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Found 295 results

  1. Hi All I'm hoping to meet people on the central coast, it would be good to meet people for a beer at some point , myself and my husband both work in Sydney but love living on the coast so it would be nice to get a circle of friends for dinners, barbies and meet ups. Cheers
  2. Hi, i moved to Sydney 8 weeks ago, settled into our new house in Mosman, was hoping to meet some new people. If anyone is in the same boat drop me a message be great to hear for you. Andy.
  3. toolbox is leaving for oz today to start a new life--which without pio to listen to him about certain things would have made his journey a bit more complecated--it seems people come onto the welcome section of pio,and then gain the confedance to ask questions,then the next thing you know they are saying we got our visas today,then its full steam ahead to there new lives in australia---so in an around about way your time will come, when its you that starts your new life in australia:wubclub: i know its easy to say,and difficult to do--but you will get there-anyway the essence of the thread is to say thankyou to pio, and all that you do:notworthy:i just thought id say that:wubclub:
  4. We have come out to Australia on a Permanent Residency (PR) visa with the intention of staying on long term. We were originally told that we could not get the working from home allowance (WFHA) as we were on PR. However, after talking to a few people, we have been told that people on PR are entitled to the WFHA, if they can prove that they have not sold their house back in the UK. This is due to the fact that it is seen that you intend to return back there at a later stage. Has anyone come across this before or can tell us if it is true? It is sure something that we would like to look into further as the allowance would help a great deal. If this is not the case, what are people on PR entitled to apart from reduced school costs?
  5. Just heard that more and more people are taking to the street to take back their streets from the thugs. Sikhs are out in force protecting their masques in London and people in London are protecting their shops in force radio 5 are saying. Looks like the public have lost faith in the police and are taking on these scum looters themselves.
  6. Hi all I've been in Sydney (from London) for almost a month now on a working visa and have already met people but am always glad to meet more! So if you fancy meeting up for a drink or two let me know ;-) Lucinda
  7. Hi People, I moved out here last month and i'm living in Avalon, however it's mainly families out here. I don't think i've seen anyone between the ages of 20-35!! Anyway, i'd like to meet some people just for going out for coffee's, drinks, just general social life stuff? If anyone would like to meet up, i'm free pretty much all the time at the moment as i'm in the process of finding work so let me know :v_SPIN: Thanks Danielle x
  8. Hi There, I'm moving over to Oz after a year back in the UK and i'm looking for people around my age on the Northern Beaches. I did live there before I had to make a trip back to the UK but it seemed like it was only families and under 18's that live in that area! Anyway, if there is anyone around there let me know, i'm back in June! Thanks, Danielle
  9. hi im katy im moving to Austrailia in october 2011 but i dont know what people are lke over there so please if you have any advise please tell me:confused:
  10. Just thought i would re-post these great links, best of luck everyone.:wink: http://www.paycalculator.com.au/ http://www.ato.gov.au/ www.realestate.com.au www.domain.com.au www.realestatewa.com.au www.real-estate-australia.com.au Homes For Sale, Rental Properties, Agents - homehound.com.au, Your Best Friend in Real Estate http://www.drive.com.au/buy/ http://www.allhomes.com.au/ http://www.aldi.com.au/ http://www.familyassist.gov.au/payme...ance-payments/ http://www.ourbrisbane.com/ http://www.ourbrisbane.com/lifestyle...es/high-school http://www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au/ http://www.healthinsite.gov.au/topics/Pharmaceutical_Benefits_Scheme http://www.auinfo.com/australia.html http://www.dealsdirect.com.au http://www.ezibuy.com.aum http://www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au http://www.flexicar.com.au/ http://www.appliancesonline.com.au www.coles.com.au www.woolworths.com.au School website - http://www.myschool.edu.au/ Medicine - http://www.pbs.gov.au/html/consumer/home A good route planner - http://www.travelmate.com.au/MapMake..._Page=mapmaker Another House website - http://www.homehound.com.au/ Sold House Prices - http://www.onthehouse.com.au/ Guide to Emigrating - http://www.emigrate2.co.uk/default.htm News in Adelaide - http://digitaledition.messengernews.com.au/ Diabetes Assistance - http://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/en/NDSS/ British Pensions - http://youle.info/bpia/ Cheap Flights - http://www.travelmood.com/ Legal Information - http://www.austlii.edu.au/ Crime in Adelaide (?) - http://www.ocsar.sa.gov.au/maps.html# SA Information - http://www.southaustralia.biz/easydata/ Centrelink Estimator - https://www.centrelink.gov.au/RateEs...mbinedStart.do Health Insurance - http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/
  11. lynn22

    Mixture of people ?

    Do most suburbs (around perth areas) have a mix up of nationalities etc ? I'm asking because if I move to oz I'd quite like to live along side some Aussies & not all Brits etc. Was wondering if some of these suburbs can be mostly all ex pats ?
  12. Looking to meet new people in Caboolture...:biggrin: myself, husband and 10 month old baby boy just moved to Caboolture.. been living in Queensland for two years now but just moved away from all the friends we know so looking to meet new people/make new friends..
  13. Howdy guys and gals, I'm a 33yr old guy looking to widen my group of friends here, been in Sydney a few years now. If anyone wants to say hello or point me in the direction of where Sydney hides it's quirky people, send me a pm :smile: Terry
  14. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of Insurance Companies in Irealnd that do Migration Travel Insurance? Found a few companies on line but you have to be a UK resident to get it. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi, my name is Holly, new to Adelaide.. 1 week ago and came from Melbourne where I have been for about 5 years. Orig. from the UK, Wales. Moved with the family, including a twin sister and boyfriend. Living in the South of Adelaide. Would love to meet some british friends as I hear this is where the expats move to. Interests are beach, sport, shopping and travel. Not really sure what to write on here.. feel like a bit of a loner hehe. Just wanting to meet some people around my area with the same interests. I also model from time to time and really enjoy trying new things. Send me an email if you are searching for the same.. (friends only please).. Holly
  16. Norway massacre. When i went to bed last night the figure was round about ten dead, but this morning the figure is 84 killed on the Island and at least 7 dead killed in the city. They have arrested a Norwegian guy for the island massacre and its just shocking news from what seems such a quite peaceful country and just shows things like this can happen anywhere. The poor relatives of the victims, i can't imagine what pain and suffering they are going through.
  17. My boyfriend and I moved to Sydney last year and would like to make some friends. It has been a lot more difficult to to do than we thought it would be. We are both from London and very easy going. We live in Mosman so if anyone fancies meeting up for drinks or something just let us know!
  18. Hi, I just got here about 2 weeks ago (other half is arriving in a couple of weeks) and I'd like to meet some people around Manly if anyone is interested? Just walked pasted a couple of bars and thought be good to be in there having an after work beer so love to meet some locals so to speak. cheers Wayne
  19. Hi, just recently moved here (other half arrives in a couple of weeks) and I'm looking to meet some people around here if possible. Anyone fancy meeting up for a quick drink after work one day or something? cheers Wayne
  20. Haha sorry about the title, but what I mean is people who earn an average wage..... It seems that people here recommend certain places to live in Sydney and call the prices reasonable. However when I look at property prices in the 'reasonable' areas mentioned, it seems to be $700k upwards. That is way out of reach for anyone or couple on an average wage... (which reports online seem to suggest is about $64k ish). I get the idea that anything about $400k is impossible for an average wage earner..... Am I correct in thinking this ? Stereo.
  21. My husband is keen to buy a 2006/7 VW Caravelle 7 Seater for around £8-10,000 (or a later model if we can afford it) . We have just started our paperwork so will have had it the 12 months by the time we (hopefully) get accepted/arrive. Is if worth bringing it with? We don't know the cost of good quality 7 seaters:rolleyes: in Oz......
  22. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend are arriving in Melbourne on 25th September and it would be great to meet some friendly faces. I am 28 and Dan is 26 and we will be staying in a serviced Apartment in the CBD while we look for somewhere to live. Dan has got a job with a large recruitment company and I will be searching for a job in PR when we arrive. So if anyone fancies meeting for drinks or just to swap experiences of living in Melbourne then let me know. Would be great to make some friends! Emma and Dan
  23. Guest

    Any people want to talk?

    heyya im jodie,11, and i have been on here since last month and i've made quite a few friends, but there doesnt seem to be that many people any more to be friends with that i havent already spoken to! i would like some friends to talk to for when i move out ot oz, so please reply if you want to talk to me anytime!! love jodez xx ; )
  24. Guest

    Typical timeline for people

    Hi All, Me and my fiancee have recently decided that after four years we are going to head back home. We are just about to start a family and can't see any other way as we don't have the support we would have back home. We have had a fantastic time over the four years, and we will be going back with citizenship secured. We are thinking about going back in March. We have to go back for a wedding then. I am then thinking of coming back out by myself, selling our apartment, giving in my notice, arranging for the removal of our furniture back home, then moving back myself. Just wondering what had been peoples experiences with doing the same, what things you hadn't considered that maybe caught you out? How you went about renting/buying back home? We will have about 100k in equity going back the UK, but I am concerned about securing a mortgage with having no history back there. I am also interested to know about shipping and storing? has anyone shipped a reasonable amount of furniture and been able to store is for several months back in the UK? Any advice, tips would be great. Thanks, Darren
  25. Hey I am 35 and my boyfriend is 34 we are from the UK and living in Randwick , we would love to meet up with some people in the surrounding area for a few drinks/in-door climbing or any other social sporting activity. Drop me a line if you're interested and i'll get something organised. Lisa :spinny: