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Found 2,550 results

  1. BenAtherton1

    Do I take my tools or not?

    Hi all, The wife and I are moving out to Perth and it's surrounding areas in March on a permanent residency 190 visa which I have secured through my original trade as a bricklayer. Need to decide whether or not take my tools, gear and equipment. From what I understand, the majority of work available for newcomer brit brickie s is new build residential sites, and as such I'm thinking the only real requirement for tools should I end up working in this environment is basic hand tools, levels, profiles etc (no power tools or other building equipment). I do have a good amount of my own gear which I have accumulated whilst working for myself in UK over the last several years as bricklayer / general builder. But am beginning to question whether it's worth the hassle/expense of shipping it over, or simply selling it before I go. Can anyone else see the point of me bringing power tools and equipment such as stihlsaw, breakers and generators all that way, when the chances are ill most likely be working back on new builds using only my own basic hand tools, where all other equipment and plant should be supplied by employer? Or is it looked on favourably by potential employers if I already had the gear? As always, all your posts/thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. Cheers and and all the best for 2014.
  2. PTobin

    Camping gear ready to go

    Hi All, Due to a change in circumstance we are now having to sell our newly purchased camping gear. Me and my partner were planning a 4 week trip which has now been cancelled and as we are now relocating all needs to be sold. Note all this are brand new. Items include: Oztrail - swift tourer 4 tent - very easy to erect and great size. 2x Oztrail big boy camping chairs 1x coleman queen double height blow up bed 1x pump for bed which is powered by car 1x coleman lighted tent fan 1x butane gas stove 12x butane gas cans 1x tarp 1x esky 1x picnic set 1x folding camping table Send me an email for pictures if you guys are interested. Cheers, PT
  3. PTobin

    2008 Rav 4

    Hi All, We have a 2208 Rav 4 for sale it has 81,500 on the clock with bull bar roof rack and hitch its an immulacte 4WD has full service history and 9 months of Rego. I have pictures if needed were looking for 18K but is neg looking for a quick sale. We are located in perth.
  4. Hi all, I am returning to the UK permanently, and am going back via cruise and train to take a very long way home. I am wondering if anyone out there is interested in room sharing on the cruise from the 8th July, it takes 12 nights to get to Singapore. Cost for the room is around $6K (balcony room) including all food and some soft drinks (alcohol is extra). It is a one way cruise only and you would need to fly back or arrange accommodation in Singapore. about me: 33 years old, female, professional, polite, English, non smoker, non snorer! If you are interested please get in touch, Thanks Angela
  5. We have been in Perth for 18 months now - but have been to Melbourne a few times now, and are very tempted to move over there. Can anyone supply advice on shipping? pet-friendly rentals? Areas to look at? Any info gratefully received :smile:
  6. i am looking to find some scottish mums in Perth, not meet any and i have been here for 3 months although I have met a few nice English and Irish girls just wondering where all the scots hang out I have been here since Sept and am looking for any one in the same position. I have a son Oliver who is 2 my husband and myself are both 27. liza
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum I've eventually managed to convince my husband that a move to oz would be amazing for our family. We haven't had the easiest life since being married but we are almost out the dark and I want to follow my dreams of a life in Australia. Definately thinking perth. I've spent the last month doing research and WOW - information overload. Trying to look at areas that are low crime, nice houses, close enough to good schools (we have a 3yr old & 7yr old), reasonably priced, not too far from beach but closer to parks/cycle tracks. I've read not to good things about NOR (bibra lake etc) but mullaloo looks lovely. SOR looks nice too Waikiki but there is mixed reviews. We are hoping to start the process next year, we plan on getting over on a skilled visa as my husband is a very good fully qualified Painter & Decorator. I've got banking experience but no skills on the demand list. Sorry for the rant, I'm just excited but oh so confused. If anyone has any suggestions on areas with us having children it would be more than welcome. Also if there are any painters & decorators out there....are we best staying closer to city or is most of the work on new residential estates? Zoe x
  8. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any idea of what is on at Christmas and New Year in Fremantle and Perth? Were going for 8 days and not got much of an idea of what to do or where to go so any information would be very handy. TIA
  9. loubeelivvylou

    Metal Fabricator Jobs?!

    Hi, we finally got our visa granted last week and had previously provisionally booked a holiday rental in Quinns Rocks, (Perth Northern Suburbs), we'd researched the area a little and found that it was close to a couple of local harbours so assumed there would be a few welding and fabrication workshops in and around the area. My husband is primarily a fabricator/welder but really enjoys working with stainless steel and making decorative items ie boat rails, balcony railings etc. he has worked in a naval shipyard in the uk for the last 7 years and wants to get back into Stainless. After speaking to the lady who owns the rental in Quinns she told us she doesn't think there are many fabrication workshops in or around the northern suburbs! This is what we feared because we had been trying to find places online without any luck! It seems the main places for metal tradesmen are around the Bibra lake area?! Can anyone shed any light on this and maybe give us a nice place around there to start our search for accommodation again?! Maybe around Rockingham?! We are moving over April/May 2014 thanks louise x
  10. Joeybee

    Armadale - thoughts?

    Hi guys. When I first move out to Oz, I'll be staying with friends who live in Armadale before I can find work and a rental elsewhere in Perth. I've had a look through the forum, but there doesn't seem to be much mention of Armadale. Trying to find out what I should be expecting when I get there. I've done a bit of research on the area, I believe it is to be one of Perth's 'hubs', so should be fairly well connected and good shops etc. I don't drive, neither does my Husband. I've seen there's rail into Perth CBD, anyone know how reliable/clean etc this is? Also is it easy to get around Armadale on foot? Also what are the shops like and what's the general feel of the area, any special sites of interest or attractions? Also, I'm a nurse, and have seen jobs at Armadale Hospital, seems fairly decent, but can never tell for sure off websites. Anyone heard anything about it, is it a good place to work/be treated/good reputation? Any info would be good, just gives me more of an idea of what to expect. I'm getting really excited to get out to Oz, the more I can find out, the more excited I am :-)
  11. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width We are located in Ascot Perth
  12. Large good quality 3 seater sofa for sale. It is approx 18 months old and very very comfortable. It comes with 5 cusions matching to the sofa as well as a ottoman. It still has 3 1/2 years frame structual warranty remaining on sofa and 1 1/2 years on ottoman. Colour is juniper. Sofa size: 2380mm length x 1060mm width x 970mm height Ottoman: 1050mm length x 670mm width x 440mm height Please see pictures, it is ready for pick up immediatly as we are relocating overseas. We are looking for $800.00 however were open to negiotation
  13. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width $100.00 Located in Perth WA
  14. Hi Everyone I'm a single, 25 year old female- I arrive in Perth at the beginning of December on a whv and have a few questions...! -How easy is it to pick up work? I have a marketing degree and PR/marketing background with a ton of office experience, so ideally I'd be looking to pick up similar work. Otherwise Ive been a bar manager, waitress, shop assistant, kitchen assistant... pretty much anything hospitality! So happy to do that too in the short term. My questions is, will I find work fairly quickly if I put in the usual hard work and procativity? would love to hear about anyones experiences! -On a similar note, I have an STCW95 (basic sea-fearing qualification) and a little experience stewardessing on yachts... does anyone know if there is any likelyhood of picking up work on boats? Be that tourist boats, dive boats, anything really... -How long should I book my first hostel for.. is two weeks about right? I'd be keen to get into a house/flat share pretty soon... - Can anyone reccomend a great hostel that helps you find work (i.e job boards and good contacts) and is NOT a party hostel? (I backpacked Austrlia when I was 18, so its a case of been there done that, now I'm feeling old and prefer to have active days and chilled out nights), but also not expensive? do share your experiences. -Finally, which neighbourhoods do you reccomend for a flat/house share? If I can afford it I'd love to be near the beach! I hear Freemantle and Subiaco are nice, any thoughts? Thankyou so much for any help, I'm super keen to hear from anyone doing the WHV in Perth
  15. missmouse

    Pet Services from Perth to London?

    Hi everyone. I'm current;y getting quotes to take my cat from Perth to London in Feb next year. I've received prices from JetPets and also the Pet Travel Specialists - I've heard of JetPets and can find out info and reviews for them, but I can't seem to find anything for the Pet Travel Specialists, who are based in Willeton in Perth. Their quote has come in a little cheaper than JetPets, and they also come out to your home to do the rabies vaccination, which I quite like. Apparently both recommended Thai Airways as their preferred choice for my cat's route, but as of next year, Thai Air will only be doing one flight out of Perth, so they are a no go. And Emirates / Qantas charge and extra $300 on top of the $2500 already quotes to hold my cat in Dubai for six hours transit, as that is their policy there. Singapore Air and Malaysian Air don't charge, but I'm not sure how good they are for transporting pets... So may worries and questions!
  16. CarlaLewis11

    Arrived in PERTH

    Hello, I arrived in Perth on 3rd October, i'm on a year working holiday visa and will be looking to go further a field in the new year. I'm looking to hopefully do my harvest work this way if i can get it. I'm currently staying with friends but It would be great to know if anyone else is based this way? I will then be going solo and would like to travel up the east coast and hopefully a trip to NZ too. It would be amazing to share the experience with as many people as possible, please do let me know if you are wanting a travel buddy
  17. Hi all.... I arrived in perth 2 days ago, and its now time to start looking for a school for my kids: 9 & 6. i know of 2 primary schools: Brighton and one in currambine (France's John). does anyone else know of any other good catholic schools please?
  18. Hi guys , I've been in Australia now for about 7 months and really enjoying it . I am looking for bricklaying work in Sydney or perth. Can you just give me and heads up on what I need to know before applying, starting a bricklaying job out here ? What is the best way to get work ? Adverts online and in the papers ? Or just simply ring company's and ask ? And just tell me a bit about the difference between bricklaying work on Aus to the uk ? many thanks Ben
  19. Nic Eachmharcaigh Ciara

    16kg dog - - - Dublin to Perth

    Hi there. I would appreciate help here! I plan to bring my dog Wally to Perth with me in April/May next year, he is 16kg and will be almost two at that time. Can anyone recommend a good pet shipper? I have got quotes of €3500 from K international and two quotes form Multi-Cargo for €3500 for a PVC box and €2500 for a wooden box a little smaller than the PVC. Would Wally be ok in a wooden box to Perth? Is quarantine open in Byford in April/May 2014? Any help, or tips or ANYTHING will be gratefully accepted. Lost and confused.
  20. missmouse

    Flying cat back to the UK

    Hey. Has anyone flown their cat or pet back to the UK from Australia, specifically Perth, and if so, did you use a pet service or organise it yourself? I feel awful for my cat (she's three), but the alternative is to re-home her to a stranger, and Perth is overrun with cats needing homes. I hope she will just curl up and sleep... the good thing is there is no quarantine needed in the UK. I'd love to hear some positive stories of people flying with their pets and everything being fine.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm Matt and new to this site. I'm 28 and at a point in my life where a change is necessary and I've decided to take the plunge and do something I have always wanted to to and emigrate to Australia. I have worked around SE Asia and the be based in a fabulous country like Australia and have the flexibility to holiday in SE Asia seems like heaven to me. I work in a Sales role for a large international Valve and Instrumentation comany that works heavily in the Oil and Gas industry and there is a position avaliable to me in Perth. The company is paying for my Visa and initial travel but thats as far as it goes and this is not a secondment - it is a permenant posisition so no relocation help etc. A guy from my hometown in Liverpool is taking over the business as Director and he would like me to work with him in Sales. I've been offered a 1st year basic of 65k but the OTE with commission should be 110-130k. There is also a car allowance of 20k on my salary to purchase my own vehicle for company use (the company at present own their employees company cars but are keen to get away from this due to fees and taxes involved for the company so are offereing the 20k subsidy). I am looking to move in March 2014 and I'm coming over on my own and I am single guy. My first obvious question is, is this a comfortable wage? I only have around £6k in the bank to assist with rental bonds etc and no other assets. I currently earn around £55k + car (28k salasry + commission) in the UK per year which gives me a nice life with a few holidays a year. I know there is the 2.5 x rule but at present a lot of my money goes on drinking out in the local pub which is something I am keen to stray away from in Aus as there will be a lot more I can spend my time and money on. To me the move is more than money and mainly around lifestyle but obviously money is very important. My next question to get me started is around nice places to live. I do not want to be right in the city but would like to have good access to it including nice resturaunts and some nightlife so I can meet new people. I know this is pretty vague but any suggestions are very welcome which will allow me to embark on my research a little further. I am going to have to rent fully furnished and would like some outside space for bbqs with 2 or more bedrooms. You answers are very much appreciated - I will be back on for a lot more help in the coming months so I will keep this forum ticking along with questions don't worry I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks, Matt
  22. Thatguy

    Banjos Backpackers - Perth

    Booked my stay at the Banjos Backpackers in Perth for when i arrive on the 1st of October. Review say it's really good so was just wondering if anybody else has stayed there whilst on their travels in Perth? Leigh
  23. Hi there. Me, my wife and 3 children arrive in Perth on 1st November 2013. We are aware that school fees of $4000 per child are coming into effect in Jan 2014 for each child of a parent on a 457 visa attending a public school. Does anyone know how the payment will work? Can you pay in monthly instalments or do you have to pay it all up front? We have 3 kids at school age so finding $12000 at the start of the year will be a challenge. Thanks, Philip
  24. Evening all, My girlfriend and I will be arriving in Perth next Thursday after the last 3 months in Asia. We are originally from Glasgow though. We have done a fair bit of research into the job market and such like but there is only soo much you can do reading articles etc so thought we would ask for some advice. My partner works as a Child Development officer in an additional needs school and I have started working on my ACCA accountancy quals after University. We would need to do something for the 2nd year visa however, and originally we were looking into farming, pearling, fishing, mines etc. I realise the downturn in the mining industry will probably mean it would be a waste of time chasing something like that. But out of the rest be it fruit picking, station hand or likewise which of the jobs available pay the most? What areas should we head too to find the jobs(also any contacts would be appreciated). Also, could anyone recommend any good companies that sell vans, either already campers or something we can convert. Would be looking for diesel and ideally something transit like. Lastly, any games of five a side football(soccer) available? Been chocking for a game since we left Glasgow. Answers on a postcard and thanks in advance. Gordon
  25. Hey there, I'm coming over to Oz at the end of 2013 for a Working Holiday Visa to live with my uncle! I'm currently waiting for my uncle to buy a new house before I can come over. (Hate the waiting!) Does anyone have any useful hints/tips or advice they could offer me? (Driving licenses/ working on farms or vineyards outside of Perth?) Any info would be much appreciated! Cheers