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Found 618 results

  1. taaustralia

    Help applying for Onshore Partner Visa

    Hello, I am an Australian citizen. My partner is a UK citizen and wishes to apply for a partner visa to reside permanently in Australia. We have decided that the Onshore Temporary and Permanent Visa (Subclasses 820 and 801) is the most appropriate visa for our purposes. In reading our questions please keep in mind that 1) we believe that we satisfy the de facto relationship requirements and 2) my partner has successfully applied for an eVisitor visa which does not contain a 'No Further Stay' condition. 1. Will my partner have difficulty entering Australia on her visitor visa if she does not have a return flight to the UK? 2. Can my partner apply for an onshore partner visa during the period of her visitor visa? 3. If yes, will a bridging visa (with working rights) be granted on the submission of the application or at the expiration of the visitor visa? 4. Is there a recommended 'cooling off' period to create the impression that my partner has not entered Australia for the purposes of applying for permanent residency? E.g. Wait one month before submitting the application. Thank you very much in advance for any advice!
  2. Hi everyone We applied for Partner Offshore Subclass 309 and sent to London on 8/8. We haven't had any acknowledgement they have recieived (apart from postal records) or any contact from a CO yet? is this normal.. 2-3 Weeks? Will they email the 'applicant'? Other threads on here are saying people hear back within about 5 working days.. Freaking out a bit that it's gotten lost - but assuming it's school holidays, summer they are probably understaffed! Thanks, Amy
  3. Someone please tell if there is anything could be done in the case of GSM told my friend's wife to wait till the next program year to get the visa!!! My friend is on his 475 (Regional sponsorship) visa since 2011 and is now eligible to apply for PR. He has been waiting for his wife get her subsequent entrant visa to put his PR application. That's when he got this reply from DIAC. Is there a quota for subsequent entrant visa for partner? By the time she gets her visa my frined's 475 visa would be expired and he will be in the bridging visa for PR. In that case will his wife's visa application be void? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP :sad:
  4. Hi everybody, I am lodging my offshore partner visa 309 at the end of this month. I just wanted to triple check my checklist of documents I have physically in the envelope and have a few questions .. Checklist : Form 47sp filled Form 47 filled Certified copies of passports for both of us Certified copies of birth certificate for both of us 4 passports photos for both of us 4 forms 888 by australians friends and australian family on my partners side, signed and certified by a third person French police clearance Uk police clearance PAPERS FROM THE SPONSOR : Certified copy of birth certificate Paper showing employments EVIDENCES : Electricity bills with both our names on it -Flat rental with both our names on it Flat contract with both our names on it Wedding invitation with both our names on it Deposits with with both our names on it 2 Gym contract of the same Gym Some photos of us in France, Uk, Prague, with my family 1 letter from sponsor to express love 1 letter from me Is this all and enough ? I can't seem to find something missing. These are my few questions : 1 - Does the love letter have to be certified or something ? Or just on a piece of paper with our name and signature ? 2 - When are they going to contact me for the health check ? Are they going to book an appointment for me in my nearest hospital ? How does it work ? 3 - When you give the evidences, for example a renting flat contract, do you print the whole contract ? Or just the first page and the last page with signature ?
  5. Hi everyone Just wanted to say hello, after the many hours I've spent looking at specific threads for advice, and also just browsing on subjects like jobs, where to live, where to visit/holiday. I am currently in the process of gathering all the info I need to apply for a 309/100 visa. Just waiting for the stat decs from Australian friends and a couple from my friends and then I am ready to send it all in to Australia House in London. I am British and I live with my Australian partner in London. He has been here for 10 years but we are hoping to relocate to Sydney, where my partner's family live (aside from Dad in Wollongong & Mum in Adelaide - siblings are all in North/South Sydney). And most importantly, it will bring him physically closer to his daughter, also in Adelaide. I am going into the process slightly blind, but I am aware of the high taxation, higher cost of living, different medical care arrangements, so am not completely blinkered. But at the same time I am looking foward to what Australia can offer and how we can make the best of it. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide over Xmas 12/13 and will hopefully visit again around Easter 2014, for a more practical visit - less tourist stuff and more of an eye on surburbs, jobs, transport etc. So that was a very long way of saying Hello! Have a great weekend VP
  6. Hi there, My husband is English, I am Australian - we have been together 3 years and married for 2. Just about to submit this application the first phase of the 309 (2 years temp) and have a few questions if anyone can help? 1. I have had most of the important docs certified by solicitor, birth certs/passports/marriage certs, bank statements etc. but not 'supporting' things like cards, photos, travel tickets, letters in both names - these are just print outs or copies - is that ok? 2. We have 12 months bank statements each - is that enough financial evidence? Do we need payslips too? if so going back how far? 3. The last 'supporting' evidence which is - Nature of your commitment to each other - we haven't been seperate for longer than 5 days in 3 years - so do we need to provide phone records? and we don't have a will, so what can I use for this?? Our personal statement covers a lot of 'background' and 'combination of affairs' - so will this suffice? Thanks in Advance anyone I'm exhausted from compiling this thing. should have got an agent to do it!
  7. I am in australia on Bridging visa A; i was on student visa prior to that; i will be getting married to my partner in India in November; we are in relationship from past 5 years; which is the best way i can bring her to australia?
  8. Howzatt21

    Age related emigration

    My partner, I and our 3 children (2 are his and 1 is mine) are considering moving to Australia. I don't think it's a simple case (if there is such a thing!), hence the request for advice. I would be 43 at the time of emigration from the UK, having a BSc in Audiology and 3 years of working in a job on the skills list. My partner will be 60, and has a BSc as a civil engineer, although hasn't worked in this profession for some time. He also had his own successful business, making bespoke kitchens, furniture and renovation of furniture, and can turn his hand to most carpentry and building work. He currently works in accounts for a company with an Australian branch. My partner and I don't currently live together, but will have been in a relationship for over 5 years at the time of the move. The children will be: 22 and will have just finished a BSc in animal studies, and may want to study a masters degree in Australia. 22 and will consider studying a degree in IT in Australia. He has cerebral palsy and has a wheelchair for long distances, but this has no affect on his academic attainment. 19 and will consider studying a degree in Australia. Any advice regarding my partner's position, due to age, and how the children's applications would work, i.e. do they apply as students, as individuals, or as part of the family? Many thanks
  9. emmaroo

    Partner Visa Question

    Hi When you get your stat decs done, what sort of information should they include and how long should they be? Thanks Emma x:hug:
  10. Guest

    Partner Visa - Help!

    Hi! I’m an Australian Perm Resident who is currently living in the UK with my British partner of over a year. We’re keen to return to OZ and having started compiling evidence for the partner visa. We would really appreciate any advice anyone has, we’ve chosen not to go through a migration agent as they wanted to charge us £1200 + the application fee (!!) and it’s just seems silly not to try and do it ourselves! Does anyone have any tips or guidance on this? I’m also stuck on writing my statement about our relationship and not sure how in depth it should be and what key points I need to address! Any help would be much appreciated, I’m missing Perth and am keen to return home to the sunshine! :biggrin:
  11. Sorry if this topic has been done to death, however, if you'll permit me a quickie... Is it ok to provide your statements as a typed, printed document (then sign and date, and get each page witnessed). To my mind this would neither be a "on ordinary writing paper or a statutory declaration form" but I'm guessing that most people do it this way. Regards, Neil
  12. Good afternoon all C and I are both serving UK police officers. I have 5 years service and C has 9. Having reviewed the WAPOL international recruitment criteria it appears as though C has too much service to make her eligible to apply this time around. If I were to apply and be successful, would WAPOL permit her to migrate to Australia with me as my partner? What are our best chances of securing a visa for C given that her only career since university has been in the police. She is a qualified detective, sergeant and completed fraud and surveilance courses. C has a 1st degree from Cambridge in Natural Sciences so perhaps this could lead to alternative employment? Alternatively C has a keen interest in equestriansim and would consider a career in this field. We are really committed to settling down in WA and would appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks R and C
  13. Hi all, This is my first post! My partner and I have found this site extremely useful for other things, so first of all a big thank you and congratulations to anyone who's recently received their visa! My questions is regarding getting documents certified. I have photocopies of both our passports certified, and we both have certified copies of our birth certificates. Do other documents, such as tenancy agreements, utility bills, invitations, cards and any other supporting evidence have to be certified copies as well? Or can they just be colour photocopies? If anyone could please share with me their experience with this part of the application, I would really appreciate it. We are applying for a 309 de facto visa, and have lived together for approximately 22 months. We are submitting the application without an agent and are almost ready to send it off. Thanks very much! :biggrin: Chris
  14. LouLouLou

    Partner Visa 820 just submitted!

    Hello everyone :cute: Although I've been a stalker on this forum for some time now to help me through the ordeal of getting my visa application together, I've just decided to actually join. I submitted my application on the 5th November 2012 for an onshore partner 820 visa (my fiance is an Aussie) in the Melbourne Lonsdale offices and I'm now sitting on a bridging visa while I wait... Anyone else in the same boat right now and if so, how long have you been waiting so far? Lou
  15. Hi, I would like to sponsor my gf for de facto partner PR visa on shore. She has been in OZ on a student visa. I have a question how much would the visa application fee be? Here is a table: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/partner.htm and it says: If you currently hold a Transitional (temporary) visa and were granted this visa on the basis that you satisfied the requirements for the grant of an extended eligibility entry permit under the Migration Regulations 1989. $345 I don`t understand the `grant of an extended eligibility entry` part. Can she pay this fare as a student visa holder? There s a huge difference between 350 and 3000 AUD.
  16. Hello everyone, I received a PR visa last year and been in Australia for the past 6 months, however I was advised not to add my GF of 10 years to the application since we didn't live together at the time, however now that I'm settled I would like to sponsor my GF to come and join me but I'm not sure which visa I should apply for. We have been in a committed relationship for the last 10 years but we have never lived together because of family issues, do we still qualify for a de-facto partner visa? or should we go for the prospective marriage visa? also because either of these will take at least 6-9 months to process would it be a good idea to apply for a tourist visa first so we can be together in the next few months?. Also are there any migration agents that specialize in de-facto/partner visas? Thanks.
  17. Cheesecake12

    Evidence collecting

    Hi. My partner and I live away from each other at the moment. We use iMessage to stay in contact everyday. We are applying for a defo visa. I'd like to download my iMessage history and use it as evidence to send in with our application. My questions are. Has anyone done this? does anyone know how to do this? Is it a good idea? thanks.
  18. Guest

    De facto Visa help....

    Hi there, I am currently in australia on my first year Working holiday visa and will be returning home in the middle of February due to family commitments. While being over here in OZ, I have met my boyfriend who I am now living with. We have been together for 6months now since ur first date with our relationship becoming serious at the beginning of October. We are looking to apply for the de facto relationship but I am unsure whether this will be best done in the Uk when I get home or whether to come back out on a tourist visa and apply for it then, but I have a few questions I hope someone would be able to help me with....... Will it still be ok to apply for the visa if our relationship has not been serious for the 12 months but we can provide evidence we have been together from the middle of July (we are also looking at registering our relationship with the state to say we are in a serious relationship)? On the visa forms, it says you have to provide police checks for the countries you have visited, which for me I have lived in America for a year as well as grown up n the UK and spending just under a year living in Australia, would this still be ok to gain police checks for? I am living with my boyfriend at the moment but we do not have any financial evidence to prove that I am living here besides references from our family and friends saying we are, as he pays the bills and I just get the groceries and clean up, would this be an issue in the application process? These are the only things I can think of at the moment I need some advice on but I'm sure I'll think of some more. I wouldappreciate if anyone can give any advice on the questions or have been in a similar situation to me and can offer some help..... Thanks S
  19. I received an invitation to lodge my visa application on 189 Visa with total points 60. In my EOI, I added up the partner 5 points; however, after a deep reading of the skillselect website, I figured out that she should have at least 6 in all bands, not as average, which was not the case when submitting our EOI. Fortunately, she was going to sit another IELTS test to submit another EOI under her name if her points are higher to increase the chance to get in. She got 6 and more in all band in her last IELTS test (results come out after my invitation). Now, the new IELTS date is after the invitation but satisfies the band condition (more than 6) while the old one is before the invitation date but doesn’t satisfy the band condition (6 in all bands). Can we lodge our application with the new IELTS, or it will be rejected. If it will be rejected, what do you recommend to do (create a new EOI, wait 60 days, etc)? Note: I found in the Visa booklet this line in the partner point that i have to have relevant documents “at time of invitation”, does this mean before the invitation was issued or during the invitation time – i.e. the 60 days of the invitation?
  20. Guest

    PCC from Sri Lanka

    I will be the primary applicant and my husband and the daughter will be included in mine under the sub class 189. I would like to know more information about the sri lankan PCC process. This is because my husband was having court case and he was paying some money as installments. I would like to know whether this will affect my VISA approval if I say to questions which ask about Cases etc.. Who are the bodies invocled in PCC process in sri lanka and what do they check? Thanks
  21. Hi everybody , This is my situation , I am currently living with my Australian girlfriend in UK . We are planning on moving together in Australia, she live in Sidney . We do have evidences prooving that we live together for more than one year in UK. I was wondering what case is posible, or not, cheaper , or more expensive , so basically which one would be the best. - Going on holidays visa for one year, and then working in IT somewhere and try getting sponsored. - Going on holidays visa for one year , and THEN applying for a partner visa when we are already in Australia. - Applying for a partner visa in UK, and go in Australia with this one. I am working as a developer in IT, but this kind of visa is really expensive so I didn't really get more informations about this one. Thank you for your ideas and your answers guys. Have a good day !
  22. meme78

    2nd stage partner visa

    is anyone going through the 2nd stage of the spouse visa? any ideas on info required and current processing times? i'm sick of not having PR despite having a child here who is a citizen....i'm trying to get onto a course and international fees are ridiculous.
  23. I was granted my first stage partner visa in March, at the time i thought my worries were over because this visa has no work restrictions, and in 2 years time so long as my situation hasn't changed, i should be able to get permanent residency. I was working for a small business as a labourer/ Trade assistant and everything was going great, but that job has sadly dried up now and I have encountered the same problem as before when looking for work, I have been told that i am perfect for the job, but they don't like my visa status because i am not permanent resident, so far it has cost me 2 jobs for definite, not to mention the countless jobs which don't even let you get past the automated questions the minute you put your immi status in. Have other people had this problem!? Is this just me? I don't have a trade or any particular skills, my background is in retail but i would like to start an apprenticeship and learn a trade, but I cant see a way to do that if nobody will give you a chance until your PM is granted! Its putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance, let alone stopping us from saving for the wedding, and getting our own place and all the other things which no doubt they will want evidence of to grant the visa!! lol, end of rant. If anyone has any similar experience how did you get around this? what industry/ jobs have people managed to get employed in on 820 temporary visa!? any ideas about what to do in terms of learning a trade!? thanks for listening!
  24. Guest

    An odd partner visa question!

    Hi guys, This is our first post! Hopefully one of you super helpful and intelligent people can lend a hand! We want to apply for a Partner Visa (309) in February next year once we have enough evidence. However we really want to get married in June after we have lodged the application i.e. get married during the application process (or just after if the visa comes through quick!). Can we do this? We know we really should apply for a prospective marriage visa (300) but for cost reasons we want to avoid this as it works out a lot more. Any help you guys can give would be great! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  25. Guest

    Partner Visa Help!!

    Hi all, I am just finishing my 820 Partner Visa application and need help on a couple of things: 1. On form 47SP Q81 re Which countries have I lived in for more than 12 months in total over 10 years? I have now spent over a year in Australia on holiday and my PMV visa but at various addressess. Do holidays count as living here and should I put that? 2. On form 80 Q21 re personal contacts in Australia? Do I list all friends, work colleagues and my partner's family or just 2 specific ones? Any help greatly appreciated!! Also, any tips on evidence and length of statements?? Thanks