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Found 295 results

  1. If/when we move to NZ we will be bringing 2 people under the age of 24. What are the job prospects/opportunities like for this age group. They should both be graduates by then. Steve
  2. Guest

    hey people!!

    Hey everyone, Hope every1 is ok, im Nick and im going to be makin the big trip down under (sydney) in july, was wonderin if ne1 can help. Right 1st in a 24yr old male, who loves goin out having a good time, sun, beaches and all that and im bringing my 18month old Alsatian. Ne1 got some advise for me where i start?? wat are the people like out there?? am i goin to make friends??? look forward to the replys safe nick
  3. I was jogging through Coogee last night (well, 'climbing' is probably a more apt word), when I passed a house with a load of quite good condition stuff outside it. I've seen a few houses with things like obviously old sofas, etc outside them, but this had a load of stuff, including a surfboard, two sidetables, a fairly modern hoover, etc. Is someone just throwing this stuff out? Can I just take what I want (the tables would be great)? Or is there some hidden convention... they've left it out for friends, they expect me to knock on their door to ask or say thanks first....? What's the protocol, if any? Thanks! D
  4. tracy123

    Happy people and PIO

    The question sould be..... WHY DO SO MANY HAPPY SETTLED POMS LEAVE FORUMS? I've met a few POM's while I've been out on my travels and ALL seem to love their new life, and as we are chatting PIO gets brought up most know of it and quite a few are members but they don't come on due to being made to feel that they must some how be thick for loving Australia, they are sick of having to defend their choice in life.... As to why so many are leaving? I'd have a guess and say it has to do with the positions of the 2 countries, they came when the UK house prices are high and good exchange rate, now it's Australia doing well, so if you were going to go now would be a great time to leave. It's such a shame that the members who love Australia don't post as much any more.
  5. welshchick

    People in Geelong!

    Hello everyone Just thought I'd see if this works really.... I'm a 26 year old living in Geelong - I'm a Brit & live with my Aussie boyfriend, who is also 26. I emigrated here last year and, whilst I am enjoying it, I have taken a while to settle in & make friends here. I work in a small company so I haven't made friends with people my own age at work (although the people are lovely!) and I'm trying to think of how else to meet people really!! Anyway, I hope this doesn't sound strange and silly... So yeah, if anyone wants to meet up, introduce themselves or socialise... give me a buzz xx
  6. Guest

    What do people think of this?

    Hi we had a phone call from our agent this morning, asking us if we would consider sa. instead of perth as hairdressers are on thier smp. our situation is this my wifes a hairdresser, we started the visa process in feb 09, got wa ss in may 09, passed the ielts, got told to do meds, then went for a reckie in june, then it was the dreaded change in september. but our agent is asking if we want to go to sa, but we really wanted to live in perth as we have alot of friends there. but then i worry if we wait for wa it could be the cap and kill senario again, so i would like peoples thought on the situation as this is going to cost us again if we go for sa. thanks for listening.
  7. Just reading the Herald Sun Real Estate supplement. Says if we are planning to get a renovation it might pay to get a move on. There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople in eight of the 13 skilled trades monitored by the Housing Industry Association meaning the frequency of tradies not turning up when promised will rise. When they do turn up they will charge more. Web site is HIA - Welcome to the Housing Industry Association Ltd
  8. Hi Im moving to Sydney next week with my husband as he has a years secondment working in NSW. We are initially living in Chatswood for a month while looking for somewhere to live, probably around the Northern beaches area. Although im looking forward to this move im really nervous as i have two children (2 1/2 yrs and 8 wks) and im worried i will feel isolated being by myself with just the kids. i would love to know if anyone has any suggestions for meeting people who are in a similar boat, or knows of any groups in the area to take the kids to and meet others at the same time. Liz
  9. tricia w

    leaving people behind

    Ok, how bad is it when you get on the plane to move? We're just at the starting point again with our Visa as my little girl was bad so everything went on hold. We're going to start again and I really want to move to Australia and so does my Hubby. We've been about 5 or 6 times and the last time we went we took our 14 month old daughter to see what it would be like for her. I came back from Australia pregnant with number 2, so we sold our business and started the with the visa. It s now when we think of doing it again I wander is it really what we want. In my heart I no it is but the only thing that Im worried about is taking the kids away from the granparents. It's not us they'll miss but the kids and its not just that it's the kids will really miss them. Not that they even see them that much. CRAZY. So how hard is it when you get on the plane and whats it like when the kids ask when your going home? I no its going to be better for the kids with alot more to offer for their future, the kids are 2 and 4 but my hubby is 37 and Im 35 so for us its now or never. Just cancelled the holiday for this year so we can go to Australia in January. Cant wait as I no it'll put my mind at rest. Oh Pauls a floor finisher so any advise would be good. Thanks Tricia
  10. I just wondered how those moving back to the UK have found the reactions of family and friends regarding their return. I havent told anyone for definite that I will be returning yet, however during my time here I have tried to gauge the opinions of family and friends on a possible return and I am shocked at how people have responded. People seem to think we are insane for wanting to come home. At times I have been in a pretty delicate state and tried to seek comfort from people, my MIL for example said oh just stick it out, don't come back here it is all doom and gloom, this is when I was trying to explain how depressed I had become since living here. People have also mentioned it is so much better for my children which makes me feel guilty for coming back. I have tried on numerous occasions to explain to friends how unhappy I am and asked about job situations in the UK etc but they don't seem to take me seriously, like how could I possibly not want to live in Oz!! Also any opportunity they get some family members seem to advise me of the constant bad news in the UK, there was a murder here today or another family member has lost their job. I am not blind to the problems in the UK, I left when it was in a pretty bad state so I am under no illusion, but it would be nice for people to provide encouragement , especially when I have been so unhappy. Whilst I don't need the encouragement of people to return back to the UK, I know it is going to be hard and at times and I know I am going to have to be prepared for this sort of response from everyone. Has anyone else experienced this or did people support your decision to return??
  11. So we just booked flights from Brisbane to London because England score 517 runs at the Ashes, BA took 517 runs off my ticket price, he he he check it, they are doing it for each test British Airways AU Special Offers | Facebook PC x
  12. We submitted ours yesterday. It went thru fine but now as I think about it more I feel I may have got some minor details wrong like under or over estimating monthly expenditure. Maybe i'm just being paranoid but do you think once we have a CO assigned we can elaborate. Lets hear your comments to keep the WA SS topic alive :chatterbox:
  13. Just stating the obvious i know,BUT.....who can tell what luck oz has in store untill you get there/live there? I could break my leg in the first week and be unable to work/earn money for 6 months? On the other hand,,,,,,,,i could fall in with a diamond mate/neighbour who helps me find graft and end up aces?! Is there anyone else like me who doesnt care what others think?thats NOT meant in a snide/arrogant way btw,but because things do/dont work out for some people doesnt mean they will/wont for others does it? everyone has different goals/wants,nobodies goals/wants are the same. I honestly have NOT GOT A CLUE if we'l like oz or not,BUT i WONT base my opinion on oz on what others think of oz,coz tbh that wont affect how me and her think of oz will it? Surely to god youve GOT to go and find out for yerself?or is it just me???:goofy:
  14. Hi! I've just moved to Sydney (just north of the city centre) for 6 months, working as an Au Pair and would love to meet some people my age. Any helpful ideas of where to go/want to meet up etc??
  15. paddygunner

    warning for people going for medical

    When we arrived for our medicals yesterday the secretary used our TRN to serach the Dept system to download online the results. However only one of the familys details were on the system. We had to fill out all the forms and get passport photos there and then as we could not contact CO with time difference. I would advise any one to get the Doctor/clinic to check that all applicants details are on the depts system before you travel. We had a 3.5 hour journey to the nearest authorised clinic so we weren't coming back! PG
  16. Close to 30 people missing in mine blast My thoughts go to the Miners, family and friends! Susie
  17. My friends daughter and her boyfriend want to come out on a working holiday visa for 6 months to a year, can anyone tell me if there is still enough casual work for them to be able to support themselves. I see that the National Minimum Wage is $15 which is quite high compared with the UK anyway, but does the work still exhist? Any advice please? Oh and I can spell holiday honest lol
  18. Hello POMINOZ members Firstly , i would like to thank all the members here as this site is always my first source of information for everything related to AUS immigration let me first describe my situation , and then i will ask some questions i logged a skill assessment with Engineers Australia 1 month ago ( 18 October 2010 ) , i already know that it could take up to 4 months for the results . the questions are - while i am waiting , should i request a sponsorship from a specific state ( to save time ) , or should i wait first for the assessment results . - i heard that i must have proof of funds ( for example ACT reuqest 20 k AUDs ) , the question is , does it have to be in AUD , or i could have the exact amount but in other currency after the conversion ( sorry for my english , i mean like 120 , 000 EGP , which will be almost 20.000 in AUDs ) - if i lodge an 175 subcase application , and then lets say that NSW SMP got released , and my occupation is included , could i request the sponsorship , and ask DIAC to switch my subclass to 176
  19. Hi - myself, husband and 4 year old daughter moved to Rockingham in July. I'm 7 months pregnant - due in January. Would love to meet any other pregnant mums or even just mums for that matter. Im 28 and husband is 33. Husband is a boilermaker and i'm not working at the min.
  20. claireandluke

    Help needed please Sydney people !

    Hi Guys , wondering if anyone can help us? We are leaving our tour of Oz from the 7th dec until the 9th of feb for a quick detour to NZ :biggrin: We have a ford falcon wagon and would be most grateful if we could park it up on someones driveway while we are away. it is very well behaved lol and does not leak oil etc. You will be well imbursed with beer of your choice ..... in advance thanks a million x
  21. The High Court of Australia, in a unanimous decision, has held that the offshore processing of two refugee claimants who arrived by boat last year from Sri Lanka and consequent denial of access to the court system was an error of law. With such refugees 'processed' offshore, they are currently denied the right to challenge any refusal by DIAC on their refugee claim in the Australian court system. But refugees who arrive by other means e.g. flight are entitled to have their cases heard in the Australian courts. See: High Court upholds rights of boat people and: Immigration facing 'chaos' after High Court decision - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  22. How would you, in your view/oppinion describe each place? Since ive decided im going to move to Oz ive been reading forums like these only to find it seems like theres hardly any Brits migrated to near Sydney. Why is that? Other than its probably just expensive to live there. Seems to be a few Brits on here that dont like living in WA! Ive not read much bad about Perth, Melbourne or Queensland, are they nice places? Just Sydney... thats where im migrating to, mainly because ive a friend who lives there and we'll be sharing an apartment or house.
  23. The Australian Taxation Office (Tax Office) will request and collect names and addresses and other details of entities who have applied for Visa Subclasses 417, 457, 462, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 580 between the period 1/7/2008 and 30/6/2009 inclusive from the following source: Department of Immigration and Citizenship It is called: DIAC/ATO Student and Temporary Working Visa Data Matching Project http://www.ag.gov.au/portal/govgazonline.nsf/C0B47A1DBD927C7DCA25774B0004C112/$file/S%2098.pdf As I understand, this is providing data from DIAC to ATO. Does it work the other way around? Not that I have anything to hide, but am woried about my privacy. I have heard roumors that DIAC has access to tax data. Is it true?
  24. Hello there are there any people or families out there moving to oz on a limited budget ,We are absolutely gutted as the house sale has fallen through again as the chain has collasped . This is the third time this has happened and the months keep moving on . It looks as though where going to have to move regardless and rent the house out over here and rent when we get there can anyone give some insentive and motivation from some where . How much do you think you would need to see you through the first 12 months ?please help
  25. kernow43

    Send our boat people to UK

    More than 135,000 failed asylum seekers have been granted permanent residence in Britain as the Home Office struggles to clear a backlog of cases. We should send all our illegal boat people to the UK. The will let them stay, not a problem after reading this article. Failed asylum seekers being allowed to remain in Britain - Telegraph