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Found 153 results

  1. Hello I'm just wondering if any doctors have experience of or contacts who have returned to UK after working in Australia? I left the UK 4 years ago and have since completed my General Practitioner training in Australia. I am now looking to return home early 2018 (apparently this makes me crazy!). My research tells me I face a mountain of daunting paperwork to get my GP training accredited so I can work over there. Looks like I have to apply for entry onto the Specialist Register via CEGPR (Certificate of Eligibility for General Practice Registration) which consists of a 800 page portfolio. It would be really helpful to talk to someone who's done it already... I am also taking with me my Australian partner and we plan to apply for a partner visa which seems like another large hurdle! Any experience of that would be useful to hear about too!!! Who would think returning home would be so difficult. Any help much appreciated. Thanks! Faye
  2. Elle Freeman

    Partner Visa 309

    Hello everyone! Elle here. Just a brief rundown of my situation: I'm a Brit and my boyfriend is an Aussie. We've been together five 1/2 years, are living in England now, but intend to move to Australia next spring (2018). We are not married, and do not have a joint bank account, but have lived together and have years of social media posts to prove this. We want to do everything to make sure our partner Visa 309 is processed without any hitches or extra expense! I would massively appreciate if people could give me a detailed breakdown of the process as they experienced it: -Exactly what documentation they provided? -What stages does the process involve? -Does both the Aussie citizen and their partner need police certificates? -Did you get contacted and asked for more information? -Are there any lessons they know now that they wished they knew before? In advance, thank you so much everyone. Obviously, it's a huge cost for this visa, so we want to get it right. Cheers, Elle.
  3. Hi guys, first post here! Okay, so basically, I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. I would like to apply for a partner visa subclass 309 (the one which ends with permanent residency after 2 years) so I can live in Australia with my girlfriend (she's the Aussie) and also be able to travel back and forward to the UK without having to get a different visa each and every time. We are both currently in the UK, and she has until June 30th 2018 until her UK working holiday visa expires and has to go back to Australia, and obviously I want to go too! Problem is, on the Aussie immigration website, it says the current processing time for the 309 temporary visa is 70% completed in 13 months, and 90% in 16 months. June is only 10 months away. What's the best way to go about this? Is there a different visa I can get to go to Australia in June next year and apply for my Partner Visa? Am I even allowed to travel to Australia on a separate visa whilst my partner one is being processed? Or is it better to go to Australia on a 6/12 months visitor visa, then apply for my partner visa whilst I'm there (if that's even allowed)? Thank you so much in advance! This is a confusing and slightly stressful process, but obviously so, so worth it.
  4. Im Australian and my partner is English. We've applied for a partner visa and been told we need more proof that we were in a defacto relationship before we applied. We were living with his dad and his dad has done a stat dec, plus we've got letters and bills etc addressed to us there but they said they need a lease or rental agreement. We didnt have one because it was his dads house but now were trying to work out if theres a way to make one and back date it? If not is there anything else we can provide to prove we were living in a defacto relationship? Thanks
  5. Dear all, I really need some with partner visa application. I received my PR (visa 189) for AUS in March 2017. For some personal reason, I didnt include my family in the migrating dependents. Now, I ffel that I made a big mistake. I am currently outside AUS and family is also outside AUS. I plan to apply for Visa 309 for my family but since the amount is huge, I need to check if I can apply from outside Aus ( as am currently working outside AUS and also not living in AUS). My spouse and I am married for more than 10 years and have 3 kids.... Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks and God bless you.... Regards, SRK
  6. Hello, A question about Bridging Visas please... My partner and I are looking at applying onshore for a Partner Visa (820) and investigating Bridging Visas. He would be entering Australia on a 3 month tourist visa. This is taken from the 'Partner Migration Booklet 1' : "Persons applying in Australia for a Partner visa may not be immediately eligible to work or study in Australia, unless their previous visa allowed them to do so. Once their previous visa ceases, Partner visa applicants with an associated Bridging visa A or Bridging visa B may be immediately eligible to work in Australia. Further information regarding bridging visas is available from the department’s website www.border.gov.au/trav/visi/visi/bridging-visas " We are concerned about the wording 'MAY BE imediately elibible'. Does this mean there's situations that he wouldn't be? We are wanting to be 100% certain that he will be able to work after his tourist visa expires and the Bridging Visa comes into effect. It just seems too good to be true? Going from having no work rights to automatically being able to work for the 2 years while awaiting a decision, is this right? Thanks, Nicole.
  7. Hi, me and my sister are both over 18, and are dependent in a de facto(temporary) visa application for our mom and her partner. We stated that we are still studying as to why we are dependents even if we're over 18. We lodged the application last Dec 2016 and we're still waiting for the approval til now. We're currently in a tourist visa in australia. My first question is: how likely is it that our visa will get approved? We've been waiting for 6 months now, and we havent heard from them yet. this end month, our tourist visa will expire and i am planning on going back to our country but my sister and mom are planning on extending for another 3 months. My next question is: is me going back to our country alone and separated from my mom and sister will affect the decision of the embassy to our application? please help. Thank you!
  8. madamecissy

    Same Sex partner visa?

    Hi, I have been in a relationship with my Australian girlfriend for almost 9 months (and have known each other for even longer) and we are exploring the future option for me to move to Australia to be with her. I am Dutch but live in Britain and have separated from my British wife and awaiting the divorce to become final. i went over to Australia to be with her for 3 weeks in March this year and she will arrive in England for 9 weeks on Tuesday (yay!). We won't be able to meet the criteria of living together for 12 months etc as our relationship is largely long distance. Daily phone calls lasting hours, Skype calls, letters... we are logging everything to support our relationship evidence should we need it in the future. Would regestering our relationship in the state of Victoria - where my girlfriend lives- make it easier? What if we got married abroad? Does that change anything? Australia doesn't recognise same sex marriage, I know, but does it change the status of our relationship in their eyes somehow? What else can we do to increase our chances of a successful application? i guess I'm trying to work out if any other couples have managed to successfully navigate this road and any tips and advice are welcome! Christel & Kait
  9. Hi all, My official discharge date from the RAF is 04 Mar 18, however my last working day is 15 Dec 17, when we fly to Brisbane. I have been told that my Partner Visa cannot be granted until Mar 18 (discharge date) and I will have to enter Australia on a different Visa (so I will be unable to work for 3-4 months), then leave for 5 days to have the Partner one issued. I have had friends do this previously and they were granted visas before the official discharge date. Can any one shed any light on this please? I don't want to annoy my case officer by asking "are you sure you are correct?" Maybe there is some Gov policy somewhere I can look up? Fingers crossed for some help!
  10. We are in the process of applying for an 820 partner visa. On the application, there is a section that covers the '4 pillars' of a relationship. Financial, social, household and nature of commitment. Space for 2000 character letter answers. It was our understanding that we had to cover these areas in our Statutory declarations. So what is the best way to approach this? Should we focus more on the questions in the application form? Or should we focus more on the statutory declarations? Or should we fill in the same information in both? Any tips appreciated.
  11. Hi Every one, My PR expired in 2013, I was away from Australia for the last 6 years due to compelling reasons. Recently applied RRV and my RRV is approved. I have been working in India for last 6 years, I want to come back to Australia in August. I am married in 2011, we had a child aged 4 years now.Now I want to apply partner visa before I come to Australia as processing time takes more than 1 year. 1.Do I need to provide proof of income/ bank guarantee in Australia to sponsor my partner ? 2.My offer letters, salary slips in India are sufficient ? 3. Am I eligible to apply partner visa if I was away from Australia for 6 years ? 4.What is the better option for me , applying partner visa on shore or off shore ? Please advise. Appreciate your time and help. Thank you.
  12. Hello, Probably a very stupid question but what address should we put on statements/affidavits for immigration if I'm applying on shore? I assume it's: Department of Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616 That's the address on the acknowledgement of application. Thank you, Greg
  13. My husband and I submitted our application on 1st March (background: I am an Australian citizen, we have been together 14 yrs, married 6 and have two children aged 8 & 3 both of whom are citizens by descent and have Aus passports) and we received an email on 8th April requested police checks and medical be completed. The email was signed with a persons name (not just a computer generated email) so can I assume that this would be our case officer? I understand that it is different in all cases but given that ours is very straightforward does it seem likely that our application with be processed quickly? Police checks came through very quickly and have already been uploaded to our Immi account. The medical was completed on 18th April but not yet submitted. I spoke to someone from the hospital today and they said the Dr will upload on Tuesday when next in. I am really hopeful that our wait won't be too long and have been reading some very encouraging posts from people saying they had their approval within weeks!
  14. Hi All, My wife and I got married recently after my Prospective Marriage Visa was approved and we moved from the UK to Sydney in December 2016. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'm in the process of applying for my Partner Visa 801 from Australia. My question is about documents and evidence. We submitted documents for the PMV online and will do the same for the Partner Visa. I kept copies of my submitted evidence for my PMV and had it all certified in the UK. Can I just use a lot of that again or do I need to get it all certified in Australia now? I know we'll need new declarations and the wedding certificate will need to be certified, but copies of my ID documents and all other documents just seems like so much work, when I could just upload what I previously submitted. I think my police check will be over 12 months very soon too, so I'm hoping they won't ask for a new one. I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much, Greg
  15. hi guys here we go again! I am currently on a 457(expires2019) as a HR Advisor. Today my occupation has been removed from the list. In February I lodged a Partner visa 820. Looking at worst case scenario as I haven't had much luck in the past, my questions is if I lose my job(currently on probation after my visa was transferred following redundancy at Xmas) would my 457 become defunct and my bridging visa linked to Partner visa kick in? My current 457 wouldn't be valid anymore as my occupation has been removed so I wouldn't be able to find another employer to transfer this visa. Anyone know how this would work? thanks all Kez
  16. waterhyacinth666

    820 partner visa

    Hi, My partner and I want to apply for a 820 partner visa (he has a PR) but we both have had partners in the past on our separate visas. He sponsored his now ex-partner when he arrived here in 2009 and again when they went through the PR process which was granted in Aug 2013. They broke up shortly after and she has since moved back to the UK. I sponsored my now ex-partner on my Temporary Resident visa which expired in Sept 2014. My ex and I split in Oct 2013 but I did not inform immigration of this split. My current partner and I have been living together since June 2014 and now want to lodge a 820 partner sponsored visa but was wondering if our past relationships will reflect badly on this application? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  17. Bethan Watson

    Work Extension Ending WHV Partner Visa

    LOSING MY MIND. Hired a migration officer. Lodged partner application a month and a bit before my 2nd WHV work place 6 month limitation ends. I love my job, and I can't imagine being without it. At the same time as lodging the partner application, I also got the lawyer to send away a Form 1445, which states in exceptional circumstances such as lodging a de facto visa I can extend. We've heard nothing. It's 2 weeks today before I can't work with my job any more...what's going on?! There was a mistake that the lawyer amended but she said it wouldn't make a difference, because she fixed it. Instead of June, I put May as my termination time. But she amended it before they sent it off. I thought they looked at them within 2 weeks, not waited until 2 weeks before the expiration of my work placement. Any one else with experience of this, could you tell me what to expect? I'm freaking out. :wacko:
  18. Hoping for advise, my husband is Australian by birth and has an Aussie passport. There doesn't seem to be a problem getting citizenship by descent for the children, he is listed as Australian on their birth certificates. Therefore the three of them could I believe go to Aussie without any problems. I however am English and have to apply for a Partner visa. Looking at the form it appears that all four of us have to pass the medical. That's the problem my son has a rare chromosome disorder(Potocki lupski syndrome), Autism and severe learning difficulties basically he'll never be independent. Given that the 3 of them could just hope on a plane without me. Do they still need to Take/pass the medical, for me to go? if no-one knows do you know who I can ask before I fork out the £2,600(Yikes!).
  19. condenast

    189 Visa with same-sex partner

    Dear All, I would like to know if anyone in this forum has ever tried to obtain a 189 Visa, or any other kind of visa, and included a same-sex partner in the application. I intend to immigrate with my partner, and I am still trying to increase my score for the 189 above the threshold, but I fear that if even if I succeed and get the score, there could be some trouble to obtain his visa as a spouse. Thank you very much.
  20. Hi all, I have a question regarding Partner Visa 309. Hope someone will be able to help me out. I am a PR holder in Australia, currently residing in Australia. However only been here for only a month. Therefore, I am still seeking employment. My wife and I are hoping to lodge her Partner visa application within this week, wanted to know if me not being employed currently would affect my wife's Partner visa processing in any way. Since it has been only a month since i got here, im sure i will be able to get a job within the next couple of weeks. However, I am also able to show a reasonable amount as savings, that I can show as proof saying I am able to support my wife for a reasonable timeframe even without a job. Pls let me know if this would be an issue or if there is a work around for this. Cheers, BMAP
  21. irishaus

    partner visa query

    My husband has criminal record but has passed character test for visitor visa (went to ministerial discrestion.) I am looking into partner visa, will he have to be reassessed in character test. We have been together 4 yrs, married for 1, have a child and he has been to aus 4 times and currently in Ireland. Thanks.
  22. seanm87

    189 Partner Declaration

    I have just submitted my EOI on skill select. One of the questions is about relationship status, I am in a relationship but it hasn't been 12 months. Shall I answer De Facto or Never been married? Also it says do I wish to include a partner on future applications does that mean the immediate application if i am invited to apply or any future partner visas when my relationship is long enough to satisfy the De Facto criteria? Thanks,
  23. Hi all I am new to this website but I am hoping to get some help. I moved to Australia from the UK in august 2011 (best thing I ever done) I was granted my temporary partner visa 820 on the 2nd September 2014 me and my partner are engaged and have a 4 month old little boy together I am an only child what options do we have to get my parents out here, I am finding it so hard bringing up there only grandchild without them here to see him grow up and of course I miss them lots. they are aged 48 they have owned businesses in the UK ( I heard there may be a possible visa for them to come over and start a business) are there any visas which will allow them to come over and work for a year to see if they like it out here. what options do we have to get them here with us? can my partner sponsor them? if anyone can please give me this information so I can pass it on to them. if its quite a complex answer can you please simplify it down a little for me lol thank you soooooo much in advanced
  24. Hello All, I am currently on a Temporary Working Visa 457 but changing it to a Partner Visa. My boyfriend is Australian, we've been together for just over 2 years & living together for a year & a half. I'm reading on the forums here that Partner Visas are taking around 13 months to be granted & my 457 Visa runs out in September. Will I be granted a bridging visa when this happens & will this happen automatically? Would my Partner Visa go through quicker if I paid for a migration agent or an Immigration lawyer? I'd like to avoid this though as we really couldn't afford it. Also can anyone tell me when I need to pay for the Visa? I've begun applying online, is it when I submit the application? Thanks in advance for any help! x
  25. Hi, I'm new here. My names Tony and I just wanted to log my progress and follow up on any other applicants' processing times. I lodged my 309 Partner Visa on 21st February 2014 online, our CO contacted us in March, all documentation was completed in May, Medical and Police checks were completed at the end of June. I always like a bit of wishful thinking and have flights booked (but can be changed) in November (81/2 months after lodging my visa). I'd love to hear about other applicants around this date. On another note, I recently emailed my case officer for confirmation of my medical checks and I obviously asked for an approximate time frame for my visa to be granted but I didn't get a reply from my case officer, instead I got a reply from a guy named Luis who informed me that if all documentaton is submitted then I should just wait. I thought I had my case officer until my visa is granted and i have purposefully only emailed her twice as to not be annoying. I'm a little annoyed that because I've been a bit more of an "easy customer" that she can't even be bothered to reply to me.