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Found 222 results

  1. you know your from brissy when...............over 25 degrees is normal .......you know what colour a Poinciana is.............. mangoes don't have to be bought at a fruit shop, you can find a spare tree somewhere in your suburb........................when it rains - it pours... steam rises off the bitumen and the water running down the gutters is warm!.................a normal winter's day is 21 and sunny...................... have a bottle of aloe-vera ready to go 24/7 365 days of the year............you know Elvis wasn't The King, it's actually Wally Lewis................... you put "but" at the end of a sentence, not the beginning... and didn't realise till now, but.................. your right arm is darker than your left from driving in the sun you wear boardies all summer you cheer for the maroons you know exactly what slip slop slap means....the ekka ...the 4$ breaky at fat boys in the valley in the summer you live in a pool .........the beach is actually warm enough to swim at ..you know you live in the greatest city in the world ................:chatterbox::biggrin::tongue:
  2. Hello, I will go to visit my bf in the UK in Sep. We already went to London, Bath, Leeds, Liverpool. Last time we stayed in Morecambe for 10 days and it was really nice. We also went to some parts of Lake District. We have not planned the trip yet. Can you suggest me about the nice place like Morecambe. My bf likes to be by the sea. Englishlover
  3. Hi there. I've been lurking for a few weeks now and thought I'd jump in and introduce myself... This sounds really sad but my dream has always been to move to Aus since I was about 11 years old. I visited for 3 months back in 2003 and loved every minute of it... when I returned to the UK at times I regretted going because then I knew what I was missing... However, despite checking the lists, my job never seemed to appear in the wanted skills lists. So I thought time was getting on, I'm not as young as I used to be and it didn't look like there was any way I was going to manage to get over there. I decided to just get on with my life as it didn't look like it was ever going to happen. However, at the start of the year there was an advert in my work looking for applications for the Australian part of the company, doing the same job. I applied, thinking I'd hear nothing furhter. I've since had a telephone interview, they have spoken to my boss for references and the contact from Aus will be over in the UK shortly to meet with me! :jiggy: It has all happened so fast! There are no guarantees that I'll get it but I'm starting to get scared! It's been my dream for so long and it's only just hitting home that it may be a possibility. Help!! Anyway, that's my story so far. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and say thanks for all the info I've gathered off this site so far. It's very much appreciated. :biggrin:
  4. hi there im a 23 year old carperter / joiner going to australia next week on a 12 month holiday visa. i want to work as a joiner but willing to do anything when i arrive, ive been thing melbourne or perth where is the best chance of getting a job. i would appreciate any advice thank you.
  5. cherylant78

    best place to buy meat and veg.

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the best place is for buying fresh meat and fruit and veg in the cronulla area? Im spending a phenomenal amount in Coles and the other supermarkets. Thanks Cheryl.
  6. I think I know why pingpongers go through so much upheaval and soul searching. Having moved back to England 18 months ago from Australia, I loved being home and was happy to be back in familiar surroundings. But, I could not fit back into finding a house straight away. We rented for a while, then we bought a luxury narrowboat which we have accidentally spent 8 months living on mostly due to me being unable to settle anywhere because I didn't want to commit to a house. The experience (and freedom) of touring the inland waterways has been a dream, even in winter where temperatures reached minus 19.5 degrees. We would never have known though, the boat was very warm with a multi fuel stove and central heating. We've made fantastic friends and lived a great lifestyle. However, business commitments require we live closer to work so we've been searching for the right property for months. Finally walked into a house last week where I said YES! This feels like the one. I don't think it was the house so much, I think I'd got over my wanderlust which is a painful nuisance as you just cannot settle in one place. My husband, an English born, brought up in NZ, lived in Oz 30 years Kiwi, kept reminding me that in the 6 weeks we'd been back in England, we'd driven 4,000 miles. (I was keen to show him all the best bits before he saw the not so great bits). He loved returning to his English heritage and has enjoyed his hobby of photography. Got some great photos. He developed a morbid passion for Churches and graveyards (he could not fathom how some of graves dated back to the 1800's). Seeing life through his eyes as a person revisiting his roots was often amusing but overall really rewarding. He had left London as a child at 8 years old so it was great watching him rediscover his past. Anyway, getting back to being disorientated until now, no regrets about returning to England, I felt at home as soon as I got off the plane. It's just been a strange feeling of not wanting to be tied to any one place up until now. However, 18 months on and as of last week, we did find a house and am about to sign on the dotted line. The house we've found is up for sale so we're going to rent for 6 months to make sure it's the right place, then if it is we'll probably buy it. Just thought I'd post this because I met a couple a few weeks ago who had returned from Oz for the second time and had only been back 3 months but were considering going back out there. Both weren't happy in Oz and not happy here either so pretty miserable all round really. They couldn't settle anywhere. Sounds like they pingponged so much, their heads are a mess. I think it does take at least 18 months -2 years to fully adapt and acclimatise into any new life and that's been true for me too. I'm very settled now though and looking forward to moving in 3 weeks time. I'll probably never move again after this!:wink: Hope this helps anyone currently feeling unsettled or like they might ping pong again.
  7. Guest

    Jobs & place to stay!

    Hi, I've recently moved to Melbourne and wondered if anyone knew of any rooms available in shared houses or any part time casual jobs like bar?
  8. Hi we are a young family still in the UK but have got an migrant agent to start our journey of a better life, my friend lives in Brisbane has been there for 4yrs and has a lottery life style and touch wood has had no problems with the floods or any bush fires are there certain areas well known for flooding and bush fires? that you should avoid? will appricate any help :wink:
  9. Hi all. Can anyone recommend where would be the best place to go in QLD for someone moving from the UK to find work. I am 23 and happy to have a go at anything really. My main experience is in accounting and bar work Thanks Rich
  10. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can help on this one. We have done alot of research on schools for my 13 yr old daughter in Canberra and have decided to go with a Catholic School. Based on the rentals we have seen online and the schools we have decided that we will probably settle somewhere in Belconnen - Inner North and South seem a bit run down when it comes to rentals and dont have the famous central heating i want :biglaugh: . There are 4 Catholic Schools/Independants to choose from: Francis Xavier in Belconnen, Daramalan in North Canberra, St Clares(north Canberra), Merici (south Canberra) - I think they are the areas! Im just wondering about travel times to the schools if we were to settle in Belconnen. Currently my daughter goes to school and leaves at 7.30 in the morning and it takes her 45 mins of a bus ride. I would like to send her to a school that would be closer to where we live but dont (not a 45 min bus ride) but I dont want to send her to a school that wont suit her needs. Ive had a look at the ACARA website and it seems that all of these 4 schools come in about the same as regards results etc so on paper they all look pretty much the same. We want to get Sarah into a school immediately aswell and we wont have a permanent address so do you think this would be a problem with the Catholic Schools? Being new to a country I dont fancy putting her on a bus on her own for the first while because she is a bit nervous of going anyway. If we were to live in Aranda for e.g how long would it take her to get to school if she was to go to St Clares or Merici? Or how long would it take me to drive her? I noticed that the schools have a bus service - is this a public bus or just serviced for the schools? Any help would be great ! Cheers Suzanne
  11. New 3 part series coming soon to discovery travel and leisure. Ping Pommer
  12. OK, so we are in the middle of a recession, I do NOT pretend to kow anything about economics etc, but inevitably cuts will come, and it will affect some in the UK. We all seem to have an opinion on the why's and wherefore's of what, when, how much money is given or taken away, and I realise that we all for one reason or anther have the right to offer an opinion. As I said I have no idea about economics so I can't really comment, but it would be good to know from those with an interest or expertise in these matters to say where and if these cuts should be and the reasons why. Cuts will come, no matter what we do and say, and it is everyone's right to say where they think they should come, so people like Fleabo etc, :notworthy: who have a far better understanding than me about economics/growth etc I 'think' will be able give their opinion based on rational ideas. This is not meant to be a confrontational thread, as a numpty when it comes to such matters it would be great to know how other people view the present situation, and at the end of the day what can be done to get this country back on track. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. hi i am after some advice is it better to get my visa in place or wait to get a sponsership visa . i am a paint sprayer
  14. Guest

    Best place for family SA

    Hi there! My name is Orla, Im from Ireland and at the mo my partner,five year old son and I are in the process of applying for a state sponsered visa for SA. We have no idea of the best places to live, ideally we would like to be near the beach but we don't really mind. Im a midwife and Joe is an electrician. We would like to be near good schools aswell for my son!Please help!:biggrin:
  15. Hi guys, I am moving out to Sydney in January and will be taking my girlfriend with me. I am a citizen so have no issue with regards to getting out there however my girlfriend needs to obtain a working holiday visa. Is it best to apply directly through the Australian government website or to seek the help of an agent? Price wise the one agent I have come across that displays a price up front seemed quite a bit more expensive than doing it through the .gov website. If anyone has any agents they can recommend I would be most grateful. Thanks SUSHI
  16. so im finally coming to australia in late october on a years working holiday visa ive decided to go to perth because i here theres a lot of work for tradesman. so im wondering where would the best place for me to live and work being a bricklayer, which place in perth would i find the most work and wich place would be the best to live. id apreciate any ideas. thanks in advance.
  17. Hi my hubby has the chance to work in Mackay. We currently live in the UK. We have 2 boys aged 15 & 10. I have heard fab reports about schools but am worried about my 15 year old as he does not want to go to college. Just wondering if Mackay has a lot to offer families and any general feedback will be greatly appreciated. Lala:unsure:
  18. Hi to all Our son is living in QLD at the moment, and we are thinking of moving back to Australia (having previously lived in Adelaide). Bargara is where he's living - property prices seem affordable also. What is Bargara like to live in and does it have any 'local' hospitals (if not what is its nearest?) as my wife and I are both nurses and would be looking for jobs. Are there any other areas that might be worth looking at - it seems that you can buy a decent unit for around $400,00? Many Thanks!! Jasp
  19. all that sunshine --outdoor living,and fantactic standard of living--theres heaps to do after your working day is done--the night life is just so embracing--plus at the weekends,its time for surf/beach,and barbie--aye australia is a great place to live--its all there just waiting for you:wubclub:--i like positve threads:wubclub:
  20. As per the title, according to the website the new arrangements for state sponsorship will be in place after October 18th. Don't know if anyone else has seen this? Are we about to hear the news we are all waiting for? Eligibility Lists - Live in Victoria
  21. I think at times we can all have differing opinions on how we view Australia, some love it, some hate it, and some just try to make the best of it. But over the last thirty odd years I have had many dealings with Australia, some good, some bad, and many indifferent. I have seen the country and it's people change hugely, both in attitude and emotion. The Australia of today is a completely different country to the one I knew back in 1980. some of these changes have been for the better, IMO, and some for the worse, again in IMO. I often say that I love Australia and what it has done for me over the years, and what it has taken away from me, but that is mainly my fault, not Australia's or the people in it. To this day I still want to deck the next moron who screams Aussie, Aussie, Aussie in my ear when a sporting event is taking place. I still want to shove that can of XXXX down the hoon's throat after he has called me a pom again. The next time some prat in a V8 thinks it funny to do doughnuts at 3 in the morning and wake me and my family up I will with great glee I will go outside and and give him some verbal abuse. The next newscaster that says yet again that Australia has discovered the latest medical breakthrough and it is a worlds first, I will very happily wipe that smug grin off their faces with the FACTS of the matter. The next Aussie who insists that Australia is God's own country I will tell them that there is no such place. The next time I see the bloody sun yet again burn away at me and all around me, I will wish for a crisp winters morning in the UK. The next news report that says 'their' state has the highest road casualty rate that Christmas, I will tell them that this is NOT a fecking competition. The next BBQ I go to and get covered with flies I will scream and do the Aussie salute, yet again. Yes, all of the above are part and parcel of living in Australia, to one degree or another, and I accept that this is the case. Just because I love Australia does NOT mean at times I want to scream and tell ALL Aussies to stick their heads up their own arse, BUT. ALL of the above points can be said for the UK as well, completely different may be, but still comparable. The next time someone looks down at me because I have tattoos I will want to deck, the next time that someone takes the moralistic high ground and looks down on every nationality OTHER than their own. The idiot who insists that they are full of English pride, but with the next breath can't be arsed to vote, I will tell them that they have no right to offer an opinion. EDITED TO ADD. Or the five spotty little dicks that on their mopeds the other night thought it hilarious to carve me up at some traffic lights and make me steer into the other lane while I had my 14 year old in the car. A short chase ensured, :mad: where I caught up with them at the next roundabout, after having debated the pro's and con's of castration they zoomed away giving me the finger. Again the list is endless, I accept that Australia and the UK has many warts and failings, I do not wear rose tinted specks, I am a realist and in as much realise that both countries can be arrogant, self serving and bloody annoying. But at the end of the day I also realise I am extremely lucky to have the CHOICE about where I live. Australia, a Utopia, my arse, same as the UK. Neither country will EVER satisfy ALL my needs, but I am happy in the fact that I can see both sides of each country and realise that for some it they will never be home, some will love them, and some as I said previously will just get on with it. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Hi Does anyone on here or has anyone lived in Midland at all? We have just been offered a 3 bed/2 bath town house to rent, however having had a look on the net I'm a bit worried. I have heard that it is def a place to avoid, that there is a lot of break ins and assults. If anyone can tell me anything about Midland that would be great, thank you Laura
  23. Hi, I'm a Financial Adviser in UK myself and my family are really hoping to emigrate to New Zealand or Australia, we fancy Perth area in Oz and looking for a good place to bring up 4 kids in NZ ) I have not got a clue were to look! I have been told I need a 457 Visa which means I need a sponser! It's so frustrating because how do I get a company to sponsor me when I'm in the UK? Anyone got any tips or if anyone on here is a Financial Adviser originally from UK please drop me a line!!! I would love to know how you went about getting work! Hope someone out there can help ) Steve
  24. Guest

    Nice place to live with kids

    Hi everyone I've been reading everything on this site for ages now so thought it was time I wrote something. I am hoping to move to Perth in January with my OH and our 2 kids, if the house hurries up and sells :mad:we are coming on a student visa I will be studying in Armadale. Now from what I've read this isn't a very popular place to live. Don't want to travel much more than 30 mins so any recommendations would be great. x:biggrin:
  25. Hi guys, Just after some ideas really... Myself and my girlfriend (both mid-20's) are looking to move out to Sydney on 1 year working visa's around March next year. I would like to know where people would suggest living for a couple of months whilst we look for work, go for interviews, meet new people etc. I am an IT professional so im not sure if there are any 'better' areas to be in for my line of work? I presume a flat in the city centre would be best? or not? Looking at maybe a flat share, budgeting about $1000 per month for rent between us? Any ideas/suggestions very welcome! thanks, Dave