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Found 153 results

  1. Guest

    choosing options in australia

    I'm 14 & have recently chosen my GCSE options in England. We got our visa accepted on Friday and i was wondering when I move to Australia will i have to chose my options again or do i something else ???
  2. Hi, Scenario 1... Looking for some serious advice pls. Situation is ....we're heading to Victoria, geelong area, summer 2011. 16yr old daughter will have finished GCSE's and if staying in Uk, would have gone to college for 2yrs to do A levels, as wants to go to Uni to train as teacher. As we won't be arriving until Approx August 2011, which will be coming towards end of Oz academic year, she would then only have one year left to join her peers. What would that mean for her gaining the certificate that 18 yr old Oz pupils gain when they stay to finish education until age 18+? Would she be able to do the work in the year? If not, what are her choices for gaining required level of education necessary to enter Oz Uni? Is there something/ equivalent to UK A levels, that she could do at college? She is a very bright girl and will do well in her GCSE's, so won't struggle academically. Scenario 2...Other daughter, will be coming up 20 when we arrive. She was born in Oz, so has passport and citizenship, though lives in UK. She has 2 years college education, with Diploma certificate in Health care. She wishes to go to Uni to train to become a nurse. How far head of academic year start does she need to apply? Also, how do Oz students fund Uni? Is there a grant or loan she would be eligible for? I read somewhere that as a citizen there may be some eligibility for help with fees? Any help on eith scenario, gratefully received. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have got WA State Sponsorship for a 176 visa. When applying online to DIAC you have to indicate which State or Territory government agency you have been nominated by. Looking at the options there appears to be no general option for Skilled Migration Western Austrlia (SMWA) - who my offer is from. The only options avaiable on the drop down menu were "WA - State Migration Centre - Small Business Development Corporation" or a number of regional "WA Regional Commissions". Can anyone confirm if they have experienced this and if I need to do anything about it? Incidently I just clicked on the "WA - State Migration Centre - Small Business Development Corporation" as this seemed the most applicable. Any help much appreciated. Regards, James :notworthy:
  4. Guest

    partner visa - work options

    hello all can anyone tell me if there are restrictions on work options on a partner visa (temp subclass 309). I thought i read somewhere that government jobs are out of the question. can anyone confirm this? Also are firms lass inclined to offer jobs to those on this visa, given that it only lasts for two years, until a permenant visa is achieved. thanks in advance
  5. Hello again all, After a couple of years (or so) trying to convince my wife oz is the place to be, she has said if I can find a decent area to live with plenty going on for a family (kids aged 10,8 & 4) & good schools, shops etc etc, not bothered to much about nightlife but close to the beach then she will give it a go. I am a self employed shoe repairer for 11 years but been in the job 21 years. I think an employers sponsor visa is my best option (correct me if I'm wrong) we now live in Stoke-on-trent so house prices are quite low but of good standard I am looking for comparables to find out where to start searching for a sponsor & area. I know this is a big ask but does anybody have some ideas ??? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone, My husband and I have very nearly made the decision to move to Perth, WA. We have consulted and agent (GoMatilda) who we like very much and would employ the services of to help us get out 175 SS Visa. However, our best friend is in Perth and works in Recruitment over there. He has sent my husbands CV to two Head IT Recruiters to get there opinion on work options he will have. It has come back very positive and there are a number of options and large companies that would be good places to work. He is also saying that it would be much easier and less expensive for him to get employer sponsored? I do not know anything about this option and feel a bit lost now. What is the process? Do we have to contact all these companies asking if they will sponsor my husband? If he was successful, how quickly do companies need you to get over there? All our money is tied up in our house so that would need to be sold etc. and animals rehomed, loose ends to sort out (pensions, bills, banking etc) I would suppose my husband would have to go over without us and stay with friends whilst I sorted everything out. The companies mentioned were places like Health, Fujitsu, ASG, St John of God? If any of you can explain the process of the Employer Sponsored Visa to us a little more that would be great. We want to start the Visa process in the next week so need to have decided and have a total understanding of our options and what route to go down. I look forward to reading your responses and thank you in advance! Nicky x
  7. Hi guys, I am moving out to Sydney on the 17th of Jan and need to send stuff with me. I currently live with my folks so I don't have furniture. I work however as a Wedding photographer so the main things I will be taking are computers, camera gear, electronics and clothes. I reckon I can get it into about 6 Tea carton boxes plus a case for my TV. Seven Seas seem to be pretty reasonably priced, is there anything I might be missing in the small print with them? Any other companies that are worth checking? I have a long list here but most of them don't provide instant online quotes. Also what fees will I have to pay once my stuff arrives and any idea of how much it would be for that number of boxes? Thanks guys SUSHI
  8. Guest

    Visa options

    Hi all, Just joined pomsinaus, im 20 years of age with girlfriend moving "down under" with family around August time:sad:. Looking at Visa`s etc, would i be able to use a working holiday visa to stay with them (see if i like it) whilst working casually in the area for no longer than 6 months, or, would this be checked by immigration to make sure ive travelled around? resulting in possible exclusion from second WHV?. Apologies for the lack of knowledge im just trying to find every option i can! Thanks in advance, Kieran.
  9. Hi, ( I have emboldened the parts I feel are specific to migration issues section) I am a new member looking for some advice on the emigration process. For the past 8 months I have been researching visas/employment options/ cities to live and costs of living. However, there are some things I simply can’t get my head around. The first major stumbling block for my partner and I was the Visa. I am an employment adviser (aged 24, with 2 years experience in my field)/ she is a registered nurse (aged 22, with 6 months post reg experience). We recognised that our best options would be to focus on her occupation since we are led to believe there is a demand for nurses in Australia. Nonetheless, each time we looked at permanent visas she did not meet the requirements. This has led us to the position of now pursuing an temporary employer sponsored visa. Having researched the various visa types I was less keen on this visa since I disliked the temporary nature and felt the employer held all the power. Would people suggest that we fly out on a working holiday visa and look for an employer to sponsor her whilst in the country? What are the chances of not finding sponsorship at all? Can the employer terminate her contract at any time and we have to leave? Are the wages less when employer sponsored? How does her employer sponsored visa affect me and my employment prospects? I understand that I have the right to work, but will the temporary nature of her visa affect any jobs I might apply for and subsequent salary I might expect to achieve? This de-facto status is another issue I am unsure of. We have lived together for 2 years in June when we plan to leave and will be setting up an apartment together when we arrive in Australia on the Working Holiday visa in July. Will a rental agreement/council tax bill and joint back account with £20,000 of joint savings suffice proof we live together. What are the next steps for say when she starts in work and gets an employer sponsored visa? Do I have to then apply for a de-facto visa of some kind? Can this be done immediately without me having to return home. The next part of my post is very specific knowledge I am requesting so I will post this in another section of the forum as well. Nursing registration is something that has baffled me from the start. Currently my girlfriend is registered as a UK nurse and works in a prison running a sort of triage clinic. She has studied a 4 years honours degree and graduated earlier this year with an upper second class degree. At the moment she has 6 months experience and will have 1 full year by the time we leave in June/July this year. This limited experience is the main stumbling block to securing a more permanent visa. Now from what I’ve read each region in Australia has a different regulatory body ( I think) ? How do you begin the process of applying to become a registered nurse in Australia? What’s the name of the organisation? How long does the process take? She would like to be registered for arriving in June/July. Is she required to sit a skills assessment? I have read conflicting information about exemptions being granted for skills assessment and English language assessments depending on specific circumstances? She graduated from a top UK university and English is her native tongue. Can someone perhaps elaborate a little further on exactly what is required to get registration and am I correct in thinking there are exemptions for certain people? We are very interested in setting up in the Brisbane area of Australia. Can someone kindly name any prisons in the Brisbane area? How do the prisons in Australia recruit? Are they run by the state or private companies? What is general salary range for working in this environment? Another area I am unsure of would be gaining sponsorship from a hospital in the public sector. Do state hospitals in the Brisbane area sponsor? Finally, we have booked tickets to attend an expo in London this coming March. Would anyone recommend this as a good means to securing employment? I realise this post is lengthy, but to anyone who replies with answers to any of my questions I do very much appreciate it. Moving to Australia is no walk in the park and for someone like myself who is keen to have a thought out and well informed plan it’s just sooo sooo time consuming and complicated so any advice is welcome. Thanks Chris
  10. Guest

    What visa options do I have?

    Hi, me and my family are looking to emmigrate to Australia, and want to find out the best visa pathway for us. Im a Primary School teacher of 3 years. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks ;o)
  11. k8bug79

    What visa options???

