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Found 59 results

  1. hi all just been granted my temp 820 spouse visa here in perth, was wondering what happens after the 2 years when the next bit for perm ressident occurs. the lady at immi office said it isn't as stressful and something about melbourne office send u forms to complete and send back and they make a edcision based on that. does anyone no what sort of questions information they ask u to complete?provide? thanks
  2. noel2538

    Perm Visa Question

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: My family and I emigrated to Oz in May 2009, we all activated our PM Visa in February 2008, including my eldest daugther but she didnt emigrate with us in May, stayed in UK, Boyfriend, Job and friends. My eldest daughter is coming to visit us in June, only 3 weeks time, with my mum. I let my mum know that she had to get a Visa to visit, she went on line and got her Visa but she also tried to applied for my daughter (I didnt say she was to do this)!!! Obviously it came up error, so my mum got my daughter to call Australia House, I think, in UK. They told my daughter, she didnt need vistor visa as she has Permenant Visa but...this is whats worrying me, my daugher was told that because my mum tried to apply for a visa it may cause problems with her Permenant Visa...is this true? When we all came over to activate our Visa, the Immo guy at the airport said that she can visit Oz and back whenever she wants but she must be in Oz before Visa expires in July 2013. I dont want her arriving at Melbourne Airport and not being allowed in!!! Hope someone can help me out...very worried:err: Debbie x
  3. I am an Australian permanent resident (856) who returned to UK on receiving visa. I then got married to an English girl, and had two children. I had to return before my five year visa expired and am trying to get my family on my visa so they can join me. Unfortunately, immigration here in Sydney and back in London seem unable to give me any straight advice. I was initially told if they applied in London, it would either move quickly or they would receive a bridging visa- I am now being told that no bridging visas are available outside Aus ? I also cannot find out whether they should apply for medicals and security checks, and which subclass to apply for- PLEASE HELP !!!
  4. Hi folks, new to site today. I am serving police officer in england and want to move to victoria and join Oz police.Looking at their website I will need permanent residency visa before i can apply.How can I do this ?Time is of the essence, have looked at loads of sites but for some reason can't get a grip!Police officers dont appear to be listed on any occupation,can anyone please assist me....fingers crossed...
  5. Good Evening/Morning. I've been a reader of Poms in oz for sometime and must say it's a very valuable source of opinions. Keep up the good work people. I've got a really quick question, and i don't expect their to be a black and white answers but any opinions are appreciated. I've been on a 457 visa in Oz 21 months and can apply for PR after i've been here for 2 years, so only 3 months to go. I've never been in trouble with the law and had a clean record my whole life until yesterday. I got in a scuffle (after to much drink which is totally out of character for me) and was charged with being Drunk or Disordely.:chatterbox: I was told at the police station:policeman: that it's a minor offence and won't affect my PR application, but after reading a few posts i've got a little nervous. My understanding is that i need to pass the character test which covers this, this will show up the D&D on the police record. A person will fail the character test where: they have a substantial criminal record they have, or have had, an association with an individual, group or organisation suspected of having been, or being, involved in criminal conduct having regard to the person's past and present criminal conduct, the person is found not to be of good character having regard to the person's past and present general conduct, the person is found to be not of good character there is a significant risk that the person will engage in criminal conduct in Australia, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person in Australia, vilify a segment of the Australian community, or incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community, or represent a danger to the Australian community or a segment of that community. See: Fact Sheet 78 - Controversial Visa Applicants I'm hoping with only a minor charge and normally of good character (hopefully supported by recently joining the SES and being a volunteer feeding the homeless) i'm hoping i shouldn't have any serious problems (i guess it's down to the case handler) has anyone experienced anything similiar or know anything else regarding this? thanks for your time in advance.:confused:
  6. Hi Everyone, This is our first post and literally our first visit on the forum and we are very much in need of some help, hope you are able to assist. Here is our situation in brief and our plans... Our situation... My wife is a serving Police Officer in the UK. We recently applied to Western Australia Police Force as they were recruiting current serving UK officers. My wife was successful and we received a formal job offer which we accepted. Unfortunately WAPOL have now withdrawn the job offer before we moved to WA due to becoming overstaffed. We are now looking into an alternative route to gain permanent residency in Aus, preferably WA, but we will consider other states. A little bit about us... We are a family of 3. Myself: 36 years old with previous experience in Sales and currently working as a successful self employed Personal Trainer for the last 6 years. My wife, 38 years old, a Detective Constable in the UK for the last 10 years. Our baby son who is just 8 months old. We have significant savings for the move and to help us get set up however we ideally prefer to use these savings for a future house deposit when we obtain perm res. Our proposed plan... As it stands we do not have careers that enable us to apply via the Skilled Workers route. Our current careers are not on the list so our points are low. So, instead - after speaking with a migration consultancy here in the UK - we were made aware of the option to apply for a student visa to study in Aus for 2 years with a view to staying upto 3.5 years by completing a post grad qual too. They advised us that whilst in Aus we should simply explore sponsorship from an employer - ideally in the field in which I will be studying - to obtain permanent residency. Sounds like a simple enough plan to me. We are now just beginning to research whether this is a viable, affordable and logistically possible route for us to obtain perm res. How you may be able to help us... We need help! Here come the questions! We would appreciate any info you can provide on this or any experiences you can share, thanks in advance!:biggrin: Have you been down this type of route? Did it work? We hear the student visa route has changed recently, how will this affect our application? How easy/common is it to obtain sponsorship from an employer? Which trades are in most demand and will remain in demand for the foreseeable future? How long do you have to work for an employer whilst going through the sponsorship process. Are we eligible for any type of assistance or funding? We heard that we would have to pay for literally everything from tuition fees to medical fees etc etc. Can we easily go from a 2 year qual to post grad for a further 1.5 years. That is all we can think of at the moment and we very much hope that if you have already explored this route then you would be able to share your experiences with us in order to help us get a better picture on what we may expect. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this as we appreciate that there are lots of threads on this forum. Please feel free to direct us to any threads that we may have missed that are relevant to this post. Kind regards Mark & Lynn.:biggrin:
  7. does anyone know of any web sites where i could poss send my cv to,regarding this type of sponsor? oficially started 175,then realised id probably be retired by the time co picked it up,applied for 176,which i now have for qld,but thats going no-where fast either,where now,whats next? please any advise guys regards craig
  8. relenholl

    457 temp visa or ENS perm visa??

    Hi, I have a skilled 175 visa application in but now have a job offer (employer prepared to sponsor) and was wondering which visa option I should now go for?? Does anyone have any information on which would be the quickest, best, cheapest option etc etc:unsure: Thanks
  9. When I applied for state sponsorship South Australia had my occupation only on their 475 sponsorship list. I went through the whole application process with DIAC and my 475 visa was granted in July 2009. We are heading to Aus early March to have the visas acvtivated, but pretty much have to move there by March 2011 (ideally not enough time to finish things off here in the UK). SA now added my occupation to their 176 (perm) list, so it would be much more ideal to try and chaange the 475 into a 176. Does anyone have any idea how this can be done, if at all?? And what would be involved in this?
  10. Hi, I'm applying for a defacto visa onshore. I think we are going for form 801 (tempoaray) which will roll into a 820 (permanent) in 2 years - could someone confirm that these are the correct subclass that I need? Also, there seem to be two different versions of the 888 form? They both ask the same questions but to look at the format is slightly different and they are named slightly differently. The one onlie is called Statutory declaration by a supporting witness relating to a partner visa application andthe other is called something similar but refers to temporay and then permanent residence... which one do I need? I can't find the latter on the website? Thanks again guys
  11. Hi,Im wondering if anybody else out there is in same situation as myself. Im on a Subclass 820 Spouse Visa which i done through immigration agent.Has anybody went through the second part themselves as i would like for us to do it ourselves if not to much paperwork etc involved as i dont really want to pay out any more money? Im guessing it cant be anywhere near as much paperwork as the first part but maybe im wrong. Any information would be appreciated..
  12. Are you on your way to Australia? Do you have unrestricted and full work rights? I am seeking a Senion Wintel Engineer for a role based in the heart of Sydney. We ar elooking for someone with a number of years experience in a Wintel environment with exposure to a broad range of technologies such as the below : Server 2000/03/08 Active Directory VMWare Clustering Print server As this is a perm role, sponsorship is not availible for this position, so the successful candidate will need to have full work rights already and ideally be on their way out or have immediate plans to relocate to Australia. If you fit the above description, then please email your detail to rclare@paxus.com.au PAXUS is Australia's leading provider of IT people to major blue chip clients including Australia's leading financial institutions. We are able to offer sponsorship under the 457 visa for contract roles. If you have been identified by a company in Australia, but they are not able to sponsor - we may be able to help. Paxus - Home
  13. Guest

    Wa state sponsored perm visa

    Im currently living in perth on a temp visa and have been here for nearly 3 years, i applied for PR in august but then discovered the state perm and apperently this visa gets proccesed quicker. I'v now applied to the state this was in august,if this is successful i can just change the app over to the state one. My question is" how long does it take to get a decision bk from them? also if they say yes, how long does it take from then, to actually get a case officer and then how long till PR goes through. hope fully some one can help??:biggrin:
  14. Hi there, my question is that I am in Australia on a subclass 309 visa, and have been lead to believe that someone will just come to our house and check my wife and I are still together. Is this right or do I have to email someone to gain perm resident visa?
  15. rockola57

    Perm res to citizenship process

    HIYA,We moved to SA 8 MONTHS AGO ON 457 VISA,JUST GOT OUR PERM RES(ME,WIFE 2 SONS 17 AND 18)We came to OZ for a better future for them,but they just want to go back to their mates and way of life in the UK.We still have our house back in the UK,RENTING IT OUT,and are renting here.Anyway now my wife wants to go back as the boys are unhappy and so is she.So i was wondering what the process is,and how long to wait for citizenship?As i suspect strongly that we may all come back here in the future,if things carry on as they were in the UK before we left.Also what are the rules and stipulations with perm res long term,beyond 5 years,if you are out of Australia?Time limits etc?
  16. matty smith

    student visa perm rseidency?

    we are looking to come in on a student visa early next year. after the course we will then be on a bridging visa. i have read somewhere that residency may not be granted even after the succesful completion of my course. is this a common occurance or the exception to the rule. we are looking to invest all our equity and security into this project and would be reluctant to spend it all on a three year holiday has anyone been hit by this andf lost everything they had.:confused::confused:
  17. Guest

    Perm Visa

    My hubby been turned down by the TRA for a perm visa (wall and floor tiler), because he never completed his city and guilds but he does have NVQ but they do not recognise this as a qualification. We have been advised to go on a temp/perm visa, but not sure I can take the risk. Am worried that after 2 years we will be told that we cant stay for some reason. Has anyone gone on a temp visa and been turned away that you know of. Also what is a state visa? PLEASE HELP AM WORRIED!!!
  18. Guest

    Temp 475 to a Perm visa

    Hi everyone Has anyone gone to Aus on a 475 provisiional visa and have fulfilled the obligations of the visa and applied for a permanent one. Would like to hear from people who have been refused or who have got the permanent visa, just to see if there is a lot of people being refused after fulfilling the temp visa requirements. Thanks Lynne
  19. Guest

    visiting or perm visas?

    Hi there everyone. I am just after a little info from the visa gurus on here if possible. We are going out to oz in june on permanant resident 175 visa and are wondering about parents coming over. My mother would like to stay for as long as possible and im unsure about how long she is allowed to stay for? So does anyone know what the max visiting length is and could anyone shed anylight if she was allowed to migrate for a longer period of time? Just to note she has no investment cash to put into the country as I have seen that visa somewhere. thanks in advance al
  20. We have just been approved for a 175 visa and are hoping to move July time. My mum has applied for a CP visa and is intending to come with us on a 12 month tourist visa while the CP visa is being processed. She has her house on the market over here but is unsure where she stands money wise in Aus. She will need to use the capital from the house sale to fund her Aus rental. She opened an Aus Bank Account for 'pocket money'when she was there at Christmas but really needs to know if she can transfer larger sums into this account if she is only there on a temporary visa? She seems to remember the banks telling her there would be additional charges if she wasn't a resident? Can anyone recommend someone she could talk it over with (dad used to deal with it all and now he isn't here she is stuck!!!) There must be a way around these things and she can't be the only person in this situation? Also what is the situation with regard to buying property if you don't have a permanent visa? Thanks in advance Sarah x
  21. Hi all Brand new to this today so bear with me!! I am currently in Perth with my husband and young son. I am being sponsored on a 457 visa and have been living and working here since June 2008. We love it here and really would like to get our permanent residency asap as we would like to get a mortgage etc.....I understand that I can apply for an employer sponsored visa after I have worked for them for 2 years but would like to apply sooner if poss...Can anyone give me any advice as to how we can apply quicker :notworthy: I would be very grateful....cheers guys xx
  22. Guest

    457 to perm

    Dear Readers! Hope you've all had a awesome Christmas. I'd like to ask a quick question if I may? I'm living in Melbourne with my Australian fiancée. I first entered OZ in April and I've been working since June on a working holiday visa and now a 457 visa since November with the same company. What would by my fastest route to gaining permanent residency without having my company use a RSMS or ENS? as i don't think they will pay the money for these options? I have no degree however I have skills in IT and 8yrs experience in the market. Can I join the ACS (Australian computer club type thing) for a skills assessment then apply for PR now or do i have to wait 2yrs before i can do this? Any help would be massively appreciated Cheers guys! Peace n love n all the best for 2009 Ryan.
  23. Hi there Quick question.... We are on a 457 about to transfer to employee sponsor PR (ENS 856). We have been asked to give details of all our trips outside Aus and the UK in the last 10 years (with actual dates). Well I cannot remember all my holidays that far back and old passports are pretty useless as travelling around Europe they never get stamped anyway. Anyone else had this prob and what did you do? Thanks Kerry
  24. Guest

    Temp or Perm visa?? plz help!

    hi everyone, found out so much info from this site already that im hopeful someone might be able to answer this one - Me and boyfriend have been advised by a project officer of skiiled migration from the swdc, that the best option for us is to apply for a 12 month tempory working visa and to then find a company that would be willing to sponsor us while we are over there on that visa e.g. apply for permanent residency while over there - she believes this would be the simplest way for us as we dont have any ties (we are in renting, both young 18,24, no kids, etc). we are unsure to go for this option as it is taking a gamble (if it doesnt work out it would have been a pricey 12 month holiday and we would be back to square one) - my boyfriend is a qualified motor mechanic and so we dont know whether we should take this risk or apply for the 175 visa (the proper way to do it!). If anyone knows whether it would be possible (and relatively easy) to achieve sponsorsip while we are there for permanent residency then i would appreciate any thoughts?? Or if anyone has done this i would love to hear from you???? thanks, jenni xxxxx
  25. Guest

    Spouse visa, temp or perm?

    Hi there, I am applying for a spouse visa and in theory I should get perm residence straight away as we have been married 6 years and have 2 nippers. Does anyone know if this is the case all the time or do they sometimes give temp residence initially. The reason I ask is that we plan to go to Aus initially and then maybe go to NZ to check it out. I think I can live and work in NZ on a permanent Aus visa but not sure what my situation will be on a temp residency, and if I go on a temp basis will Australia let me back in!!!!! Any help would be great, I thank you all. Rache