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Found 9 results

  1. HI, Just want to get your point of view... My profession is an Engineer for Oil and Gas Engineering Company. Currently, I have a permanent job in one of the Oil and Gas Company here in The Netherlands. I am also a permanent residence (SI 189) of Australia. I need your honest opinion if I where in your place, Do I give up my permanent job to start my life in Australia and I will stay here for good? or I will try my luck and "hope" to find a suitable job in Australia. Every time I am thinking that I will give-up my permanent residency, there is always been a part of my mind that regretting that thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Hi, this is my first post. Is there any electricians who have went through this same process. I am wanting to attain a permanent visa to Oz. I have an NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Electricial Installation BS 7671 (16th edition) which i completed between September 2005 & June 2009. I have signed up to do the 17th edition course this year and the Inspection and Testing course. Could anyone tell me would these qualifications guarantee me a permanent visa and where and what I do to get the visa. I have searched the internet, Tradeskills etc and I am not really sure on how to go about getting any further forward. Has anyone did this the same way? I know there is ways to get sponsored and get the visa paid for by an employer but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  3. Hi, I am living and working in Cairns, QLD as a cook. My employer is ready to sponsor me. I have done certificate 3 in cookery and advanced diploma in management. I can do certificate 4 in couple of weeks as well because I have studied almost all the units of it as part of advanced diploma. I have valid IELTS with 6 each. I am currently on TR 485 visa which is expiring in 3 months. My question is; can I apply for PR and what type of visa I should go for? Also, how much time do I have for all this? because I have heard that new rules are coming on 1st of july 2013. Does anyone have any information what kind of changes coming in? Please help. I am in chaos! Also, if anyone can give an advice about some good lawyers/immigration agents in Cairns? Thanks! P.S: Has anyone recently applied for RSMS 187 as cook OR any PR visa as cook?
  4. speedforu2000

    Eligibility for 186 visa

    Hi, I have 457 Employer sponsorship Temp visa. To be eligible for 186 (permanent visa) immi website states that worker needs to work 2 years with the Employer. Before 457 visa granted, I already worked with the Company for nearly 1.7 years. My query is, does that period count to be eligible for 186 visa or I have to wait further 2 years? Any comment, suggestion or previous experience will be appreciated. Thanks in-advance
  5. Hi everyone, After receiving our 457 spouse visa 18 months ago things could not be any better back here in Oz. All the pressure and stress of the process has long gone but a new visa issue has risen back through the cracks again. At the moment my partner is receiving the Lafha allowance as we are looking to move back to the UK sometime next year after we receive her PR visa. My question is will Immigration look at the allowance and hold that against her when they go to upgrade her Temporary visa to Permanent Visa status? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. My friend David holds 121 visa and has worked for his employer more than 1.5 year. His employer nominated him and let him get 121 visa. Now David wants to work for another employer. David's questions are as following: 1. Since David was nominated by his boss and the boss submitted a 3-year employment contract to Department of Immigration & Citizenship, David have rights to resign from his boss and do another work before he completes the 3-year contract? What is law regulation about 121 visa work time? 121 visa holds must work for his naminator 3 years? 2. If David leaves his boss in 3 years, his visa (121 visa, a perment resident visa) will be cancelled according to Immigration law? Thanks for your kind help in advance! GEORGE
  7. Hi, Am new to this website, but have a query that I hope you can help me with. I am due to qualify as a midwife this year here in Ireland, getting my registration mid October. I am 43 next month and have a husband and 3 kids, 16, 14 and 11. I want to try and get out asap but believe that I need a yrs experience to get a skilled migration visa. If I came out on a 457 visa how long would it be before I could apply for permanent residency? And does the 45 yr old limit still apply and the same points system as I would be 44+ by the time I arrive? I believe there is a new points system in July and am not sure if I'd qualify then... I have 3 siblings in Australia, any of whom would sponsor me. Questions, questions... Am open to area, but was probably thinking North NSW. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Anne
  8. cjmwlove

    Hi all, please help me out!

    I posted a thread about applying for a permanent visa but have not had any replies. My partner has NVQ qualifications in his job as a floor finisher and we are currently here on a 457 visa but want to stay for good so want to get moving with the independent visa application or anyone that doesn't require a sponsor, but was wondering if we could do this so soon with us only being here 1 month on a sponsored visa???? We have been over here before and know it is what we want to give ourselves and our children better lives. Please help me any help will do! Thanks
  9. Guest

    Permanent visa and Illness

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice or some info from those of you who have been issued a permenant visa offshore. My hubby was issued a permanent visa on the 21.12.2009. I planned on departing in September tihis year and he planned to follow once I found work in Sydney. Things were progressing well at home - our savings are at a good level, I started sending some boxes to Australia and was considering booking my flight. I resigned at work in April, planning to work until the end of July. Unfortunately we were hit with a bad surprise in April/May. He had been sick with (what we thought was) the flu since February this year. Following many doctors appointments, a CT scan and a biopsy, he has been recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (!!!). This completely shocked us as who thinks about cancer when going to the doctor with suspected flu. He starts with Chemo on Thursday and will have 12 sessions, once a fortnight. Following 6 months, the two tumours found should be mostly or all gone, should his body respond well to treatment. There is apparantely a 90-95% cure rate for his age group so we are both trying to stay as optimistic and positive as possible. We had summer holidays planned for August but these have obviously been cancelled. We are trying to work out what do to with his PR visa. He needs to enter Australia by the 13th of January and this date can not be altered or extended by immigration under any circumstances - we expect that he should be able to travel by then. We have decided to stay in Switzerland (where we are at the moment) a little longer, until he is in remission. Should we travel into Australia in December or early January is this enough to activate his permanent visa? We'll stay for a few weeks holidays. Will he be able to leave Australia for a year or two and then return again or will he need a different visa while he is out of the country? After so much effort and time required to get his PR visa granted, we don't want to give up on this too!! Have any of you entered Australia to activate your PR visa and then left and returned permanently at a later date? Would appreciate some further information if possible. :confused::sad: