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Found 63 results

  1. Hi guys, I am about to make travel arrangements after my 119 visa has been approved by the case officer. I think about going to New Zealand to the Consulate in Auckland. Has anyone any timeline like how much time they really need ? Everyone tells a different story. The Consulate wrote me 2 working days. My case officer said 4-5 working days. My agent says 3 working days... Its quite an issue for me because I dont want to spend a whole week in Auckland + booking the flights if the visa is coming the next day. Has anyone any experiences to share ?
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently in Australia on a tourist visa. My partner (Aussie citizen) and I plan to get married. I recently took a trip overseas and when I re-entered Oz, an Immigration agent took me aside and said I was misusing my tourist visa. What I am wondering is this: my partner and I were planning a wedding, possibly overseas, in a few months. If I leave the country, get married, and then attempt to reenter Oz, will Immigration accept our marriage certificate and allow me to enter and then apply for a spousal visa? Or do I risk getting denied admittance? If there is a risk, would a civil ceremony first (while onshore) and then immediate spousal application solve it? Note: we didn't apply for a de facto visa because we are marrying sooner than the 12-months of living together required for that visa. Like a lot of couples on this forum, the thought of being separated from my partner is a dreadful one yet I also understand that I need to respect the law. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! LB
  3. I have all materials ready to submit my VETASSESS application, but I need another month before I can claim the 5 points for having three years of overseas work experience-apparently my work history only counts 2 years and 11 months-so do I submit my application to VETASSESS now? I suspect that by the time they start evaluating my application, I would have reached three years of employment. I have state sponsorship application on hold and needs the assessment result asap. What should I do? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have completed my three years bachelors degree in IT overseas with 67% overall. After that, I worked as Help Desk Support role for 4 years before coming to Australia. I completed my Masters in IT here in Australia last year in July and applied for 485 and still waiting. I have got my skill assessment as IT Business Analyst. My question is : will I be able to get 5 points with my overseas experience as 'closely related' occupation ?? Very confused if the Help Desk role is regarded as Closely related with Business Analyst ?? Any help will be appreciated. thanx
  5. Population growth goes off the boil. The three-year trend of slowing population growth from the 2008 peak continued in 2010 as more of us died and net overseas migration dived..... ....Thus while various politicians were jumping on the anti-migration band wagon during last year’s election, we were already stepping back from a brief surge to a more normal growth rate.... .....The big swing factor in our population story, though, remains net overseas migration. As the one-off factors in 2009 wash out and the international student industry crumbles, NOM dived by 35 per cent to 171,000.....
  6. Hello everyone, I fell into category 4 of GSM processing when I applied on mar 2009 and has been on bridging visa ever since. I managed to get a full time job after years of searching and rejections. However, the company required me to travel overseas for business trips to several countries (such as france, china) that I need to apply visa from australia. Currently I'm wondering whether my bridging visa status will prevent me from getting a business trip visa from these respective countries, this is quite tricky since I heard from people that It is fine while others (like Schengen visa) states that nobody on bridging visa is allowed to apply. in summary, there are 2 thing I'd like to know: 1. Whether Schengen/Chinese visa prevents people from applying in Australia because we are on bridging status ? 2. If we can apply, should we apply for bridging visa B first or the other visa first?? (they seems to require one another)? i know this sounds like a very complicated situation, but if anyone can help or share their similar experience will be much appreciated!! thanks heaps
  7. Ok guys and girls, I've not posted since I arrived and, to be honest, I'm happy about that. It's a different person writing this from the scared little mouse who boarded that flight to Perth. Let's have a little background...failed engagement (sucks to be him :biggrin:), miserable time in Ireland & London and generally unhappy about life. In my mid-twenties, I'd done my 2 year WHV and loved it. Started my PR application but said Irish fiance came along and, well, things changed (doh!). Within a couple of years the relationship broke down and our shared dream of returning to Oz was over - I had been relying on him to be the PR applicant. 6 months later I picked myself up (pathetic I know :wink:). My Australia dream was foremost in my mind and, despite the economic crisis in Europe, I became fixated. Approx 150 Seek ads later, a positive result. A skype interview followed (note to self...next time, change out of Mickey Mouse PJ's...you never know when they might want the webcam turned on!) And eventually a job offer :biggrin: The 457 apps went in and 8 days later I had a visa. Cue mayhem...boxes, suitcases and shoes everywhere! I flew out 10 days later with the rest of my belongings to follow. And this is what I think is the important stuff: - remember that you are in a different country. Things work differently here - don't fight the Aussie way of life....its way tougher than you! Embrace it, its fun! - Don't limit yourself to PIO or ex Pat friends. That will not make it easier to settle. - Appreciate the differences. We can all learn from them. I have integrated pretty well into WA life and, had I not previously spent time in SA, this would have been surprising. Once again, I have found the Aussies to be nothing but friendly, welcoming and helpful...as long as you treat them with the respect they deserve. And more importantly, I'm not Bridget Jones anymore :biggrin: Ladies...and gents...emigrating/moving/relocating....whatever you want to call it, is never easy. Take a bit of time to think of you motivations AND your goals before you make the leap. Don't expect it to be like home with sunshine.
  8. erin25

    overseas passport problem

    Hi everyone, I am new to this.. Just wondering can anyone help? Im an oz citizen planning to go hols to oz end of May.. except one problem.. my oz citizenship form (issued in the 90's) has wrong D.O.B. which the irish embassy says needs to be changed before they can reissue a new passport (which will take 3 months).. they say that i can apply for emergency passport, which they cannot guarantee i will get.. and if i do get it, the emergency passport must have my incorrect details on it!! no problems with my daughters passport, just mine! has anyone on here had any experience with this? im afraid now that i wont get on our holiday and wont be refunded the ticket price.. dont want the drastic measure of renouncing my citizenship.. help! :mad:
  9. virtual_bajwa

    Net overseas migration is now falling

    Key Issues in Skilled Migration to Australia Kruno Kukoc First Assistant Secretary Migration and Visa Policy Division Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia-Canada Rountable on Foreign Qualification Recognition 13 April 2011 The new points test that will be released on 1 July 2011, will recognise a range of skills and attributes from applicants both offshore and in Australia, including: •better English language levels, •more extensive skilled work experience, and •higher level qualifications obtained in Australia and overseas. One thing the government is hoping from the new points test is that, through the recognition of overseas skills and qualifications, it will improve both domestic and international skilled labour mobility. To achieve this, the Department will draw on the expert advice of assessing authorities on the applicant’s overseas work and qualifications in order to maintain a high level of program integrity and to ensure that there are no legitimate concerns about potential Occupational Health and Safety issues that may arise due to doubts about someone’s academic and professional background. Those candidates whose qualifications and experience are recognised will potentially provide employers and the Australian economy with a wider set of skills and candidates from which to choose from. Of course, for potential applicants, their learning and skills will be recognised internationally, and we hope Australia will be seen as a favoured destination. for more information, please refer http://www.immi.gov.au/about/speeches-pres/_pdf/2011/2011-04-13-foreign-qualifications.pdf
  10. Guest

    Interstate v Overseas

    I'm looking to book a short weekend trip away in September for myself and daughter. We're thinking of Bali or Brisbane/Adelaide. Looking at prices it seems that its about the same for a 3 day stay in 5* luxury Balinese resort as it is for flights plus bottom end accomodation interstate. Does this sound correct and does anyone have any ideas/advice on the best option? :idea:
  11. G'day all, I'm hpoing that someone can help. While my wife is at work I often keep an eye on her emails and visa application for any new development. While signed on the DIAC website I noticed an entry for today stating we have been sent an email.. Now because we have appointed an agent I presume this has gone straight to them and I'll have to wait for details of that. However following a quick "text" to my wife I've sountered into the "Document Checklist" section and have been presented with a load of "Mets" and a couple of "Not Applicable" (she changed from familiy to state sponsored). My question is this, the medical forms are showing as requested (having been for our last week I know what these are, the clinic should be finalising them today) but what is the "Overseas penal clearance certificate 1" refering to? We have both completed and received the Police Records Check with "No Trace" results having been forwarded to our Agent so I'm a little confused as to what else this could be.. As always any help would be GREATLY appreciated. - 4lan.
  12. Dear Future Overseas Students It's nice to be positive but vitally important to be practical in terms of the law especially immigration law when you're on foreign soil. Please consider: 1. You can only work 20 hours per week which would be 2.5 working days per week. This would be a big obstacle in your getting a decent job which you would need to gain work experience. 2. The present Australian government have/ intend to change the points system in such a way that the importance of work experience will be doubled. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-fact.pdf http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-testfaq.pdf 3. The majority of occupations on the new SOL require you to have work experience during/ after study anyway. See the relevant assessing body's website for details. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/new-list-of-occupations.pdf The Australian government, relevant assessing bodies and DIAC are working together as you know. Their objective is to increase the number of 'Employer Nominated Applicants/ ENS'+'State Migration Plan/ SMP' applicants and decrease the number of 'Onshore Independent Skilled Applicants/ 885'. The reality is that the application process for ENS & SMP is dependent on work experience predominantly as well. For SMP see relevant state sponsorship websites. State Migration Plans For ENS, ofcourse employers prefer people with experience instead of fresh academic knowledge. If you're lucky enough to complete onshore study and obtain a positive skills assessment without considerable work experience you shouldn't be shocked if DIAC accepts your 885 application but puts it in the lowest possible category and force you to stay in the waiting queue for an indefinite number of years. Thus, in turn you'll be forced to move to ENS/ SMP which may require you to either put up with: 1. A sacrifice in salary as you'll be forced to find an employer that won't necessarily pay you as much but be prepared to sponsor you. ENS. 2. Moving to a location you don't want to move to and stay there for the time specified. SMP. And, yes this is after you've spent thousands of dollars on tuition, rent, transport and food. Check out the rents on: www.realestate.com.au www.domain.com.au www.realestatewa.com.au www.real-estate-australia.com.au Check out grocery prices on: www.coles.com.au woolworths.com.au Real estate prices have gone up recently due to the rise in interest rates by banks in Australia. In addition, the Australian dollar is also quite expensive to buy because of the increased confidence in Australian currency and why's that. Ofcourse high bank interest rates again. I've spent an hour today compiling the above facts because it's good to know these things before starting the "Australian study safari":animal-bat:. Hope most of you find this useful. At the end of the day, if you genuinely want to study in Australia, don't even think about your chances to migrate permanently. Keep it simple.:wubclub:
  13. Hello friends. The new points test is so so ****ed up. Whats the deal with points for OVERSEAS QUALIFICATIONS. I have a double masters and a bachelors degree. I did one masters in australia and the other masters and bachelors overseas. Will i be able to claim points for the education i have had overseas and the point for masters in Australia. Lol, if yes then this may be the way. Cheers guys, and good luck to all.
  14. Hi to all, I have had a few letting agents round in the last 2 days. They tell me that if i am making a profit on the rental income of my property and then i move abroad, i have to complete form NRL1 to stop me from paying any tax on the income. Has anyone done this or have they kept quiet and not told the lettings agent what plans you have to live abroad. They said it's big trouble if you don't and that you may still have to pay tax through a self asesment form at a later date- IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU WON'T PAY ANY TAX. It's just another thing to think about, as well as insurance for this, that and the other when renting out your home whilst living abroad. I'm beginning to think is this all really worth it? Surely for anyone who has rented out there home, it must be such a worry to constantly think about your UK home and if the rent is being paid, etc etc.... Please, any comments as always are greatly appreciated before i change my mind completely!!!:arghh::wideeyed:
  15. Without a credit card. Travellers cheque? Carry cash? Cash Passport? other? pros and cons?
  16. Hi guys, I submitted an application with an overseas police clearance certificate which was dated as older than 12 months. I got it when I was leaving the country and afterwards came to Australia and havent gone overseas since. Would it be acceptable still cause I havent been home since it was issued? I got it around 1o days before I left and I also uploaded to E-visa passport stamps that show when I left the country. I m an onshore applicant for 885. Thanks,
  17. Hi everyone, I just got my partner visa subclass 820 (TR) 2 months ago and the visa told that I can travel in overseas and back in AU anytime i want. But now I have a question about because I've been here for more than one year and I really miss my family so i decided to go back home soon. So i wondering how long I can go stay overseas without affect my scond stage of PR visa?! I want to back home my country spend time with family around 2 and half months is that ok? and if i can go overseas anytime then how long can I spend overthere for each time in this two years? Thank you cheers
  18. I've just got off the phone to a healthcare agency in Australia and was told WA are not taking overseas nurses and midwives for the next 12 months + Anyone heard this? there is nothing on the internet :confused: Jo
  19. A SERIOUS political headache looms for the next federal government over what to do with up to 200,000 international students. They have finished their courses but are allowed to stay in Australia a further 18 months. Both the Howard and Rudd administrations permitted the students to stay on to improve their English language skills or find a job in their chosen qualification, a pathway to permanent residency. But it has helped create a bubble in Australia's net overseas migration rate, which the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday confirmed hit the highest on record in 2008-09 at 298,900. Ballooning immigration was the main factor behind the rapid population increase in recent years and has been the catalyst for the "big Australia" population debate that dominated the first stage of the election campaign. Leading demographer Peter McDonald said the sudden growth in the net overseas migration rate was exacerbated by those arriving in Australia on temporary visas who haven't left. He said the build-up of overseas students still in Australia after their courses were complete was likely to be somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000, and any political move to send the students home would create a huge domestic labour force issue. "These people are all employed in Australia as taxi drivers, in bakeries, in aged-care facilities, in hospitality. If a future government decided it wasn't going to give them permanent residency, this would mean many would drop out of employment, creating huge labour shortages in the areas they are working," Professor McDonald said. "I think if there were Australian workers to fill those jobs, they would be doing it now." "On the other hand, if they are able to stay, they will take up most of the permanent resident places under the skilled migration program. In other words, the government will be in a position that it will have to choose. "While it would have been better if it hadn't happened at all, if I was the government, I would take the students that are already here as a one-off, but also still take the mining engineers and the nurses and other skilled migrants. "I'd increase the permanent intake for a short period until these temporary student visa holders washed through the system." Julia Gillard opened the election campaign with a warning that Australia should not "hurtle" toward a population of 36 or 40 million by 2050, but later claimed the issue was not about immigration. The Coalition has a policy for the net overseas migration to be capped at 170,000 a year. The ABS figures yesterday showed that "over the past three years, NOM has more than doubled from 146,800 persons in 2005-06 to (an estimated) 298,900 in 2008-09, the highest on record". It also noted significant shifts in interstate migration, with Queensland and Western Australia recording net growth. Queensland gained 12,500 people from NSW alone, which continued to record significant losses. Overseas students inflate migration bubble | The Australian
  20. :huh:The Australian Taxation Office has expanded the reach of its data-matching program to overseas students and temporary skilled migrants. Read more.. Tax office targets overseas students & migrants
  21. Hi All, Have had shippers in and have pretty much decided on who we are going to go with, we are just trying to get the price down a bit more. PSS use Overseas Packers and Shippers Brisbane. Has any one used this company recently? What did you think of their service? I have searched the forum but have not come up with anything specific for this company. Thanks KJJ
  22. Hi, I live in Melbourne and have a flat in glasgow. I need to do some housing repairs and wanted to add to my mortgage back in the UK. I called up to release some equity and was told I cannot do this because I live in Australia. The woman from RBS told me that due to Australian law I cant release equity to add to my mortgage or get a Uk loan of any kind. Is this right? Any help would be appricated.
  23. We are running a IT firm in India with no formal base in Australia and we have a client in Australia. Now my client has asked me to send an employee onsite to Australia for the project. Could anyone tell me what are the eligibility criteria for an Overseas Business Sponsor to initiate 457 visa for its employees. Thanks. Jack
  24. Do you need to transfer money overseas from the UK on a regular basis? If so, you could benefit from using a Regular Payment Plan (RPP). This is a specific service developed for regular international payments, such as: · Mortgage payments · Pension transfers · Salary transfers · Property maintenance payments The service is automated and will save you time and money when transferring your money. Typically these payments may range from £250. A Regular Payment Plan is fully automated so it takes the hassle out of regular overseas transfers. Your sterling is collected by direct debit and automatically sent to the designated bank account abroad. For every transfer made, you will not have any to pay any transfer fees along with receiving competitive exchange rates. If you would like further information on this service, please feel free to contact me.
  25. Guest

    New SOL vs. Overseas student

    When the new skill list will implement in july 2010, does it mean that though currently studying student at australia, find their occupation in new skill list, would not be eligible to apply for GSM? I am confused? Please shed light on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused: