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Found 295 results

  1. Hi We moved out to Perth in August last year and had to leave our house on the market. Had an email tonight from the estate agent to say they had an offer of 20 thousand pounds less than the asking price (we have already dropped $25k) plus the potential buyers want us to take it off the market - they have only just put their own house up for sale. Do they think just cos we've emigrated we want to give it away, if they had asked before xmas I could have wrapped it up for them!:skeptical: Even the estate agent was really apologetic in her email! At least she said the office is getting busier and things seem to be picking up with the housing market. Anway just wanted to have a small bemused rant. Lynne :jiggy:
  2. Bonjour all, If there's any fishy type people out there, I have just started an ew forum on my other pet love FISHING!. Its a big country and its there to be fished. Anyway if anyones interested its here and just opened after many weeks of evening graft! Spot a common theme? Any new posters welcom. It can be found here. Anglers Net Fishing Forum.:jimlad: Tight Lines Tim
  3. Hi We have been in Joondalup, Perth for nearly 8 weeks now and loving every minute of it. :spinny: OH sorted with work, 14 yr old sorted at school, 19yr working and out with friends all the time. Now time for me! I have joined the gym, started belly dancing class (yesterday - only 6 in class inc me). The main thing I really miss is about UK is being able to ring friends and go for a coffee/wine/chat. Oh God now I sound like a lonely hearts ad! Honest I am bubbly outgoing - am I making this worse. Anyway if anyone can point me in the direction of where to meet people I can stop cleaning this damn apartment and do something more interesting....me and housework not a happy combination let me tell you. Lynne
  5. Hi ALL, Does anyone have experience of being a first time buyer in Oz? Can parents back home in the UK act as guarantor for your mortgage? :wubclub:
  6. Hi All. My fiance moved out to Perth WA in July on the 136 skilled visa. As he is an electronical & mechanical engineer and fully qualified he was told he has to have an A class certificate. He has just received a letter from the TRA today (months later) to say that from the information he provided them with, he doesn't qualify for the certificate. They have offered him a test for $280 AUSD and if he fails it he will have to take it again and pay again. I'm sure he will pass as apparently it's basic stuff but let me tell you they don't rush things over there and they make it bloomin well hard for you to get started! 3 months in Oz and still working for a pittance for an agency! I wouldnt mind but he is doing overtime to make up his pay to pay the rent and they are leaving him to wire up boards etc. Crazy if you ask me! Arghhhhh!!! :realmad::no::realmad:
  7. Hi we are currently in the middle of the process, Visa application lodged on 17th August, we are planning on migrating to Sunshine Coast/Central Queensland Area, Not sure where exactly where we want to go, We visited in May and really liked Bundaberg, also liked Sunshine Coast area, Interested if any other locals are going that way
  8. Hi All... Any update on those that where struggling to sell their houses... Have any of you guys managed to cause we havent:arghh::sad:... We so want to get out of here and its the house thats keeping us.. If there is anyone working in an estate agents can give us any advice? We are now changing from one thats been Crap basically...we have been on with two at 1% which is good..but hasn't helped. Lets hope September can do better. Its so frustrating cause we can go...we have our visa..cannot afford to just rent this as we need the cash to start over. Any feed back on your situations feel free to reply. Cheers Trace..... get us out of here...:cry::cry:
  9. Hi, we are Alan and Clare We have had our visa for 3 years and are finally able to move aftrer tying up loose ends in the uk. We validated 3 yrs ago and we are moving to Sydney 17t5h August.......yes one month tomorrow!!! Cant bloody wait especially after the weather in manchester being so poor for the last however long i can remember. We d like to here from anyone who want to say hi, especially if you are of or already are living in Sydney veery soon. Cheers Al and Clare
  10. ali

    Nice People

    I've been dipping into other sites and not being biased have to say that this is the friendliest site. I've very pleased to be associated with it. :yes: Ali xx
  11. Guest

    What have people shipped out.

    Hi Everyone I was just wondering what have people shipped out to Aus when they go? Is it better to ship stuff out or buy new? Also what sort of cost implications are we talking about to ship items out? I was wondering about taking our car and furniture from the house. So an overal cost for everything if possible please.:wubclub: And another thing what are good things to buy and bring with us that are more expensive in Aus? Questions, questions. Sorry I know that your a wealth of knowledge on this site. Thanks Jenny
  12. like the above basically im a seventeen year old laad called Alex from the North West and fancy chatting to laads and lasses the same age who are either moving or have already moved to Australia Cheers x
  13. Hi there, some of you may remember me/or are corresponding with us already, we have been away from ex-pats for a while, as there has been loads going on (selling house/car/removals etc)... Anyway, we are due to arrive on the Sunshine Coast on 3rd August and I was wondering if there is anybody out there heading in the same direction/already there, because as much as i'm sure we will love all things Aus, (both good and bad!) i still would like to watch the odd game on Foxtel etc with a beer+ like minded people!
  14. twinkle

    meeting people

    hello:biggrin: just wondering how easy it is to meet people and make friends in Oz, specifically Sydney? I don't have kids and probably won't be working, at least initially. I am rellatively out going but need some pointers in the right direction! Anyone else heading that way soon?:v_SPIN:
  15. Are there any plasterers in oz that can give me some advice on plastering over there? Whats it like having to work in the heat? What are the hours? Do the mixes go off a lot quicker due to the heat - and any other advice you can give me thanks Gav :goofy:
  16. Guest

    Tips for People on their way!

    First of all, this is my opinion and I know everyone's different! 1.. We brought a whole container load of stuff but, I still wish we had brought EVERYTHING! 2.. Use of the internet varies enormously in price from free to $10 per hour that we have come across. 3.. I definitely wish we had brought the pc and laptop. 4.. Check out car prices before you get here - it will make bargaining so much easier if you have a bit more prior knowlege that I had!! ( I drove a relatively small car in U.K. but have gone for a station wagon here because I no longer have my dad, brother's etc. big car to call on when I need t move washing machine, mattress etc! 5.. Make your appointment for Vic Roads to transfer your U.K. license as soon as you have an address. There was quite a wait for an appointment in our case.. (of course things do change though!!) 6.. Don't be shy to haggle on rent - we negotiated $50 a week LESS and was shocked that they didn't haggle back! As I tink of other things, I'll let you all know. If you have any specific questions I'll try to give a balanced answer! All the best to you all, Krista
  17. Guest

    some people......

    Told a bloke at work today my plans of possibly moving to Melbourne to which he replied....... "oh i would'nt live there its too cold" He's from Leicester (smack bang in the middle of the tropics of the east midlands) give me strength :roll: regards,Lee
  18. We have just spent two weeks in and around perth and we just dont see the apeal. OK so its clean and spacious but its so remote and if you head inland its just thousands of km's of wheat fields. Even Australians from other areas dont bother going there ! For us Victoiria and NSW were much more apealing, green rolling landscapes with cattle and fruit farms in abundance. We also found that Australians on the East coast were much more cosmopolitan and liberaly minded. Just personal opinions I know but for anybody thinking of moving to WA make sure you have visited first. PS Freemantle is really pretty and I would thouroughly recomend the warehouse on the quay that brews its own fantastic beer !
  19. Hokay, so now I'm thinking up things to panic about We're waiting for our meds request to come in and I'm worrying about that 'do you / have you ever used tobacco' box. I've heard that the medical tests are quite stringent. Now would not be the best time to give up smoking, what with changing jobs, selling the house, and waiting for DIMIA all rolled into one, but if it's likely to fail me the medical exam then I have to. Anyone know anything about this? Cheers Choobs
  20. Guest

    IT Sales People

    I know it's a bit previous, but I'm due to start a new job in Melbourne in January as a Recruitment Consultant for IT Sales people, so would love to hear from anyone in the trade who's looking for a job when they get there. Forgive the punt, but hey, I'll be the only breadwinner for a while and have two moggies to feed too Really looking forward to the move after 12 years in IT sales in the UK. Melbourne sounds a lot less aggressive and doors easier to open, but just have to wait and see it that's true. Any comments/suggestions/advice/experiences greatfully received. Pj xxx