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Found 47 results

  1. hi - we have a quad pack of landline phones - does OZ have same or different phone sockets? what about our internet modem etc, also?..... Any help would be most appreciated! thanks Nikki :err:
  2. Hi all, :unsure: Just wondering do uk mobile phones which are open to all networks work in Oz, Im sooo confused, should I take it or should I leave it behind. Would it be better to buy a new one when I get there???????????? Cheers Ang x
  3. shaza

    Mobile phones???

    I was just wondering if our mobile phones would work in OZ? Is it just dualband you need in oz or would it need to be triband?
  4. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Can anyone tell me which is the best pay-as-you-go SIM card to get in Perth once we arrive and what is the minimum amount you can get on a SIM card / top up? I think this is going to be a more cost effective way of keeping in touch with friends / rellies who we need to meet up with while we're there. Thanks Karen x 2 sleeps til we fly off to Perth ... and counting :goofy:
  5. Guest

    uk-house phones

    Hi all can anyone tell me if we buy some new house phones here in the uk(as ours have just died) will they work when we get to oz many thanks
  6. Guest

    Mobile Phones & Sims

    Hi Everyone, We are going to Brisbane in 11 days for three weeks. Does anyone have any advice on getting a pay as you go Sim card to use while there, also my daughter wants to text home, does anyone know of any deals on any of the Australian networks? i have looked at Vodafone and they do sims with a topup of $20 upwards. but for $30 you can also get 60 free text.... Also will out unlocked phones work over there if we take them. Hope some one can answer me..... Regards Steve
  7. Guest

    I've alsoSkype Phones

    Hi, we've bought a skype phone a while ago which also works as normal phone with standard BT connection. BUT will it work as landline in Oz? I know Internet side will be ok but it's the BT side I'm unsure of. I've also got another phone i'd like take but if it's not compatible/adaptable it's staying here. Your advice would be a great help if anyone knows.:notworthy: Keith
  8. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi to everyone on this wonderful site,i have had a lot of great advise from people on here so please can you help with this one,OK my girlfriend is living in Mildura which im sure you know is in Victoria,well soon it is her birthday and i want to send her a new mobile phone,As i live in England will this be a problem,can you still use it over there,which would be the best,ie vodafone ect,i want to get her one with a radio which is FM so will she be able to use it there,Please give any help you can,Thanks for your time and enjoy that wonderful country,,,,,Bill
  9. Guest

    mobile phones

    Hi guys can any one give me any info about the network 3 just been offered a good deal if i stay with them ,but would like to know what 3 are like in oz .Should i stay with them or start again when i get there ? Thanks for any info eddie.:idea:
  10. Guest

    HELP Mobile phones

    Hi all This might be a daft question but the kids are already asking for new mobiles for Xmas which is fine whilst we are still in the UK. However we are hoping to get over to OZ as soon as the house sells. Can anyone tell me if thier phones will work over there?????:err: Cheers Joanne
  11. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi I was just wondering is it easy to get a mobile phone contract in Oz?!? If your credit is starting for zero? Thanks Rach
  12. Guest

    Mobile Phones in OZ

    Hi everyone My mobile phone contract here has run out and we hope to go to OZ in February, so if I buy a new mobile here now with a pay as you go card, when i get to oz can I use my new phone from here and just get an Australian Pay as you Go contract to use with it? Hope this makes sense, and advise appreciated Thanks Lynda
  13. I have been pestering my Mum for a new mobile phone and would like one for Christmas. I would like a flip up one or a pink slidey up one, but my Mum says it might not work in Australia! Is she right???? Mum's not very up on mobile phone technology, can anyone help me??? Would we be best to wait until we get to Australia??:no: Thank you Roseanna xxx
  14. Guest

    Sky TV and phones

    Hi, I have a query to settle a current 'shall we, shalln't we' argument in our house.....has anyone taken a UK sky box and dish to Oz and been able to make use of it by picking up the UK free channels? We are in discussions as to whether to bother taking them and paying for shipment etc, but more importantly whether my OH will dare climb the ladder high enough to retrieve the dish! also, has anyone taken house phones (normal BT cordless)? if so, do they work in Oz? thanks Sam and Shaun
  15. Guest

    mobile phones

    what band will mobiles work on because ive read that AUS are on GSM 900/1800 that is the same as ours! im ok with quad but will my girlfriends tri and there families dual band work out there with an australian sim?
  16. Guest

    PHones in Oz and UK

    hi Whats the difference in landlines phones in the uk and Oz. Only that i have insurance on my landlines with Curry's and thought that i could take them back and maybe get one that would be compatible with one in oz Any info would be great Sara
  17. Guest

    mobile phones

    :spinny: Probably a silly question - Do our uk mobile phones work in Australia. I know i will have to purchase a new card once i arrive but is their any reason why the actual phone will not work?
  18. hedgehog

    Mobilea phones and sim cards?

    Can you tell me whats the best way to purchase a mobile for use in oz? Is it cheaper to bring a new one from here for example a motorola razor v3 from tesco is £45 and then fit it with an oz sim card? Or buy one in oz for about $85 with a sim? Any other ideas on this subject I dont want a contract phone until I am earning and When that will be is another question.
  19. Guest

    mobile phones

    can anyone tell me if our uk mobile phones will be compatible with australian sim cards ? It does seem that mobile phones are cheaper here in the uk as we have just bought new phones we were wondering if they will actually work once we swap to aussie sim cards ?
  20. Guest

    Internet phones

    Tesco are selling internet phones for less than £10. Calls are free to other Tesco internet phones so my Christmas present list is half filled. Is there a catch that I as a techno-twerp am missing? What is skype then? I don't want to make any 'clever' purchases and live to regret it! Rebecca
  21. Hi sorry if this has been posted before but..... Just informed Vodafone of impending move to Oz, and have been told that because we are terminating our contracts before the end of the 18 mths there is an amount to pay, quite large I guess on two phones!!! Anyone else come across this and what did you do? Robbing bu****s we have been with them years too!!!! Our payments have always been paid on time. To pay or do a runner that is the question!! Cookie
  22. Guest

    Unlocking mobile phones

    Hello there, anyone know of a web site where I can get my motorola Raz unlocked for free? Cookie