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Found 113 results

  1. Dear all I have worked as an accountant for over 6 years, I am part qualified ACCA (8/14 exams) and currently work in oil and gas as a cost accountant. I would like to move with my wife and son to Oz but I am struggling to find a route without having to sit the other 6 exams which would loose me another 2 years. Looking at the PR visas I fail on points due to not being able to say I have accounting qualifications. I have talked to employment agencies in Oz who have said if I get over there on a holiday visa and meet them and have some interviews I could probably get a job because there is a high demand for oil and gas accountants at the moment but it would probably be on the 457 visa. My questions are: 1) Can I get a 457 visa without a formal accounting qualification (part qualified with good experience only) if the employer decides they want to hire me? 2) Can I convert to Permanent residency (PR) given my lack of formal qualifications later? 3) Are there any other ways I could get permanent residency ? (ENS?) Lorne
  2. Been offered a secondment to Melbourne with my current employer and as part of what seems quite a good package there is a taxable lump sum of $15,000 payable in my first wage. Can anyone shed any light on what rate of tax this would be at or would it be totally dependent upon my salary (which I'm waiting to find out). Thanks The Hippo
  3. Hello dear PIO fellows, Just a simple (and short, for a change ) question: is IT or computer science, or informatics or whatever you call it, part of the australian secondary school curriculum ? I did a basic research but just found this field–design and technology– which seems not to be quite the same. Thanks in advance for you help. Cedric.
  4. SA website informs... "The Regional Certifying Body Immigration SA is currently reviewing the policy pertaining to businesses nominating their owners under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. Nominations in this category will not be finalised until this review has been completed."
  5. I was all set to move to Aus 6 years ago when my little boy came along to disrupt plans! I thought I should stay close to family but am now again thinkin of the move down under! I am reading the cost of living has gone up over there! Are there any nurses out there that can offer some idea of income for a community nurse or single parents to offer input on how you manage in your own? Thanks in advance:wacko:
  6. Hi, we are moving to Melbourne next year Oct ..i have 1 son, age 4, planning to take the childcare community service when at melbourne..easy to get job around Doncaster East?
  7. peggsgreen

    part time nurse ??

    Hi all, after filling in all my hubbys paper work ( hes a bricklayer ) - weve been advised by everyone that we are best to go to Oz on my visa as i am a nurse. However if we go out on mine do i have to work full time? or can i work part time as my hubby would work full time. Also any tips weather we should use an agent or not would be most helpful. many thanks lisa and paul
  8. Hi please can you give us advice. We are hoping to immigrate in May but are not sure where to chose. We have 3 girls and my husband is an electrician. We are used to living in a quieter area. My husband enjoys fishing and I enjoy tennis. The kids enjoy being outdoor. A big factor is humidity. We cant cope with that, but enjoy sunny days. I suffer with allergies and just found when we lived in a hot, humid area, I really suffered. So any info would really be appreciated to help us make a choice. Thank You
  9. Guest

    Form 1276 Part L

    Hi, I am in the midst of filling up Form 1276. In Part L item 86, it's asking for previous travels to Australia, the date and the VISA number. I have traveled to Australia in the year 2000 but that passport has expired. What makes it worse is that I lost that passport during the renovation of the house. It was only a 3 weeks holiday trip. So now I have no idea how to fill in the information, I did email the Aus Immi and waiting for reply, wonder if anyone had this same problem and can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi! I am looking for a Part Time Engineer Job in Brisbane..Can anyone give some tips to find it? I am trying looking en seek.com.au and careerone but without succes...also I buy the CourierMail Newspaper every Saturday... I am Electronic Engineer with Master Degree in Industrial Enginering. I have more than 8 years of experience as IT Project Engineer/ Manager. Now, I am working in Brisbane as Electronic Assembler and I am in a project about Process Improvement, but just few hours peer week. Is it possible to find a Part Time Job?? I am with Partner Student Visa for this reason I cant work full time..
  11. Hi I have recently found out about the fly problem in nov and dec. We are looking to move to Freemantle. Is there any places that have less flies the thought of them going in your nose ears and other cavities have made my husband ick. Are they really that bad? We were going to book a reccie for nov 11 to see a few places . Thanks
  12. Hi thanks to the guys that posted the websites in my last thread MY GOD !!!!!! The price of second hand cars loads for sale but like 2.5k for a shed on wheels , newer the model a bit closer to a similar model back in the uk for price. does anyone know how easy or hard it is to get hire purchase on a new car down there , ie proof of income, utility bills etc and do they insist that you have lived there for a while before you can get the cred or can you get one straight away any help please cheers
  13. Say if the chance to emigrate is no longer an option and you did not want to stay in your current immediate area - which part of the UK/Eire would you prefer to be in? Or for those of you who have returned from Oz/abroad - have you moved to a different area than where you originally lived in the UK/Eire. What are the merits of the new area over where you were previously? I have travelled to a lot of areas in the UK (mostly through previous jobs or holidays - although all motorways look the same when you are a sales rep :SLEEP:) but have never moved far from where I grew up. I dont think that I will stay here for many more years though and will probably move to another part of the UK if emigration is not an option. Where are you and where would you rather be if you had to stay in the UK?
  14. Hi we are meeting for drinks @ the argyle on Saturday night 7.30pm at the rocks. Everyone is welcome!
  15. I have just finished organising the farewell, and people are already telling us how much we will be missed . . . .which is nice. . .but it also emphasises what we are giving up. Did you find this the hardest part? My husband is going to a good job, so that is not a worry for us. The next big worry for us I think will be settling the kids into school. Then there will be loneliness to deal with - hopefully my joining groups will solve this one in some ways. Also there is phone etc. to ring home. I'm just having one of those days when you ask yourself, are we really doing the right thing? We have sold the house and are ready to move - and I do want to go. But right now the road ahead is looking a bit tricky. Lucky for us, we are only moving from NZ, but still we are giving up so much of our lives for this. Did anyone else feel this way at this stage? What was the hardest part for you? Was your farewell a happy time, or fill of tears? Would love to hear your stories Jenny
  16. Guest

    Part Time Jobs

    Hello, first of all I'd like to appoligise if anyone else if they have posted this thread, i am new to this. My name is Sam and I might be moving to Australia soon. I will be looking for an unskilled part time job, e.g. working in macdonalds or a supermarket, and I was just wondering approximatley how much salary/wages you get. Many Thanks :cute:
  17. Guest

    Arrival report part two

    I was trying to think of things to say that haven't been written before which is very hard on this site so I am not going to do that - Instead I thought I would focus on a couple of practical bit's of information as well as the emotional side of moving. Just to re-cap for those who don't know me I am a church Pastor and a businessman and have been living in Paisley (the home of St Mirren FC!!) for the past 7 years where we started a great church and also (still) own a couple of letting agencies. I am married to the most amazing woman and the father of twin boys who turned 18 last week. One of the twins is staying out here and plans to go to Adelaide Uni and the other is with us just now but returns to the UK in September for a year to do a one year course before possibly re-joining us. In our church organisation we have a dozen or so churches of which one happens to be in Gawler near Adelaide. It was started by some very good friends of ours about 18 months ago but has been struggling a bit recently. The Australian government understand that it is often hard for religious organisations to find people in the local job market to employ as each denomination has specific traditions and beliefs so we found it relatively easy to show that I was needed to help the church get on it's feet and thus I quickly obtained an RSMS visa last year and finally moved out to start our new life here three weeks ago. So re the emotional side of things - nothing can prepare you for the emotional roller-coaster of emigrating, the excitement, the fear of the unknown, the grief of goodbyes etc. All I can say is be prepared for huge Highs and lows and don't trust your emotions as they will play tricks on you until you have settled in (my guess is at least 6 months). In the past I have suffered from panic attacks and I know the trigger points but this kind of move plays havoc with your mind and old fears and insecurities easily can come to the surface - In my case I am just choosing not to go there and so far so good!! Although the family had been to Australia a number of times before it was only me that had visited Gawler so the family were moving here on my say so. It was a very special moment last week when my wife said to me "I think I'm going to love it here" and the twin who is going back to the UK said "I am definately coming back". I think one of the things that helped is that I know my family well and I have tried to put things into place that are important to them - My wife loves beaches, space and relationships. My twins are very different from each other but both of them need friends and of course internet!! If any of you are going out with teenagers/young adults then do consider asking if there are any church youth groups around. Let's be honest young people are not going to hang out ANYWHERE unless they feel it's cool and/or they are getting something out of it so if a church has managed to get it's act together and create an environment that people actually want to go to then it's probably going to be a safe start for your kids to make new friends. My two met one friend of a friend who asked if they wanted to go the following night to the 'youth' - they did - loved it and have been meeting up ever since going to the movies etc and just making friends!! Ok some practical things: ID - If you want to apply for anything in Aus you will need ID, to cut a VERY long story short please follow my advice very carefully and it will prevent a lot of hassle!! I advise anyone to open an Australian Bank account before you leave the UK. I opened mine with Westpac and popped into their branch in London and completed an ID check - they then arranged to have our cards waiting for us in a branch of our choice when we arrived. Now - this is the bit to follow VERY CAREFULLY - you can't get anything ( driving license, mobile phone etc) without proof of address (this usually means utility bills) But all of these companies accept a statement from your Aussie bank with your address on! However your bank does not need proof of your new address to change it on their system so.............. when you know your address (even if you haven't yet moved in) go into your Aussie bank, tell them your new address - they can then change it on their system, print out a mini statement and then stamp it - with this mini statement you can get your Aussie Driving license which then allows you to get anything else!! We have our Aussie driving licenses, our medicare cards, our tax file numbers, mobile phones etc all registered to an address we don't move into for another fortnight!! They charge annually for a driving license here but you can buy them for upto 10 years, they seem to be about 3-6 months behind the UK on phones (iphone 4g still isn't released) Another piece of advice - haggle hard on EVERYTHING - it is expected. We have found Radio rentals (yes they still have them in Aus) to offer the best prices although many will price match - I even played one Harvey Norman store off another and got another $100 taken off a lounge (3 piece suite) Fridges are very expensive here as is most furniture, TV's are about the same, Cars definitely more. When renting, remember that the landlord pays council tax which was a nice surprise. Doctors - Well we are not finally sorted yet, the best doctors want to charge us for an initial appointment - fair enough but they want a double appointment (2 x $60 = $120) to see each of us ($120 x 4 = $480) and we are not even sick!! medicare would cover half of that but we are negotiating with them to see if we can just do one appointment as a family! - nobody does bulk billing round here so we may have to pay up!! I'm currently looking at 'top up' health insurance - one piece of advice on this is that if you take extra's cover here you are expected to claim, for instance it covers the purchase of one pair of glasses each a year, scale and polishes at a dentist etc. Also as immigrants you are treated as if you are healthy 20yr olds for quote purposes so there is no loading if you are 40+ etc. I can get the highest level of cover which includes dental, psychiatry (I may need that soon) ambulance, full hospital, remedial massages, chiropractioner etc for the four of us for $280 a month but with that I say again - you are expected to claim and use it - it's more like a health 'club' Well - that's it for now, Our stuff arrives on the 24th July then we move in to our new place on the 5th August so I'll let you know how that goes!! Daniel
  18. John, Mary and little Janey were eagerly anticipating there arrival into Perth, it only seemed like yesterday that they applied for their visa and now the waiting was over. The 23 hour flight had taken its toll on everybody, not in least with little Janey, from the very minute she stepped onto the flight her constant, 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? had driven everyone to the point of distraction, however a sour faced bad tempered (yes it was a British Airways flight) stewardess had slipped Janey a miniature Johnny Walker Black Label into her bottle and now Janey was in the land of nod. This enables the rest of the cabin crew to hide behind their curtain of secrecy and ignore all the pleas for help from the 'I NEED ATTENTION LIGHTS' situated in the passengers arm rests. After all the crew on the BA flight have far better things to do than to attend to their customers. And there below them was Perth, a wonder to behold. However the only thing on Johns mind was when he would have his next ciggy, he was becoming a little tetchy with everybody. The flight finally lands, Australia at last everyone thought. However, Mary was a little peeved, she turns to John and says, 'If you EVER drag me to the other side of the world again I will cut your knackers off, after all, this was YOUR dream, not mine'. John however seemed oblivious to this attack as all he was craving was the taste of nicotine and the veins standing out on his forehead bared this out. The captain then comes on the tannoy system, ' Would all passengers please remain in their seats until we have fully stopped, and the seat belt sign has been extinguished'. But out of the 450 passengers that day, 449 heard the captain say, 'Right ho, up you get and go for it'. As the not so formal queue is amassed Mary, John and little Janey wonder what has hit them. As they edge toward the cabin doors Mary says 'Jesus, it's like an oven out there, didn't know it was going to be this hot', as she glances toward John with a look that would kill. The immigration hall is packed to the rafters as normal, as they approach the immigration officer little Janey pipes up with, 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Obviously the Johnny Walker effect has worn off and Janey is once again one tired little urchin. Passports are handed over, and the immigration officer does her best to welcome the family to Australia, but Mary's face is telling a different picture, one look at her and the immigration officer bodes them farewell and turns to his colleague and says, 'They won't last long, another bunch of whinging poms'. Baggage claim is fairly easily negotiated and through all that is on Johns mind is a CIGARETTE. He looks around him, however all he can see are signs saying NO SMOKING, then out of the corner of his eye he spies daylight, and a heavenly body saying Smoking Area. More of a jog than a walk John finally makes it out into fresh air. He is surrounded by several other people, all with joyous expressions on their faces, without a care in the world. The fumes and ash are like nectar to John, ahhh, heaven on earth he thinks to himself. As he takes his first drag of the fag he realises how lucky he is to be alive and as the dizziness and slightly nauseating feeling gets stronger from having his first fag for 8 hours he come to realise that he is the luckiest man alive. He gently sways in the wind, with an expression of utter pleasure on his face. After yet another ciggy John decides that he can face his family, all is well with the world once again. The rental car is picked up. As they set out of the car park Mary realises that the midday sun is blazing through the window and hitting Janey smack in the face, 'She'll burn', Mary says, and insists that John stop the car immediately to find some sort of shade for the little one. Out come the suitcases, all fifteen of them. After an hour a dirty, stinking, crusty old bath towel is found and this is placed stragedegly on Janeys side of the car. Mary screams at John to wind down, wind up, wind down, wind up the bloody window as the towel needs to stay in place for the 30 kilometers journey to their new home. So off they go, towel flapping in the breeze, making a whipping sound that draws attention to the car by onlookers and says, 'Hi were the Blake family, and yes, we are POMS'. On arrival at their home the family proceed to clamper out of the car and pile into their new home. John had already rented the property from a website called, 'Idiot Pom International'. Nice enough he thinks, but Mary once again complains, 'Bit new isn't it, not like home'. Meanwhile John is puffing on yet another fag and really has gone past the point of caring anymore. It is now the second day in OZ, after a fretful sleep the family decode to go to the local beach to experience the real Australia. John is wearing his Jesus creepers, white socks, (pulled up to his knees) a t-shirt emblazoned with Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, a dark pair of sunnies, and safari shorts that would shame David Attenborough. Mary has decided that she wants a tan and is wearing the skimpiest bikini imaginable and a baseball cap that barely fits. Janey is covered head to foot in zinc cream and she now looks like something resembling Marseu Marseu the famous mime artist on a good day. They arrive at the beach, resplendent in sunshine and blue