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Found 295 results

  1. Come along and join us. Each month we hold a range of events ranging from simply meeting for lunch or coffee, through to theatre outings, meals out, book club, going out to the flicks, parties, events for kids...events for the blokes and we even have a cut-price Spa Day coming-up on the 17th which will be a hoot! It's a fabulous group of ladies who all are friendly and welcoming - we know what it's like to be the other side of the world starting again as we've all been there. We're not just for newcomers either...but for anyone wanting to enjoy socialising with friendly folk and trying new things. PM me for more details. This month: 6th - Picnic at Balmoral Beach. 7th - Chicks at the Flicks. 14th - Book Club. 17th - Spa Day. 22nd - Ladies Night Out, Korean BBQ restaurant. 29th - Coffee Morning. 29th - Boys Night Out; Pool! 30th - Jesus Christ Superstar. 31st - Halloween Party. PM me for more info!
  2. Guest

    Welsh people

    Hi all, I recently moved from the UK and wondering whether there are any other Welsh people around Melbourne, in particular Langwarrin near Frankston? I'm originally from Aberdare in the Welsh Valleys and would love to meet up with other Welsh people. If there are, let me know.. Dan
  3. To all people waiting for their 457 visa, I just like to ask what is the usual process of interviewing the potential applicant outside austalia? Did you only have phone interviews , and then , from that they will know if you are an eligible person for that vacant position? Kindly share your experiences and how many times have you been interwed by the employer before they can have a decision to sponsor you via 457? Do they do character checking, etc? I have been interviewed by three companies form OZ..Last year, I was advised by recruiting agencies that it is very unlikely that employers will get empoyees outside OZ due to economic downturn..but now it seems that they are again open to foreign employees to fill their vacant positions...fingers crossed :biggrin:
  4. We've been here ten years now and have made quite a few Aussie friends, but I miss hearing Yorkshire accents. Any other Yorkshire folk in this part of the world?
  5. The happier people are, the more likely they are to give time or money to charity, the largest ever study into global charitable behaviour suggests. The survey - conducted by the UK's Charities Aid Foundation - suggests that well-being is a more reliable indicator of philanthropy than wealth. The survey took place in 153 countries, covering 95% of the world's population. The "World Giving Index" placed Australia and New Zealand joint top, with the US in fifth and the UK eighth. The index aims to analyse global generosity in giving money, time as a volunteer or helping a stranger. Researchers from Gallup found that predictably some of the richer countries with strong histories of philanthropy come out top, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Republic of Ireland. WORLD GIVING INDEX - TOP 10 1. Australia, New Zealand 3. Canada, Ireland 5. Switzerland, USA 7. Netherlands 8. United Kingdom, Sri Lanka 10. Austria Source: Charities Aid Foundation
  6. Just glad it’s short lived, and tomorrow it will be someone else. :tongue: One positive at least I’m perfect and don’t annoy anyone.............:biglaugh: The joys of being one big dysfunctional family :jiggy:
  7. Guest

    Ungrateful people!!!

    Hi, Tonight my Hubby found a purse with a debit card and driving licence in a supermarket car park but as he was in a rush ,brought it home and we managed to contact the owner's boyfriend who said they were going away tomorrow and was shirty with my hubby when he said they could pick it up tomorrow as our daughter was in bed and he has to leave for work at 5.00am .This boyfriend was nasty to my OH because he didn't have time to hand it in to the supermarket!!! and wouldn't let him come round at 10.00pm , some people are so ungrateful.. sorry just wanted to have a moan.. Going to hand it in to the supermarket when we are next there ... Gail :jiggy:
  8. Guest

    How 'Other' People View You

    Hi All. I often wish that if I could have one super power it would be the ability to be invisible. I could then wander up to different people and see what they were saying behind my back.:biglaugh: I dare say a lot of the comments I wouldn't like, but there you go. And I KNOW that in the grand scheme of things it truly DOESNT matter what other people think of you, as long as you are happy with yourself and go through life happy and contented then someone else's opinion shouldn't really matter. BUT, for the sake of 'debate' what do you reckon people are saying about you when you are not around. I'll start. 1. Perfectionist. (See trying to do a job perfectly) 2. Controlling. (See at times cares too much, and can seem controlling) 3. Compassionate. (Just cares is all) 4. Glib. (When embarrassed can say the wrong thing) 5. Sarcastic. (No excuse, it's true) 6. Sits On The Fence. (NO, trying to see everyones point of view) 7. Aloof. (Yep, until I know them really well) 8. Questioning Of Everything. (Yep, see nosey) 9. Doesn't Take Anything Seriously. (Again, yes. To the outside world. But innermost I am more often than not completely screwed up, and humour helps me deal with it). 10. Optimistic. (Yes, but why should anyone else know what is worrying me). I could be wrong, but that is a brief description of how I 'think' others view me. I dare say a lot of people say I am a complete barsteward,:biglaugh:, and to an extent I would agree. This thread could go nowhere, but thought it may be worth thought and a giggle. Cheers Tony:wink:
  9. I have been reading threads on this forum for quite some time and can certainly empathise with many of the sentiments expressed in the various threads. Also, to be clear, I am not one of the 'no-dissenter will be tolerated'/Australia is magnificient' brigade, but honestly, there are far too many co-dependent, self obsessed folk on here who could do with having a word with themselves. This is a forum dedicated to issues related to moving back to the UK. There are, of course, stresses associated with emigration and the decision as to whether to stay or to return. But, the weeping and wailing and overstating of how 'tragic' people's existences have become is a pitiful sgtate of affairs. People with cancer (and their families) experience 'tragedy', people with no jobs in sink towns are 'bereft' and 'lost', individuals with huge debt burdens are 'sleepless'. By contrast, those who cannot decide whether they are intolerably bored with Perth and their oversized swimminmg pool and the vacuity of it all, in preference to the leafiness of London's commuter belt, are not 'in torment'. Never mind the suffering of the starving millions or the hopelessness of living in filth and degradation, or under the jackboot of a totalitarian regime. Never mind all that....just tell me, please....will little Johnny settle back in year 10 if we switch back to the UK? Oh no, he might not, not fully. This is NOT an abusive thread. I am not accusing individuals - but generally, this forum does reveal what an over pampered, over indulged lot we have become. The biggest decision most people on this site have to make is should I stay in one 1st world country or should I return to another 1st world country. I didn't want this to be my first post. I wanted it to be about the process of settling here over the last 4 years, and the reasons why I might actually return to the UK. But I just can't get over the amount of psychobabble, southern softie, luvvie hair stroking nonsense. Emigrating or returning to the UK is not REAL hardship! Toughen up people. (ps: I exempt depression sufferers from this broadside. Depression IS suffering, whatever the cause.)
  10. Petals

    Migrate why do people

    I have been around this forum for quite a while and joined to give people a hand to know about the place etc. I have seen people desperate to get here and then after a blink of an eye they return to the UK. Maybe its like desiring something so much that when you get it, its changed and we no longer want it. I read the Moving Back to the Uk forum and there is such disappointment when Aus is not like the Uk, everything is different and in people's eyes not so good and people who have been desperate to get here pack up and return without batting an eye. Not that this is wrong if one hates where one lives then move. However why do people want to migrate in the first place, what is so wrong in the UK that people feel the need to migrate in the first place if their life is so good there? Do not want a slagging Aus/UK thread, just interested to know as I never think of leaving my house and where I live to go and live somewhere else.
  11. I currently hold a +ve assessment from ACS as 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist. I'm just wondering what my fellow .NET guys think about where what ANZCO code we should fall into. I'm going to apply for the free re-assessment with ACS and I reckon the closest match is 261312 Developer Programmer. This also happens to be the safest as it is included in Schedule 3, Schedule 4, and also the ENSOL lists. See my workings below. SCHEDULE 3 (GSM) 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer SCHEDULE 4 (SMP's) 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer ENSOL 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec = 2231-79 Computing Professional nec 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer 261312 Developer Programmer = 2231-19 Systems Programmer Altough according DIAC's correlations 261312 Developer Programmer matches 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer, ABS classifies Developer Programmer's specialisations as: Communications Programmer (Systems) Database Developer Database Programmer (Systems) Network Programmer Software Developer Software Programmer I don't know about you .NET guys but on my assessment letter ACS had my experience down as 'Software Developer'. So I'm going for 261312 Developer Programmer, would like to know the thoughts of other +ve .NET guys. Thanks a lot.
  12. ACS has today announced new guidelines for skills assessment which appear to take into account the differential value of IT experience under the new SOL, ENSOL and State SOL. See ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community and in particular, http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/docs/SUMMARY_OF_CHANGES_PASA_GUIDELINES_FOR_APPLICANTS.pdf . Cheers, George Lombard
  13. Hi my name is courtney (12)and i moved to perth about 9 weeks ago and at first i was really worried.... Now i don't know what i was worried about !!! Everyone is really friendly and positive and when i started school ( 2 weeks ago) i was very worried about making new friends but now i feel like i have been their forever !Lots of new friends and the school work is easy!:SLEEP: I live in the state perth , woodvale and if anyone would like to chat feel free to pm me !!! love from courtney ....x:laugh:
  14. hi all, thought I'd share this bit of info with you as if I knew it a couple of weeks ago, I'd have acted upon it. My two cats are in Eastern Creek, have been for almost a week now. Turns out that the centre only feeds them dry food. However, this morning the carer happened to mention that if I wanted them to have some wet food (which they definitely prefer at evenings), then I could arrange an online delivery to the centre via Woolworths.com.au. I have therefore this morning placed an order online and it will be delivered to the centre tomorrow, so at least my girls can have better food and hopefully settle a bit more. Its quite straightforward to do, just set delivery to the Quarantine centre's address and quote your pet's names in the delivery info. regards sg
  15. Well, lately I have met or spoken to a couple of ozzies and they all mentioned that many of their friends or people they know are moving from Sydney to Brisbane (or somewhere in Queensland).... The bottom line....Queensland is less expensive than Sydney....weather is better....work is good (not sure if in all trades, but in my case there are some good IT jobs too)....end result...better standard of living in Queensland... So, my question....was it a coincidence that these people happen to see this thing the same or its becoming a general trend??? My plan "is" to move to Sydney in Jan 2011.... Cheers B1K3R
  16. Been having a read of some recent threads about sport etc, world cup, rugby, and how in some peoples opinion it can bring people together. Whilst I appreciate this sentiment, and to degree agree with it I think in the main we are living in cloud cuckoo land if we truly believe this the case. Completely opposing sides, (politically, humanitarian, etc) can meet on the sporting field and for all intents and purposes a fairly friendly and humourous atmosphere will pervade, yes, there will be strong support for each team and the banter and competition between the fans will often be intense. Trouble is, that the supporters of such a game are just that, supporters. At the end of the day NOTHING they say or do will have any great impact on the grand scheme. Because those in power and purport to lead us will undoubtedly continue with their sniping, back stabbing and lies. I have just been watching the opening ceremony of the world cup, and for all intents and purposes, (if you believed the media coverage) South Africa is nearly reunited and EVERYONE is getting on as if nothing is wrong. I have only been to South Africa once, and IMO there is still huge divides and an atmosphere that seems to pervade is one of distrust and intolerance, from both sides of the argument. Sport is sport is sport, always will be and that will never change. For two/three/four/five/six weeks yes there may be an atmosphere of friendliness and companionship but I will guarantee once the sporting spectacle is done and dusted the countries involved will once again commence their constant one upmanship, and arrogance to other nations. Nothing will ever change I'm afraid. As I said countries are led by individuals who will continue to reflect views that are for the most part out of kilter with compassion and understanding. Maybe, just maybe if some of the supporters of these games were put in charge then things may change. The supporters of such sporting spectacles have seen the real people of each country and for the most part realised that though we may be separated by colour, religion, beliefs the vast majority of people would like to live in a world where a sense of understanding prevailed and appreciate each others beliefs and cultures. Instead what we get is the extremes in both camps. Where the more radical and opinionated voices get all the attention and once again stereotypes and assumptions are formed and a sense of mistrust and arrogance once again prevails. I would love to think that such sporting events could bring about change. Not just change for the tournament duration but change for the long term. But I am afraid to say sport will always just be that. It will NEVER solve the problems of the world and anyone who believes such a thing whilst they have my admiration are living in a world that just doesn't exist. Cheers Tony
  17. RoseBrown1972

    Any UK people had dealings with Oz CSA?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with the OZ csa? Just wondering if you leave the UK without telling the CSA what actually happens? I know about the recriprical agreement but I also have been told it is unlikely to work! No judgements here please, my hubby wants to contribute for his kids but he has continually been messed around by his ex, for 2 years we had his daughter full time and if we were luckly we got £5 a week as she lied about her income and the CSA weren't interested because he was the man! The situation is that he has a son who is just 18 and due to doing badly at school will be a year behind so we will have to pay until the september after he is 19, he is only at college because she makes him to get the maint, but he has a job and earns about £250-300 a week and pays her £50 a week. So hardly fair! Just want to know if anyone knows if we go, will the CSA do anything about it and if they do will we pay under OZ CSA rules or UK? Like I said no judgements please, we just want a break as we have been continually ripped of by this women who is financially well off just wants as much as she can off us! Thanks
  18. Temporary Suspension of Certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) Applications The Australian Government has decided to temporarily suspend the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. This temporary measure began on 8 May 2010 and is expected to remain in effect until the end of 30 June 2010. The temporary suspension applies to primary (main) applicants for the following visa subclasses: Subclass 175 – Skilled Independent • (Migrant) visa Subclass 176 – Skilled Sponsored • (Migrant) visa Subclass 475 – Skilled Regional Sponsore •
  19. :wubclub: Hi Everyone I have been in Brisbane for over a year now. I have met a small group of lovely friends from the Uk and a few Australian families too. However, I still love meeting people from the UK who are new over here or people who arnt so new but like socialising and meeting new people like me. I recently went to an 'Australias Biggest morning tea' and had a lovely time. I therefore have decide to hold my own and thought I would take this opportunity to invite you all. It is on....... 'Cuppa for cancer' Friday 25th June 10 am til 12 MD 32 Vantage Crescent Wellington Point QLD 4160 $5 Donation to The Cancer Council please Optional: Bring a plate of nibbles to share Lots of fab raffle prizes Please come along on your own or with a friend for a cuppa and a chat. I would love to meet you. You will be made very welcome. Please reply if you are interested or phone 0423175665 Thanks Ness xxxxxx
  20. Hey, i'm Nath, 15, wondering if anybody's moving/living around this area, so i have somebody to talk to as soon as i get there, so im not on my own when i move there. :wink:
  21. Guest

    The Power Of People.

    The question is this. Do we have to accept the way things are? In other words do we as responsible adults 'let' things carry on as they are and accept that that is just the way it is? Do we admonish ourselves of some responsibility when we say to ourselves, 'It is someone else's problem, (normally government). We all I dare say see things every day that in our opinion 'should' be changed, your idea of change could be wholly different to mine, but that is not enough reason to realise that your own point of view 'may; have some validity, even as I have just said, I may not agree at all with your reasoning. There were many thousands of people who protested about the gulf war, fox hunting, poll tax, etc, the list is endless, some of this 'direct' action resulted in many government policies being changed or abolished completely, so in essence can things 'change' if enough of us stand up and be counted. I know that we are all living very, very, busy lives, I understand that completely, but in essence is it the 'responsibility' of us to have the will and fortitude to continue to make our voices heard until change comes about. I know that we are all legally entitled to vote, (if we meet certain criteria) and in so doing for all its shortfalls we in some strange way vote a certain party into power, but is that where our voices should stop being heard. I reckon there are three types of people in this world, I fear I am going to cause offence here but here goes. Firstly I think by far the largest group are those in the SSS group, in other words the Shrugging Shoulder Syndrome. Where people have seen things, heard things over many many years and we/they just accept that it is the 'way' of the world. Where no matter what they do and say nothing will ever change, so there is no point in making a stand and to do so would have little or no impact at all. (I USED to be one of the many, so I understand this mindset completely). The second group are those that are in the FY group, I often try and refrain from swearing but basically this means 'Feck You', or I'm all right jack and I really can't be bothered to try and change anything as I'm doing all right and bugger the next person. Thankfully I reckon this group of people are very small in comparison and thankfully always will be. The third group of people are what you could call direct 'activists' where they believe that if something needs changing then they will shout and scream from the rooftops until their voice is heard. They will do all sorts of things to see if change can come about, write letters to newspapers, contact their MP's, even march on local government and indeed parliament. They may have some very weird ideas in YOUR opinion but at the very least they are in the belief that what they say is right and just. I am far from judging anyone, far from it. As I said, I know only too well that we are all very busy, we have to concern ourselves with our nearest and dearest and make sure they are cared for and looked after in this world. But I often wonder if enough of us took more 'direct' action then things 'maybe' could change. For instance, if enough of us wrote a petition or even joined a march to parliament to ask for proper sentencing for different crimes. Or the need for proper and compassionate care for those that really needed it. Or march against the money that is spent on commissions, quangos, by the government, the list is endless. We all have our own ideas and thoughts that are important to us, each one of us is an individual after all, and in as much we are all different. But does a sense of 'Social Consciousness' stop when we have cast a vote in a general election. Is that the end of our responsibility? Do we in some way believe that government has all the power in this modern world? If so I 'think' we are mistaken, and often at our peril. If we believe that those in power have the last word on many matters are we not giving them carte blanche to walk all over us and 'think' in their own minds that what they say and do is the be all and end all of the situation. Time and time again government has shown that they have acted completely irresponsibly and without compassion. They have for all intents and purposes done what they 'see' as right because not enough of us stood up and fought for what we believed in. As I said, your ideas about what is right and proper 'may' be totally out of kilter with mine, but my point is this. Even if we may disagree on a certain subject surely if this subject was raised in a more direct and forthright manner then at the very least a debate would be started and some form of conclusion be drawn after this debate. Or am I living in cloud cuckoo land, where to concern ourselves with such matters is often more than we can do, simply because we are concerned with trying to look after our own family in this ever more pressured and busy world we find ourselves in? Maybe I am being totally naive about this situation, maybe. But I happen to believe that if enough of us did that little bit more, i.e., write a letter to an MP, emailed them, marched on parliament, then maybe, just maybe things MAY change for the better., IMO. Cheers Tony
  22. Hi everyone, I find this a bit weird and would probably rip any of my mates for doing this but my wife and I have been living in Brisbane for a year now after coming out from Scotland and find it hard to meet people because we are at that age I think, were both 27 without kids. Just looking to meet up with likeminded people for a drink or something! Cheers. Kris & Kim
  23. Hi All I am just settling down to wading through DIAC's part of the Budget for 2010/2011. I commend you all to Page 3 of the Budget Statement, which is on the link below: http://www.immi.gov.au/about/reports/budget/budget10/pbs/2010-11-pbs-full.pdf Page 3 tells us what DIAC's purpose is, so it says. Needless to say, People being Their Business is not even mentioned and it certainly cannot be inferred from the things which they say comprise DIAC's purpose in life...... Cheers Gill
  24. Hi guys, Did you have to inform HM& revenue that you were leaving the country? Were there any implications? My OH tax is up to date. Thanks