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Found 153 results

  1. Guest

    Very confused - after 457 visa?

    Hi all, I'm 28.. been living in Australia for almost 2 years now, on working holiday visas, and just recently got a 2 year 457 visa through the company I work for. It feels like I've been jumping through immigration hoops forever now, so I'm already trying to prepare for what will happen when this visa runs out. The HR woman at my work made it seem like once I'd been on a 457 visa for 2 years, I would be eligible for PR, no problems. BUT, I was trying to decipher the DIAC information on their website and it seems like I'd still have to be sponsored by my current employer. How does that work exactly? Is there some stipulation that you have to continue working for them if they sponsor your PR application? It's not that I hate my job, just simply that I was looking forward to the end of my 457 visa in order to have opportunities at other companies, given that the opportunities for advancement where I am now are limited. But I'm not sure I could stomach getting them to sponsor me for PR and then quitting a few months later. Is there any other way to get around that, or would it be like starting at the beginning of the process again, applying for PR without an employer sponsor (which I tried originally but didn't quite meet the points requirement). I've also been living with my Aussie partner for 6 months now, so would it make more sense for us to apply for a partner sponsored visa when my 457 visa runs out? Or is that the same thing basically as getting another 457 visa, given that we'd only be granted a 2 year provisional visa at first? I'm basically trying to figure out the shortest route to PR... not that I'm trying to cut corners, just trying to understand all the different visa options and what's the best route for my particular situation - Basically wanting to be able to stay with my boyfriend in Oz, work for whoever I want, qualify for medicare so we can think about having kids sometime in the next millenium... I feel like my life has been on hold for the past two years and everything's been a temporary fix. I really appreciate the advice of anyone that's been through all this before! Thanks!
  2. Guest

    Proposal/Visa Drama!

    Hello all, Potentially very stupid question coming up but as I am panicking thought I'd best check. I am applying for a defacto partner visa end of December and have been getting all the bits together for some time, know what I am doing (for once!) ete etc. My partner proposed to me on Tuesday (!!!) and now, after looking at all of my forms I am a bit confused. Am I still eligible to apply for the same visa or do I now have to declare myself as a fiance? On the form 40 sp it looks like as I am now a fiance I have to apply for the fiance visa, but as far as I can see the fiance visa is a completely different, offshore ( I am in Aus and have been for 15 months) and expensive option! I am really very confused! Any helps will warrant lots of cyber hugs and kisses!
  3. Guest

    Help with partner visa please!!

    Hi all can anyone who has successfully sponsored their partner please give me some advice. My partner has just received a knockback for a job soley on the basis he is not a resident, even though he has a working holiday visa. So we think it may be time to apply for the De facto partner temp visa. We have 2 main problems. 1. I met him whilst travelling. although we have been living together for 12 months, for the first 9 I unofficially lived in his flat in the uk not receiving mail there until the last month or two. he owns it so no lease. we have no joint accounts or real estate as we have had no need to merge these things. If it aint broke and all that! and for the last 3 months he has lived with me in OZ. So basically my question is wont is seem sus if we now merge accounts/bills/mail etc right before we submit an application?? has everybody else had all these things sorted for the full 12 months previous? 2. We will want to 'country share' for the next few years or so, eventually settling here. So if we were to leave OZ and live in the uk for a year during the 2 year temp partner visa will this void the visa or hurt our chances of coming back? Our situation is we are willing to do anything to stay together, and to both be able to work in each others countries. we will obviously be geting married at some stage, but with all the costs of flights, visas, living etc its just not an option right now. if all else fails do they just expect you to get married in a registry. how depressing :sad: thank you for checking out my thread yours confusedly Bec :arghh: