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Found 222 results

  1. Hi All, We land at 02.25am on Australia Day (appropriate!) and I was wondering if anyone can recommend the best place to go? We will initially be staying in the Fremantle area, and I really would like to experience the atmosphere! Any suggestions??? Sarah x
  2. There is a website where you can post your visa application timeline & information. It also has a page to show the latest case officer assignments & visas granted. www.beupdate.co.uk You just add yourself to the list with all your dates & away you go. The more of us that add our details the fuller picture we will have of progress. As it is us that add our own details & lets face it, we have managed some amazing feats of administration so far, it is going to be more accurate that a generic update from the admin dept at diac. Please add your details & respond to this thread to keep it near the top!!! Feel free to post your comments on the site & hopefully the joy you feel when you see real progress is being made. I am obsessed with checking this website & find it much more cheerful than the weekly diac update that never seems to change. Good luck everyone.
  3. Hi all, Seen loads of threads re : Wanted Downunder but has anyone seen Channel 4's A Place in the Sun - Downunder? There are 4 episodes to it, 2 have already been shown Melbourne and the other one was Adelaide. Not sure where their going for the last 2. Channel 4, Friday's at 8pm-9pm. Helenx
  4. peggy

    Australia the place

    AUSTRALIA. AKA the land downunder, where it never rains (lol) but boy can it bloody thunder.:err: Where the spiders are the wrong way round to as in big big spider not deadly, incy wincy one watch your skin drop off.:realmad: Where its so hot that the aussies drink hot coffee all the time to stay cool. Where you have to learn a new language and talk real slow so they can understand you. AUSTRALIA the land i call my home
  5. hi we are planing to spend 3 weeks in Australia (Sydney) and would like to know the most popular backpackers destinations couldnt find any info. on the internet so any suggestions would help a lot...we are going to be there 15-20 jan. 2009 and want to spend some time on the beach..what will be the weather like thanks in advance
  6. Guest

    Best place to live

    I am hoping someone can help me to decide where would be the best place to emigrate to. We have two children my son is very sporty likes footie, karate, badminton & going to the gym. My daughter loves the park, trampoling, cheerleading. We don't want to stay somewhere that is quiet but want somewhere that is not too far from beach, shops,schools. We have not started the ball rolling yet, so much to find out. Think it's the not knowing. We are going to a seminar in London in March so I am hoping a lot of our questions will be answered. Any info would help. Thxs
  7. As it says, starts today, a place in the sun down under. Channel 4, 8pm. Think they are starting in Melbourne. regards Michelle
  8. Guest

    Place in the Sun Down Under

    Hi All Just to let you know that a place in the sun down under is on to-night channel 4 at 8.00pm. Sorry if this has already been posted. Paual
  9. Guest

    A Place in the Sun New Series

    Just in case you don't know, A Place in the Sun Down Under starts tomorrow night 8pm on Channel 4. They're looking at property in Melbourne tomorrow. Looking forward to it and Wanted down Under on Monday. Happy New Year everyone.:jiggy:
  10. Guest

    best place to live

    Im moving to WA in Feb where is the best place to live and work outside of perth I am thinking of peel or southwest
  11. Guest

    place in the sun

    sky channel 265 :yesxmas:a place in the sun on now Queensland!!!
  12. Hi, Looking to buy a tourer van when we get there next year, the type you drive ot tow... and do a little travelling ... Anyone know of a good supplier of these campers.. Not trailers!! Chris:emoticon-signxmas: General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Sent Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Waiting C/O
  13. Hi Guys, Heres one for those who are regular long haul flyers. Thinking of booking flights to Perth in the morning with Singapore. Just about decided to go for the shortest stopover (3hrs) still unsure if this is the best option with a 2 year old, I'm hoping it will mean he is more likely to sleep on one of the legs of the journey, down side is I won't have a cat in hells chance of sleeping, I can't sleep unless its silent and very dark! Anyway my question relates to what is the best area to sit on the plane. There are 4 of us, and we will be able to request our seats at the time of booking. Anyone got any ideas please? Thanks in advance x
  14. Just wondered if anyone knows anything about Wynnum. Thinking about it as a place to live? Tracy xxx
  15. Hey! 2nd Series starting soon on itv called No Place Like Home. Does anyone know when it starts? My auntie's friend is on it and I don't want to miss it!! Cheers to anyone who can help..:yes::v_SPIN:
  16. Hi We are due to have our medicals done (we live in Stratford upon Avon) and i am just wondering where the cheapest place is to get them done? There seems to be such a big range in price. I am willing to travel - use it as an excuse for a day trip! Also - I am confused as to whether or not my children need to have the chest x-rays or not?? They are 12 & 14. Some places say yes - some say no. Look forward to hearing from you if you have recently had your meds done Many thanks Zoe, Becci & James
  17. When: Sat 11th & Sun 12th Oct 7:30am - 3:00pm Where: Gold Coast, Upper Coomera. (pm me for exact address if interested). Why: Moving overseas Items: Lots of general household items, furniture, TV, Digi set top box, books, photographic enlarger, dark room accessories, photographic art, baby stuff, clothing (inc baby clothing)... allsorts!
  18. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my good news with you all. Today we got the long awaited confirmation that the adoption order (for my oh to adopt my daughter) has been approved. We have been together since she was 2 and he's always been her 'Dad'. Her birth father does not want any contact, (long, long, story and won't bore you with the details) We have been invited to a hearing in 2 weeks time. The letter says family and friends welcome and cameras too! Sounds like they make it a real event. Can't wait to tell Courtney when she gets in from school. This means that we can now reapply for her passport, then the 457 visa application is good to go! We are now on track for getting to Oz in January. I'm so relieved. xx
  19. Hi, looking for a bit of advise. I am a nursing student and have been informally offered a place on a new nurse graduate programme next year. Has anyone actally done this programme? Does it involve much academic work? Is it worth doing or would I be better of doing a year is this country first. Many thanks for any information. XX
  21. Click on first link for tickets, 2nd link for properties in Oz. http://tickets.aplaceinthesunlive.com/nec/e-ticket/ http://www.aplaceinthesun.com/property-search/listings Good Luck Andy :notworthy:
  22. Hi All Is Queensland right for you? It seems quite a few of you do not like Queensland. You seem to have the sunshine but thats about it. As I've said in many post Queensland should give you the best feeling of Australian life, Hot, laid back, nice beaches, tropical plants a true feel of how Australia is perceived, and all is great till you need to work in the heat then you realise the laid back Aussies are the ones from other states that are on holiday! Lets face it, Queensland is full of Aussies that up till not long ago only had to share the gold coast with foreigners on holiday, they never had to live next door to any of them so they don't know how to associate properly with someone from another country its up to you to make the effort not them! Now other states eg Melbourne & Sydney have had "foreigners" from the mid 1800's that followed the gold rush, so over time it is natural to have a street mixed with all nationalities. Yes I understand that Australia is just over 200 years old and we are all foreigners to some degree but lets face it some places are harder than others to settle and to me Queensland seems one of those states! It would be interesting to see the amount of people coming back to England and from what state I'm sure Queensland would have the highest rate. I'm not trying to put you off going just making you think is Queensland the right state for you? 1 last point Pauline Hanson would of not been able to do what she did if she was in any other state of Australia (see link below if you want to know more) Pauline Hanson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia All the best Geoffrey
  23. Hi all.Im planning on moving to Aus next december with my wife.I am a fully qualified carpenter.Where are carpenters needed most?We have not yet decided where we want to move yet, Myself and my wife have agreed to move to where the work is.Is there anyone who knows? Thankyou very much Ste
  24. Guest

    No place like Home

    Hi all, Just thought I'd let you know there is a new series coming out soon on ITV called "no place like home". They are recording between now and November it's about people who have moved from the uk but are now thinking about heading back. Catherine x
  25. Guest

    Weird Place Names

    Here are a few village names iv'e seen on my travels in the UK. LOST, 2 miles DULL UPPER DICKER THONG. And a few signposts that read Liverpool Maternity Hospital (non accident) Sign outside cemetary = Elderly people. On a door = If door does NOT open, Do Not Enter ? Restaurant = Phat Phuc Noodle Bar Restaurant = Stop and Taste = Te Puke. Are there any that you know, there must be some interesting ones in Oz.