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Found 295 results

  1. Guest

    Meeting people in Canberra

    I have been here a week, and so far I am loving it, people I am going to be working with seem friendly and most areas are quite easy to access with a car. I have been distracted with lots of interesting activities. Most migrants I have met have moved here with their families, so have a support network. I'm a little worried that all my contacts are going to be people I work with and I don't want that. I know some people who have moved out here have had trouble with the locals, shouting at them "go back to where you came from" These comments are few and far between and I am not afraid of people in general, It just scares me a little at the thought of doing things on my own, and not having anyone there to support me. I haven't let it get to me and I've been out by myself through the day, but don't know if I should brave it on a night. It is just this weekend is my first one on my own without plans, I'll go insane and become home sick if I am in the whole time. I am debating whether it is wise to venture out on a night. Anyone else here on there own? or having similar thoughts? Any advice is welcomed
  2. Guest

    people letting you down

    OK i understand not everything at every time in life goes to plan, but if your going to drop someone in it so to speak, is it not good manors to tell them 1st? The person i buy my wedding albums off has let me down this week, my prop lady has let me down, the kids father has let me down, my friends... yup, done the same thing... I'm not asking for them to be perfect, just to let me know in advance rather than when i'm ringing them up saying "where are you" or "where are they"... rant over
  3. My husband has secured work in Eagle Farm. I will most likely get work in the CBD...so we are looking to live North of the river We have 2 young children so want a smart, leafy family orientated suburb with good primary schools. Im ok paying $1000 + per wk as we are prepared to pay that bit extra for a pool (living the dream!!)..obviously the cheaper the better, but will not freak out having to spend the bigger amt. Im being selfish but its my commute to the CBD Im most worried about (my husband will be driving to eagle farm..). I want it to be easy and quick (30mins or less) as Ill most likely be the one racing home to get the kids from daycare/after school clubs Im looking at Wilston/Grange or Clayfield/Hendra areas. What suburb has the quickest and best commute links to the CBD for me....but also a nice family orientated suburb? Or..pls, by all means recommend something else thanks
  4. Hi my name is Aisling i've just moved to bunbury with my family from london, I'm 21 and I havn't yet met anyone and i would like to meet new people in bunbury maybe people in the same position as me as moving to another country is scary so maybe a drink in the pub or on the beach.. laid back and meet friends
  5. I stayed up most of Saturday night with my friend Bill and then felt stuffed most of Sunday. And then I did it again Sunday night because I wanted to watch Spurs play away to Blackburn Rovers. Now, I feel stuffed again, almost like being jet-lagged! In fact I remember a friend in England once saying he asked his wife, after she'd done a long flight with him, how she felt? 'Now you know how I feel after a week of nights when you want me to get up and come shopping.'
  6. Strolling up Cleveland Street this arvo, I was overtaking the cars. I guess there was a match or something up at the Stadium? You can almost feel the steam rising from each occupant. Even more satisfying is hurtling down the motorway passing a ten mile stationary tailback in the opposite direction. The best bit is when you finally pass the 'rearguard', notice a clear stretch opening up and, just around the bend, see more cars hurtling on, oblivious to their imminent arrest. It is sometimes attainable here in Sydney but, for best results, you really need to be on the M25??? Naturally, I am NOT the most equable of 'jammers' when I do get caught myself. My friend Cynthia told me that the one I was stuck in yesterday arvo through Double Bay was because of the school run. Once bitten......
  7. whichway

    People's thoughts on buns

    Seen as I was recently quite shocked by the fact that lots of people don't like leggings. I wondered what people thought of hair buns. My Mr is ALWAYS saying he hates when I have a bun in my hair. So I just wondered what the general opinion is. Men and Women please.
  8. I have been ducking and diving today and skiving off work :cute: and have just caught a glimpse of the jeremy kyle show :shocked::arghh::no::laugh:. where on earth do they get these people from? Its hilarious :biglaugh:
  9. hi im moving to brizzy in january my mum,s.dad sister live by redcliffe area> im 19 so i like socialising going out and i wanna get to know some aussies to help me to settle in! females/males >>> i want to get into the aussie lifestyle!!
  10. Hi all.. Me and my fiancee have just moved to the Northern Beaches (Dee Why). We have been in Sydney for almost four years now, looking to meet a few people out this way. We have plenty of friends in and around the CBD, but are always looking to meet new people. We both are 30, enjoy going out and having a laugh. Cheers D & E
  11. mtrews

    Single people in perth

    Hey everyone, i am thinking of moving to perth from nsw, i know quite a few people there but they are all families, and although i love hanging out with them i am single and have no children, just wondering what areas all the single people tend to live & settle. Any advise would be great!!:daydreaming: Thanks...
  12. Not sure if anyone has done this but I am interested in the top 5 reasons why people decided to make the move to Australia. I will start with mine! 1. Warmer weather with milder winters. 2. A more outdoor lifestyle (all of which its has so far lived upto - lots of great national parks and some of the best beaches in the world). 3. Cheaper housing prices (still cheap in comparison to the UK - but catching up quickly). 4. Better working conditions - with less emphasis on work and more on enjoying life. (I still work 9-5 Mon-Fri but am generally happier in my working environment compared to before in the UK). 5. Living in open spaces and less of feeling closed in which is typical of many of the places in the UK. These would be my top 5 am sure I could think of many more.
  13. Hi All, We moved over to Australia about 9-mths ago, I am sponsored by my employer and my husband has full working rights on my visa. He is a carpenter / general builder and although he loves what he does and the wages are fine we keep hearing how much $$ can be made in the mines. Is this realistic for the unqualified jobs.....I am not really sure what type of roles he could do? Can anyone point us in the right direction? We are young and have no children so were thinking it was worth looking in to, at least for a couple of years to help us get set up with a deposit for a house etc. We live on the Central Coast so surrounded by plenty of mines. Thanks
  14. I guess this is what it says on the tin. Love Australia, would like to give it another go, potential job opportunities have come up whilst they're disappearing here, BUT my main issue is the guilt of leaving my Dad behind (he's 82 & wouldn't travel), and we have a 2 year old who he really enjoys seeing. What do people do to minimise this? Skype is great, but he seemed to have alot of problems with it!! Thanks:wink:
  15. I went for a walk to Resevoir St first to check an address, passed so many restaurants and cafes, some part of pubs, then up to Crown St, where there are even more cafes and shops and all full of people. Loads of people going in pubs like The Trinity (packed) and The Dophin for the rugby.
  16. Hi we are new to Mandurah area, and looking to meet new people. We are a couple with an 11 year old daughter. Be great if our daughter could meet people too.
  17. dont know if this is the right section, but anyhow Hi there. Im Steve, im 23 and ive recently moved to perth to live with my dad on a 12 month working visa. been here 2 weeks and havent really had chance to meet any new people, it would be nice to get together with people 18-26 really! Just finished an art degree at uni and im into music and tattoos. give me a shout! Steve
  18. With the warmer weather coming and as predicted a warm weekend in Victoria - thought I would ask what people like to cook on their BBQ's? I am sure a few will be fired up this weekend. I am looking for inspiration as only cook the sual stuff like steaks and snaggs. So feel free to comment away!
  19. Ashley Loving the sun

    Looking to meet new people

    Hi Me and my partner have been in Brisbane for 7 weeks now, both working full time so havent had a chance to meet many new people, were 25 and 26, im in need of some girly company and a good gossip, as we have been travelling together of last 8 months! Any like minded peps out there be ncie to hear from you!
  20. I'm moving to a place called Parramatta (20km out of Sydney) October 20th for initially one year. I'm nervous that i won't make any new friends as i intend to be working for atleast 4-6 months. I'm moving from England and leaving my current crop of friends and family behind so i'll be pretty much starting from scratch bar the few relatives i have in Sydney. I'm looking for fun, sink a few beers travel round see the sites and just relax anyone who fancies meeting up it's much welcomed. Dom
  21. I don't normally post this kind of emotional stuff, I don't really like to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed or not understood or just because of the feeling of too exposed. We've been living here 3 years, and although the first year went great, in the last two years have been a real struggle. It is constantly up and down, there are days when I think, it is good here, we should stay, and there are the days (more often), when I hate it here with a passion, constantly questioning myself as to why the hell did we ever come, missing the UK terribly, sometimes so much that it hurts and would be back in a heartbeat. Very often, these awful days are followed by days when I feel the complete opposite, and thinking, we would be crazy to go back. And there are days, when I just completely cannot decide what would be the best for us.:frown: It really is so difficult, am I the only one who feels like this? I just cannot believe that after 3 years living here, I am still in such a limbo, and cannot help but wonder, that by moving here, we just opened a can of worms.
  22. Hey everyone, im new to this site, but came to Australia in March!! wish i had looked at this site sooner, so nice to see other people are having homesick days too. I came over with my partner, who is Australian, (we met in England about 2 and a half years ago) and his friends are lovely but he's known them years and i really miss having friends of my own....i know that sounds slightly strange!!lol I recently returned home for a month and it was fab to see all my family and friends again,but now ive returned i feel kinda lonely and outta place. I'm also pregnant now, baby is due in March 2010, which is hard some days without having my mum around. Anyways, i'd love to meet up with other people who have moved out here and make new friends. I'm 21 and am living in the Illawarra area, Albion Park way. Be really nice to get in touch with anyone who is near my way!!! thanks for reading, and hopefully i'll hear from you soon!! x
  23. Is it just me being paranoid, or am I wrong to find it very alarming that two common questions asked of the pet travel agent we're using by owners about to ship their beloved pooch/moggie are: 'Which way should the arrows point on the stickers?' 'Why isn't there an arrow sticker for the top of the kennel/box?' Just in case anyone is wondering about this: The Stickers that say 'THIS WAY UP' should have the arrows pointing in the UP direction...... GAH!
  24. I am aware that the title of this thread sounds a bit generalised and blunt but i didn't know how else to put my question quite frankly. This is also my first thread so if this is posted in the wrong section or what ever please forgive me! :cute: Basically, I have heard a lot in the past about Australians not being as 'laid-back' as they are portraied and in fact being quite violent and racist. (Again please don't think i'm generalising or being mean in any way at all..) and i have just shrugged that off thinking it was just rumours. Today i spoke to my uncle who lives in Perth, Australia. He is 70 years old, married and has a family with a lovely Indonesian woman. He has lived in Auz for 30 years before he married his wife and never had any trouble. Until he married her. Now the Aus locals are chucking paint up his drive way, over his cars, graffiti all over his house and drive, Had to move house/change numbers, He's had death threats if his wife doesn't leave, they have beaten my uncle up and most recently he has been stabbed. Just because he is married to this woman. Which is obviously making me ask the question, Are there a lot of Australians like this? And if so, Why? :err: Australia has always seemed such a beautiful place to me and i have often thought about moving out there to my uncle but if it's like this i don't want to bother. Please don't tell me there is racism everywhere because obviously i know that i was just wondering if and why it is worse there. Thanks for reading :wink: .x