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Found 153 results

  1. Hi All I have posted a few times here in the past. We are now progressing with the purchase of a shareholding in an established aussie family business, my wifes sisters husband and father own it. Question is, the business employs 11 people with a turnover of $3.5 million a year. Am I able to apply for residency based on this purchase. I have heard differing opinions. All views appreciated. Thanks Rob
  2. Guest

    Our Options

    Hi there, this is my first post so be gentle please Myself (23) and my partner (22) looked into getting a skilled migration visa 3 years ago as she is a qualified hairdresser, we scored enough points but didnt end up going. Unfortunately we left it until last week to come back to the idea of migrating to Oz and only months before, hairdresser was taken off the SOL so now we dont score enough points I know the new list coems out in July and hopefully around the same time, the State migration Plans will also come out, so fingers crossed for that but i must admit, i'm not holding my breath. We are now planning to get a working holiday visa for a trip over there in September (we are looking to stay anywhere between 3-12 months). If, as i supsect hairdresser is not any of the lists in July, can my partner get a sponsorship from an employer during our working holiday? If so, does anybody have any knowledge of how easy or difficult that is? Any other advice is also welcome. Thanks for your time. Sean
  3. Hello, newbie here My sister moved to Perth 3 years ago. I have visited her twice and really want to join her. I can't find my occuption on the SOL (I work in insurance). I don't have a degree, but have two college Management qualifications, and a high trade qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute. The company I work for is owned by General Motors who have businesses in the WA region, but they told me two years ago that I would have to sort out my own visa before the considered a job for me. I have a brother in the UK who I have been estraged from for some years now. I also have a mother & a father. I do have money to take over...would buying a business be an option...and what are the rules? Basically...I am looking at any possibility to enable me to get over there...but due to having a son in school would prefer a permenant visa rather than temporary. Help me please.
  4. Hi I am currently on a student visa studying children's services. Qualified to Cert III and Cert IV. Today I have been offered an opportunity to start my own child care business and was wondering if there was any way I could change my visa. I have in mind a business visa but don't know what this entails and whether I'd be able to qualify for it. Any help/comments in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Carolyn x
  5. We are still contemplating in moving to Oz and firstly we are going to wait to find out about what is happening in July with the State sponsorship as we will have to go for this and hopefully my husband's trade solid plastering is on one of the states. The only worry I have is our eldest daughter now 18 is currently training to be a hairdresser and is doing a apprenticeship in London and gets paid a small salary. She wants to come with us if we go as we want to go as a whole family. I am not too sure if she could be included on our visa as she would not be able to cope financially on her on in the Uk or could we if we was given 176 state sponsored visa sponsor her straight away for the last remaining relative visa 115 as she has would have no other remaining brothers or sisters in the Uk or is there a waiting period before you can sponsor on this visa. She could come out on a working holiday visa but not too sure how that really works with reference what she can do for work etc. Any advice would be much appreciated and hopefully good news on the state sponsorship list in July!!
  6. Guest

    Whats the options?????????????

    We applied for a 175 in october 09 and have applied for ss in feb 10....As things are moving very slowly, we are trying to find other avenues to get to our land of dreams.. I'm the main applicant and dont want to go down the route of job sponsership.. My hubby is 47 and has been self employed for 30 years, first we had a pub and now he has a haulage business...Is it possible to invest in the country??? or does anybody have any ideas of other applications which may be worth a try...2012 seems so far away and the way things are looking 176/175 may just turn to 0000000.....Please some advice would be grate...:confused:
  7. Guest

    What Options Do I Have?

    Hi, I'm a 21yo single male from UK currently living in NZ, looking to move to OZ (hopefully permanently). I have qualifications in Engineering and Business, but my problem is I have little work experience in these fields and so visa options are reduced. (I think!?) and would have to stay in NZ for nearly five years before I can move to OZ like a NZ citizen can. Anybody know what visa options I have? or the besy route to take to get PR in the furture. Can anybody explain regional employment/sponsorship options, as i would have little problem moving to these areas? although WA is where i would like to set up base. What are the chances of getting a job in mines and on which visa? (possible on working holiday or no? Another option I think I have is to get a student visa, but from my quick research international student course fees are huge. If I completed a working holiday visa does my chances of obtaining PR in the furture increase or makes little difference? I have family in WA but from what I can tell the sponsors must be blood relatives?? Sorry about all these questions! but any help from those in the process or those already there would be really helpful. GL in ur visa apps! thank you.
  8. Guest

    Visa/Job Options?

    Hi, I'm a 21yo single male from UK currently living in NZ, looking to move to OZ (hopefully permanently). I have qualifications in Engineering and Business, but my problem is I have little work experience in these fields and so visa options are reduced. (I think!?) and would have to stay in NZ for nearly five years before I can move to OZ like a NZ citizen can. Anybody know what visa options I have? or the besy route to take to get PR in the furture. Can anybody explain regional employment/sponsorship options, as i would have little problem moving to these areas? although WA is where i would like to set up base. What are the chances of getting a job in mines and on which visa? (possible on working holiday or no? Another option I think I have is to get a student visa, but from my quick research international student course fees are huge. If I completed a working holiday visa does my chances of obtaining PR in the furture increase or makes little difference? I have family in WA but from what I can tell the sponsors must be blood relatives?? Sorry about all these questions! but any help from those in the process or those already there would be really helpful. GL in ur visa apps! thank you.
  9. Not sure how anyone else is finding the real estates here in Australia, especially Perth, but our experiences here have been horrendous. It is like stepping back into a time warp and tenants have absolutely no power - so the agents keep telling us anyway. Any public advisory service we have gone to have been even less helpful and have told us that really there are no laws in Western Australia to protect tenants. We have broken a lease because the owner/agent did absolutely nothing in regards to repairs and maintenance and only fixed an unsafe gate after we had moved out and after we complained to the local council, and got proof that it was unsafe. Now almost 3 months later, we are still paying rent on that property and the one we are in, and have found out that other people have applied for the house and been rejected for no reason. When I rang their references, they were perfect tenants and had paid rent on time every week. Other houses that the real estate have are having a lot more open homes than ours. We still have 5 months left on the lease. so apart from going completely bankrupt, does anyone have any advice about what to do? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi 2 All ! I have explore immi.gov.au for Permanent visa options for MBBS Doctors/Foreign trained doctors. I assumed following steps are required for applying GSM-175 visas. 1- An MBBS ( Bachelor of medicines & surgery ) Doctor whose occupation falls under one of the nominated occupations of Medical practitioner in SOL & has minimum 3 years required experience is eligible for GSM-175 visas following the below steps. 2- Get IELTS=7x4 in academic module 3- Pass the required AMC exam 4- Register with one of the state/region medical board for assessment purpose ( Pls explain this point in detail ) 5- If meeting 120 points and all other requirements of health,character,experience,english He is eligible to apply for 175 visa. Seniors pls correct me if I am wrong and share your views pls Lover
  11. Hi, Having returned from 7 amazing months living in Sydney last year - we are desperate to return and exploring all options. As it stands we do not qualify under the skilled visa route so are trying to find an employer willing to sponsor me on a 457. This is not proving too easy as even though I have a lot of experience in my field (life and pensions/superannuation), recruitment agencies just don't tend to reply!!! I am guessing that without a visa - my CV is often placed in the too difficult pile ( So....as I said, we are looking at all other options and seriously considering my wife getting us a temp visa via the student route for a trade qualification, even if this is just to get us on-shore to help us explore other opportunities such as finding an employer willing to sponsor me. I know this is risky and that several trades may be the target of the immigration minister for removal from the SOL, but this would provide my wife with a good career change option from her current role as a retail manager. She is looking forward to the prospect of retraining....so worst case scenario...new skills through the student route may not be a wasted two years....particularly if the work experience side could open doors to sponsorship by an employer in the industry. Does anyone have any knowledge about the graduate skilled visa that seems to enable you to get 18 months work experience on completion of the course. Is this subject to the SOL changes? If so, if my wife signed up to a course to start this August that finished before the end of 2012 - could she qualify for the grad skills visa regardless of whether the occupation is removed from the SOL? Any guidance, advice, contacts would be really appreciated. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif
  12. Hi! I am a New Zealand citizen (no Aus PR), and my partner is Irish. We're looking for the best way to get him a visa to live and work, more than 12 months, but doesn't necessarily have to be permanent residence. We've been together for 2 years - living and working in the Middle East. We have been living apart for the whole time though so I'm pretty sure I can't bring him in as a De Facto spouse (living together while you're unmarried is illegal here!) Our ideal is to be able to move to Melbourne in May, and then sort out the visa situation from Australia. I have work lined up, so I want to go over, and I want him to come with me. To try and not make this a big novel, here are the details: * He's a Chemical Engineer. Has the required quals, work experience. It's on the critical skills list. * He will qualify for the skilled migrant visa 175 and also working holiday visa * We really want to go to Australia and settle quickly,he doesn't mind not working for up to 6 months and we have enough money to live off for that time, but ideally the sooner he can start work the better. What's the best way of approaching this? 1. Apply for working holiday visa, go to Australia, apply for skilled migrant visa, and hopefully it will come through within the 12 month time frame? Is 6 months the norm for skilled migrant visa? And for something on critical skills list? 2. Apply for working holiday visa, go to Australia, try and get a company to sponsor him 3. If none of this works, go on a working holiday visa for 12 months, we live together, gather up all the evidence that we are in a de facto relationship, and at the end of it, i bring him in on a de facto spouse visa (special category visa). Also, on a Working holiday visa, is he allowed to work as a chemical engineer? Like I know in some countries they have similar schemes but they don't let you work in professional/skilled jobs, so you would have to work in bars or fruit picking etc. He really wants to be able to work in his industry, or something similar to his line of work now. I know I have simplified everything, and I may have missed out some things. And I also know that saying 'quickest, easiest' way is a bit of an oxymoron with these kinds of things! Any help or comments would be appreciated!
  13. CharmedP3

    Migration options for BIL and SIL

    Hi I've just been having a long chat with my BIL who would like to emigrate to Oz and was wondering what his options are: He is 42 and his wife (my husbands sister) is 35 and they have a 5 yr old daughter. BIL doesn't have a particular trade and currently drives the council access bus for the old and disabled. (He was a bus driver so has all those licenses in place). SIL works as a trainer in insurance and "may" have either C&G or NVQ in administration and training (BIL wasn't sure). He has an uncle in NSW willing to sponsor them and who may also be able to get a job for BIL doing same sort of job he is doing here. My thoughts were that they may have to go down the 457 temp route and then see what options were open to them....although I expl they obviously need to look into their PR options too... which is where I couldn't add anything as I don't know if there any routes open to them tbh..... can anyone (agents?) advise best possible route they should take..... Thanks
  14. Guest

    what are our options

    My OH is a joiner/carpenter by trade and has been a joiner for 20 years and this would be his norminated skilled occupation, at the moment for the last 3 years he has been a property manager (maintence contruction) working close to all trades, property manager is also on the sol. (i know its all changing soon) but at the moment totally unsure of what our options are , and was wondering if anyone can give us some advice I would appreciate it. I have been wanting to emigrate for years and finally hubby is looking into it as he is facing possiblle redundancy this year. Many thanks Dee:chatterbox:
  15. Guest

    Study options in aus

    my family and i are emigrating at the end of this year and i'm currently in my first year of college and i'll be 19 by the time we get out to australia. since i wont have finished my courses at college what options are going to be available to me out there?
  16. Guest

    Wildlife and sea options????

    Hi all, we are in the process of applying at the moment. My wife is an A+E Nurse so she is all but sorted. My lifelong obsession is reptiles and marine creatures but being from North Wales the only chance ive had to work with these is my private collections or holidays abroad. Obviously im not expecting to drop straight into my perfect job but as there is an abundance of these creatures in OZ i wondered if anyone had any advice that I could take so I can start my research into this from sunny Wales. We are hoping to move to QLD if that helps, Any advice, tips or news would be great Sean
  17. Guest

    What are my options????

    Hi guys... i know this question must have been asked a million times before...... But since the laws changed on 8-feb-2010 i need your expert help ASAP.... Following are my information & would like to know what are my assessment & visa options... your feedback is much appreciated... Age : 31 this year Qualifications :no degree or diploma Experience : 6 years as a Software developer (Visual Basic, .Net, MSSQL , Oracle, MySQL, Delphi, Crystal Reports, Web Development - ASP, HTML, JavaScripts ) 4 + years as a SAP Consultant (SAP Basis, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP TREX, SAP Business Connector) English Language : very comfortable Country : Sri lanka
  18. Hi guys im stuck. Leaving on Monday, arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday, really need to get something finalised tomorrow or Friday latest. What should I do about travel insurance? Should i purchase a full year from a UK company, like a cheap package thing, or should I get 30 days to cover me and then I can go and find out about the Medicare services? I'm on a 417 visa and dont plan to be doing anything too drastic, but I know accidents can & will happen, especially where i am concerned lol What do you think, what have you all done? thanks ever so ... x
  19. Hi All I will try to give all the information required, if I have missed anything please just ask me. I am 39 and my wife is 40, we both work in the finance industry in Jersey but we are not accountants or lawyers and the last time I looked we were not on the skilled migration list. We came back from Sydney 2 years ago, we both held 457 business sponsorship visas while we were there (2 years). These were given to us when we landed a couple of jobs (macquarie and perpetual). We came home to the UK after our son was born, so he has a UK passport but born in Sydney. My wife's only sister lives in Sydney and became a citizen 2 years ago, she also married an Aussie last month. My wifes mother and father still live in Jersey. We have been given the option to buy into the family business in Sydney, the cost would be approx $400k for a 40% directors share in the business. One of the founding directors is retiring and he is trying to sell his 40% share. The cost has come down from his original asking price of $750k. The business has been established for 30 years and employs about 12 people. My brother inlaw and his father own the other 60% of the business. This investment will also give me a directors role in the company with an annual salary Our other option is to go back and work in the city again. But the problem here is with a 457 you are tied to your employer and cannot move jobs unless your new employer will give you a 457. What are our visa options for both these routes give the fact that we now have a family member who is is a citizen. Thanks in advance and I wish I had applied for PR the last time we were there. Thanks Rob
  20. Guest

    what are our options now??

    hay there, not been on here for a while but found ourselves in a situation where we need all you wonderful knowledge =-) haha. OK so we are in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa which we are about to extend for a further 12months after a 3 month fruit picking adventure haha. we have applied for 176 ss to Queensland which was finally accepted beginning of Jan we are cat 5. i have been working as a full time sales assistant-supervisor- in a menswear store for the last 6 months. when i handed my notice in and explained about the 6months rule on a working holiday visa my employer come back to me and offered me a postion as the Queensland Visual Merchandiser for the company. they would like to sponsor me to stay on an employer sponsorship. would i be eligable for this visa in this postion, my impression is i have to been a skilled worker as in on the modl csl etc?????????? anyone know if a new door has just opened up for us to stay in oz perminantly????????? :skeptical: pls help any advice gratefully accepted :biggrin:
  21. Can anyone offer any suggestions for getting from Sunshine coast airport to mooloolaba this Friday 22nd (return 29th) For 2 adults one 14 year old. Don't mind a shared bus/taxi, but so far prices seem about the same as a taxi $40 each way? Is this the going rate - staying at raffels apartments Corner First Ave & Venning Street near the esplanade. Would prefer to book online or phone in advance. Thanks
  22. Hi all PIOs, The worst thing imaginable has happened my (now) ex-gf has royally screwed me over and dumped me 5 weeks before applying for our defacto visa. I have no formal qualifications but have 8 years experience in hospitality (3 years management). Would I be able to apply for the RSMS visa or do I really need a diploma of some sort, is there a way around this?????? Please help me time is ticking fast and I really dont want to leave this lovely land:arghh::arghh::arghh:
  23. Guest

    Visa options help appreciated!

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you can help point me in the best direction to go next! Our situation is that my Husband and I came to Australia on my 457 visa and would like to be PR. We both work in IT, unfortunately I will be made redundant soon, what would be the best visa to apply for permanent and what are the implications for us? My husband has set up his own Australian business but I dont think it meets the business turnover requirements for the business investor visa. We are 44 and 32 years old, both from the UK and had a baby this year in Australia! I hope someone can help point us in the right direction - we love living here!
  24. I am the lead applicant on my family's 175 visa application (submitted in May 2008), and following the re-prioritization we are now looking at employer-sponsored options. My wife and I are both social workers - me mental health and my wife children and families. However, given my wife's experience and speciality, she is is much more likely to be successful in securing an employer sponsored visa than me . My question is, if my wife if offered employment with an employer sponsored 457 visa, is our 175 application still valid? I ask because a possible plan could be to move out on my wife's 457 visa, then for me to try and secure permanent employment (which will be easier once we are resident in Australia) and for me to then switch my 175 application over to an onshore permanent employer sponsored 856 visa. My wife has not been in full time employment in the UK for the last few years, and our understanding is that she will not be eligible to apply for an 856 until 2 years of employment in Australia. I have completed an enquiry form on DIAC relating to this, but you never seem to get a straight answer from them, only loads of links leading to more unanswered questions! :arghh: Any advice on this would be much appreciated. :biggrin:
  25. Hi folks, Came across this site today and it looks fab with lots of useful info. I see there are lots of threads on visas but don't want to hijack anyone's thread! We want to make the move to WA (Perth) and I am totally confused by all the visa types out there and which option is fastest or easiest. I have read briefly about some laws changing and don't want to wait til 2011 or 2012 to move. Ideally we are looking at a 6 month timeframe. My husband is an architect / project manager and qualifies on points, but has not started to look at roles yet as we have only decided in the last week to make this move. I may have a job offer in office admin - would it be prudent to have my employer sponsor me or would they expect me to pay out the sponsorship fees? Can I sponsor my husband? What is the likelikhood of him looking for work before we move and getting a job offer and sponsorship that way? Do companies usually sort out the sponsorship for you? Or do they expect you to have your visa in place? So many questions! Appreciate any advice as all these visa types are confusing me .... thanks