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Found 165 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone can advise on the following: My family applied to move to Australia and was granted a perminant residency visa, I was included in this as a dependant as I was just below 18 at the time. After a few years my parents moved out to Oz, while I'm still in the UK (my visa window runs out next March). At the time when my parents where applying, I had a girlfriend (of a few months) at the time, she is now my wife (we got married a month ago!). Is it possible for me to sponcer her through a Partner visa, subclass 309 (& subclass 100 2 years after entering Australia) even though I was a dependant on my Fathers visa? Any help is very much appreciated!!
  2. Hello, everyone! My husband and I got married last January. We're both Filipinos, but I'm a PR of Australia since 2009. He is still in the Philippines and we have already lodged his application on 27 February. We have completed all necessary documents and he was already asked to undertake a medical examination on 2 March. He did so on 7 March. We haven't heard from a case officer though. How long should we wait? I've heard of somebody being given a visa in 18 days from another country. Is it possible for those from the Philippines? I will appreciate your input on this. Thanks!:cute:
  3. Hello smart people of the forum We are just about to apply for a partner visa and have a question which is causing sleepless nights. I was granted a 175 visa (which has been activated) but while I was waiting for it to be granted I met my partner. Its been two years and we have all of the evidence needed and forms filled in but we are really really worried where we keep reading "you are required to be usually resident in Australia". I have never lived in Australia for the simple reason that I met my partner and fell in love. Will our visa application be rejected? Thanks in advance -Daniel & Chloe
  4. Hi there, This is my first post so please go easy.... My girlfriend and I are in a bit of a quandary at the moment. Let me run you through the situation. I'm from Australia 29 years old (used working holiday already back in '05) She's from UK and 35 years old We met back in Feb 2009 while my girlfriend was travelling in OZ. I was luckily enough to meet her in one of her 2 nights in Brisbane. We met up a week later in Byron Bay a month later in Sydney and then another month later in Thailand. She then finished off her travels and headed back to the UK. She decided she wasn't going to come straight back out to Oz so we called any long term relationship off. In 2010 I travelled the world for a year. I ended up making it around to the UK and met up with her again. We hit it off again and everything was great. I was in the UK Europe region for about 3 months but our longest stint together an any one time was 2 weeks before I would go and travel again. After I left the UK I went to Asia and she came out for 10 days and travelled with me in Bali in November '10. The next time we caught up was June '11 when she came over to visit me in Australia for 2 weeks. In August I travelled over to see her in the UK for a week. This is where we are at the moment. We are committed together and have lived in the long distance relationship for what seems to be an eternity now and it is doing neither of us any good. We don't mind what country we end up in but we just want to be together (Monetary wise is is far better for us to be in Oz with basically double the earning potential for both of us). We have identified wherever we end up the person who moves needs to be kept busy with a job so they don't go crazy sitting around the house all day (We are both very active travelling minded people). So the key to the move is, whoever moves needs to be able to work ASAP. We are looking into what the best ideas to achieve this are: 1. Get married. (What is the time from application to being able to work in Oz and the UK for this,,, or is this a how long is a piece of string scenario which seems to be common with Australian Visas?) (Also we have already confessed our desire to get married but we are hesitant to do this until we have a chance to live together long term, but we will be open to marry if it is going to make the process of being together possible) 2. My girlfriend takes a student visa in Oz and she is then able to work part time. (Super high fees but allows working very quickly) 3. I sell car and head over to the UK and look for sponsored work. (I'm a structural draftsman with high school certificate only. But 12 years industry experience on Australia's biggest infrastructure projects,,,, don't know if I would really be able to get sponsored work with this sort of experience?) 4. My girlfriend come out and does voluntary work and I support her. My girlfriend has a lot of anxieties about leaving family and friends in the UK which is something we are struggling through as well. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions about our situation or from anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation. Thanks for any help in this stressful/difficult situation, Tony
  5. Hi all, I've reached what will hopefully be the final hurdle with my partner visa, having submitted the second part of my partner visa application (Subclass 100) However I have received a Request for Further Information in support of my application. My Case Officer has asked me to supply the following:- Intention to reside in Australia. Please provide evidence to demonstrate your intention to reside in Australia on a permanent basis. Has anyone any ideas of what to provide to demonstrate the above? , apart of submitting a personal declaration of my intention to reside in Australia . Cheers Steve
  6. Hello I am not sure if anyone can help but we have received our 2nd stage partner visa documentation ...we hope to submit it tomorrow..we have only been asked for a police check, form 80 and stat decs. Does anyone know if we have to send in other stuff (proof of our relationship) or wait until we are asked. Also i was granted my last visa on the 12th January 2010 So have received the paperwork very much in advance does this mean they won't look at my application until after this date or if a little miracle happened could it be granted before this date? Thank you so much for reading this post
  7. Hi everyone!!! This is my first ever time on a forum so you will have to bear with me!! And I promise to repay the favour and help anyone out with anything whatsoever in future regarding partner visas as it is just so stressful. Can anyone shed any light/offer any advice at all on my situation? My Boyfriend (Aussie) and I got together 3.5 years ago in London. At the time he decided to make the move back, we had not lived together to fulfill the 12 month requirement, and seeing as I had had a working holiday visa in 2006 (but never actually worked in the end grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) my only option was to come over on a tourist visa. So I was issued a 12 month tourist visa, unfortunately with a 'no further stay' condition. Seeing as I made a trip out of the country last year, this is now due to expire on 14th November 2011. We have lived together now for the past 22 months...but now I just don't know what to do......I can try and get an ETA in NZ and come back on that, or lodge my partner visa in the UK (everything is ready to go except meds). I saw a lawyer today as I'm just going so crazy about it and he said that unless I wait at least 6 weeks, my ETA will be refused due to the time I've recently spent here. He also said that globally the processing time is 12 months, and that applies in the UK, and if I go home and lodge it there I cannnot get any visa to come back and be with my partner in Oz???!! Is this all true?! I just can't face a prospective year apart with just trips over from my boyfriend...although have spoken to immigration and they said that the processing time in UK is 5-6 months and I can get a visa to be with my partner if I lodge there?! Talk about contradictory!!????? I know you must all be stressed and muddle headed too...but if anyone can offer any advice whatsoever, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much xxxxx
  8. Hello, I've applied for partner visa subclass 309 to AUS. While waiting for the same, I'd visited AUS to spend time with my husband who is an AUS PR. I'd searched for jobs while my visit to AUS and have also received an offer from one of the companies. But, I can not start working until I receive my partner visa, which is under process. The company has given me the offer letter with the joining date as pending. Is it fine if I tell my case officer that I've been offered a job in AUS, which can start only after I receive my partner visa. Will this help in speeding up my case? My case is now pending for the final decision only. All documents' assessment, medical checkup, police check, etc. has been completed and the case is now with a higher case officer for the final decision. How much time should it take now? It's been 3 months already. Please help me with your answers. Thanks.
  9. I ave just had an email with my File Reference number advising that my application has been recieved. I frontloaded my partner visa application with my medicals and police checks but I have been advised that the application will take 5-6 months to validate so my expected date for the visa to finalise is 18/1/12 (not a problem I thought) but that my initial date of entry has to be before 26/1/12 as it states on my email that my medical is only valid for 6 months??!! Has anyone else had this as I assumed that the medicals are valid for 12 months as this is what it states everywhere and I was never advised that mine would be any different. This obviously gives me such a small time frame in which my visa can be granted and when I have to enter the country....I'm really worried and don't understand why mine is valid for half the time of anyone else!! I would be interested if anyone else has had this hppen to them aswell?? Thanks in advance Tamsin
  10. Guest

    How quick?

    Hi All, I'm quite new to the site although I've used it for a bit of info in the past. and thought I might avail you all again. My (now) husband was granted a fiance visa in 1998 and we travelled to Aust the following year and were married but needed to return to the UK before he gained permenant residency. We are now returning to live in Australia and have basically had to reapply - although as we have now been married almost 12 years he will be granted permenant residency straight away. We sent his application in last Friday, so it would have been delivered this gone Monday. We had an email from the case worker yesterday asking for a couple of extra bits and asking for my hubby to book his medical. The surgery had a cancellation so his appointment is next Tuesday. The extra bits of information were posted this morning so will arrive tomorrow. As this all seems to be progressing so incredibly fast, do you think we will still be waiting the 5-6 months shown on the web site? All thoughts and experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi there, I'm an Aussie citizen who has been living in the UK for the last 2 years but am set to go home when my visa expires in October. My boyfriend (british citizen) and I want to return to Aus together and are considering applying for a working holiday visa for him. We are both 23 and still have the travel bug so think 12 months in Aus, working and allowing him to travel my wonderful country, will help us decide if we are ready to settle in Aus permanently and apply for a de facto partner visa. My question is - does anyone know at which point we can apply for the partner visa during the 12 month WHV period? We have already been living together over 12 months in the UK and plan to live together in Aus so that part would not be a factor. Thanks very much for any help! Megs
  12. My partner is Australian and we have been together for a year. Unfortunately I have had to return to England (1) to work, and (2) because Australian Immigration have flagged me as a "visa hopper" and have stipulated I am unable to return without a permanent visa. My partner has two children and is unable to leave Australia. Unfortunately, the complications don't end there :err: My partner is seperated but not divorced. She is undergoing a very lengthy and legally intensive seperation due to owning a number of companies and real estate with her previous partner. Consequentially she has been unable to process a divorce. We can prove her seperation date but are lacking in the divorce stakes. I have been living with her in a defacto arrangement for about 9 months but as I have been "evicted" we are unable to continue this for a 12 month period. Prior to this I lived nearby as I have family in Perth, and this was a more sensible arrangement for a new couple. Due to the legal proceedings we have been unable to live as a fully fledged couple. If I had supported her financially with the house and utility bills it would mean that her ex-partner would have a claim on my assets (which, believe me, he would pursue), whereas he and his new partner have been very careful in this respect. We have a joint back account, but I realise that doesn't really prove much. We can provide a variety of information about our relationship, but I'm very scared that this won't be enough - family references, photographs, flight receipts, emails, usual stuff. I had to return to England in February for a number of weeks during which time my partner flew here to be with me and meet my family and friends. I am highly qualified in an industry that is in demand in Australia, but given the nature of my work as a consultant I rarely work longer than 6 months for a client. This has made it difficult to get sponsored on a 457 visa as an alternative. I did look into longer term work and was offered a $100k/year job on the condition I could arrange a visa as they were unable to do so. My last resort was Skilled Migration on a 175 visa, but have heard that can now take 3-4 years to process, and there's no way I can go even a fraction of that without working. At the heart of it I am absolutely devastated. It feels like we've looked into so many options but each lead has come to a dead end. It feels like the De Facto Partner Visa is our only real option, and despite our hazy evidence I am intending to pursue it regardless. I am at a stage when I do not have the finances available to use a migration agent, so we really will be winging this on our own. Any help and advice really would be greatly appreciated. I have been back in England a week and each and every day is hell, especially from not knowing when we can be together again. Surely if we can make a case to Immigration that proves we're a bonafide loving couple then that would be enough!?!
  13. Guest

    Very confused - after 457 visa?

    Hi all, I'm 28.. been living in Australia for almost 2 years now, on working holiday visas, and just recently got a 2 year 457 visa through the company I work for. It feels like I've been jumping through immigration hoops forever now, so I'm already trying to prepare for what will happen when this visa runs out. The HR woman at my work made it seem like once I'd been on a 457 visa for 2 years, I would be eligible for PR, no problems. BUT, I was trying to decipher the DIAC information on their website and it seems like I'd still have to be sponsored by my current employer. How does that work exactly? Is there some stipulation that you have to continue working for them if they sponsor your PR application? It's not that I hate my job, just simply that I was looking forward to the end of my 457 visa in order to have opportunities at other companies, given that the opportunities for advancement where I am now are limited. But I'm not sure I could stomach getting them to sponsor me for PR and then quitting a few months later. Is there any other way to get around that, or would it be like starting at the beginning of the process again, applying for PR without an employer sponsor (which I tried originally but didn't quite meet the points requirement). I've also been living with my Aussie partner for 6 months now, so would it make more sense for us to apply for a partner sponsored visa when my 457 visa runs out? Or is that the same thing basically as getting another 457 visa, given that we'd only be granted a 2 year provisional visa at first? I'm basically trying to figure out the shortest route to PR... not that I'm trying to cut corners, just trying to understand all the different visa options and what's the best route for my particular situation - Basically wanting to be able to stay with my boyfriend in Oz, work for whoever I want, qualify for medicare so we can think about having kids sometime in the next millenium... I feel like my life has been on hold for the past two years and everything's been a temporary fix. I really appreciate the advice of anyone that's been through all this before! Thanks!
  14. Guest

    Proposal/Visa Drama!

    Hello all, Potentially very stupid question coming up but as I am panicking thought I'd best check. I am applying for a defacto partner visa end of December and have been getting all the bits together for some time, know what I am doing (for once!) ete etc. My partner proposed to me on Tuesday (!!!) and now, after looking at all of my forms I am a bit confused. Am I still eligible to apply for the same visa or do I now have to declare myself as a fiance? On the form 40 sp it looks like as I am now a fiance I have to apply for the fiance visa, but as far as I can see the fiance visa is a completely different, offshore ( I am in Aus and have been for 15 months) and expensive option! I am really very confused! Any helps will warrant lots of cyber hugs and kisses!
  15. Guest

    Help with partner visa please!!

    Hi all can anyone who has successfully sponsored their partner please give me some advice. My partner has just received a knockback for a job soley on the basis he is not a resident, even though he has a working holiday visa. So we think it may be time to apply for the De facto partner temp visa. We have 2 main problems. 1. I met him whilst travelling. although we have been living together for 12 months, for the first 9 I unofficially lived in his flat in the uk not receiving mail there until the last month or two. he owns it so no lease. we have no joint accounts or real estate as we have had no need to merge these things. If it aint broke and all that! and for the last 3 months he has lived with me in OZ. So basically my question is wont is seem sus if we now merge accounts/bills/mail etc right before we submit an application?? has everybody else had all these things sorted for the full 12 months previous? 2. We will want to 'country share' for the next few years or so, eventually settling here. So if we were to leave OZ and live in the uk for a year during the 2 year temp partner visa will this void the visa or hurt our chances of coming back? Our situation is we are willing to do anything to stay together, and to both be able to work in each others countries. we will obviously be geting married at some stage, but with all the costs of flights, visas, living etc its just not an option right now. if all else fails do they just expect you to get married in a registry. how depressing :sad: thank you for checking out my thread yours confusedly Bec :arghh: