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Found 80 results

  1. Hello everyone i was wondering if the allowed time is constant for all DIAC teams or does it differ between CO and another CO can you please mentioned how many days you were given to submit the PCC and medical ?
  2. Hi I am gonna undertake medicals. I have already undertaken Police checks 6 months ago. Enter before date in visa application is calculated based on medicals or PCC? For instance if I submit a fresh medical test along with an old pcc which is still valid then my enter before date will be calculated based on medicals or old pcc? Regards
  3. Guest

    what forms needed for PCC??

    hi all i have lodged application for 176 on 6th september. Not yet recieved co but thought would get things ready for when we do!! Just bit confused as to what forms i need for pcc??? i have printed off the ones for police checks but unsure if i need also declaration of character etc.. there is a form 80, do i need this?? it :confused:doesn't seem to be clear??? please help anyone collette xx
  4. Hi, Just lodged medical and Police checks and waiting ..... Is there a forum I can refer to where other 175 Visa pplicants have listed their dates so I can see how long their applications took? JUMI
  5. asjad

    form 80 PCC

    in my document check list, there is no entry found regards form 80 when it will be entered... Please guide me:nah:...
  6. Guest

    Medical and PCC before CO ??

    Dear forum members , i have lodged online a a subclass 175 application on march 31st , which make it now 5 month till today , and as per the latest announcement , the application should finalize after maximum 13 more months i don't have a CO assigned yet i am thinking of getting my medical and PCC done now , but i have a couple of questions 1 - is it a good idea in the first place , or should i wait for the CO to ask for them 2 - since the attaching files options was valid only for 28 days after the lodging , what is the way of sending them now if i want to ?
  7. I have two questions 1. I want to arrange PCC, get them ready and upload them once CO asks for ( I don't have CO assigned as of yet ). So my question is what date will be counted for PCC is it the date PCC was issued or the date I upload to my visa app? 2. I need to change (endorse) my present address stated in my passport. When I took the passport ( in Jan 2009) I was resident of different address than the one I'm now. Now I need to endorse my "current" present address in my passport. Its not getting a new passport, its just an endorsement by passport authority to reflect my present address in my passport. I need to do this endorsement to get PCC from the Police station my current residence falls under. Now my question is, should I upload another copy of passport to my visa app to inform them about the endorsement? Again I'm not getting a new passport, neither there is a change of circumstances nor I've changed the address that I mentioned as 'present address' in my visa app. Any insight anyone? thanks tarini
  8. tdk43

    PCC for Cyprus

    Hiya, Just hoping somebody before me has requested Police checks from Cyprus. A previous thread has given me the actual form, just wondering if anyone has actually sent for cypriot police clearance? The form asks to include our passport which I am not keen on doing! :twitcy: Have e.mailed them to see whats what. Any experiences would be great to hear.
  9. samk6

    PCC Status Update....

    Hi dear All, I have done and sent both PCC and medicals.My medical has finalized and has updated in the Online Application Status. But it don't show any thing regarding my PCC. i handed over my PCC to my agent. Agent told that they have already sent the PCC. What would be the reason for this? Your reply will be really appreciated... Thanx Samk6
  10. Guest

    Need urgent help for PCC

    Hi All, I have applied for 176 visa recently. I already received Police Verification Certi. from local Police station which I submitted to India Passport Office along with Form No. 2, and other docs. Now Passport Office is saying that they require some "Request Letter" from DIAC in which it is mentioned that you require PCC for so and so purpose. It should also include details like Visa type, Passport no, and other relevant details. I showed them Form 47P which CO generally sends and Passport Office didn't accept it. I also talked to CO and he also suggested to show them 47P Form. Does anyone has any idea which Request Letter is this and how can I get it? Regards, Harshal.
  11. Guest

    PCC Help - Please

    I have received my PCCs from India & US. I have scanned and transmitted them to my agent but have been told that the true/original documents need to be sent to the DIAC. Is this true? I am apprehensive that the documents may be lost in transit (if I send it to my agent and forwarded from there on). My agent's document management system is not the best and has left a lot to be desired. Hence please confirm if the true documents are needed by DIAC. If so, I would prefer to send it myslf to DIAC than send it to my agent. Is this possible? APpreciate your help.
  12. Guest

    PCC from Afghanstan

    Hi, My OH was in Afghanistan for about 2 years on a project, deputed by his company from Bahrain. We have been asked by the CO to provide a PCC from Afghanistan. Our problem is that we do not have an Afghan embassy/consulate in Bahrain, been trying to reach the embassy in Qatar/ UAE but haven had any success. Has anyone here had to obtain PCC from Afghanistan and if so could you let us know the process, whom to contact, what documents to sent etc??? Thanks in advance
  13. Guest

    Indian PCC - Help needed.

    Hi. My CO has requested me to submit the Health & PCC and that is where my problem starts. My health certificate was a cinch and it is chugging along AU now. Now my PCC - that is another story. I have applied it in the Regional Passport Office (as per the direction from DIAC) about a month ago. The projection for the return of my PCC is Jul-2011! Now, I have 18-May as the due date from CO. (I am a resident Indian) Given this timeframe, is there a way I can get this PCC from a local Police Commissioner's office? (This question may be more pertinent to resident Indians, and may have to be posted in a more appropriate forum some of you might say. This is where I have been coming for a few years now and hence do not know where else to post. If you can point me to the right forum, I will be a gratefull soul). My agent tells me that it has to be from the Passport office, but he has been wrong before occasionally. Will the CO give me 3 months time to submit the PCCs? Will it jeopardise my case? With the July changes looming large, I dont want to take a chance. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I will be thankfull. Timeline 176 Family, Nov 09.
  14. Hi, I was told by many Cat3 applicants that they received a letter from DIAC indicating a CO will be assigned for them in the next 3 months, urging them to get PCC + health checks done (they got this letter around March 18th) - however, I did not get such a letter. Anyone may have an idea why? Do you think I should also get prepared?
  15. just looking for your stories to be shared about the time between getting the visa granted and your advice after submitting meds on 2nd of feb, irish pcc 9th feb and oz pcc 10th march what do you reckon our validation date would be just working out finances thanks all for your help
  16. Malkitek

    medicals and PCC done, what now??

    Hi any fellow obsessive! This is a really silly question. Do I need to tell my c.o that I have uploaded our PCC's or will he somehow know? Same with medicals, does he get told they're done or do the results sit there until he decides to check? I am such a control freak and I can't stand not knowing how it all works! Thanks anyone that can calm my nerves! Gill x
  17. essextoaus

    PCC for 457 visa. Necessary?

    I'm just applying for a 457 visa from the UK. Will they request PCCs? Thanks. :policeman:
  18. Just wondering has anyone been asked for a australian police clearance cert from there WHV. Our CO has requested one through our agent why I dont no was there less than a year just by a few days though. Sent off the application by post in late january still waiting just getting a little stressed because our deadline is coming up.
  19. GaryandGillDublin

    Meds & PCC's organised ...

    Got CO 23.02.11 :notworthy:... Been in our own excited world since hehe. Now it's all go and I feel slightly overwhelmed and nervous :eek: Arranged medicals for 18/03/11 (no celebrating for us on Paddy's Day :wink:). Getting PCC's sorted on Monday next and following up with the info requested for recent work experience. So fingers crossed we're on the home - straight now. Best of luck to everyone waiting on news on SS or CO or Visa ... x
  20. vbulsara

    PCC in India

    Hi Can any one let me know, if we have to get the Local PCC or PCC from Passport Office. Awaiting for Information
  21. Hi all we have got Pcc checks. We had a German Shepheard 7 yrs ago who was tormented by neighbours kids. Ie throwing things over fence at him. I was out front cleaning car and our dog was on grass. Was fine then neighbours son road passed Wearing shorts on bike and dog jump up him and barked. Caught his leg with tooth and had little Mark no cut or blood. Police were called on me and I was advised to take caution for 5 yrs to keep on lead,or dog may be put dwn. Even though he was friendly with every one else.Was treated like common criminal ie had finger prints DNA and photo. Will this affect our visa. Dog died 12 months later age 11.please advise:policeman:
  22. Guest

    PCC Singapor

    Hi All, I need urgent help for one of my distress friend My friend have been asked by case officer to provide POLICE CLEARANCE from SINGAPOR. He ranged but authorities advised they do not issue police clearance anymore other than Citizens. My friend was on student visa. Any help on how to get/ alternatives/suggestions/advise is HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Thanks tons in advance. Regards Punita
  23. Hi friends, I am posting on behalf of fella mahcnag and bugger has several questions regarding his family sponsored 475 visa application. 1. He lives in 3 different addresses in yyyyyy(within 10 years gap) and now living in kuwait. Should he listed all the sri lankan address in his application or just a current one? 2. The guy is separated and divorce is pending. His X-wife has filed a mainatance case against him to get a high amount of $$$(he is already paying money which court has ask him to) which bugger can not bare. Both of these cases are pending decisions and have no idea about decision dates. Should he declare these cases in the section of " been charged with any offense that is currently awaiting legal action? " 3. Should he list his spouse details under the non-migrant family member section with separated relationship status ? 4. Will this maintenance case appear in his PCC? Answers highly appreciate!!
  24. Hi I just obtained my PCC from Kuwait. It's been mentioned that the certificate is valid for 3 months. Does it mean that if I do not obtain my PR then I have to submit another PCC after 3 months or it is valid for 1 year? Regards:cute::notworthy::wubclub:
  25. Cadas

    Pcc from Dubai

    Hi, Got caught a bit on the hop.... Posted application last December (6 weeks ago!) and promptly shoved it to the back of my mind thinking we have a year or so to wait. Just got medical and pcc request!! Not too much of a problem except for Dubai, so far tried Madrid, Uk and France and basically getting told to sod of by embassies. Their only suggestion is to go back to Dubai which is impossible at the moment because of where I am working. Been given until first week of march to provide docs and panicking now! Any one else managed to get a UAE pcc overseas ?