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Found 2,550 results

  1. Hi all I have a dilemma - can anyone help? I have been paying a whopping $1K a week for a rental property in North Beach. The one year agreement is up and its time to decide what to do. Problem is we wanted to buy but the sale of our house in England hasn't reached exchange and completion even though sale was agreed mid July. Unlike in England where you can just carry on renting and give a months notice we have to tie ourselves in to another contract. I really don't want to pay $1K a week and tie myself in for a year - especially as hopefully money should be here from sale of our house in 6 weeks or so. Likewise I don't want to pay for removals to go somewhere wlse which may be for relatively short term. I have heard the rental market has dipped with lots around compared to this time last year and opportunity to negotiate leases. How easy is it to break lease if I tie myself in again and would it be preferable to do 6 months or 12 months - the owners will not agree to periodical have already asked. Would it be cheeky to try to get price reduced by 10 or 15%? If I break lease what are the costs incurred to me? Any help and advice appreciated. Sulac:nah:
  2. Ticket Face value $109 per ticket would accept $90 each, we are unable to use them, if you are interested in buying, Event: Robbie Williams - The Swing Tour Live Date: Thu 11 Sep 2014 7:30PM Venue: Perth Arena 700 Wellington Street Perth WA 6000 Area: UPP Section: S407 Row: B Seats: 15-14 Price Category: Silver Alcohol Free
  3. Hi all, wonder if anyone in perth can help, i have just got my visa on a 176 as solid plasterer,I have been running my own business converting garages into rooms such as playrooms, office or tv room etc. This is is successful although i have always wanted to go to oz. Does anyone think that there is a potential need for this type of work in the city area. As real estate is so expensive an additional room instead of a garage is always a plus.My mates think im crackers to sell up and go but im determined to and would like opinions please.
  4. Hi, looking to move across asap from Aberdeen to Perth on 457 Visa sponsored by company looking to join. Process seems pretty lengthy, I will update progress in the correct section, but we've been appointed a visa specialist at Fragomen, and we have someone to help us at Kent relocation, and have had a wee look on Domain at places to stay. my first question, does anyone know if it's feasible to commute by bike from CBD to Canning Vale, are there cycle lanes, and is it very hilly?
  5. Hi all, Really looking for help. 2 years ago my children (both under 18) emigrated to Australia with my ex-wife. I am now in a financial position to follow them and move across. I have been reading up on the parent visas (contributory parent visa (temporary) subclass 173) to be exact. What my issue is, is with the sponsorship? As both my children are still under 18 they are not able to sponsor myself and I cant imagine my ex-wife will either. I do have two first cousins who live in Peth, would they be eligible? Has anyone been, or know of anyone, in a situation like this? Dont even know where to begin! Thanks in advance,.
  6. bensdad

    french bulldog to perth

    just got a quote from jcslivestock for shipping my french bulldog to perth, london to vancouver, then to sydney quarantine. £2,414 if they complete paperwork an extra £450 flight to perth from sydney £450 plus costs for jabs etc and quarantine as well circa £3,600.00 total deep inhale of breath! serious decision to be made i think.:no:
  7. Hey I'm SJ, 27 yrs old from Bedfordshire Iv just come back over to Perth and all my friends were on temp visas so have all left so I'm looking to meet some new fun people - girls, guys, couples. I'm into drinking, beaches, Bbqs, shopping, anything new anyone looking to meet some new people? Theres a group on Facebook if anyone wants to join its called poms in Perth - meet ups https://m.facebook.com/groups/1458581221059371
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I spent a year travelling from Perth to Sydney in a camper van in 2003 and have wanted to go back ever since. After a ton of paperwork and even more money I'm finally off to Perth in just over a month! I'd really like to hear from anyone in the trade as I'm curious about what to expect when I get there. I've no idea where to base myself to be convenient for work. Who's good to work for and what sort of rates to expect? Thanks in advance, Rich
  9. RandC

    Fremantle rental

    Hi all I will be moving to Perth in September 2014 with my OH and we are looking to rent in the Fremantle area when we arrive. We are open to the idea of renting a room in a house or renting our own space (furnished is preferred). I know its a few months off but if anyone lives in or around Fremantle and has a place to rent, or knows of anyone who does can you get in touch. Thanks
  10. Facebook

    How to get a job?

    I moved to perth almost 2 months back, I'm a mechanical engineer with over 5 years experience and have managed to have just one interview so far. Most of my job applications are through seek.com, what I have found most of the adds are by recruiters not by the companies; And these recruiters are mostly normal people with no experience in whatever field you are in. Recently I was talking to a friend and he suggested I go directly to the companies and talk to the HR department, I like the idea but it seems a lot of work: first I'll have to find where their HR department located, second if they are even interested in interviewing/need people, third just traveling around, I don't have a car. I would really like to hear from engineers who have managed to get job after arriving in perth and how they used to apply for jobs.
  11. Hi all, we have finally made the decision to move to Perth and are after advice about being a self employed gardener in WA. What is the process for registering as self-employed? I read about getting an ABN, but is there anything else I need to do? Any advice on shipping tools (mowers, hedge cutter, chainsaw, strimmer, general hand tool- spades, rakes etc)? Is it is best to sell them here in the UK or ship them over- how easy is it to get them serviced and replacement parts? Any advice gratefully received!
  12. Hi All, We are a couple in our late thirties with two kids, 7 and 3, looking to meet similar families in the Duncraig, Hillarys, Sorrento, Warwick, Woodvale etc area's. We've been here for two years now, have a great circle of friends, and are looking for more! If anyone fancies a meet up one weekend soon, then please let us know. All the best,
  13. I have been living in Perth for 15 years now. I first started a restaurant in East Perth. I then had a change of direction and started my own limo company
  14. apple

    Moving to Perth - help!!

    Hi Poms... I am new to PIO and I have noticed there is lots of great information on this site, so I thought I would try and get some help with my questions. So here goes: Me and my partner have our visas, flights and shipping all sorted, but the sticking point is we fly out to perth in 5 weeks and we realised last night that my partner is pregnant (only recent, guessing around 6 weeks "ish") :wacko: so my question is would we be able to survive in perth, on one salary, with me earning $125,000 + super per annum. Taking into consideration that we will be renting at around $550-$600 a week and having car finance. As we are on 457 visas I'm guessing we don't qualify for any assistance (i.e. the equivalent to the UK family tax credit). When I say survive, I mean save for a mortgage deposit and live a good lifestyle... dinning out, days out etc. Please can someone help:smile:
  15. Hi all :smile: I'm based in the UK at present and planning a move to Oz later this year. My husband works in the Engineering sector and his skills are on the Skilled Occupation List so we're applying for independent Permanent residency visas. I have worked as an IT Recruiter in the UK for the whole of my career. Work for my husband seems to be more prominent in WA so we are concentrating on the Perth area, but I'm not sure what the IT job market is like in WA? Does anyone know if there are many IT Recruiter jobs in WA and much work in the IT sector at all? I've looked on Seek and the majority of IT recruiter roles appear to be in Sydney and although I don't necessarily need to remain in the IT field because if you are good at recruitment you can apply your skills to any sector it would be useful to know what this market is like? Thank you for taking the time to read, Marie
  16. Hi everyone, I'm suffering from this all consuming, obsessive condition called "Australian WHV idea!" And I am applying for my WHV in the new year to hopefully fly out sept/oct 2014, I'm currently aiming to save approx £6000 perhaps more to, firstly, visit family in Bunbury where I can stay for as long as I need or want then, ideally, I would like to get my 'specified work/agricultural work' out of the way ASAP so I qualify for the 2nd year visa. I have worked in a garment/fabric dying and packaging warehouse for 9 years (since I was 16) and have done labouring and painting and decorating on building sites and privately, on-the-side - so am no stranger to hard graft. I can show my employment references etc (which would be praising I hope!) so; hopefully I won't struggle to find work? With regards as to where to go after Bunbury/Perth, I have no plans apart from Ayres Rock, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday islands (cliché I know), maybe a crazy road trip, or motorcycle trip, and I love cities so I'd like to see as many of the big ones as possible, but like I said nothing is concrete and I have no idea in which order to do any of this in! I would like to return to Perth for XMAS NYE however to be with family. So in conclusion, I am 25, have always dreamed of doing this, I have family to fall back on; if needs be, will have a fair bit of cash to take with me, like to work, and like to party, so finding work will be definately needed as i am not one for scrimping - i like to enjoy myself, the only thing is I will possibly be heading out alone as none of my mates are bothered by the idea (crazy I know) so, if any of you guys have any advice, tips, work related websites, or are thinking of doing the same kind of thing around the same time, drop me a message! Thanks, Tom.
  17. Andrew Stevens

    Holiday Visa truns to Working?

    Hi fellow pomes! I am planning on hopefully coming over in the next few months. One question I have is; As I am 32 and ineligible for young person's working visa, as am unskilled; am I able to visit on a long holiday Visa (2 yrs), and then transfer to a working Visa once have work confirmed and arranged? I plan on moving to Perth and working in the mining industry. I am getting in touch with pro service but am eager for some positive feedback. Many thanks
  18. hi i am sell my car as i'm off to the Sunshine Coast in March. If anyone's intrested PM me. Ford Falcon Wagon XT 2003 183000Km A great car that runs well. Dual Airbag Package,Anti-lock Braking,Air Conditioning,Central Locking Remote Control,,Power Mirrors,Power Steering,Power Windows Front,Radio CD with 4 Speakers,Trip Computer Serviced at 18000km. Full new breaks system at 173000Km. New battery july 2013 Ice cold A/C for those hot days Comes with Rego till 4.6.14 good condition inside. Some minor marks on the out side as shown in photos. Comes with a Rihno roof rack and towbar. This is a great car for the family or for those camping trips. Come for a look and test drive and then we can talk. The cars in Parkwood 6147 WA or look on Gumtree $5000ono
  19. Hello, We are on a reccie trip in Perth from 23/02 till 08/03, spending some time in Mandurah as well. We were wondering if anyone fancies meeting up at all to have a few beers and a chat of their experience of emigrating to Perth. My boyfriend James (26) is currently putting together his skills assessment and with a bit of of luck on our side we're certain we want to move to Oz. But we would love to meet some fellow poms and hear of their experience as it's all a little mind boggling! Kristine (24)
  20. Stacy Cooper

    How much in total to move to oz?

    I have looked on government website and found out the cost of the 189 skilled independent visa, but how much are the extra things like medical costs, skill sets etc. basically the overall cost for the process? Has anyone moved recently and know the process? And the best company to go with - moving from the UK thanks
  21. Hi, First post, so here goes:chatterbox: I've just received my conditional offer of employment with WAPol. I took part in their latest recruitment drive over in London. Its now time for Visa applications! Just wondered if anyone else on here is at this stage or has recently made the move who could offer me some advice. Main things I'm looking at; Rentals, where to rent? Should I rent near the academy? How much money is advised to bring over as a minimum? Pension Transfer Shipping Any general advice? Thanks in advance x
  22. Hi All, Jus trying to establish are there many Irish people here heading for Perth. Thought is would be a good idea to get a thread going for us all. We are a family of 3 hoping to hit Perth late 2011 or Jan 2012. (Age 30/Age 29/Daughter Age 4) Was wondering if there are many others from Ireland in the same boat and was wondering if there is enough of us to arrange a big group meet up somewhere over the next while. Anyway include your details and chat soon. Cheers:biggrin:
  23. Hi, I'm a secondary school teacher looking to move to Oz at the end of April (start of second term) this year. I have not yet decided where out of Perth/Brisbane, as I want to know where it's more likely I'll find work (permanent or casual). I have tried contacting teaching agencies, but the outlook is not good. I also have other experience in retail and admin that I am happy to do. I heard the economy is good in Perth, with lots of work available? Please help me decide! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Just about to apply for a working/Holiday Visa for a 12 month duration and looking for any advice or info. I'm in the communication industry back here based in Brighton. I've been in the commercial Aerial/Satellite industry for the past 13 years, from domestic installations to new fibre sites containing 300+ dwellings (small villages). AV distribution is also a massive part of my job. Generally speaking I cover pretty much anything that involves TV or sound whether it be domestic or commercial. I'm heading to Perth potentially between the months of Dec 2014-Jan 2015 and wondering if there's any info or opportunities within the region. I really want to stay in the industry I know, as I feel I can give something back. Any info would be greatly appreciated, plus the missis is a qualified Beautician so if that's a good trade to have the option on that also?? Kind Regards Craig
  25. Hi everyone, I am looking to move to the Perth area towards the end of the year to live with my cousin. I'm currently an RN in the US on a workers visa (I'm actually British). I'm pretty much looking for any insight on the nursing field in this particular area. I am just starting out my research and don't really know anything at this point as far as job availability or average salaries, so any wisdom or experiences you can share would be invaluable. Many thanks, Jae:cute: