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  1. Guest

    recci in perth part 2

    i hope it makes sence lol i typed in once then got timed out well after landing in perth at around 2am ady went to fetch hire car he was a bit scared as never driven an automatic before so said would go on his own to have a drive round the car park lol, with the sat nav (highly recommend but make sure it's up to date) took us about 45mins to get to or house......... once in went straight to bed and set alarm for 9 try and stay into a routin which did help with the jet lag once we got up went a drive around could not believe how beautiful the place was very clean open spaces, went a drive to the beach which took our breath away with the white sand and blue sea not a sole in sight just went on for miles. the following day did a big shop at woolworth filled our trolly have been told from people on here there is not much choice but i beg to differ they were different price's just like over here. the chicken is expensive but went to red rooster a couple of time which is loads better than kfc....fruit and veg taste so nice and fresh would say about the same price but could not find no grapes which i love, meat is dirt cheap they do loads of styles and barbie-q packs they also do lots of speacials which are cheaper. like i say we filled up with loads of food and cost around £80/90 as here would have been at least £130 but again depends what you want if you want top of the range food then you have to pay for it, but the cheaper stuff taste just the same. the school we looked at was very nice the children have more respect there for the teachers than over here so was very happy. houses you get what you pay for but they are all very nice even the older house yes some need work done to them but still better than some here prices get dearer the nearer to perth you go. public transport: well the first time we went to warnbro to catch the train had not got a clue how the machine's work lol but a kind man who worked there said wait here i will try and get you a free ticket, he then came back with a family pass for the day to also use on the buses and ferry our mouths just dropped and thanked him saying there is no way you would get that back home. all the trains buses and ferry were so clean yes i saw the odd bit of graffity but so what you never noticed it had to look for it. hubby spoke to some people in the building trade while there and although it has slowed down to what it was there is still loads of work, they will take you on for the day to try you out but be warned if your no good they will tell you straight and tell you to p**** off but if your a good clean brickie hard working than you will have no probs............. all in all we had a wonderful time going to freemantle prison walking around the port had a laugh at a shop there called didgeridoo breath you can go in and play them ended up buying one as had so much fun,the people in there were so friendly and helpful telling us where to visit and nice places to eat would recommend everyone go in there. i think the best part was watching the children be children again that at one point i had tears in my eye's, they were building a very large sand villiage saying it was there kingdom we had to feed the sea with the sand or else would make it mad we were in fits of laughter doing this, hubby and me left them to it as we walked up the beach after spending about 3hrs there had to go for food but they did not want to leave....................... i know now in my heart that going for a recci was the best thing we did as confirmed that it's the right thing to do as a family the girls are happy and 100% behind us now, i would say to anyone i know it cost alot to do but we got a loan to pay for it and will pay once house is sold but reading the good and bad points that people put about oz made my head spin, i was beliving what people were saying i.e that it is expensive, ,boring,not many shops ect well i was so shocked at what i saw there is everything you need and more and you can only see for yourselfs not just go on what other's put. well i have gone on long enough but can not wait to get back as felt more at home there than i do in my own country. if anyone wants to ask me anything will anwser as truthfully as possiable julie :wubclub:
  2. Guest

    our reccki in perth part 1

    hi all well we had the best time ever fell in love with the place and can not wait to go back for good......... we set off on the national express from where we live took us to london the reason we went with them is because of cost, we live in the midlands and in a mini bus would have been £380 return as on the coach was £98. took us about 5 hrs but once at airport could walk around. our flight was not till 10pm so had 6hrs to kill which flew by. by this time was in a lot of pain with my back but as soon as we boared was fine i had a seat with plenty of leg room as the excape hatch was in front just looked like they had taken the seat out for me lol....... the flight was long but the children had loads to do watching all the films never heard from them much thoughout the flight. we changed at singapore to perth which they provided me with a wheelchair which was great as fair enough you are the last to leave the plane but are escorted all the way through sercurity in front of everyone and get to board first, so if you do find you can not walk far or suffer back pain request a wheelchair when booking as saves you time and get lots of help. the food was really nice some where asian this was the menu: singapore to perth this was just one of the meals starter/potato salad with pork mortadella sausages main/ oriental roast chichen with chinese greens and rice or/ perch fillet in herb sauce with roasted veg and potatoes cheese and crackers + roll and butter tea or cofee ice cream chloe has a nut allergy so they made the flight a nut free flight by cleaning all the plane before we where on and changing the air filters of all flights taken. they had prepaired her her own menu of food which she loved like i have stressed this company can not do enough for you they want everyone to enjoy the time. the only thing i could think of that was a negitive the tv where it was in my chair was broke had to get my son's belt and wrap arround the tv to be able to watch but if that was all there is to moan about i am a happy bunny will post the next lot so i dont bore you lol julie :wubclub:
  3. Example of a Statutory Declaration: (if company/employer you worked for has closed down or are un-contactable) In the event of the company/employer you trained with having closed down or being un-contactable, you will be able to reference this employment in the form of a Statutory Declaration: I (full name) of (address and post code and country and Job Title) do solemnly declare as follows: I was employed by ABC Bricklayers from 01/01/1995 (always DD/MM/YY) to 01/01/2001 I was taken on as an apprentice Bricklayer and over the following years I gained a vast amount of experience in the Bricklayer field. I completed a five year apprenticeship, during which time I gained training and knowledge both at technical College on one day release, and on site from the experienced Bricklayer with whom I was placed. In 1995, I began the first year of my apprenticeship on a basic starting salary of £15,000 per year. During this time, I was taught a variety of skills to enable me to gain a firm grasp of the trade by a qualified Bricklayer. Below is a list and explanation of the itinerary which I followed during my first year of training. REFER TO YOUR DESIGNATED COMPETENCIES AND ASCO CODE – explain all duties taught in the first year, how they were taught and who they were taught by. Also include details of any Tools you were taught to use and any major projects you worked on as examples. After mastering the first year of training, I progressed to being shown more complicated skills by a qualified Bricklayer. In accordance with my developing skills, I was rewarded with a pay increase of £16,000 per year. Continue referencing your training in this manner, referring to the guidelines of the training reference on pages 3 to 5 of this document. … … I do solemnly declare that all the information provided is complete and correct in every detail. I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the Statutory Declaration Act 1835 and subject to penalties provided by that Act for the making of false statements in statutory declarations, conscientiously believing the statements contained in this declaration to be true on every particular. Signed: <your name here> Contact details: Declared at: Date: Signature and Contact Details of person before whom the declaration is made: (Judge, solicitor, JP, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public) Stamp of Witness:
  4. Example of a Training Reference: (if company/employer you trained with is still trading) Your training reference should be a minimum of 2 to 3 pages long and reflect a breakdown of each year of your training period showing clearly what you learnt, if you were supervised, how you were assessed, what tools/machinery you mastered, etc.: (References must always be printed on company letterhead paper) Current Date (There must always be a present date) To whom it may concern, Re: John Smith – Training / Employment Reference I wish to confirm that John Smith was employed by ABC Bricklayers from 01/01/1995 (always DD/MM/YY) to 01/01/2001 John was taken on as an apprentice Bricklayer, whereby over the following years he gained a vast amount of experience in the Bricklayer field. John completed a five year apprenticeship during which time he gained training and knowledge both at technical College on one day realise and on site from the experienced Bricklayer with whom he was placed. In 1995, John began the first year of his apprenticeship on a basic starting salary of £15,000 per year. During this time, John was taught a variety of skills to enable him to gain a firm grasp of the trade by a qualified Bricklayer. Below is a list and explanation of the itinerary which John followed during his first year of training. REFER TO YOUR DESIGNATED COMPETENCIES AND ASCO CODE – explain all duties taught in the first year, how they were taught and who they were taught by. Also include details of any Tools you were taught to use and any major projects you worked on as examples. After mastering the first year of training, John progressed to being shown more complicated skills by a qualified Bricklayer. In accordance with John’s developing skills, he was rewarded with a pay increase of £16,000 per year. Below is a list and explanation of the itinerary which John followed during 1996 which was his second year of training. REFER TO YOUR DESIGNATED COMPETENCIES AND ASCO CODE – explain all duties taught in the second year showing an obvious skill development, how they were taught and who they were taught by. Also include details of any Tools you were taught