TIA.
  18. Hi there, Going on a 3 week holiday/fact finding mission in October to Oz. Starting off in Sydney and finishing in Cairns. Hoping to spend a good chunk of the holiday in beaches area close to Brisbane as this is potentially where we want to move to. Just wondering if anyone can tell be some good holiday search engines for Oz hotels, motels etc Thank u Fi:jiggy:
  19. Australia second best place to live AUSTRALIA is the second best country to live in, according to a measure of global living standards which says Norway - yes, Norway - is number one. Norway retained its status as the world's most desirable country, according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) index released today, followed by Australia and then Iceland. Full article can be read here - Australia second best place to live - UN | The Courier-Mail Cal x
  20. tracy123

    Best place to have a baby

    Just wondering what your thoughts were on having a baby in Australia compared to the UK?
  21. Hi i'm arriving in Febuary but staying with friends till I get my feet on the ground. I cant stay with them long term as its only a small place so hoping to meet some people that would want to rent a place with me. Ideally looking for 2,3,4 people the more the merrier, to rent a whole house, reasonable rent & good location near St Kilda but I'm open to offers. Also if anyones got a good rooms to rent do let me know. Thanks. BTW I'm 28 & female from London. Ta very much xx
  22. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help? My 22 year old son is off to Sydney in a few weeks for a year or two (if he can do three months WOOF)...the only problem is, he has left it late to look for accommodation (kids...tut). Does anyone know any names of hostels etc that he can stay for the first month or two? He will be looking to rent a place after that (or before if he can find somewhere). If you could help then I would be appreciative. Thanks Regards Mike:arghh:
  23. Does anyone know where the best place to rent a TV in Brisbane is? I would like a large LCD TV e.g. around 37-40 inch. I've seen PABs. How do they compare to other companies? They do an 80cm LCD for $18.00 per week. Does that seem reasonable?
  24. hello anyone lived / living at Cathedral Place, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane? Looks like a nice apartment block and one of the few to have furnished flats that are not prohibitively expensive lela
  25. Hi, we have applied for a 175 visa and are waiting for this to be processed. In the meantime, we thought it would be a good idea to fly over to Oz for a fact finding trip. Does anybody have any pointers on where to find good, cheap accommodation? We will be in Perth from 29th May 2010 for 1 week and then Brisbane from 4th June 2010 for a week. We would like to stay at a house or an apartment rather than a hotel. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.