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Found 2,550 results

  1. Thatguy

    Perth October 2013 onwards

    Hi guys I'm flying into Perth on the 1st of October & basically just wanted to get one step ahead an meet some people on here who will be there the same time. Any tips on best hostels in Perth & also regional work opportunities as I am hoping to extend my whv for another 12 months. I'm an athletic guy who loves his sports especially football, always good for the laugh and getting a bit boozy with the lads & girls. Thanks guys Leigh
  2. On previous posts Iv made it known im flying into Perth on the 1st of October with a view of staying there for at least 3 months. However, after looking through many threads, there is a lot of negativity shown towards Perth. What I want to know is it really that bad? Iv heard things like very rude people, terrible night scene & lack of amenities etc? If this is the case I may not stay in Perth all that long as I really desire to go to Melbourne as I hear its a terrific place to be. If anyone who has traveled Perth as a backpacker or even as a resident who can shed some light on Perth & some of things iv heard id really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Leigh
  3. I posted on here a while back about doing nurse training once we arrive in Perth next year and when I looked into the courses they did seem rather expensive. When I looked into enrolled nursing at the Tafe in Perth it was quoting $10,000 per year to study. My OH was not impressed ! However I didnt realise that was the fee for International students on a student visa !! :GEEK: We should be coming over on a perm res visa as my OH is a carpenter so I wont be applying as an international student. Accidently I found a website about Central Tafe and their courses ( not available to inter students) and enrolled nursing is only $570 per semester - much cheaper and you can study part time. ( At Mt Lawley) Ideal for me as my kids will be just starting school. Does anyone know anything about these courses ? Have I understood this to correctly. I will be 35 by the time I start studying so enrolled nursing is a shorter course and may be better for me. Only trouble is finding my school certificates....:spinny:
  4. Ballajura AFC is a football (soccer) club based at Kingfisher Reserve in Ballajura, (in Perths northern suburbs), where it has its own clubroom, full bar and catering facilities. Established 15 years ago the club has a strong set up with several hundred juniors (up to under 16 level), a masters team , ladies team and a Senior team who have just been promoted to Amateur Division 1 for 2009. Also in 2008, the Senior reserves won their League and the under 16 team were top 4 champions. The club is ambitious and is targeting further success and promotion to the Amateur Premier League. In order to support this objective and to take the club forward Ballajura is conducting an active player recruitment drive before the 2009 season starts in late March. The club is seeking to recruit experienced senior amateur or ex semi pro players for addition to the first team squad. Ballajura is an ambitious and forward thinking club. We have already recruited a number of new migrant players last season who helped in the clubs successful promotion to division 1 If you feel you fit the requirements and are interested in taking on this challenge please contact me to discuss. Bill Byrne Senior Coach - BAFC Tel: 0439 953 957 e-mail: bill.byrne@hotmail.com
  5. Guest

    Dentist in Perth

    I'm looking for recommendations for a dentist NOR, preferably somewhere near Wanneroo/Darch. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  6. Hey All, My partner and I are selling our Barina it has just under 80,000KM and is in excellent nick. I has a full service history and we have it two years and never had issues apart from a dead battery. It is automatic and would be great for someone starting out driving or just anyone really. Mail m for more information if anyone is interested. PT
  7. Is there anyone that can give me some advise? I am 16 and have recently left school in the UK, me and my family are looking to immigrate to Perth within the next 7 months. I would just like to know if the English GCSE's are equivalent to any Australian qualification or if they mean anything at all , also would I have to go to a school or college when we immigrate. Finally, if I do have to go to a school what year would I be in ? Thank you
  8. Hi All, I'm new here, but have done a lot of reading on the gov.au sites, as well as been looking at emigrating for the last 4 years so am fairly happy with the process involved (as much as one can be!). What I'm looking for is to connect / get some advice from others who have gone through or are going through 132 business talent visa route. I am actually looking at the 132 entrepreneur section. I am already a majority owner / director in a high growth business in the UK and the intention is to expand into Perth, Australia. The intention is to raise VC money to fund it, and we would be looking to raise above the min AUD$1m threshold. We have raised money in the UK twice, so the business side is (fairly well) understood however the process of getting the visa, and 'real' timelines are what I'm after. This is to aid business planning, so we can hire additional staff in the UK to cover my responsibilities, to gather as much info before I end up spending money on the applications(!) and to enable the planning on the new business subsidiary in Australia. If there is anyone out there that has either done / is doing the 132 stream or has done a previous business visa on a different stream I'd love to hear your experience. Clearly it will take a while... and I'm really excited! Many thanks, James
  9. Jasonhewitt

    What sort of visa?????

    Hi everyone, can someone suggest what visa I would need. I am a mechanical fitter, I want to move to perth. I have a partner and 3 children. When should I apply for a visa and how long does it normally take to get granted? I ideally want to move within the next two years. Any help would be gratefull.
  10. Recently relocated to Perth, WA. We had to wait 12 weeks for our furniture to arrive from Scotland. We opted to rent furniture and whitegoods for the 12 weeks and found a company called Furniture Hire & Sales Australia. Top quality furniture (Better than my own!) They provide packages, hire short term and long term and were surprisingly well priced. Goodluck! :em3600:
  11. Hi all,, I'm a nurse looking to work in Perth for a while with a view to moving there permanently if I like it!! It's my dream to move to a beachside apartment,, maybe somewhere like Cottesloe,, but I'm single and love to socialise so I'm not sure if I'd be better located in Perth City Centre?,, I know there are lots of hospitals in Perth so I'm unsure of which one to apply to for a job,, would love some advice about where to live and work so I can have the best of both worlds i.e. beach bum / city social life ??? Thank you so much.....
  12. Hi All Any help, advice or networking would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a room share in Perth and nearby surrounding areas from mid June to October for a relative. He's housebroken, clean and tidy and can take care of himself. He does want to meet people, make friends and get ideas on where to settle once he's finished his holiday there as he's over looking for work. Ideally looking for somewhere with internet/wifi, access to a pool and gym, car parking and a community feel. Also good access to train transport or buses in case he doesn't get a car. Would prefer somewhere where the its just one bill with everything included. Any hints/tips/ideas/short term/family share i.e. anything !! would be greatly appreciated. BEGal
  13. Hello. I am looking for some advise please as I have heard on here via an agent that hospitals in Perth prefer you to have Nursing as well as Midwifery. I am starting my training in the UK to become a Midwife but am now unsure as to do the Nursing first then the Midwifery add on. I really want to be a Midwife not a Nurse but will obviously do it, if it is a requirement and guarantees me a job in Perth. Any advise or links to threads regarding this would be greatly appreciated as I can't find them. Thank You in advance Vikkey xx :confused:
  14. Hi all I am hoping for some advice on shipping between states (Perth to Melbourne) and hoping someone can help? Is shipping furniture and boxes the cheapest way of getting our stuff to perth? Can anyone recommend any companies? Also, we want to to take our car, on the train I assume? Anyone got any recommendations? Its still all in the initial investigatory phase as Perth hasn't really worked out for us. Any help appreciated!!!
  15. Hi all, I will be arriving in Perth in April with my wife and still cant decide which suburb to go to,i am an electrician and will be looking for a job when we arrive does any one have any ideas where is a good place to start. Also does any one know the best places to look for cheap accomadation while searching for a flat or house to rent ,i have heard that holiday rentals are the way to go but cant find any sites on the web pls help
  16. Hi all, Just wondering whether anyone could shed some light. We moved to Perth from England on 28th June thinking there was loads of plastering work available as last year we came over for a month & on seek.com there were 19 plasterers jobs but now there isnt 1!! We are totally beside ourselves as a few people are saying that WA is experiencing a downturn in the property market so this has had a knock on effect in the construction industry! What! we have come the other side of the world to get away from this & it has followed us! My husband has 8 years experience in plastering, is city & guilds qualified & has completed an AQF III with master builders in sold plastering & he just cant get work here, just like in the UK! He has gone upto construction workers on site but all they say is to have a look in the West Australian paper as the jobs come out on a wednesday & saturday, when he looks in there all it has in there is a couple of plasterers labourers jobs, he phones for them as we are now getting desperate so he is willing to be a labourer if this is what it takes but all they say is that the job has gone. A few people have passed him numbers & when he phones they just say that the plastering is quiet at the moment & they cant help him! We are beside ourselves, we have waited 20 months for the visa & now this!! This is not how we had thought things would work out. The problem is the children dont start school until 2 weeks so then I will try to get an office job for a couple of days a week but everything is so expensive here so my husband needs to get working asap. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem or are we just panicking too much??
  17. im a 26yr old from Hong Kong i have got a whv for a year and i will land in perth on the 14 / may , anyone travelling working in perth on their own wanna meet up? i have not yet booked room there, would anyone give me suggestion? I will be reachable on Line: kwlai63
  18. Hi, My name's Nathan, i'm 29 and i'll be coming out to Perth on a working holiday visa in July/August 2013. My girlfriend who is already in Perth has been sponsored for a job in the Perth area and is looking for somewhere for the both of us to stay. I'm looking to do my specified work as quickly as possible in order to secure another year and not have to worry about it. Does anyone know whether it is realistic to live near Perth and be able to do regional work? And what work is typically available? I'm reasonably clueless about the realities so any help would be fantastic. Many thanks Nathan
  19. Harpersgirl

    Two Years In Perth....

    ​So hello again PIOers! It's been a while since I have posted and as I'm about to post with lots of questions lol I thought I'd give a little update on how our adventure has evolved. :biggrin: We have been in Perth for almost two years with our anniversary coming up on Mother's Day and the table is booked for a celebratory breakfast at Bib and Tucker, a newly opened restaurant overlooking our favorite beautiful beach at Leighton. We will also have the company of the MIL and FIL who we haven't seen since leaving the UK! Being honest it hasn't been the easiest of times for me. It is only recently that I have really started to appreciate what living in Perth has to offer and again being honest still have days when all I can think of is going "home". But this IS home now and we are just about to start the process leading to PR. We will be applying via the Temporary Residence Transition stream (ENS 186) having arrived here on a 457 visa in May 2011. We live fairly centrally in a suburb of the City of Melville with CBD being a twenty minute drive up the freeway and Freo an easy fifteen minutes away. It takes us about 10 minutes to get to the beach. Transport links are great and we have a lovely shopping centre at Garden City. Having moved from an oak beamed 18th century farmhouse in rural Suffolk it was a bit of a culture shock living in a beige bungalow in suburbia however we've made it our own and have adapted to the rental system here. Have to say it was a relief when the inspections were reduced from three monthly to six monthly though! Our youngest children (now 9 and 5) attend Winthrop Primary which has a good reputation and we are in catchment for a good high school, Applecross. We have made friends through the OH's job and childrens school where I am a parent rep...good excuse for planning nights out! Hubby enjoys his job in Floreat and the older kids (both now 22) are settled in their jobs, son as a mechanic and daughter a childcare worker. Both love the lifestyle that the move has given them. They can afford to take regular holidays and save.... which is more than we can at the moment!!! :confused: Being here on a 457 has its difficulties which have really only become apparent this second year. In fact I've recently heard it referred to as "the 457 poverty trap"! As non-residents we are not entitled to small but relevant perks that can ease the exorbitant cost of living in WA. However I have not yet entered the workforce in any significant manner although have done bits and pieces but the role I had in the UK as a charity area co-ordinator does not exist here and I have struggled with finding a similar family friendly part time position. Getting PR will mean that I can retrain without paying international fees though so hanging out for that! We've embraced camping and have ventured north as far as Shark Bay for a bit of wild camping and south to Hamelin Bay for a bit of green and rolling countryside. There is pretty much always something going on;and much of it for free! Festivals, outdoor cinemas and bbq's in the many beautiful parks and we're still finding new things to do! In hindsight I'm not sure that I was prepared for just how different life is here. The people, the way things are done. Although we speak the same language, drive on the same side of the road etc make no mistake it is different. As it should be. It's the other side of the world after all! ​Someone once told me it takes at least two years to feel settled and for me that has been almost spot on. :wubclub:
  20. Hi me and my partner are moving to Perth on 11th April. We are looking to house share as soon as possible really. We are from the uk between 25 - 30 year old. We are both easy to get along with and own property back in the uk so keeping a house clean and paying bills on time will not be a problem. i have heard that Fremantle is a lovely area so we would preferably like to be around that area however would live anywhere near Osborne park (partners work). Hope to hear soon!
  21. Myself, hubby and now 2 year old daughter moved out to Perth in January, were now 8 1/2 months down the line and loving it !! Just wondered if anyone would be interested in me writing about how I've found it all etc ? Or if anyone has any questions about anything or how I've found it, I'd be happy to answer them so far we absolutely love it and have no regrets. Looking forward to the summer coming back around
  22. RandC

    Wapol 2013

    Hey everyone I have recently submitted my application for the WAPOL. I was wondering if anyone else is currently going through the process or has recently been through it and could give me some inside information? Take it easy R
  23. Hi All, i have been offered a job with Woodside based in perth. Bit of a leap in the dark for me and the family (nice to have a job before we actually emigrate). But does anyone have any experience or know anyone who has experience of working for this company. Cheers Barnsey10
  24. We are looking into moving permantley to Perth. I am a joiner and my wife is a youth worker. We are wondering what the cheapest and quickest moving options were, we are both under 30 but have a house to sell or rent out in the UK. ... Any advice?
  25. If you have supervisory experience in Quality Control, science degree qualified please contact me. We are looking for a QC Supervisor in our manufacturing site in Perth NOR. Pharma experience will be advantageous but not essential