to use and any major projects you worked on as examples. In the third year of John’s training in 1997, he showed strong progression in the trade and as such begun taking on tasks independently, however continued to be trained by a qualified Bricklayer. John was also rewarded with a pay increase in his third year, earning £17,000 per year. REFER TO YOUR DESIGNATEDCOMPETENCIES AND ASCO CODE – explain all duties taught in the third year showing an obvious skill development, how they were taught and who they were taught by. Also include details of any Tools you were taught to use and any major projects you worked on as examples. In John’s fourth year of training in 1998 we were confident that he had climbed the ladder from beginner’s tasks to that of an almost qualified Bricklayer, however we continued to train him as he still needed to be shown a variety of difficult tasks by a qualified Bricklayer, which included the following: REFER TO YOUR DESIGNATED COMPETENCIES AND ASCO CODE – explain all duties taught in the fourth year showing an obvious skill development, how they were taught and who they were taught by. Also include details of any Tools you were taught to use and any major projects you worked on as examples. In the fifth year of John’s training in 1999, we considered him to be just qualified and by this point he was one of our most motivated and reliable Bricklayers. Because of this dramatic skills development, John was rewarded with a pay rise of to £18,000 with the potential and skills to continually gain salary increases.
  5. Guidelines for your Training Reference: Referencing your Work Experience Together with your qualifications, your references are one of the most important aspects of your VETASSESS application as they help determine whether your hands-on skills are comparable to the Australian standard. In broad terms there are two types of references required in the VETASSESS process, (i) a training/apprenticeship reference, and (ii) non-training references which cover all other relevant periods of your employment history and additional training up until present day. There are also two methods for referencing your career: employers that you have worked for and whose companies are still in operation can provide a reference or sign a prepared reference for you,and companies you have worked for that have since closed down can be referenced in the form of a Statutory Declaration, which we will cover later in these guidelines. Your training reference is the most crucial in proving to the VETASSESS how you went from untrained as a beginner to becoming fully qualified and confident in carrying out the daily expectations of your trade. You will find an outline reference to follow, however as a guide the training reference must include the following details: · Dates that you worked for this company and company details · Position held with this company and for how long, e.g. “March 1981 Bricklayers Labourer, April 1982 – November 1987 Bricklayer Apprentice, December 1987 – June 1990 Fully Qualified Bricklayer.” · Break training up into sections, e.g. “In their first training year at the company X learned the following skills… In their second year we progressed to learning… In the third training year…” etc. Detail tasks and how you were taught these by a fully qualified tradesperson in your industry (you need to continually refer to having been taught by a qualified tradesperson). · You will need to include details of salary as a means of showing progression over time as you were acknowledged for your new abilities, e.g. “X started on a weekly wage of £___. As X’s skills were recognised his/her pay was increased to £___.” Continue to do this as you show the progression of your wages from a beginner to becoming fully qualified. This shows VETASSESS how you were paid accordingly as your skills developed. · List tools which you were taught to use and master – this is another method of showing progression in the skills of your trade. · After having referenced your training period, continue your reference to cover the period of time you were employed at your company as a fully qualified tradesperson, listing your hands-on duties and responsibilities in your role up until the time you ceased employment with that particular company.
  6. Document Certification Unless otherwise stated all documents for Australian Migration must be in the form of certified copies. Please follow these guidelines carefully as documents that are not properly certified can cause delays to your application. Applicants should note the following points concerning certification of documents Definition of a certified document A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document which is stamped as being a true copy of the original by a solicitor, JP, Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public. Correctly certified documents are a vital part in preparing a successful Visa application. If you submit a photocopy of an original document to your assessing body or the Department of Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs which is not certified e.g. Birth Certificate, then your application will not be processed. The application will be considered incomplete and you will be given a dead line to supply the missing evidence or the application will become invalid. To ensure you have properly certified your original documents, please follow the below guidelines. You must provide a properly certified copy of the ORIGINAL document. Certified copies of previously certified documents will not be accepted. Proper certification should appear on every page, and must show the following: • A Statement from Solicitor / Justice of the Peace indicating that this is a true copy of the original. • The signature & date of the Solicitor / Justice of the Peace certifying the document • The name of the Solicitor / Justice of the Peace certifying the document. This should be clearly printed or evident in the official stamp • The address of the person certifying the document • The phone number and if possible the email address of the person certifying the document • Where possible, an official stamp indicating the status of the person certifying the document, i.e. Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, or indicating the name of the law firm. For migration purposes, only the following people are able to certify copies original documents: • Practicing Solicitor • Justice of the Peace • Commissioner for Oaths • Notary Public For other purposes, Post offices, banks or Police offices are able to certify documents, please note that they are NOT able to certify documents for migration purposes.

    Channel 4 part 3 there comming to our house

    i Everyone, Well channel 4 rang again today(TUESDAY) and MARTIN CONNERY IS COMMING TO OUR HOUSE ON Monday TO MEET THE FAMILY.He really does seem keen to get us on the programme, he is also hoping the family from liverpool will be available for him to meet also.I just carnt believe it, i only filled in the application form thinking to myself i wont hear anymore about it, he is going to ring me on friday with further information, will keep you all posted of the next stage OMG :unsure:RIKKI MARK ASHLEY AND NIAMH ... LOCATION LOCATION DOWN UNDER

    Channel 4 part 2 location location

    HI THERE EVERYONE, I just got the second call from martin connery looks like he wants to come up and meet us all soon as we will be off in 8 weeks on sunday, We have to just sort a few things out first ,but he said the producers liked our story and so we may be on the show OMG i carnt quite believe it, just thought i would give you a up date and wondered who else has been contacted for a second time :twitcy:
  9. Anyone fancy another meet up (same place) some time in October? I thought October a good time as once your into November it starts getting pre Christmas busy for everyone...... Anyone want to suggest some dates they are available? I'm easy...I don't actually have a life lol
  10. Briggy

    Part 2 moan moan moan:)))

    Just an update on the first moan moan moan. My daughter finally got in touch after a few months to now tell her dad that she is going to marry the knob head BF. They are getting married in May next year bubbleing as I write this as she has broken her mums heart once again. I have to sit back and let her marry a person who has treated her like crap, and he asked her to stay with him incase it didn't work out with his X, needless to say it didn't and my daughter is going to marry him:cry::cry: And I can't do a thing about it guttered:(((((((( I have sent her a letter telling her I will always love her and be there for her when she is ready, can't do much more. She is also making it impossible for every one to go to the wedding as they are getting married in spain and peeps cant afford it seems like we dont matter in her heart any more, dads are supposed to give their daughters away but she isnt bothered. Thanks for listening to my moans:)))Just thought I would update you all. Briggyxxx:)))
  11. Hi Guys i really dont know how i am going to tell you about Part 7 with swearing but here goes. Yesterday the suvyors spend 6 1/2 hours in our house, they told us all in all it was stuctually sound and a really good house, needs some work but then it is an old house, they talked about how wonderful the roof was and that it was one of the best houses they'd seen in a long time BUT they told "she's back" a different story. They said it needed 20k spent on it !!!!!!!!!! and that it was worth 50k LOWER than her offered price................well ofcourse she's gone MAD. These "men" said they will charge 1/2 price for the suvyor if they didn't have to type up a written report and she has agreed, therefore taking there word for it.....can you believe this women, she can not see out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has not taken into account the location and future valuation, the fact that if it does need 20k worth of work done than that could be over the next 20 years, not in the next 20 days, the house IS NOT FALLING APART!!! This has been the final straw, we can not take anymore of her messing around. She told the EA that she will probably not sell her place which was due to complete on the 2nd September, therefore everyone looses out especially her disabled husband......poor chap and he has to live with her. I am feeling sooooooooooo FED UP, i feel sick. I wish this could have been our lucky seven, but its not to be. On the good side someone else want to look at it for renting, just waiting to here about that one. Got to go starting to cry and i carn't find my glasses:sad::cry:
  12. Guest