    Hello, I posted last week about my MIL and how we recently lost my FIL who was going to sponsor my MIL on a spouses visa when we relocate to Australia but obviously now will have to go through the parent visa . We are going as Australian Citizen by descent and with me on a Spouses visa However things have changed a little so I wondered if there were any other options. A brief over view My Grandmother and Grandfather in Law lived and married in Australia, MY GFIL was a £10 pom and my GMil emmigrated there with her mother (I am unsure of how long they lived there before returning to the UK) They had my FIL in Sydney and returned home to the UK when he was 1. They had 1 more child in the UK who is now moving to Aus with her husband through work sponsorship. That would mean that MY GMIL and GFIL may return. I guess either on aged parent visas or if time eligible on returning resident visas. My MIL who has recetly been widowed by FIL (whose parents and sister are described above) is 55 and at the moment has her Mother with her but she is very elderly and in reality won't be with us for much longer :-( When she does go she is not adverse to the idea of moving with us. My Husband is an only child and my MIL would have no children, partner or parents, however she would have a sister resident in the UK. So basically can she be sponsored only by her son (my husband) on a parent visa, or can she be sponsored by her parent in laws/ sister in law as a widow, or a remaining relative visa. Gill has been amazing and found some great stuff about the parent visa, sadly we can't do the onshore method yet due to her age so the options would be wait until she old enough, get in the q for the parent visa, or stick to 6 month tourist visas until she is old enough. Just wondered if there was another back door route for us :wink: that we hadn't thought of. Thanks
  12. Hi, A friend of mine recently graduated with a degree in Fire Engineering. He's already used his working holiday visa. He's 27. The institution where he received his degree are not listed on the recognised institutions list. Currently, there are no jobs in Ireland and very few in the UK. Can anyone advise if there's any options for moving to Australia? Many thanks from dave's mate. David
  13. Hi all, My husband is a secondary science teacher and we have recently been over to Oz for a recce. We loved what we saw, especially Queensland, and are currently trying to digest all the info regarding immigration, visas etc. What we are wondering is how we would go about applying for private school jobs? We have heard that if we go down the state school route we could be put anywhere. We want to explore the private school option and applying for jobs that way. Does anyone know how we would go about this-will they even consider us with no visa yet, would a private school sponsor a science teacher to move over? So many questions! Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. mj&db

    Tools - Transport Options??

    Hi All, My partner and I are heading out to Sydney in Feb 2011. He is a carpenter and will be taking out all his hand and battery powered tools but we are at a loss on how we actually get them out! Can you just take them as luggage (i.e fill up a suitcase with them?) or do we have to transport them as cargo? If it is cargo can any recommend any firms and if poss give me an idea of prices that they have paid / been quoted. Thanks in advance. Danielle and MJ
  15. kellynat

    NSW 16+ education options

    We are moving to Sydney in two weeks and my daughter (17 last August) is looking at education options. She has very good GCSE results and had started her A levels but had to give them up due to illness. She wants to become a professional chef but we're finding it difficult to find out: What level of course she should take, Where she could do it and how much it will cost. We're on a 457 visa. Can anyone help? We've had mixed messages so far, some saying she could apply to university some saying TAFE and some saying back to school for HSCs. Any help very very gratefully received
  16. Guest

    Childcare Options

    Hi all We are looking at childcare options for our kids for an hour (max) before school starts and maybe 1.5 hours after school finishes (if after school club not an option) inthe Frankston area. Does anyone know if there is a childminder type system as we've tried to find a similar option to what we have here but not having much luck! Does anyone know if such a thing exists or are we looking at a nanny type option only?! Thanks for any help Gill & Justin
  17. I'll be in Warrnambool the 3rd week or so of October (!) and will need to find somewhere to stay for 4-7 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions, including websites or other places I might be able to find house-share type arrangements? I'm mid-career and going back to school to do a PhD but will be based in Geelong as of December - so just need a decent arrangement for the 1st month or so in Warrnambool. THanks
  18. Hi all, My husband is a secondary science teacher and we have recently been over to Oz for a recce. We loved what we saw, especially Queensland, and are currently trying to digest all the info regarding immigration, visas etc. What we are wondering is how we would go about applying for private school jobs? We have heard that if we go down the state school route we could be put anywhere. We want to explore the private school option and applying for jobs that way. Does anyone know how we would go about this-will they even consider us with no visa yet, would a private school sponsor a science teacher to move over? So many questions! Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  19. madgen

    education options, help!

    We are hoping to make our move to Oz at the beginning of Oct on a 457 visa. My problem relates to post GCSE options for further education. My daughter has just sat her GCSE's (results on Tues!!!) and would have been staying on for 6th form to do A levels followed by Uni, she is one of the oldest in her school year with an October birthday and will be 17 this year. How will this fit in with the Victoria education system? What would A level equivalents be and what route should she be taking to allow her Uni entry? I don't understand the difference between VICE VCE TAFE etc, please can someone enlighten me I feel utterly confused. Also, any advice as to good schools in Frankston area?
  20. Hello everyone, Here is a brief outline of my current problem. I am currently in WA on a rsms 119 visa and have been placed by the by a government organisation in the Pilbara. The area that I have been placed is such a culture shock that we are really struggling to stay here. We have genuine worries about the area for the health of my family and need to think about alternative ways to stay in Australia. We have gone the sensible route and approached my employer for a transfer, alas it has been to no avail. Their viewpoint was that we had to stick it out for 3 years or they would deport us within 4 weeks. I now need to investigate if there are any other ways that we can stay within Oz. I initially used the rsms visa as I was 10 points short on the skilled assessment. Are there any other visa types that I might be eligible for? Here's hoping Lee

    GCSE's options equivilent QLD

    Hello We are moving to Gold Coast in October. My eldest son is 14 years old (well next Monday :biggrin:) and is due to start year 10 here in the UK. He has picked what GCSE options he wants to do here when he was in year 9. I was wondering what happens in QLD? Do they pick what subjects they wish to do and if so will it be when we arrive? I think he will be in Year 9 in Australia and start in Year 10 in January. He is 14 at the end of August. :unsure: Thanks Jill xxx
  22. Hello All, We are looking into moving back to the UK for a year, one of the main reasons being to give our boys - a 10 year old in year 4 and an 8 year old in year 2 - the experience of living in another country before higher education priorities deny us the opportunity. The difference in the respective school systems means that owing to their birthdays they will jump a year ahead, the eldest being particularly affected as he will be starting high school 17 months earlier than if we stayed in Australia. Has anyone in a similar situation been able to place their kids in the year below where they should be? The county council states that this is at the discretion of the head teacher of the schools, both Primary and Secondary, in question. Any thoughts, experiences appreciated.
  23. Hey guys Have read some really helpful replies so hoping I can get some advice! My girlfriend and I met in Australia shortly before I had to leave as I was on a 1 year working holiday visa. We stayed in regular contact and she came over to me for a year, we applied for a de facto relationship visa which we had to withdraw as we were informed that the time spent living in my parents wouldn't count as we didn't share a bed-room. Is it possible for us to register our relationship with the australian government if I go out there on a tourist visa? Or does anyone know of any options other than spending 12months in New Zealand? Thanks John
  24. Guest

    Visa options????

    Hi there, I am new to this but have decided to come on here as I am so lost and at an end of what to do!!!!! Long story short Both my husband and i came on a working holiday visa from the UK in Jan 2010. We both got employed, husbands employer stated that he would employ him, however, he does not meet the salary rate - even though he meets it on commission, DIAC said they only go on the base rate!!!!! My employers wont sponsor anyone, but have agreed to give me a 3 year contract if i am able to somehow get a visa to stay in Australia! Husband is working in sales in fitness industry, however he is a qualified cabinet maker and electrician - no experience with electrician quals though. I have a brother in adealide that is willing to sponsor us so we thought we would go through Visa 487 as we are onshore, have a sponsor and a 60 point occupation. I called and asked vetassess how we could go about getting assessed for electrical trade. they told us that we have to fly back to the UK to get assessed!!! I asked DIAC about this, they said ask TRA. I called TRA they said they cant do this as it would be flagged as COAG as the qual is from the uk. So all in all, time is running out on visa and so are our options!!! Does anyone have any idea on what we can do!? Dont want to be going back to the uk to wait for a date to get assessed, by the time it arrives we may not be able to come back into the counrty as our visa would be expired!!!:wacko: Any advice would be appreciated!