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  1. Guest

    Other options

    Morning guys, Just had an email from a dealership in brisbane ref sponsorship which is great as this is the only dealership to return my emails. They are basicaly saying that they would like me to work for them for a number of mths before they would look at sponsorship ( i have to prove myself as a salesman) MY question is what visa could i look at to be able to work for a period of a max of 12 mths At the moment i do not qualify for a skills visa (working on that at min) Could i get a working holiday visa ??? (Im 31 if this has a bearing on it) Many thanks in advance for your knowledge Mark :idea:
  2. Hi I'm Alan's wife Sam. We are moving to Perth in Jan 2010. We are staying with family when we first arrive so we're able to suss out areas to live and schools. We have Katie 16, Alex 14, and Ben 4. Our daughter has just finished her GSCE's here and we are wondering would anybody be able to help with solving my questions? Will she be able to go back to school in Perth and if so what year would she go in to? Can she start an apprenticeship at a college, maybe hairdressing? She quite likes the idea of going back to school and carrying on with her education but not sure if thats possible? If anyone else is in the same situation I would love to hear from you. Sam McGuire
  3. The types of contracts you use when making foreign currency transfers. There are various types of contract you can use when making a currency transfer, depending on your requirements. A standard contract is called a Spot Contract and this is when you carry out an exchange from a live market and complete on that contract with immediate effect. Another option would be to book a forward. Forward contracts guarantee you a rate of exchange for a future date based on the current day’s rate. A deposit is required to cover any adverse market movements, we work slightly differently to other firms in that we take a set amount but do not margin call our clients at any time. A forward rate can be secured for up to two years ahead. Please note: Depending on your timescale it may not pay to buy a forward when the rates are poor. Limits orders are very good if you have time on your side, for example if the present rate of exchange for GBP-EUR is 1.11 and you wish to see if the market might move favourably to a rate around 1.13, then you can place a limit into the market at this rate. This order is held in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and secures your buy order as soon as your target rate is achieved. Some clients can be concerned about the potential for the market to fall whilst they are running a Limit order, on such an occasion a client may wish to consider an OCO. This is when you run a limit to target a higher rate of exchange at the same time as running a Stop order to protect you if the rate falls. So as well as targeting a high of 1.13, you also place a Stop for 1.09. Again this will work for you 24/7 until either target rate is achieved, if the market starts to drop, it will buy your Euros at 1.09, protecting you from any further losses. Stop and Limit orders can be withdrawn from the market at any time up until the rate of exchange is achieved at no expense to the client. Remember to always take advice on what options are available to you.
  4. Would be grateful for clarification please. As we are currently in the long queue, not expecting our 175/176 visa to be processed before the end of 2012, we are looking into employer sponsorship. We were aiming towards ENS121, but it seems difficult to convince employers into this sponsorship route. Therefore, I wonder if anyone could tell me simply - are there any other employer sponsorship visas which are more widely recognised by employers/used in Australia, that also carry top priority processing? We have flights booked, arriving in Brisbane on 9th Feb 2010 and were hoping to have our visa by then, but looks like these will be return flights now. We're going to send speculative letters/CV to lots of companies. We've already sent a few out but basically mentioning ENS121, so I wondered whether there were any other visa options open to us. Ideally we'd like PR from the start, but would consider other options. Thanks in advance, Mandy
  5. Hi All Brand new to PIO so please be gentle! Moving over in new year on a 457 visa to Brisbane. Usual questions about cost of living etc but using all useful advice from other parts of the forum. Question I have relates to getting a car for my wife when we arrive. We have very little disposable income in terms of a deposit for finance options and wondered if anyone can steer me in the right direction for our options. We are on a 4 year temp visa with an option to stay from my company if all works out. Are there good finance options with little or no deposit to keep monthly payments as low as possible or will it be a case of getting a form of personal loan and then pay it off over say 36-48 months and adjust our affordability accordingly (i.e $300 per month equates to a loan of $14,400 and probably less interest a car of circa $12,000 in worth?) Or are their types of lease which with a $300 a month payment give us a new or almost new car and then hand it back after 3-4 years like it can work in the UK? Your thoughts would be most appreciated.:biggrin:
  6. Guest