    "she's back" part six

    Well the surveryor's (yes two of them) have been...............what a day. They came at 9.02 and left at 3.14pm. All in all things look good, yes there is problems afterall the house is 80 years old (which is how old i feel today) and he will be recommending "stuff" to be done to "she's is back". However we feel confident that she will be happy with her serveyors report and we are NOT going to drop the price anymore and thats that !!! Next step is Friday when her OT comes to check the place out, maybe just maybe she'll be happy then.......................but i want be holding my breath. PS i just have to tell you what the younger man was waring...........it went like this brown shoes with white trousers, yellow check shirt and a red patterned tie finished nicely with a camal coloured jacket.................... i am not joking, i almost wet myself when he walk through the door........to top it he was bald with a very long head,, which tickled me more after three hours in the roof his bald head was covered in cobwebs ha ha ha ha ha ha cheered me up no end LOL XXX
  13. Guest

    "she's back" part FIVE

    Hi Guys Guess what, yes "she's back", in fact she was at my house on saturday with another builder and today she asked us to drop another 10K, we told her to "go away"!!!!!!! She has just come back with orginal offer and we have accepted, so therefore our house has SOLD again her her!!. Just had a phone call from the surveyer who said he'll be here on Wednesday at 9am and should be finished by 3Pm...................yes 3pm!!!!! bloody hell..................i am so stressed xx
  14. Guest

    "she is back" part four

    I dont know how much more of this womens demands needs and wants i can cope with. The lastest is.......... her buyers are continuing with the sale on her house GREAT, but she wants to rent our house and "see if she likes it", nice BUT she also wants an Occupational Therapist to come and look at the house regarding her disabled husbands needs !!!!! Can this women not get it into her head that SHE CAN NOT alter the house in any way unless she BUYS the BLOODY HOUSE. Our latest potenial tennets have backed out because they have lost the sale of there house due to guzzuping (carn't spell). Anyway we are NOT going to RENT to "she is back", she is a NIGHTMARE, tomorrow our AE will tell her she BUY's with a deposit of 10K (therefore no going back) OR she looks else where for a rented house that will be suitable for her OH needs (GOOD LUCK) At this point i just want to say how sorry i feel for her OH, he really wants our house but she is playing games and p...... people off.....mainly ME. Just to remind you i have already droped 50K so does she want my BLOOD as well. Rants over, now i will just end up having another sleepless night and i am sooooooooooo tired, head is all mushy.
  15. Consyl Publishing & Publicity Ltd this is good news you all will agree , the houses are losing value same as here and more skilled workers are needed, I have a job in oz and am waiting for the visa to come through but cant sell the house yet!!! same boat as lots of wanna be ozzies LOL sorry i forgot the link first time Martin Waiting for 457 visa meds done and all docs sent
  16. Hi I have a boutqiue recruitment agency in Joondalup,Perth WA and need a good tele sales person to work with me to build up my business. Part time, term time flexible hours to suit. Contact me to have a chat. Jan
  17. Guest

    Radiator Part 2

    Thats all i long for 3 degrees on the sunshine coast this morning at 5 am going to work it was not fun I remember when we were packing all our stuff to come to oz , i throughout my lovely thermals thinking i would never need them again . They would have been nice today Brass monkeys come to mind. eddie:cry:
  18. jimbobandrachel