sky. By this time they have slipped their shoes off and proceed to make their way onto the beach. After a few small steps the whole family now resemble a troupe of Irish Dancers as they receive third degree burns to their feet. Eventually they make it to their chosen spot. Sweat dripping from every orifice John decides to take Janey for a paddle, Mary looks at him rather suspiciously as he and Janey make their way toward the lapping ocean. Ahhh, they think, Australia at last, brilliant. Then out of nowhere they here cries of 'SHHHHAAAARRRRKKKKKKKKKK', 'SHHHHAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKK'. And there from her vantage point Mary has spotted a lump of seaweed that she has mistakingly thought was a shark, she is trembling uncontrollably, screaming for all she is worth. The lifeguards on hearing the shouts immediately try to clear the surf as quickly as possible. People are mown down by perfectly normally rational people, little children are trodden underfoot. The life guards do their best to calm the situation but this is futile as Mary is still screaming SHHHHAAAAARRRRRKKKKKKKK. After initial confusion the 'guilty' seaweed is hauled from the surf and shown to Mary just what it was. Mary replies, 'You can never be too careful you know'. The life guards here the accent and wryly smile to themselves. That evening at their new home, the family except for Janey are near to death. They look like lobsters who have been boiled for five or more hours, John tries to light a ciggy but the heat from the lighter on his face sends him screaming and shouting in pain toward the medicine cupboard that contains the 50 litres of After Sun which they bough from the pharmacy. As they crawl into bed as the sheets touch their skin cries of pain resound around the house, their bodies are on fire. Three am, all of a sudden little Janey wonders into her parents bedroom clutching a brown rather furry object. Upon reaching her mums bedside the little innocent says, 'Mummy, what's this'. Through swollen sun burnt, puffy eyes Mary looks inquisitively at the 'thing' in Janeys hand. As she peers more and more and trying to focus on the 'thing' she realises that it is moving and one by one eight legs appear from Janey grasp. SPPPIIIDDDDEEERRRRRRRR, SPIIDDDDDEEEERRRRRRRRRR, screams Mary, John vaults out of bed, leaving several layers of sun burnt skin on the sheets, JJJEEEESSSSUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CHHHHRRRIIIISSSSTTTTT he screams, 'That's no spider, it's a bloody Bear with eight legs. Cups, beakers, paper, magazines, shoes are all fired toward the creature from hell, unfortunately most of them miss there target and hit Janey smack in the face. However these are just glancing blows, as the missiles easily deflect of her little face as the zinc cream has refused to be removed even after fifteen showers. The spider plops to the tiled floor making an impact sounding like a bomb, as it tries in vain to crawl away on its last two remaining legs John eventfully finds the tin of extra strength 'POMMY MORTEIN' and sprays the poor arachnid for all he is worth. Squirming and kicking the said spider is picked up rather gingerly with a tea cloth and hoisted out doors. John returns to the bedroom to see Mary clutching little Janey, squeezing the life out of her as she does so. White, pasty and trembling uncontrollably Mary says, I, I ,I wa wa want to g g g go HOME, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. John does his best to comfort his family but in truth he is now looking at every shadow, movement expecting to see yet another creepy just waiting to attack them...............To be continued.......:laugh: The next installment of the families escapades will be next week, keep tuned folks. Thought this may make some people laugh, hope so, enough doom and gloom on here at times. Cheers Tony:wink:
  19. We have been here a week now and I cannot praise this country and the people we have encountered enough. Nothing and I mean nothing has been too much trouble. From shopping to banking, to Centrelink and Medicare, the post office the chemist to the car sales man that sold us our car, everyone has been so welcoming. Matt went to the local supermarket this morning for bread and milk. He took ages sorting out his change and said to the lady, Im sorry Im new and still getting used to the money. The lady said " no worries mate take your time, have you been to the beach yet apparently you can see the whales swimming today" she then drew him a map to show where to go!! When I went to fill up the car with petrol I had parked on the prepay pump and the assistant patently told me how to work it without a hint of scarcasm and was interested on where we had come from. One week in and I love this country and I love the people :wubclub:
  20. Well we left Blighty a fortnight ago so I thought it was about time I filed our first arrival report. To be honest the first week was spent getting over jet-lag and visiting friends in NSW and then since Monday night we have been mainly with our friends in Gawler so haven't got out much (except to see Toy Story 3 which is brilliant by the way). Really I don't have too much to report yet but I have a few general observations. I have been into a few shops and offices and I have been very interested to note that on the whole people either really do like their jobs a lot more or they are very good actors. I was in the 'medicare' office (similar to DSS in UK) where you go to get refunds for medical expenses - it was full of people who my friend called 'Boof heads??' but the staff were all smiling and really could not have been more helpful. The bank was the same - I know they want my money but their whole attitude was different, they actually seemed interested in me . This is so different to my experience of 'officialdom' in the UK. There are alot of mental drivers (again Boof heads) especially along country roads - actually even my friends drive faster than I would and I'm no slouch!! The other thing is everyone seems to drive with heating full on in your face - I realise it's winter here and the locals must feel cold but the combination of the speed and the heat is going to make me ill one of these days. Prices on the whole do seem to be more expensive for things although as the exchange rate gets back to nearer 2 to 1 then this may not seem so bad. Beef and lamb are much cheaper - T-bone steak for $4-50 each or a whole side of lamb for $50-00. Also I was told TV's were much more expensive here but I don't agree - $798 for a Sanyo 42" HD LCD TV didn't look too bad at Big W and samsungs and Toshibas weren't much different. As far as our news is going - We are good although I must admit to feeling a bit 'flat' the past few days. To be honest I think I've been running on Adrenalin for the past few months and this week is the first time I've stopped after all the work and emotions of getting us out here - hopefully I'll pick up soon. One bit of good news is that we have landed on our feet with regards to a house. Our friends here had a friend who is the head of a local school who is taking a post in Taiwan for two years. He has the most amazing house on a hill overlooking Adelaide and Gawler, it's only about 5yrs old and has two lounges, four beds and a big pool. The open plan area has massive windows wrapping round the dining & lounge areas with 'the view'!! As we are friends of friends he is letting us have the place for $350 a week which is the top end of our budget but well below the $450 - 500 a week he could have got on the open market. So we move in the 1st week of August which is perfect timing as our container arrives in Adelaide on the 24th July. This morning is the first time I will be at the church we are going to be taking on - it hasn't been doing well (which is why we are coming out) and is now smaller than I had when I first started the one in Paisley!!! Oh well - looks like I will need to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in very quickly! That's it for now - I wrote part 1 as knowing me there will be a few more 'parts' as my time here continues. Daniel P.s. my twin boys have their 18th this week - we have 'rentacrowd' coming over for a BBQ - it will be strange without friends and family but I'm sure we'll make it work!!
  21. Hi all, I posted a while ago that my fiance and I were considering our options of applying for PR in Australia, since then goine through many difficulties, partly I suspect due to my desire to live in Australia . We have just returned from a reconnisance mission to Brisbane, and my fiance loved it there. I've enrolled on a BA in Nursing in Brisbane which starts in January 2011. Its's a 3 year course for me (paying massive international student fees) but feel it may be an investment for the life in Australia I desire and also the career change I seek. Thankfully I feel I can afford the move, the study and on top of the student fees I'll have about $80,000 of funds available to me. I plan to do some part-time work, I know I'm limited to 20 hours per week during term and full time out of term, and I think this is a great way to integrate into "society" away from the normal student life. My finance's biggest concern is the restriction that she would only be able to work part time (20 hours per week) during the duration of my study/until PR may or may not be reached. I hope someone would be able to help out and answer the following questions:- 1. Have any of you entered Australia on a student visa and worked part time? What was it like finding work? 2. How did your partner settle in only being able to work part time? 3. How difficult was it for your partner to find part time work while on a student dependants visa? Thanks Bushcat :goofy:
  22. Hi, Can anyone tell me what are the prospects of getting part time/family friendly hours for nurses?? I really don't want full time if poss but wondering if I'm going to have to give in. Also wondering if i would be better to wait till we're in OZ before applying. Any advice appreciated, Many thanks, Diane
  23. Hi all, Well I will try to summarize what has been happenning since we walked off the plane into our new lives in Mornington about a month ago.. Well, we followed our landlord, Edwin to our accommodation (driven in Kates minibus by Lisa Stockie). He had everything ready for us all and helped us into the house with all our masses of suitcases. There was even a cooked chicken, salad, drinks, bubbly etc in the fridge and cupboards had food in too!! We quickly started unpacking before we started to feel the jetlag! We had some food and by 5pm crashed into bed for a few hours.. When we surfaced we ordered pizza (courtesy of the info on the fridge). After a good night's sleep Edwin arrived at 9am to take my OH to the car rental place that he had organised for us! My MIL and FIL arrived by 11am that day also and FIL had food poisoning! great start!! My MIL took us food shopping (left FIL on the sofa), she spent a big $900 !! without booze!! Then we went to the Bank to validate our account. Next day we looked at cars and found a Mazda 6 for $22k. Finding the car was easy but actually buying it was harder. We needed several forms of ID to get the rego sorted, couldn't get Vic licence as you have to both make appointments to go to the office and apply for it, insurance was easy online and we could then print off policy docs showing our address. We couldn't get Medicare yet as we had to have been in the country for 10 days! Luckily our rental had an invoice so we bought a printer and used our laptops to print that address proof! On Saturday we also used our satnav (downloaded maps before we came) to get our 2 cats from quarantine in Spotswood. Met up briefly with Simon and Caroline (PIO) who were collecting their 2 and had brough our cats some toys and a scratching post - THANK YOU!! Next few days were spent running around finding ID, getting bank cheque, buying car and trying to get appointments with schools to have a look! Docs registration was easy, had to get FIL to docs too as he had a perforated eardrum too (and he is a miserable sod anyway!). I would not recommend having any rellies when you have just landed and staying with you! Finally got kids into school just over a week later. Son loves his primary school, and daughter is getting there in her secondary. They both stayed in their same year groups as UK. We managed to spend a day on the beach in Mornington, lovely clear water and beautiful beaches!! Also went to Arthurs seat to 'test' the car! In laws went off to Phillip Island for the night so we had a peaceful day! School fees and uniforms and book purchases were expensive! Secondary school fees (state) were $700 and primary school fees $300. secondary school uniform skirt for eg $70! each! We went to the Dandenongs one day when kids were in school - really lovely country and the views were stunning! OH had a few interviews after a week and was offered a permanent job! He started work in the CBD last week. He has also now been offered another from those interviews.. We are lucky to have a long term friend living in Mt Martha and have been introduced to a few poms out here, been out to BBQs and met up with PIO here too. Hope you are still reading otherwise I am just writing my life history for nothing! Our 2 cats are settling in well now. Tried to register them with council, but have to get them scanned by a vet/local shelter first to put them on the National Pet database first before we can register! silly as we had them scanned in quarantine! Mornington is a lovely seaside town, but with good retail parks with everything you could want! Frankston just down the road has a great big shopping mall for everything else! People are really friendly and my daughter is the 4th Brit in her class! We now have our Medicare cards, Vic Roads licence (10yr $158), and have spent the last few weeks trawling around houses to rent and putting in rental applications. Some Agents are lovely, others less than helpful! Finally on Monday we found out we had been approved for a lovely house which we get the keys to on 9th April, our container should be delivered on 16th and we have this place till 20th May as we knew finding rentals is horrid! we even offered 12 weeks up front! Well I hope this has been useful for some of you wanting to come over soon. Already we can see life is better, not cheaper and certainly different! Julie x
  24. Hi Guys, well I said I would keep you all updated, so here goes.. We left freezing UK at 3.30pm via minibus taxi to Heathrow on Sat 20th Feb 2010. Had 4 very large suitcases, 2 holdalls, one smaller suitcase, 4 cabin bags - all packed to the max!! thank god for double baggage allowance! At Heathrow we went through security ok, had to remove our shoes! and showed our email with the double baggage confirmed. Had a meal and found the Samsung power bank to plug in our laptops and ipods to keep us all going. No free internet boo.. Boarded our Singapore Airlines A380 plane, had checked in 48hrs before online and printed our boarding passes. We had 4 seats in the middle. Loads of room for the large cabin bags - we kept them all to the 7kg limit, but no one weighed them anywhere! typical. Kris world entertainment system was good, but we used our own noise cancelling headphones and they were def a good investment to drown out babies, people snoring and noise leakage from their bad headphones! Appetisers were awful, and the main course of chicken or beef ok, but chicken run out. Pud choc cake not great. Had a singapore sling though! Stewardesses were really fab! Flight very bumpy and the seats very hard and our knees suffered! Oh for business class! We landed in Singapore on Sunday evening 18.45, the last flight I think as arrivals was dead. we only had passports stamped and customs wanted to only scan a few cases as we had so many and they wanted to go home! We had pre booked our minibus taxi - Big thanks to NigelinOz, was $88 return to Hotel in Singapore. we used SMRT Website - Limousine Services Singapore it took about 20 mins to get to our Hotel - Novotel Clarke Quay from the airport by taxi. As we are Krisflyer registered with Singapore Airlines we had 3 nights in an executive room - king bed and 2 singles with free breakfasts for 4! Hotel room big but fittings a little dated, wiring not the best shape! Pool was great (outdoor) with bar service! Breakfast great variety - even miso soup and noodles if you wanted. Taxis cheap if you remember to use metered ones. We went to Sentosa Island on Monday, got the train MRT to harbourfront expecting to go on the cable car over, but this is shut for a few months to upgrade sadly. We took a tour over and was expensive, did the luge ride (fab!), beach, skytrack extreme log ride (3d virtual). Very expensive icecream but food good. Encountered our first downpourand couldn't believe we were still hot! not England then!! Temps 35 - 27 degrees.. Went to Orchard Road and saw the shops - boring really. Did the Singapore Flyer - no queues and really fab. Did Chinatown, hot but fab too! Kids loved it, and the food in the restaurants were good and esp with the kids. Met up with some friends there and all in all a very good idea. Ran out of time to do the zoo! You all asleep yet?? Left the Hotel (late check in at 4pm due to the Krisflyer promotion) and our minibus got us to the airport swiftly. SA checked and double checked our baggage email, thank god we printed it and took! we were 158kgs without the hand luggage!!!! Chiangi fab, easily spent hours there. Had food, shopped and enjoyed the free wireless internet (go to Info desk for passwords) and power to recharge ipods/laptops etc. Second flight, a 777, seats softer but what a rattler! my entertainment system didn't work, they tried to fix but couldn't. Food really rubbish, had no sleep despite noise cancelling headphones. People in front left lights on, kept hacking up snot and spitting out, annoying stewardesses etc.. couldn't wait to leave!! At Mel airport at 10.05 am, luggage was immediately on the carousel but a bun fight to find trolleys and the queue through to customs was through the middle of this and reall really long! we declared a few items we were not sure of and customs just asked us about them and then we by passed all the asians and indians in the red channel to go straight out. Met by Lisa (the stockies on here) organised by our lovely Kate (MovingtoMelbourne) with a welcome banner, and took us by minibus off to Mornington accommodation (also organised through Kate) - a 5 bed fully furnished house! Enough for now as I am tired still and have a sore throat from the plane!! More soon.. Julie xx
  25. Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I come here last - the last time I was here was last year some time, and I was panicking big time over getting my first stage visa in and it being accepted in Perth. Anyhow, I actually GOT the first stage visa! WOHOO! :jiggy: But now I want to know what I need to have by the time that two years is up, so I can be really prepared this time! I have practically the entire two years to get things together, so whatever is needed it is likely I will be able to get by that time. I keep seeing that it says that if after two years I "still meet the legal requirements" I will get the second stage visa - What are those legal requirements? SECONDLY Is there anywhere I can go to see what I can do now I have my subclass 820 visa? Like medicare and so on? Is there an actual site that the Immigration Dept. have set up to tell people what they can do now that they have their first stage visa? For example, can I now work, and how do I go about it? Also, on a side note: I didn't receive my confirmation letter from the Department, but they are now aware of that fact and my case worker is going to see if she can send me another one - was there a passport label or anything I needed to get at this stage? Like I said I have almost the whole two years to get things together, any suggestions will be useful and appreciated Thanks!! LynzLove