    Sponsorship Options

    Hello All, I have applied for me OZ immig subclass 175 and I have identified that my skill 2231-13 does not fall under MODL or CSL..I have an older brother in OZ who is a citizen there. 1) Are there any chances for him to sponsor me... 2) if so what are the things I need 3) how long does it take ... 4) what will change if he can sponsor me.. Can someone please respond here...thanks
  7. Hi all, My dad is currently looking into a 457 visa and then hopefully end up migrating to OZ later down the track. I emigrated here 8 years ago from England got married and have had two children so my dad is keen to move over here. He has been a bricklayer for 32 years and has passed his NVQ2 and has work all over Europe so he has the experience. My question is - being 51 years of age is this going to affect the 457 visa as far as we have seen there does not appear to be any age restrictions on the 457. Also does anyone have any helpful info with companies that sponsor tradesman from the UK or in the UK to Australia? Thanks in advanced. Regards Lee.
  8. Guest

    What options???

    Hey guys, Little history: I'm 25 trained in IT support, came to Aus on a 1 year working visa and buggered it up by coming home after 6 months without having done any cultural work. Basically I want to go back to live but not sure how to go about it. I could do a 2nd working holiday visa if I had done some seasonal work but I didnt. I could get sponsored but unsure about the details. I have a friend out there that said he'll sponsor me, but i thought it had to be a company or business that sponsors??? confusing. Another friend told me all I have to do is sit a test for the Australian equivilant of the english certifications and get visa. Someone else said I can apply for a 2nd working holiday visa every 3 years. Or I could set up a business and get a business visa. I am totally confused and want to know if any of this is possible or any other ideas are available. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you! Kieran
  9. Guest

    RSMS not working out - options?

    Is there anything in s.137Q that is ambiguous? If yes, please elaborate in the interest of advancing the discussion in a way that is comprehensible and useful to the visa holder or any body for that matter.
  10. Hi all I have been out in Oz for almost 2 years now (on the working holiday visa). It is due to run out in approx 5 weeks time. I really really want to stay. I don't have any skills that will keep me here (just being me doesn't count as a skill apparently :smile:) Now I have been dating an ozzie guy for approx 12 months, however we have never lived together or had accounts together etc so I know this rules out the de-facto visa. I spoke to immigration and they have suggested that although the time frame is tight the marriage visa would be the way forward. My boyfriend is well up for this. Does anyone have any advice on this or any other suggestions? Thank you xxx Laura
  11. Guest

    Help with visa options

    Hi all, We have just started filling out our state sponsorship application for WA and needed to do a points test to find the score. It turns out we get 130 points because Pauls occupation (Landscape Gardener) is on the MODL. This means we are also eligable for the 175 visa. Is there any benefit to going down the 175 route? Are we free to go anywhere in Australia with a 175, or just where Landscape Gardeners are in demand ? As far as we can see the only difference between the visas is the 10 extra points for sponsorship and restriction on moving state for 2 years. Is the 176 visa a quicker option or more likely to be approved ? We are TRA approved. Thanks in advance for your help Emma and Paul :confused:
  12. Guest

    Visa options!

    Hi all, I posted in February after a hol in perth and had some great feedback from gollywobbler but decided we should take some time out to confirm if it was really for us.....obviously it is and so we want to try and get some help about our way into oz!! I did pm gollywobbler but not sure it went through so have posted here!! Enough waffling down to the facts; We have 2 kiddies aged 2 and 3. We have no actual qualifications, my other half is a lettings agent and property developer who is self employed and I work for him....and look after the little ones!! He is 34 and i am 27. We have done this for the past five years continually. Its about half and half for both positions, we run them alongside each other. It is a mixture of residential and commercial lettings, the property development is mainly residential. We are leaning towards wanting state sponsorship of poss..... Also we were wanting some feedback with regards to a business visa to open an estate agency??? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you :hug: Lou and Miles!!
  13. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am currently working as a Principal, School of Nursing in Nigeria. I am 58 years old. I am very experienced and have been working in the nursing industry since 1972. I had a few publications and was a State Project Manager of Ministry of Health. I wish to live and work in Australia. What visa options do I have? Very much appreciated. Good Treasure
  14. Hi all, At present, my husband and I do not qualify for a visa. We both lost our jobs last year which has affected our points, I have had to work in a different industry than my previous 5 years experience, and now my husband has decided to go back into IT (worked in IT for 3.5 years, but a few years ago) by taking his MCSE (microsoft certified systems engineer) which takes about 5-7 months if done alone - up to 2 years if working. of course, he is trying to get a job also as it seems that experience is necessary to get the required points also. Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere here please..... Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do. I have an engineering masters degree, but haven't used it and don't want to become an engineer. I have no experience anyway so it wouldn't help me. I've been thinking of training to become a teacher a lot recently as I'm sure it's something I'd love to do, but as a bonus it would fit around my family. I have one 15 month old daughter but do want more children.... Anyhoo (I will get to my point eventually!), I was thinking of training to be a teacher here, but just checked and Australia want 3 years experience which I COULD get I suppose, but really want to be in Autralia sooner than 4 years. Would I be better off training is Australia (if I could afford the fees) - in which case, would I get a visa for that and could my family come with me on it. Is this a risky one though because it's only a temporary visa and we could find ourselves turfed out after my course was finished.....?? basically, could I do the course and then find a trainee teacher job?? I'm just trying to find the best option, if anyone could offer any help or advice it would be gratefully received. thanks, Lorraine
  15. Guest

    Spouse Visa Options

    I have recently got engaged. My fiance is out here in Oz on a working holiday visa that expires March 2010. I am a holder of an Australian passport and have no residency issues. We are planning our wedding for next year. There are a few questions that I would appreciate some help with. 1) How long does the approval process take? Will this effect the wedding date if we decide to get married before her visa expires? 2) Could we get married in May/June after her working holiday visa expires? And how can we do this....proof of wedding boooking /de facto application / bridging visa ??? 3) Can she leave the country and come back in and get married on a 3 month holiday visa? Many thanks,
  16. Hello, everyone, hope I can get some informed advice. My husband is on the second 417(work Holiday) visa. He is young 24 and a trade qualified boilermaker/welder.He is british I am older, 35 ,(cougar I know!,I know!)and am a tattoo artist.and canadian. we are in the process of starting a tattoo studio out in brisbane. i have been living in asia( he commuted when he was off work), and only moved here in march, on a 3 mo.tourist eta at the mo here is our dilemma. My husband has worked offshore in oil and gas and lived out in perth and regional wa for the last 18 months. he was going to be sponsoerd by his employer last december, and then we were ging to apply indepedanlty for pr for him, and then bang! he broke his arm offshore. needless to say, the employer didnt want to sponsor him since he would be off work for quite some time. so, we spent all our savings while we fought for work cover, and didnt have the money to put to pr. it was tough and scary times. he went back to work in april, and we are doing ok again, but dont have much savings! his 417 expires in october , and i need to get the right to work asap so we can get the shop up and running. now, we are trying to figure out our best option to get this happening. he cant seem to find another sponsor for 457, and probably wont , as in his work they normally work for many employers as contracts come and go , and none of these kinds of companies want to sponsor. i was told by immi that its taking up to 15 months for pr, and we dont have that time.... so, basically, our shop is in brisbane, we are renovating now, and we live above it. but my husband works out of wa, and keeps a post box in perth, and uses perth for all his correspondance. he is in the metal fabricator/boilermaker classification on the sol and modl.we dont want to move regionally as i wont be able to ply my trade there. also we have friends and ties in brisbane. im so worried, as our whole life is here now, and the thought of having to leave oz and our business and our life is making me sick, and actually making me freeze up on what the right course of action is. we went back to the uk when his arm was really bad, and it was so scary and depressing there because of the economy, we couldnt go back again. please , if this isnt to convoluted and confusing of a story, could someone please advise? 1.do we have a chance to get a skilled sponsored pr visa from wa before october? 2.would we have to actually live in wa once it was approved? 3.could we use the post box to apply or would we need an address physically? 4.if so do we have a hope in brisbane, queensland? 5.is it only reginal state sponsorship thats being fast tracked or all state sponsorship? 6. would this be an onshore application or offshore? 7. how long is state sponsorship taking? 8.would he be eligible for a briding visa if neccessary? or........is our only hope the 457? thank you for your replies
  17. Hi All. My defacto relationship has broken down. I entered the country in Sept 2008 with my australian partner, I arrived on a 309 spouse visa. Does anyone know or has been through the same thing ? These things happen, so I'm weighing up my options. I am keen to stay in the country and really enjoy life here, I have a decent job and am making new friends in Brisbane. Once my partner declares the relationship over Ive been told by immigration I will be served with a "Notice to Leave" ? Then I would have 2 months to leave or apply for a new visa. Do I need to do this offshore ? What are my options ?
  18. Hi, Looking for some advise, my sister has just emigrated to Oz and was sponsored by a company as she had a job offer. Myself any my partner are looking to follow, I am an IT Manager (Service Management) / Project Manager, I am a fullly qualified ITIL Manager and Prince2. Are there many oportunites in Oz (Perth) for this type of career? Is ITIL as big in Oz as it is in europe. Can anyone advise what type of visa I should look at and where to start as my situation is different to that of my sisters, I don't have a job offer or company to sponsor me. Any Help appreciated Thanks Ady
  19. 2008-09 Migration Program Changes - Frequently asked questions removal of construction and manufacturing trades from the CSL. ... Skills List( CSL) greater scope for state and territory governments to meet critical skills shortages in their jurisdiction Q5 Why is the http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/faq.pdf - 71k - [ pdf ] - Cached
  20. Hi there, my 2nd year holiday visa expires in July, I applied for the Skilled Migration Visa in January, at the time my skill, a plumber was on the critical skills list but it is no longer on that list. I have heard that it may take up to another year to come through. Anyone know what my options are? Is it possible to obtain a bridging visa or can I leave Australia & come back in on a holiday visa?? Is anyone in this situation? Please advise.
  21. Hi every1, This is my 1st time using the Forums, I came to Oz in June 06 after finishing university on a WHV yr 1, then 2nd Yr, then my girlfriend came over as a nurse I then went onto her 457 visa till 2011. Say, If We broke up, which may happen soon, and I want to get my own visa, how is this possible in the 28 days you get. I work for a recruitment agaency but their 457 business approval got refused!! I have an uncle whos been here 40 yrs also.. I could apply for the 176 PR but that takes a yr and its offshore. I've been here for nearly 3 yrs, its my home. My employers are goin to apply again through another business name but Its all very stressfull. Any advice?? Thanks!
  22. Hi all, Looking at all options here... About to apply for a PR (family sponsored 176) from the UK (ACS being processed now). However, may have an option to work for an OZ company on a 457. What concerns me is that if the company goes bust or i leave the position, I have 30 days to find another sponsor. My burning question is...Can i apply for a tourist visa, if i lose my job, to allow further time to obtain another sponsor or do I have to go back home(after 30 days) and wait for the PR Visa to be granted before i can come back into the country? Any advise or options would be appreciated. Thanks Nick
  23. Guest

    Options in aus???

    Hi Everyone I am in year 9 in the Uk at the moment and i will have to take my year 9 options in the next few weeks. I don't think i will be here to start them in year 10 but i have a few questions about what they do in aus. I was wondering how they work this in aus and when they take them. Also, we do coursework and get our GCSE's, what do they do in aus like this??? I also wondered what subjects and languages they do in australia. In our school we have to take: english, maths, science, citizenship, P.E., R.E. and i.c.t. We then get a choice for what other subjects we take. I also have to take either french or spanish or both because i am in top set for languages. Can anybody give me any info about options, exams, subjects, etc. Thanks, Ellie xxx
  24. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, as I'm only new to using "online forums". My partner (from UK) and our 3 children are moving to Australia, I am currently already an Australian citizen (registered as their sponsor) as is our youngest. They are arriving on the Temporary Spouse Visa subclass 300. I know I will be entitled to Family Tax Benefits, but are there any other Centrelink benefits we could apply for or do we have to wait till after we get married and her visa becomes permanent to be entitled to anything else? We missed out on the $5,000 baby bonus by 4 weeks!!! (Cut off date was 22nd Feb 09 to apply for our youngest, and they arrive on the 19th March).
  25. Guest

    Can you advise my options?

    Hi all, I am currently in Oz on a sponsored 457 visa. The only thing is I'm not sure how long I'm going to stay with my job (would really like to get out of it) plus the fact is I don't particularly want to be tied to the company, i.e. if it goes down then I need to leave the country. My partner(who is an Oz citizen) and I are looking at setting up a business, thus I'm wondering if I could get sponsored through that, if we set it up as a partnership? I know for me to set up the business I would have to have been established for 2 years, earn over 200k etc but is it different if I'm starting it with an Australian citizen? Or would a better option be for him to set it up as a sole trader and then try to sponsor me for the job? We also considered the option of being sponsored through him as his de facto partner but the probelm is the fact that he is still married (although they have been separated for about 2 years) but there are issues with debts/assets and children that need to be sorted before he can finalise the divorce. Would it make a difference if he had only been divorced for say, 2 months and then sponsored me - as we had been together for over a year? Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks KH