    Part Time work dilema

    HI we arrived in Melbourne 4 weeks ago on a 572 visa (student) and as I am the one studying my girlfriend is trying to find work as an Analyst. She has been in touch with loads of agencies who have plenty of full time roles, but nothing part time. She is now finding that she is over qualified as the part time roles are mainly administration and would mean that we could not achieve the income we would need to live as we can only both work 20 hours. Is anybody else having the same issue? Any suggestions appreciated. Jim:arghh:
  19. I hope someone can answer this for me, What address is put in the box, is it the Radiological address or the Adelaid Visa Processing address? What date do I put, the date of the xray? Many thanks Nicky:idea::huh:
  21. nikci

    Meds - part finalised

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that 3 of our 5 meds have been finalised just myself and my son left now. So keep your fingers crossed!!! Went through really quickly arrived in Sydney on 6 June and theirs have been finalised today!! Will keep u posted! All the best Nikci
  22. Guest

    So Sad .....Part 2

    Hi Guys Just thought i would update you on Cassie. As said in my previous post after ct scan etc no brain tumour was found but she had to have 2 lumps removed from her belly. Well yesterday she got the lumps removed. Dropped her off at the vets yesterday morning & the receptionist said to me has the vet spoke to you about sterilizing cassie I said no. So the vet came out and said we recommend it as helps with the hormones etc with the lumps..ok I said. After 4 hours on the operating table they called me to say that they have found 2 cysts on her ovaries the size of golf balls & further small tumours around the 2 other lumps. The vet reckons she has very aggressive cancer but im keeping my fingers crossed for the test results in 10 days (as you remember the same vet also thought she had a brain tumour). She is now home with 2 very nasty scars on her tummy & one of those bucket things on her head so she can't bite the stitches. She can't sleep with it on so I have been up since 3am took the bucket off and she is sleeping peacefully. Thanks for all the pm's & email's about cassie. It really is appreciated. Janette x
  23. Guest

    Pathway D Blues part 2

    i forgat to mention that i went for Pathway E so this may be a way to go if you are are waiting for Pathway D to return if ever
  24. Guest

    Container scam part II

    Shoot me down for saying it but are all aussies thick? As mentioned on the last thread re. container scams i mentioned being charged $450 to have a mirror fumigated, $70 to have ladders cleaned, $60 to have tyres cleaned. Well, would you adam and eve it, i've just found out i have to pay another $450 on top for the pleasure of customs opening my container. Now this is where the fun starts. I have just received 2 invoices from the shipping company, 1 for Mrs XXXX, whom i have no idea is. So i query this. They then had the pleasure of informing me that i have yet another invoice to pay for $3,800. This has to be also be paid in full before releasing our goods. Bearing in mind we paid 4,000 pounds beforehand for the sole use of a 20ft container. Tomorrow morning i won't be going to work, to provide food on the table, instead i'll be going to talk to the shipping company who has our goods. To say this has left a bad taste in my mouth, imagine eating gone off kippers while sipping a full ash tray of beer with an after eight mint to finish it off. not ready to name and shame yet but may well do eddie:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  25. Hi Many of you will have read my previous post about my relationship with my mum and my thoughts on moving away. I have to update you all on the latest development in our family: 3 weeks ago my mum had a biopsy (she had breast cancer in 1994, beat it, bone cancer came in 2005, under control) and we have learned that the cancer has now spread to the lining of her left lung. She is to start a 4 week drug treatment and then will face the prospect of chemo, something she has managed to avoid all these years. Despite my difficult relationship with her, I feel a huge sense of sadness and guilt that, for the moment, I will continue with my plans to emigrate and just take each month as it comes. I am so ashamed of myself when I think to myself "what does this mean for us now?". I feel horribly selfish and torn in two at the moment.:sad: