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Found 295 results

  1. Dear all, This is a gerenal question and I would really like people to be honest. We live near Geelong in Victoria, we love the area but we have a constant brick wall issue going on. You have to do this, you have to do that and, by the way, you have to but we never practice what we preach! So, if you get my drift please let me know roughly where you live and what you think. Surly the whole of Australia can't be like this? Leila x
  2. Hi I currently have a number of vacancies within our fast moving organisation based in Perth for the following development roles: .Net SharePoint Dynamics CRM You should have strong development experience in at least one of the disciplines and have good customer facing skills/experience. We are looking for individuals who can start as soon as possible but for the right candidate we will wait or help with arranging a 457 visa. Send me a PM with your CV and contact details and if it's what we're looking for I'll come back to you shortly. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone,,, Just need bit of advice as havnt been on here for a while,,,I am in process of hopefully migrating I am 31 worked in banking for 8 years plus I am a qualified makeup artist and beautician. My hubby 33 has just completed an AQF3 as Fibrous plasterer as he ddnt have the classroom hours needed for the skilled visa so told through our agent we are using this will help. Have just paid the TRA fee so once we get results from that are hoping to apply for independent skilled visa as would love to go the goldocast however, if we have to go on state sponsor we are happy to go to Perth as need to go where theres work really. Would like to hear from anyone going through similar process for any advice and tips really as we are new to all this as much as i research things would be lovely to hear other peoples experiences. Feel like we are starting to make progress finally. Thanks xx :notworthy:
  4. My question is should people who move states without compleating the 2 year moral obligation be made to reapply for another visa or be deported? From reading several posts in the past it seems that some people manipulate the system as they are aware that prority is given to 176 applicants. The only way the 176 visa is canclled is if one commits an extreme crime like murder. Any thoughts please.
  5. Hi all, I read somewhere recently (can't remember where, might have even been on here) that quite a low proportion of people who come out to Oz on a 457 actually end up staying for good. I'd be really interested to hear peoples experiences, because I was going to use this option to get me and my family out to Oz after I graduate from uni. I'd hate to sell my house and possessions to find that after 4 years I'd be coming back to the UK as I couldn't secure a permanent visa.......maybe it's just a risk I'd have to take???? :chatterbox:
  6. hey, moved to sydney a little while back and looking to meet new people to hang out with. Am in the Potts Point area. hems
  7. Guest

    Many people from Canberra

    Hi, my name is Claire and I have been living in Canberra for about 7 months now. My husband accepted a job here last year and after a whirlwind few months we found ourselves on Australian soil for the first time... We have 2 kids, a daughter who is 7 and a little boy who is 2. My husband and I are originally South African who emigrated to the UK after studying but have found ourselves back on the southern hemisphere after about 11 years in the UK. I am not working so was wondering how people go about meeting others in Canberra? :v_SPIN: PS. I hope that I have posted this right, never been on forums really...
  8. I work in an elderly care retirement village and we had a tough time thru the floods. No power, no food, no cooking facilities at times and fifty residents with dementia! Since the floods, one of our patients families donated several thousand dollars so we could buy a generator for our facility. Also about sixty per cent of our families have donated the $1000 no power payment to us as well! We will be able to provide so much for our residents both now and in the event of major disasters again. I just wanted to say thank you to all my residents families. Your donations mean so much x x x x How are other PIOers going post-flood???
  9. I'm over from the uk staying with relatives for 2 months and looking for people to party with with or just hang out. I'm a 17 year old single male. Anybody willing to show me around? I'm for pretty much anything. Thanks Alex
  10. I originally posted this in response to somebody else on another thread BUT just thought I'd throw it open. Just taking a break from packing up my home in Leicestershire getting ready for a new life in Tasmania. My husband is an Aussie - originally from Sydney. We met over here when he came for a working holiday in 1997. We've worked here for 11 years but now he has landed a great job in Hobart. Here's some things that I have come to believe in (BTW if I sound like a patronising cow - apologies! These are just my opinions. Please feel free to tell me I'm an ar*e!:smile:) The grass isn't greener anywhere I love this country. I don't feel a need to leave it. It's got it's bad bits. It always has had. But it's also wonderful and I am very proud of it. I'll always be British. This will always be a home for me. I don't expect to get to Australia and everything in my life be better. In fact I just don't expect either country to automatically make my life better. I've made my grass greener in this country by working my backside off to get to places I want to be. Australia will be no different. Unless you are somewhere like Iraq, The Chad or Burma most countries are pretty much what you make them. That said What suits me won't suit you - try before you buy I am shocked by how many people here don't actually visit the places before they move all their family out there! One man's meat is another man's poison. I hate Queensland. Hate it, hate it, HATE it. I hate the climate. I hate the way it's like hot Norfolk. Brisbane left me cold, the Gold Coast was Skeggy without the pier - URGH! However Sydney, NSW, Perth, Adelaide - fantastic! That's because.... Each state is a nation unto itself You could say that about a lot of cities here but I think it may be even more pronounced in Oz. Like I say I hated Queensland. That's why if you hate where you are now in Oz, and you have only lived there, I would try somewhere else before you say you've had enough. Australia isn't hot Britain It is different. The supermarkets are different (less ready meals but fresher veg?), Medicare is different (More expensive or less waiting?) - As soon as you start comparing you're in trouble. There's good and bad. Like there's good and bad people. I have met some DREADFUL Australians - but then again I have met some DREADFUL Brits. I avoid both. PEOPLE are the same the world over. The world is like a mirror and often just reflects what you are giving out Some people are going to get to Australia and, understandably and rightly, it won't be for them. But sometimes when I read some other threads I think you are so negative why do you think people or a country would be excited to have you around? That sounds so harsh but when you are new it's up to you to make the effort and get involved. It's so hard I know - and combined with homesickness - it can be crippling BUT sometimes you follow the journey of people on this site and they hit Australia thinking a magic wand will be waved over their life. It won't. The fact is - better lives can be made just about anywhere.
  11. Hi Folks. To say I am steaming is an understatement. We have a small house that is faced by another, his houses property end faces our back garden as it were, so the meeting of the roof is facing me. Well, as you know I love nature, and often find myself wondering at its beauty, and in as much I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the yearly migration of Swallows to our shores. Many an evening I will sit outside and watch them darting amongst the houses, this year thankfully they decide to build their nest on the 'gentleman's' house facing us. I guess they are about three quarters of the way through their building. So there I was typing away and low and behold up comes a stainless steel pole from his house and he proceeds to scrape the nest away. So there now lies nothing, just a pile of nest material on the ground. I tried my best to ignore it, but had to ask in the end, politely. His response and I quote, 'They are noisy and leave a mess, they can feck off and nest somewhere else'.:mad: MAYBE, if he had small children or a health issue was concerned I would understand a bit, but no such issues exist. I just stared at him gob smacked. and said, 'Do you realise those poor buggers have travelled thousands of miles to nest there', this was met with a shrugs of the shoulders and he buggered off indoors, FECKWIT. Never mind, revenge will be mine, when my daughters 18th birthday party is in full swing tonight,:realmad::yes:. Some people have no idea of what is around us at all, and couldn't give a flying fig. I am no raving looney or indeed 'Greeny' but for gods sake what is the matter with some people. Cheers Tony.:mad:
  12. Hi, I am having a profile of an IT professional with almost 6 years of work experience.Out of that 6 years 2 years and 10 months of experience was in testing and rest of experience is in design, development and analysis. I applied for ACS and got the +ve assessment in 2010 March as a computing tester.But I was n't able to apply for PR.Now when I tried to go for PR, I came to know that I again have tpo get the ACS assessment. But my consultant said that the testers are not getting PR for Australia now as they are denying testers in ACS skill assessment.Although out of 6 years only 2years 1o onths is in testing. Someone could please let me know if this is an issue or could I reapply with my current profile for ACS asessment. Thanks
  13. There are a few people on PIO, that are allways saying how much they hate Australia, and how good the uk is. I was just wondering why they stay in a country they hate, and also why did they move in the first place. Thanks Dave Julie Jake Chloe and Tyler
  14. Hi everyone, Myself and my girlfriend (24 and 23, respectively) have recently moved to Perth from the UK. We love it here but the problem is we have found it difficult to meet new people. We are fun, laid back and always up for a laugh so we're not really sure why... Does anyone know of any ways of meeting new people or are there any pommy gatherings in the Perth area? Any advice/help etc would be greatly appreciated!! Pete
  15. Hi all myself and my husband and 2 young children are currently looking into a move to Melbourne. I can transfer relatively easy with my company Chubb who have offices in Melbourne, which means my husband will get an open work visa. My husband is the more reluctant one, having worked for the same company as a Regional Commercial Motor Underwiting Manager in the UK for 22 years, he is on a very good salary and has a lot of job security. We would like to chat to other Commercial Insurance people who have made the move, about salaries, employment potential etc - anybody out there ? Thanks !
  16. http://www.smh.com.au/national/australia-malaysia-to-trade-asylum-seekers-gillard-20110507-1ed1a.html She has forgotten that there is an army of aging liberals who know how to tell stories and who protect those non-genuine refugees. Generally I am happy about her thought to solve this popular topic which has flooded media recently and Mr. Bowen can finally focus on finishing clearing the mess with backlog. Julia we love you!
  17. To cut a long story short, my best friend moved to Gold Coast to be with a man and will have been there 2 years in June. She moved in with her new man and stepson, new man has already lived there 10 years. My friend appears happy but I know she misses the very social life she left here. We have our visa and are planning to join her in the same area when our house sells. We have a for sale sign outside. Her parents have just returned from their second long stay visit and just knocked at my door with presents for my children from their daughter. A very quick door stop, I asked how my friend was, she said fine, she said so you are going then, I said yes, when we sell the house, she said, NOTHING, I said, I am glad I can't read your mind, she said, just think very carefully, and off she went. WHY DO PEOPLE DROP CLANGERS LIKE THAT?
  18. Hi All, You guys got any idea which sponsorship is quiet easy ? I'm an IT girl looking forward to get a sponsorship after the ACS assessment, I'm pretty sure that my ANZSCO end up in both Victoria & ACT SMPs. Provided it is in both, which state is pretty much easy for IT people? I mean if both ACT and VIC check the employability of the candidate with IT industry pannel which one is less tough? I went through VIC SS thread and it looks scary that Industry panel is turning down offshore applications with all relevant skills and even many years experience. I got only 4+ years experience but do not have any ties with Australia other than some friends in NSW & VIC. Since Victoria reject applicants who applied to another state, and ACT charge applicants a processign fee I have to make a choice by the time I get my ACS assessment. Highly appreciate your experience seniors!!!! :hug: Cheers Shima
  19. Hi all, we are currently applying for a 175 Visa, we cannot do so until i have taken an IELTS exam in June and had a successful confirmation back from the AITSL. I am taking the IELTS exam in Aston Birmingham in June and was wondering if anyone has any advise? and.... cheekily asking what scores people have achieved? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  20. Another question about the partner visa, I'm afraid!! Any help would be much much much appreciated! I am Australian and sponsoring my husband on a partner visa and we are putting together all the documents. I am confused as to what is required to prove our marriage. The Partner Migration Booklet says you must provide "if you and your partner are married, a certified copy of the registry extract showing details of your marriage; Note: The department does not consider the decorative marriage certificate to be acceptable evidence of marriage." However, the actual visa form says to attached a "certified copy of marriage certificate". I rang the Australia Visa phone number and spoke to a girl today who told me that "she thinks" I only need to submit my marriage certificate but we obviously want to get it right the first time. We were married in Ireland and they have informed us that there is no way we can get a copy of the registry book at all as they have made all their files electronic. So sounds like we don't have a choice anyway! Has anyone had their visa approved on the basis of marriage certificate? As always, truly truly grateful for any help!! :confused:
  21. Hey. Myself and my partner live in Manly and keen to meet up with for a drink and a chat and to make new friends. We are happy to go into the City and or stay in Manly in the words of the aussies "Too Easy" Drop me a message on here or prvt message me and we can arrange something Speak soon Tony
  22. Guest

    Meeting new people

    Hi I live with my husband in Kellyville Sydney and would love to make new friends. husbands works away a lot, and being as we have no children would love to meet up with people for a drink or cinema, meal. very fun going crazy some might say :wacko: But love to be round fun people. we are in our mid 40's but very very young at heart. Please get in touch if you fancy a natter. Thanks Wendy
  23. Who had the email on 18th feb and has been allocated a CO? if you have what is your timeline please xx
  24. !!!!celebrations!!!!:hug: Finally a response from Immigration, i think almost all priority group 3 people have received an email asking to get ready every thing and we may get case officer in coming three months. share your next updates here in this thread. I am system analyst applied 885 on 22/11/2010 with DRC..
  25. HI All We're thinking seriously about making the move, and are visting in August for a 3 week holiday. What I wanted to ask is - we are looking for a more relaxed, laid back lifestyle, not rushing around all the time, more time with the kids etc and I know that the reason a lot of people use to go to Oz, but my question is, Is it really like that once you're there ? With 2 young children to run around after, and jobs to hold down, is it not just the same but in a different country with sunshine ? I need to sell this to my hubby who is very stressed out at the moment and I need reasons that only people who have done it can give me !! Help - I can transfer easy with my job, with could be there by the end of the year.