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Found 222 results

  1. We have a 4 year-old, 2 year-old and a baby due in November. I read a lot of people saying that Oz is a better place than the UK to bring up kids, but I don't often see the concrete reasons for this. We're about to break the news to MIL that we're considering the move, and I'd like to be able to back up my gut feeling that Oz would be better for the kids. Can anyone give me anything concrete?? Also, I have a niggling worry about how much Ozzies like kids. People say they are kid-friendly but I am seeing a lot of phrases that kind of imply differently on real estate websites. You know the kind of thing.... mentions of a "parents' retreat" or talk of how areas of the house could be "adult-only zones", plus more subtle things like talk of how kids' bedrooms are positioned cleverly (ie. well way from everyone else!). I also remember from looking at houses with my folks when I was about 11 (they considered emigrating but never did) that there was a lot of talk about separate areas for children and parents. Kind of makes me worry that kids are viewed as something of a nuisance, but am I just reading too much into it?
  2. ...have no idea how to go about securing it. It's about 1.6km from the beach at Dee Why...which is the area we are liking. Nice but not overly touristy (since we won't be tourists :biggrin: ). We aren't they yet obviously but will be in Oct. I'm going to call the agent but looking for some moral support. Will they take our inquiry serious before we get there?
  3. Guest

    BT Expand Into Australia!

    Well it's a global company and very experienced at providing this sort of thing. I wonder if they would have won the contract if it was the WA government that was making the decisions? http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/business-old/british-telcommunications-wins-fiona-stanley-contract/story-e6frg2qu-1226116159580 http://www.btplc.com/News/Articles/Showarticle.cfm?ArticleID=089401CD-F787-455B-AF97-4C03B9F0BBDC
  4. Hi Pomz in Oz! Long time reader, seldom post. Want to get away from the cold in the UK? Come to Sydney for Australian Summer! We're planning a trip back to the UK to visit family, and we now have 2 kids. When we used to travel back to the UK, we'd crash on people's floors - but it's not manageable now. We're hoping to visit the UK for up to 6 weeks sometime in Feb/March/April 2012. We'd like to talk to someone about a house swap for some, or all of this time. Our place is a 3 bed place in the suburbs of Sydney (Penshurst). It's about 30 mins by train into the city from the nearest station, nearest beach is about a 25 min drive. We're looking for anywhere in the UK south of Manchester - with a preference to be closer to Bedford/Cambridge/St Albans. At least 3 beds. Get in touch! PM/Reply Thanks Ryan.
  5. Guest

    Your Special Place!

    It can't be only me that has a 'special' place,:shocked::policeman:. No seriously a place, box, drawer, and the like where you keep the more 'sentimental' items as it were. I have a few things around the house that mean a lot to me, pictures and so on, but I also have an old Apple Mac box that I keep the more sentimental things in. I won't list them all, as some are way too personal, but here is an idea of what is in my 'special' place. My Granddads old plain gold ring, way too small for me, and besides I hope to pass it onto my kids.:cry: My granddads old log book from the merchant navy, where it shows he was posted to Australia way back when.:cry: An old wristband that my kids bought me in Tunisia with a smiley face on it, unfortunately it started to cut the circulation off from my wrist some years ago, and when I became a fat barsteward.:no: The letter given to me by an ex wife which outlined just why she upped sticks and left, still look at it now and again to remind myself what an arse I could and can still be.:yes: A belt buckle that says, 'You Can Make It Any Where'. And believe it or not, it was a freebie with the duty free baccy I bought many years ago. A flower print that my nan used to have hanging in her bedroom, if I smell it to this day it still reminds me of her,:notworthy: A letter from the House Of Commons reminding me that I had to 'adhere' to the privilege of having a registered political party,:biglaugh: The actual letter from the Electoral Commission in confirmation that I had registered said party.:cool: All my First To Fly A380 memorabilia. My first copy of the Jaws book.:notworthy::jiggy: Several other bits and pieces that no one knows about, but are very dear to me. So what if any little nick nacks do you have that are in safe keeping, not of monetary value nessacarily, but much more valuable in terms of memories. Cheers Tony.:wink:

    Best place to get dollars for trip

    Can anyone tell me the best place to get dollars for when we first get into Australia? We have HIFX a/c in place & Westpac bank a/c ready but we need to take approx £1000 for initial bits & bobs so got in touch with travel agent today & they quoted 1.45 exchange rate. Was under the impression the rate had gone up to 1.56, so wasnt sure if travel agent was the best place to go......
  7. Did anyone watch last night's programme and the one on now (8pm UK time on Discovery Real Time)? Yesterday's was a couple who went over to Adelaide to buy a house - with no visa and no job!! Obviously had to retract their offer on the house they liked - what a waste of everyone's time: my time watching, the producers time, the vendors time, their time. I don't think this is an up-to-date programme, maybe a repeat? Presenter isn't as good as Phil Spencer!! :wink:
  8. Hi, My wife and I will be making the move in February next year. I have got a job in Sydney. We will look to rent a place. Nothing extravagant. Apart from weekly rental costs, what other costs are involved ? Here in the UK we pay council tax, water rates, gas and electricity, TV licence etc. I see from other posts that there is no TV licence but what about the other items I just mentioned ? Cheers Andrew
  9. my partner and I are just starting the process of emigrating. He is a fabricator/welder and i am currently working as an analytical chemist. Is there any particular part of the country we would be best looking into Perth has been mentioned but im not sure if its got much of a chemical industry. Any help much apprecaited
  10. jgt

    place to stay

    Hi all, got medicals coming up and were looking to stay in perth somewhere near freemantle, secret harbor or wherever, can anyone point me in right direction for 3/4 week stay, hotel etc, wife and two kids, all well behaved etc,etc. any advice grateful, cheers jules. PS,if anyone asks "what you moving to Australia for" dont even go there!:err: Regards jules
  11. :arghh:Hi Folks, been a member of this site for a while now but just as an observer watching peoples life changing decisions. Now it seems to me my turn as i've just been offered a job on a 457 and it's just went a bit scary. i'm looking for advice about nice suburbs around SE and suggestions for schools etc for my 2 young boys. I've got so many questions but this will get me started, thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.
  12. a young couple who have only been here 3 weeks will be needing a place to stay in a few weeks , willing to pay $200 a week , what would they get for that ...? they have done the pack packers hostel, now staying with a work mate but they want there own place .....will they get anything here for $200 per week ........SOR if poss , or around the city ...thanks
  13. landv

    There is no place like home.

    We have just got back from our first 5 weeks long visit in the UK since moving to Perth 3 years ago, and as the heading suggests: there is no place like home :wubclub: I loved every minute of it and now I'm wondering - as I often have before - why did we leave in the first place? It has completely reassured me of the fact that we will definitely move back in the near future. Spending time with our family and seeing our parents to spend time with their new granddaughter was priceless. During this time, I have also realised that it is not just family & people I miss, but I miss England so very much. We had our daughter christened in the same church where my husband and I got married, and as I was walking up to the church with my daughter on that beautiful sunny Sunday whilst the church bells were ringing and seeing family, friends and all the familiar faces, I just knew it there and then. The belonging, contentment and happiness I felt right at that moment was something I'll never forget. I have been really struggling with homesickness fo a while, which has got worse over time, especially after the birth of my daughter, and as soon as we landed in London, those dark clouds of depression lifted immediately and felt alive again. In a weird way, it felt like I have been living a parallel life in Australia in the past years. England is still beautiful, lush with rolling hills and full of life. We're lucky, as we are from a nice part of the country, Bucks/Herts border in The Chilterns and it is stunning! Not much has changed in the last three years, life is still the same, the same shops are still there in the small town and there are a lot of new ones as well, which was good to see, I was surprised how clean and well kept everything was, and I must admit I was so surprised how cheap things were as I was one of those who used the "rip off Britain" expression a lot! The weather wasn't the best most of the time, we had a few warm and sunny days and one very hot day which just reminded me of that awful heat we get in Perth and the fact that how much I dislike it. On the negative side, the economy is not in a good shape, and I have made a mistake to read the papers every day which are full of doom and gloom, but overall the people I know are upbeat and life carries on as normal. The only thing that worries me a little with regards to moving back is the job situation and the low wages, but we'll have to see how that will change in the next few years. On reflection, I've tried to imagine how I would feel moving back for good and living there again and if I want to be honest with myself, there are a lot of things I don't agree with or bug me about the UK like they used to, but I'd rather live with those than live with the isolation, loneliness and the sadness I constantly feel here. I like Australia and because our daughter was born here, it will always be a special place for me, but my heart is just not here. The pull of home is just too much.
  14. Leeannetricia

    Gordon in Canberra- a good place to stay????

    Hi, been browsing online for places to stay! Gordon came up with some of my requirements(somewhere where I can rent and take my dogs) Is it a nice place to stay!and what's public transport like- or cycling to city?? Thanks leeanne
  15. Hi forum. OK, so I have basically had it with the UK... Let me explain my story. Grab a beer, it's lengthy. I was born here (UK) and am a UK citizen. I moved to Australia when I was 1 year old with my parents in 1980 (my dad was an engineer) to Perth. Then to Melbourne. Then aged 6 my parents decided that they missed their families, and the grey horrible weather, and the downtrodden people and decided to move back to the UK. Having spent my formative years in Melbourne, I was dissapointed by Handsworth, Birmingham to say the least.... Anyway, I "settled" into British "life" and got into a good seconday school etc. Then my parents broke up and I got moved to a crap secondary school. I was aged 14 at this point. Needless to say, my grades suffered, and I got in with the wrong crowd and it all went **** up. I got into trouble several times with the police for shoplifting , and went to court for that about 6 times i think. I received probation order on a couple of occasions, and fines on the others. On one occasion I was made to go to a centre on a the 2nd saturday of every month to make bird houses.... ANYWAY, to cut that element of the story short, I have about 6 court appearences for shop theft and possesion of marijuana. The last offence was over 10 years ago. I grew out of it at that point, and moved out of Birmingham down to Bournemouth, to be close to the sea (and figure out what I wanted) So whilst in Bournemouth, i fell in with the RIGHT crowd. Nice, educated and creative people. As I had come from a pretty impoverished side of Brum, the concept of Tertiary education had not even been proposed to me by the teachers. They seemed bent on getting me to work at Cadbury's or Rover, and we know how Rover ended..... So I made my plan (get education, prove my worth to compensate for my misdeeds, and move BACK to OZ) , and moved OUT of Bournemouthand back to Brum, and enrolled on a Science/Maths Foundation degree, which would gain me direct access to a degree program. I passed the foundation and gained access to an automotive systems engineering prog (i love cars) but i ALSO got offered a place on an Aero Engineering course at a seperate uni (i love space more) so I went with the Aero. I moved to XXXXX, and studied there. I got a 2:1 with honors and my dissertation won 1st place in a national engineerng competition which has gained me recognition with the RAeS and other organisations. My goal was to study MSc at a really sweet university (which i got accepted for), BUT then all this student loan thing started in the UK, where ALL universities were basically forced to up their fees. Now this doesnt really matter so much at undergrad level in the sense that you still get the loan (even though you now get raped paying it back), but at post grad level, you have to find the cash yourself, and the fees STILL go up. So this extra money really put me off that idea, but I saved my money any way and got a job at a large gas turbine manufacturer until my course started (Oct 2011)..... Anyway, things change on a personal level (i wont bore you with that), but personal reasons , the lack of appreciation by my government for a hi-tech industry which is touted as being the "saviour of the economy" (which the government ruined), and the fact that I have to pay £70 a week in fuel (mostly tax) to get to a badly paid job (comparitive to Australia), and if I want to increase my education to the next level in this country it will cost me another 30 grand. And to be honest, I really can't handle this country for another 2 years. I have contacted the university and turned down their offer. My contract with XXXXXXXX ends soon, and I am lookign at ways into Oz. But my convictions haunt me. Plus, I have had driving offenses since (4 in the last 10 years, the last one, no insurance(my banks fault) , was 2 years ago.5 years before that, i got a speeding ticket) I have been offered an MRes position at XXXXX in Aus. There are universities who want me to research there. A guy from XXXXXXX is coming to XXXXXX to discuss a PhD proposal in person with me in 2 weeks. There is no doubt that I have something to contribute to Australian society. Id rather pay half my wages in tax from my well payed job to live over there than stay here anymore. I dont feel any sense of identity with this country (probably cos I hate football and rain/cold). Plus, Australia respects engineers. SO yep, that's my happy little story. Thanks for listening. SO basically, ummm, does anyone know how the hell I can get out of here? By their website's definition, i dont have a "substantial record", as i havent recieved a death penalty or been to prison, but im worried that the amount of court appearences in my youth, and my recent (2 years) driving offence could really screw this up.
  16. Hi I am arriving in Perth at the start of August and am staying with a friend of a friend for a week or so until I find a place to stay. I have a job in Perth for 2 months but am hoping to have this extended. I am looking for an apartment or a flatshare around the Nedlands area if possible that doesn't cost a fortune! Can anyone help? Have tried Perth Furnished Rentals however they seem to only have 2 bedroom apartments and I can't afford to pay this on my own! Jen
  17. we want one way tickets had a look around but dont know what best price is...... HELPPPPPPP
  18. melaniecharlton

    Best place to buy white goods in Sydney

    We need to buy a new fridge, freezer, television, microwave and washing machine. Not familiar with the shops in Sydney so was wondering where is best to buy and are there any good sales during specific times of the year. Would buying online be best? Thank you,
  19. Guest

    best place to start

    Hi everyone we are a family of 4 from ireland considering a big move to either wa or nsw,oh is a builder and i'm a beauty therapist. Other have is on the wa skills list. Can someone advise best visa to go for and where to startas their so mush much info on everything, i'm getting a bit confused. oh has a sisiter in perth and i have a brother and cousins in nsw. oh is going in oct to suss out both areas to see if we can make a decision. is it possible you can get 2 year visa then apply for emigration whilst there or get employer sponsorship. Appreciate all advice thanks xx:biggrin:
  20. Hi, We are looking at making the move this time next year and was wondering where would be the best area to look for Joinery jobs. My OH is a Joiner by trade but has been in the UPVC business for quite a while, also what kind of salary would we be looking at? Thanks in advance.
  21. Australia second best place to be a mum Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/australia-second-best-place-to-be-a-mum/story-e6frfmqi-1226049272148#ixzz1LGydPc00 So Mums you have it good :laugh:
  22. Hey everyone!!! My name is Emily, I'm having to move back to the UK pretty soon, as I've injured my knee and am unable to work...... so I'm leaving my awesome flatmate Abby behind in a beautiful 3 bedroom place in Hove. Abby is a full time, pom nurse, 26..... We have 1 - 2 double rooms available in our modern house, this is the link to our gumtree ad: 2 bedrooms available in awesome houseshare (Hove) | House & Flat Share | Gumtree Hove Looking for like-minded housemate/ new friends to enjoy the goodlife in Adelaide!!! I'm also selling my car too!! So if anyone's arriving for a new life in adelaide.... I have a ready made house waiting for you!!! If your interested let me know, mzibob@hotmail.com
  23. .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}Right......... so, I have a life-long friend who has recently told me something that has got me having sleepless nights. She and her husband are in the process of immigrating to Australia, and have been saving money towards this big move for quite some time. In passing the other day, however, she metioned that her husband hasn't paid his taxes for the last couple years (knowing that they are leaving), and has therefore managed to save even more money to put in their kitty. Now, my dilemma is this: I feel so angry that someone has done this and got away with it!! My husband works all the hours God sends, to keep a roof over his family's head and does everything 100% by the book. I am full-time mum, and as a family living on only one salary - money is tight. This particular friend of mine is adamant that it's nothing to do with HER, that her husband hasn't been paying his taxes, but then in the next breath, it sounds like they are planning a blow-out holiday before they immigrate. I have mulled this over for weeks now, and can't decide what to do.... Is it the right thing to do, to notify someone (?) that I am aware that someone is fiddling their taxes? Or do I just let it slide and hope that "what goes around, comes around"?? OR: Has this only upset and frustrated me because I am JEALOUS, as we are not nearly in as a good a financial position as they are, and I doubt we ever will be!! It kills me that people like my husband and I, who are honest and hard-working, ultimately end up having to compensate for the people who do not pay their taxes. I don't know what to do????? I know this will destroy our friendship if she ever found out I told authorities, and I couldn't live with myself if anything happened and her husband got put in prison (maybe I'm being a bit dramatic here - I don't know what the penalties are!!) But every time I see this man in future, I am going to know that he's dishonest. BTW: We are in the process of immigrating to Aus too, and that's why I'm using this forum to have a vent! I know there's lots of other folks on our position, scrimping and saving every penny and this has really just upset me to no end. Any advice will be welcome. Thank-you.
  24. ollsbolls

    Gippsland as a first place to live

    My wife and two kids (2 and 5) have the opportunity to work in Gippsland. Our family and social connections are in Sydney. Can anyone advise on if this would be a good place to start off. Part of our thinking is to avoid Sydney (and cities in general) for a while. Anyone have experience of the area and what we could expect?
  25. Hi, I'm a Australian journo writing a story about professionals tossing up between working in Singapore/HK vs Sydney/Melbourne. The UK press is reporting a lot of Brits would prefer to go to Asia because it is cheaper than Australia and salaries are better there and tax is lower. I would really like to chat with someone who is in the process or has in the past had to consider the benefits/disadvantages of each (ie tax rates, lifestyle...) It would be great if you are prepared to go on the record with your name and area of work (but not employers etc..) but I would be still interested in what you have to say if you wish to remain annonymous. It is for an Australian newspaper and ideally I would speak with a Brit, but also happy to speak with Singaporeans, European or Aussie, as long as you are a professional it doesn't matter! please PM me with your phone number so we can chat. Thanks