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Found 617 results

  1. Hi my name is Emma, 27, i currently live in York, England. I am in my final year of my degree in Graphic Design and my partner, 24, also has a foundation degree in the same subject. We have a baby on the way but are considering moving to Australia as soon as the baby has arrived! We have been told and read on various websites that the Australian government is looking for people skilled in design but we have no idea how to even go about the whole process. We have no savings and are basically looking to start a new life out there in the hope that we can eventually own our own home and live comfortably.I do have family out there too! Obviously being students we have quite a bit of debt which we are very slowly paying off, would we have to pay that off before we could leave to come to oz? Please Can anyone give us any pointers on where to start and if we would even be considered with no savings but a profession? Thankyou. Emma xx :wacko: P.s. Any ideas for locations would be recieved gratefully too, we will initially looking for somewhere cheap to live, good schools, plenty to do and quite lively cos we like to socialise and have lots of fun!!!
  2. Guest

    Can my partner come on my visa?

    Hi there, new to all this and just making tentative enquiries first before taking the plunge so to speak..... I've got a phone interview in a few days with a company in Melbourne, if I was offered the job and they sponsored my application (I imagine initially it would be a temporary resident visa) would my partner automatically be able to come as well? We have 2 kids, been together 4 years or so. She doesn't have any qualifications as such, possibly a NVQ in health care (she's not sure). Do we have to do seperate applications, or can she come on my visa is what I'm basically trying to ask in a mumbly kind of way? Thanks in advance........
  3. Guest

    de-facto partner work?

    Hello i have applied for my 175 visa and my partner is coming over as a de-facto partner she asked me today if she is allowed to work when we get there. i know it might be a silly question but i dont know the answer does anyone else know the answer?
  4. Guest

    Partner visa

    Hi I posted earlier about my ex hoping to go to Aus. I want to go as well. My fiance gave up her Aus citizen ship a long time ago. She was born in Aus and her parents till live there. She is a nurse. She will be applying to get her Aus citizenship back & we want to apply for me to get a visa as her partner. Any idea how long it would take her to get her citizenship back and how likely is it that I will get a visa? Thanks for any help.
  5. Hello! I Hope you are all super. we are trying to sort out our 40SP - Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia forms and also 47SP Forms, but we need some assistance, we also wanna try to not go through an agent, as you pay just over double what the visa costs to go it alone. Any help offa any one who has filled in these forms would be great :-) One of my questions is... my partner got his visa from his dad being born in oz, so he is Ozzy by decent, now on the form it only has ... birth and grant, and to how he got his citizenship... I think its grant? he thinks it birth!! Also he nor myself have ever been to Oz, so when its asking questions about our house? I dont understand... :no: I feel a bit sad, as cant afford an agent but cant afford to do it wrong.. we wanna be gone by End Aug! Have a great day Helena (22) Anthony (23) xx
  6. Guest

    Partner Visa & 8503 Condition

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice. Myself, my partner of 5 years and our two children (ages 3 and 1) leave London for Australia at the end of April 2008. I am an Australian citizen, my partner British and my two children hold dual citizenship for Australian and UK (I had them registered as Australian citizens by descent). In April when we all enter Australlia my partner is traveling on a 676 tourist VISA that is valid for 12 months. Given our trip is to investigate our options out there (which involves things like does everybody like it as well as me establishing the feasibility of extending my UK based business in Aust), we only bothered with Tourist Visa for my partner as there seemed to be no reason to proceed with the more complex and costly Spouse Visa if we were not going to remain. We have return tickets booked for October of this year. Our intention was that once we had spent a few months in Australia and decided that we wanted to stay permanently, we would apply for a Spouse Visa (defacto) for my partner, however, her tourist visa has that 8503 condition imposed which I understand prevents her from lodging an application for that visa in Australia if we decide we would like to stay permanently. Given we are returning in October, I understand we could do it then, however, if we have made the decision to continue in Australia, by that point we would only want to spend 2 weeks maximum in London which I am sure would not be enough time to be granted a Spouse Visa. Therefore, given the above, my questions are this; 1) Can we lodge the application for her Spouse Visa before we depart even though it will likely not be granted before we enter Australia at the end of April? 2) If the answer to the above is yes, what happens with her passport during the application? It is no issue for us to leave Australia and re-enter with the Spouse Visa as we are leaving Australia in October 08 anyway (hopefully to return in November). 3) If the application for Spouse Visa is lodged offshore, can the necessary interviews and health checks be conducted in Australia? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Aaron
  7. Ello I am seeking a business partner for me new British Style fish and chip shop/cafe. You don't need experience, but must enjoy people, and be prepared to learn. Not a big cash outlay, as it's still early days. My Dandenong shop is growing slowly, and good systems are in place. My general plan is to find a partner I can train, and set up another shop/cafe in a different area. This may be bayside or in another good suburb. If your interested you can email me at vicz@dodo.com.au or phone the shop on 9794 6451 4-9 Tues - Fri and 12 - 9 Sat - Sun. Now, if your really wealthy, we can buy Harry Ramsdens, it's for sale at 25 million squid, a bargain for the 32 shops :-) Cheers Vic
  8. Hi All, I'm in a real quandary. I'm awaiting my meds back from HAS in Sydney - that shouldn't be a problem but it's taking longer than hoped. (I'm applying for interdependency visa) In the mean time, my (aussie) partner has to get over to Sydney urgently - he has a ticket reserved for next week which he needs to confirm today. Will this cause any problems with my visa ? do i need to let my CO aware of this ? thanks in advance ! Aug 4 2007 - Interdependency application lodged Aug 16 - CO allocated Oct 10 - Police Checks, Meds & character assessment sent Nov 13 - Further Meds requested by new CO Jan 25 2008 - Final Med report sent
  9. Guest

    partner and me!!

    Hi everyone were new to this site a great site too! my question is my partner and i have just moved in together and plan to marry next year, we need to no if we can apply together for a visa?? i would need to go on a 457 im 42 she is 37 she has one child coming and i have to 13, 17, her child is 12 at the moment, i am a commercial fisherman and she is in IT, we're real keen to go and are driving a long way to see an agent thinkingaustralia.com can anyone tell me if there any good?? any help would be really really helpful folks
  10. Guest

    Skilled or Partner Migration?

    Hi Myself and my girlfriend (Alice) have made the big decission to move out to Oz in about 7months time. As of yet we have no idea where we might settle, we are thinking of touring the country first to get a feel of the different states. I'm actually an Australian citizen by descent (father born in Sydney), however my girlfriend is trying to work out if it's best for her to emmigrate on a skilled migration or under partner migration. Does anyone have any experience of either & the limitations they might have? Thanks Luke
  11. Guest

    Partner visa's

    I was born in Perth WA but hold a British passport (Parents British and moved back her when I was small) Would Husband and kids get a visa throught this entry even though I dont hold an Aussie passport, but could apply for one. The info I have read says "Aussie citizen or resident" I am just really starting to look into everything wondered about different avenues.
  12. Guest

    partner working

    Hi Folks. If one of us gets a job sponsor would the other half be able to get a job when we get over. Or do you have to wait 6 months or so to apply. Thanks and Regards Garry.:unsure:
  13. Guest

    Partner migration

    I'm Australian and my son is a citizen by descent but my husband is English. If we move to Australia would my husband have a better chance of getting residency if we applied in the UK or Aus? Has anyone had experience of this? Also he suffers from Asthma/COPD, does anyone know what his chances would be? I can't seem to get a straight answer from the immigration people! :rofl:
  14. Guest

    Brit with Aussie partner

    Hello everyone! Love reading this forum...it's like therapy when I'm getting a bit nervous about our pending move! I'm English and my boyfirend is Aussie, from Melbourne. He has been here for 3 years (stayed for me!) and not surprisingly is dying to go back. As his visa runs out in June, we are both going to head out there when I finish this school year (im a primary school teacher). I know lots of people on here are moving to Oz with English partners, but just wondered if anyone was in my position and wanted to share their thoughts/worries/excitement!!! I'm really excited and know I will love it, but I am worried about my mum who is unable to even discuss the topic. I know she doesn't want to stop me going, but it does make it hard! Thanks in advance, would love to hear your stories Chuchu x
  15. Guest

    Partner visa

    I am sure this question is somewhere on the forums but I can't find it. We have just sent off my husband's application for a Partner visa. We have been together for 6 years (married for nearly 4), both my children are over 18 and not included in the application and I am an Aussie citizen. I am assuming my husband will have no problem getting a visa, but just wondered how long we might have to wait. The High Commission say between 3 and 10 weeks but can anyone give me a less vague time frame? Louise
  16. Guest

    Partner Migration

    I'm thinking of moving to Melbourne to be with my partner of two and a half years and wondered if anyone has been through the experience of applying for a "Partner Migration" visa... not a spouse or fiance visa!? My partner came over to the UK in December 2005 (her visa took 2 weeks to get... I can't believe how long it takes to get one for Oz!!!!) but went back in March because of a couple of family bereavements and is now not sure if she wants to come back - for fear of something else happening to someone and her not being there I think; she has a large family - so I thought I would explore the possibility of me going down under as 99.9% of my family are no longer living it seems like an easier compromise! Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. We are in the process of applying for a spouse visa for myself. My partner has an Australian passport but has no family there, has not lived in Sydney since he was a toddler. We basically do not know the city very much, lived there for a couple of months when we were single. We now need to find out what are the good areas in Sydney for a young family, fairly close to the beach, not too expensive, with good parks and good state schools. Can anybody help?