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Found 70 results

  1. Hi to everyone, first time Ive posted a thread, we too are affected by the TRA situation, does anyone have any contacts for sponsers in the field of Panel Beaters or Vehicle Paint Sprayer??? We just want to be in Oz, got 2 sisters and their families already there and a nephew and his family all in Perth but we will go to any state. KathynBasil:notworthy:
  2. Dear All, My husband is a qualified panel beater and we've just started this long journey of migration to Oz. Does anyone know where the best place for a panel beater to go in Oz? :notworthy: And is there real job opportunities for migrants? I've been looking on the Job Search website, and Victoria seems the place to go, but would appreciate comments from those who have experienced the move to Oz going into the motor industry. Regards, Claire
  3. Guest

    Panel Beater Assessments

    Hi, Does anyone know what company do the Panel Beaters assessments as they are not on the VETASSESS list? Thanks Hx
  4. xTINKSx

    Panel Doctor - Poor Service?

    I am finding myself increasing frustrated as today I discovered our medical reports and xrays have still not been courier'ed to Oz even though we had them done on the 17th Nov. I have discovered that the Panel Doctor rents a hospital room and is only at her desk there one day per week. I have contacted the xray department of the hospital and they said the reports were sent up to her within a day of our xrays. All my children had to have medicals with her and she requested consultants reports regarding one of my children. The next day I contacted her consultants secretary and she was kind enough to have these reports faxed over directly to the panel doctor that same day (the medicals admin office contacted the consultants secretary confirming their safe arrival). The next time the panel doctor would have been in woud have been Monday last, 24th Nov, and she has still not send our meds off!!! She will not be in again until Monday next, 1st December. I asked the admin office whether it was usual for her to send them herself and they said they do it from their office via DHL. Time is getting on now, Im so frustrated..... Upon leaving her office, and paying her her fee's she said she would call me with the DHL tracking number and to confirm that everything was OK - no call to date. I have looked on her website and there is not even a contact number I can call her on - just the hospital number to make appointments. They have said that they can leave a message for her when she is next in. arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Im getting myself so wound up now - if there was a problem, surely she would have contacted me Monday last, if not, why have they not been sent. Someone please tell me I have a right to be frustrated - I feel its such a poor service and so expensive - is she taking the pee or what??? I so wish we had gone done the emedical route now - but we are counting the pennies and thought they would be dispatched well within a week - well you know what thought done dont you - gets you nowhere!!!! Sorry Rant over - had to get it out of my system before I exploded.:mad:
  5. Guest

    Panel Dr's

    Hi there, I live in Milton Keynes so have been looking at Panel Dr's in Northampton, Cambridge and Birmingham - has anyone been to these and would would recommend any of these three? My agent wants me to go to Glasgow as the Dr is REALLY nice there apparently, but aren't they all nice? Has anyone had a bad experience? Seems like a long way to go for a "nice" Dr when they should all be reasonable? Hope someone can please help, Thanks loads, Vicky xxxx
  6. :idea:g,day does any one know of any vacancies for panel beaters , sponsorship required
  7. Guest

    panel beater

    My wife and i are moving to birkdale at the end of oct. I am a panel beater and my wife is a design engineer for a telecoms company. Does anyone have any info on jobs that are related. cheers.:idea:
  8. Hi, new to this. Can anyone tell me if what we hear is correct, that Oz needs Panel Beaters. My OH has been in the job since he was 15, he's now 43. It's been a nightmare trying to get his boss to write all the info down for the TRA to get things started.He's more than a bit worried about moving to Oz, as our 21 year old daughter can't come with us.:arghh: We're coming to Oz in Jan, staying Sydney for 7 days, Melbourne for 5 days and Brissie for 7 days. if anyone has any info on Auto repair garages, please let me know, so we can visit them when there. Many thanks Sueandpaul:v_SPIN:
  9. Hello! My Husband and I visted the migration agent today! He is 5 points short because of his age, and needs a letter from an employer in Oz to say they would be willing to employ him or he needs to take an english test. :arghh: My question to everyone, is where is the best place for panel beaters to go in Oz? I've been looking at Victoria, but would appreciate some advice from anyone on this site. Thanks :notworthy:
  10. Hi everyone, We have actually got our visa but we are trying to keep all options open to us!! We are going on a 163 business visa but my husband can work whilst there (visa in my name). As he is a qualified panel beater/paint sprayer (CGLI fully time served) he is considering trying to pick up some work in this field or maybe starting his own body shop again (he used to own and manage one in UK). The main questions are; Is there much work out there for his trade What is the rate of pay like Would he need his quals here verifying Would he be prevented from operating or opening his own body shop based only on his uk quals and experience. What licences would he need??? I know that there are quite a few panel beaters already in the visa process and any advice would be great!! Thanks Debs x
  11. Guest

    Panel or private medical

    Does the medical have to be done by a panel Dr of the DIAC list as I have noticed on the web that there are private places which do medicals for immigration so not sure what will be acceptable as there are no panel Dr's near me but there are some private places. Any advice gratefully received
  12. Hello all, have any of you guys looked into shipping out your toolbox? I just want a rough idea on prices really. I have been quoted £360 to ship my box to Melbourne (box approx 5 feet tall, 3.5 feet wide and 2 feet deep) and packed full of tools. I am impressed with the quote I have recieved but dont know if I can get better. Any help much apreciated. Thanks Terry.
  13. We live half way between Carlisle and Preston, so we were wondering if anybody had any experiance/insight to what they were like so we can decide which one to go to. What do each of them look for? Do they do drop and cough? do they do breast exams? An other thing, I've read loads on here about medicals and each doctor seem to do what ever they want to in the exam. Why is this? Surley a medical exam to get to Oz must be a standard format. After all everyone fills in the same form. So why are they all different? Does the immi need informing that some doctors aren't doing this right? Right thats my grumble for the day over (I think not I'm going to work now and hate that and always grumble). TTFN
  14. Guest

    Panel Doctors

    Has anyone any experiences of the various panel doctors up here in the north? We have been told to get the medicals done and the nearest Dr's to us are in Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. Do they all charge the same; has anyone had any bad experiences with the Dr etc....... Cheers Dave
  15. Guest

    panel beater wages

    hi , just been on some oz sites for jobs 4 husband who is a panel beater , i would like to know is $31.90 an hour a good wage . It looks like queensland pays more as darwin were offering $ 19 to 20 an hour , any advice would be greatful thanks ....... karen :skeptical:
  16. Guest

    Panel Beater Wages

    hi all , could some one tell me what a panel beater would earn a week in oz. And is the cost of living in queensland expensive thanks karen:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    panel doctors

    Will all panel doctors frontload your medical or have some refused. We are in the hertfordshire area, but willing to travel if need be. Pinehill is the closest to us, has anyone managed to frontload their medicals here. What exactly happens ,do they keep hold of your medical till you get your file no, then send it off, has anyone experienced more problems by doing it this way. We are waiting for c/o stage on the 136 visa.(May application) Have sent off for pc's but cannot decide whether to do medicals or not, def want to be in Oz by next Aug so validating our visa is not a problem. Any advise appreciated and thank you in advance. Marina
  18. Hi all I am so cross at the moment. Has anyone else had their medicals done at St. Albans because I would not recommend them. We had them done on the 20th April and needed a report from our Doctors regarding an operation I had done 9 years ago. My Doctors did their report within 2 days and faxed it back to them immediately. Since then I have rung the Panel docs every day asking if it has been signed off yet and to book the courier. The answer is either the Doctor hasn't had time or because of the Bank Hols he only came back in today and it is in his tray!!! It has been in his bloody tray since the 1st May. So far I have just shown them that I am disappointed and they are getting really shirty with me for ringing but I feel like saying that they have been paid and everything has been done so shape up. What else can I do? Nicky
  19. Can anyone help please? Does the Panel Doc contact your GP for any reason? Although I am completely clear I have a family history of breast cancer. I have been referred to the Hospital for closer inspection and am worried about jeopardising our application in case this comes up? I had a non-malignant lump removed in July and mammogram, but this was all done privately. This other referral is through my GP. As I am not at all worried thinking about cancelling the appointment. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks. :?
  20. Guest

    panel beater rates

    Moving to Melbourne soon. would anyone be able to advise me of earning potential as a panel beater.found plenty of jobs on the net all advertising good rates of pay ,but no figures. any advice appreciated