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Found 65 results

  1. Hey Guys, I wanted to ask they people that have made the transition from the UK to OZ just a few questions. Well me and my partner would love to move down-under, but we don't know where we should start. We have both had a 12 months working visa last year and have been granted a 2nd year as well, but would now like to move there permanently. We have done a free visa assessment and apparently passed but we just needed to find out a few things more on this issue first. So question time! How do i go about moving to australia, without a Skilled Migration? Is there a partially skilled visas or something where i can learn the job over there, as the partner is fine in that department? How to get an australian morgage even though i am from the uk? I have freinds that live there & my partner has family (g'dad & nan) would that help @ all? Thanks for looking at my thread, and thanks to the people that can answer my questions!
  2. Hi guys, Possibility of a job in Rockhampton.. Any info on what its like there to live? I really want to be in Brisbane but this could be the job im looking for, just concerned about location.. I know its the "beef capital" of Oz and gateway to the Barrier Reef.. Just want to know is it a bit "backwater" ???? :eek: Want to be somewhere where there is a good social life to be got and also have 17 year old daughter to consider! Hope someone can help!
  3. Hi guys Could I ask for your honest opinions?! Really confused about what to do at the moment! Would you leave a secure job in the UK to search for work and sponsorship in Aus?! Are we mad to consider it?! Since the recent SOL changes, our plans to join my Sis and her Husband, with us on a 176 visa have unfortunately been shelved, job sponsorship is really our only hope! My Sis is sure we would find sponsorship within 3 months but I am scared to take the plunge....What do you think?! Thanks for reading Claire xx
  4. Hi, Myself (UK) and my partner (Australian) have been together since Oct 2009. I am here on a WHV and in Sep we are heading to the UK for a few months to see my family/friends, do a bit of travelling etc. I then plan to come back on a tourist visa to be with partner and have saved enough funds to do this i.e to still be able to pay rent and general stuff etc. At the moment myself and my partner share food bills etc but he is going to help me out by paying that when I return. Anyway, returning in Nov would mean leaving by Feb 2011 and we wanted to have applied for a de facto visa by then. We met in a houseshare and have been together since Oct, however I didn't move into his room until Christmas. As I was in a 6 month contract for a well paid job, we were not going to rent out my room until my contract ended (April 2010) and it became necessary for me to pay less rent. It was then used as a gym/storage room until late Feb when a friend at a party mentioned they were looking for someone. MY QUESTION IS...someone officially took over my room and so I couldn't physically be in there from 26/02/10 and this is shown via bank statements with myself paying less rent and someone else paying my partner rent (it is his name only on the lease). However, I moved into my partners room before we went away for xmas and our other flatmate can put that in a statement...is this enough? With the 3 month tourist visa running out in Feb, we would need to put the de facto app in at the end of Jan and by then we would have been together 15 months and living in the same room for 13 months but this could not be proved on paper until Aaron moved in on 26 Feb? SECONDLY...this is the stuff we would have for de facto by the time we apply: Letters to same address for more than a yr Bank statements to show shared shopping/internet (all other bills are inc. in the rent and we all just pay my partner this) Joint purchases of household items (stereo and a bed) Tickets for trips together Trips he has booked/paid for the two of us Letters/cards/invites from home/people in Oz addressed to both of us Photos Evidence of my partner supporting me when I return on a tourist visa and cannot work Statements from 2 housemates, his parents and best friend Statements from my mum in the UK We don't have any joint accounts etc as although separated for a time, my partner and his ex wife are only now officially divorcing, which complicates financial matters. I can't be put onto the car insurance as it is a work car and anyone is insured to drive it. Is there anything we could try to get between now and Feb? Do you think we should be waiting beyond Feb 2011 when the rental of my room is documented on paper? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi All.. Following on from the cost of living thread.. I know its a long way in the future but I have been thinking:err: about lowering costs when we get into oz.. Once we decide to make the permanent move over what if John went first (lower hotel rates and food) to find a job and a rental home then once these 2 things are sorted me and Connor follow?? Just an idea? Donna x
  6. Guest

    Opinions please 176 or 475?????

    Hi All, My oh and i applied for a 176 family sponsored visa in April 2009 (A year today in fact, spooky), and due to the priority processing changes we find ourselves in Priority processing class 6 as we were also non CLS, non MODL, so no movement predicted until atleast 2013 if we are lucky. A few weeks ago we had a letter back to say that we had been granted SS to WA as an off list nomination due to my occupation, this would change us to subclass visa 475 but move us up to Priority processing class 5, but again i believe the processing times are similar. What are your thoughts, i thought this might help me make a decision as to what i should do. Many thanks :biggrin:
  7. Our situation is causing nothing but turmoil, sleepless nights and large amoutns of wine drinking (last one not actually to bad!!) We have our visa , on which the year runs out on June 17th this year. We have been struggling to sell our house, along with lots of you we suspect. The things is this...we have an offer on the house £75000 under the asking, which will not leave us with very much money to move over with...... we should have about AUS$94000 and once a job is secured we should be earning about AUS$60000 a year. We are worried this will not be enough to secure a house/mortgage and don't know whether to sit it out and go for a visa validation trip in May or to take the money and run. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Paul and Tara:frown:
  8. Sammy77

    Opinions please :)

    Hi everyone, As some of you may be aware I had an interview on the 18th Jan for a job in Oz, and I did feel really positive after it, mayb not so much now, but the question is how long would you normally expect to hear a reply one way or the other? The interviewer did say at the time of the interview that 'they would contact me early next week', which was the week just gone, but I know it was australia day so that may delay and they weren't flying back until after the last lot of interviews on the 19th (sorry I'm waffling abit ). But should I email the person that interviewed me as he gave me his card, if so when? Don't want to appear desperate (although I am lol, only kidding) but don't want them to think I'm not interested. Sorry if I've confused you as much as I feel Any advice would be really appreciated Thanks Lisa :wubclub:
  9. Hi all, We have a dilemma! we are returning to oz in July 2010 and were intending on living south of newcastle or around the top of the freeway. i (Mark) have not been promised a job but do have a company (in newcastle) interested in me and have said for me to keep in contact and to chat with them near the time of our move. however, i recently had a reply from another company i contacted and they are "very interested" in me to the point that i have had 1 telephone interview and the MD is coming to london in april and wants to meet up!, now this company is based in taren point post code 2229. this company have stated that they would be keen for me to live south of sydney and i have never visited that area or know what it is like? also i have 2 teenage daughters so high schools need to be looked at. your coments and views on either or both areas would be very much appreciated. cheers guys Mark & Tracey.
  10. Hi, We've just bought our first house and are trying to suss out the minefield of different types of roof insulation. Well you have batts (pink, polyester, fibreglass, earthwool) or ecofoil and there are probably some more that we haven't come across. Anyone know from experience which is better?? Thanks Wendy
  11. Since number of home-schoolers rises and parents hope that their kids could be outstanding. Many people refer themselves to some online learning resources. My DD now is using the beestar. A curriculum-based online programs. It offers Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Vocabulary, Science, Social Studies, and GT (Gifted & Talented) Math exercises. And math is for free. Their exercises are full of vivid pictures and interesting stories. I think it really does help my dd a lot. Is anyboby interested in these? And any suggestions in how to use them better? Lisa
  12. Hi. My girlfriend and I are moving out to sydney in February and we've been looking at 1 bedroom flats/flatettes/studios to rent, we don't have a very big budget since we are only 19 and I am going to be a student at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) located in the CBD. As such we've have been looking at places that are cheaper and good value to live but at the same time we want to have good links to the CBD and be in a safe neighbourhood. Can anyone tell us whether the following places are like to live with regards to links, safety, local amenieties, value, local scenes etc: Glebe, Campbelltown, Surry Hills, Newtown & Enmore.(These seem to be the places that came up the most when we looked at areas that are both reasonable in price and close to the CBD) Also any other suggestions of any other areas that might be suitable are more than welcome. Thanks, We look forward to your feedback.
  13. Hi. We are looking to sell our house in the city in Melbourne .We are thinking about Moving to the Central Coast The reason for the move is for better weather and boating. look like lots of great water ways for 35ft cruiser . We have about $900k to spend on a house after spending most of our lives in Melbourne would it be a culture shock moving there from Melbourne? What are the good and bad suburbs and schools We have a 7 year old girl Peter Melbourne
  14. We have been using a Virgin internet dongle for the past 9 months, mainly because we wanted to get a feel for how much our monthly expenditure was going to be and to make sure we could afford what we had committed to!! We are now wanting to switch to a monthly plan but haven't got much idea which internet providers provide the best service for the least outlay. Could I ask : 1 Who do you recommend? 2. What do you get for your money? 3. How much does it cost? Ta very muchly:hug: Sue x
  15. Guest

    Sheiler Park - any opinions?

    Hiya Am pretty set on the redlands, however someone at school told me today to look at Sheiler Park, houses seems good in prices but that is normally for a good reason. I know Logan is not far away and I would not go there for love nor money, so what do you reackon??? Is it a good pocket? Cheers Maddie
  16. Hi All, I am posting this in the hope that there are some teachers out there ( or just people in the know ! ) who have an understanding of the main differences between UK and Oz schools. We are hoping to move to Brisbane next year. We have three kids ( 6,9 & 12 ) and they attend great catholic schools here but one gripe we have is that our eldest daughter who is a bright kid, has just started high school seems to get an awful lot of homework; too much in our opinion ! - She copes but it is getting her down. I am hoping that Catholic schools in Oz may be a bit more relaxed towards homework. Are there any UK teachers in the PIO community who now teach in Oz who could give us some opinion on any fundamental differences between UK and Oz schools. Not just about homework obviously but the general approach to education, sport....anything really !! Thanks All Iain H:rolleyes:
  17. Hi All, Me, my wife and baby girl are in the process of forcing ourselves to make the scary leap through clouds of fear (in the form of leaving elderly parents behind, steady full time job, part time business, unsold house etc etc) before our residence VISA's expire in January 2010, and we loose the chance of a lifetime. Also, since we have not had time to sell our house in the UK yet we only have a small amount of cash to invest etc. Anyway, this is my strategy at the moment:- 1) First try:- start off renting a place to stay in Melbourne and try to find a regular job there (im a Software Engineer). If I get a pucker job then hey presto, we can apply for a house Mortgage and stay there and see if we can settle ok. 2) Secondly, if I don't get a job, or see no interest or interviews within six/eight weeks and our small amount of money will not last forever, then im thinking that we should buy a small business (I currently also run a part time gym/martial arts academy in the UK), either with attached accommodation via some kind of commercial Mortgage(??), OR buy a very cheap business and continue to rent accommodation until we can prove a regular income to the mortgage people. Also, considering our resources, im thinking that it will be harder to afford a business and rental accom in Melbourne, SO im thinking that it will be an attractive option to head for the regions ie south Gippsland perhaps, where we can hopefully afford a small business easier. Also I quite like the sound of the out of town location, and when we visited Melbourne earlier this year for fact finding I found the Melbourne traffic way worse than expected. What do you reckon ? All comments and ideas would be gratefully received please please please ! Thanks, Darren.
  18. Hi I am new to this forum so forgive me if I make any mistakes!! My husband's company are Australian and he has been asked to work in their Brisbane office for 2 to 4 years, he is currently in Brisbane at the moment for a month working and looking at areas in his spare time! I joined him just for a week over half term and we really liked Cleveland and since I returned home my husband has seen Wellington Point and really likes it there too! I have been searching the web for information about the two areas my main concerns being how safe are they to live in? We have three children, ages 7, 9 and 13 so want to be in a child friendly safe environment. My husband would be starting his contract in September and me and the children would follow in December so its a few months off yet but I am keen to settle on an area so that I can begin contacting necessary schools and rental agents etc. Thank you!! :laugh:
  19. Air China are looking really cheap for our migration flight in December (and they offer 30kgs as standard checked baggage from the UK) Only problem is that all reviews seem to be really bad Has anyone flown Air China and had a good experience or are all the bad reviews true?? hmmmm
  20. Hello all, great forum thanks to all the input from everybody. Where can I start? The 'wanna live there' bug has always been in me for Australia but it's only in the past month I've realised my OH is willing to give it a try but after looking at these forums feel we may have missed the boat (plane). We are in our late 30's with 2 kids of 9 and 5 and we both work and draw around the average UK wage. We live in an average 200K GBP UK semi with 2 dogs and a small garden. To think about getting the next house that's in the sticks a little with a decent sized garden we need to borrow another 50K minimum. That's option one. Option two is Australia. We are looking towards Brisbane and it's suburbs/towns. We have never been to Australia (I know, I know). We love being outdoors and camping and open space and SUNSHINE and want the kids to have all this as well. I don't really dislike the UK just the amount of time it is GREY and cold and wet. We have quite a nice life and realise we are VERY lucky compared to much of the worlds population. We're willing to take a risk and want the adventure of the move and think we would return in 3-5 years if it doesn't work out. The plan: From the little I know I would apply for a skilled regional sponsored visa as an IT professional. My wife would ideally not work for at least 12-18 months. We would rent our house in the UK and use it as security if we needed to return. We are both British but we don't have much close extended family round us, not a large network of close friends to leave, don't watch hardly any TV, don't follow or watch any sport, don't rely on ready made supermarket products but cook from raw ingredients. I mention these are there seem to be many who gripe about these subjects. There are plenty of things I love about the UK and Europe but I don't want to arrive at 60 and think what if?! The problems I forsee at the moment are first and foremost getting a job and being able to afford accomodation. I would possibly head out a month before the family to do the groundwork (not sure on this one). From what I've read the job situation is scary around Brisbane at the moment. I'm not a 'tradie' so would I have the problem of having to learn the Australian way of doing an IT job? I cannot see what can be so different. What other jobs do people apply for if you cannot get your trade job? Would we be mad to give up a comfortable life to go over at the moment? The process could take a while I know so say in 18 months time we could have some decent savings and economy may have moved on a little both in the UK and Australia. Unless somebody seriously puts me off then I plan to apply for the visas and everthing that goes with it and assess the situation before a final decision is made. So go on do your worst or best. Is this the worst time to migrate to Australia for a long long time? Thanks Paul
  21. Guest

    Opinions on South Australia pls

    I've just been told that our only option for a visa is a 475 sponsored by South Australia. Does anyone have any expereince of or honest views on this area? Thanks Beccy
  22. Looking for advice on a phone connection to a newly built rental property (house). When we viewed the property the main question we asked the agent was whether the property had a phone line installed as we need broadband for Skype and I am currently studying online and need internet access. We knew that if the house had no connection to the road then it would cost $299 to install so we would have negotiated a deal with the owner before we signed the contract as this is the normal thing to do, but we didn't because the agent informed us that a phone line was already in place, so we put in an application was approved and moved in this week. I called iinet on Friday to have a phone/broadband bundle installed only to be told, guess what? Our property does not have a phone line from the road to the house which will cost us $299 before they can proceed. I except I am responsible for the connection of phone/broadband but there is no way I am paying $299 for the install. I spoke to the agent about this to be told I will have to pay it as it is not a legal requirement of the owner to have this in place. I then reminded her that she stated the phone line was in place, her answer to this was, did I ? Yes I said, you did. So she said she would talk to the owner about a compromise and will call me back on Monday but I don't hold out for much hope on that one as it's my word against hers. My question is this: If they decide I have to pay, should I or should I fight it? Has anyone been through this and what are your thoughts or experiences...?
  23. Hello, I am on a student visa everything is going great, Im enjoying my course, already completed the first year and alreay gained my 900 hours work experience in my field of study, the only down sides are money, I have 3 school age children which is crippling. Now heres my dilemma, my work has just offered to sponser me on a 457, which at first I though great but the I thought about it, I finish my studies in December so if I took the 457 and for some reason it didnt work out I would not be able to go for pr as I gave up the student visa. I have had a though and not sure if it would work out, I have gained my cert 2 & 3 and want to apply to TRA asap, currently im doing cert 4 then next semester the diploma, however during cert 4 it is done on the job, my lecturers gave my assignments at the begining of term and I only need to attend college if and when I want to or need help, so basically I work 20 hours a week then free for the rest of it, so I wondered if this would work......:idea: I take the 457 visa but continue with cert 4 then next semester I re enrole in cert 4 again (paying international fees on 457) and just do cert 4 over one full year rather than 6 months, then by december I will have finished cert 4 and still have continued studying in australia for 2 years, have my tra & 900 hours and should be able to apple for pr then? or would that not work?? Thanks for reading :smile:
  24. Guest

    Hi! Opinions sought.

    New to PIO and just wanted to say hello. I'm Andy, my OH is Carol and we are just starting the process of applying for a permanenet residence visa. I wanted to get an idea of people's thoughts on migration agents, are they worth the money or is it just as easy to go it alone? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  25. Just as the title says.... we are here! We first put our application in, in May 2007 for a 163 Business Visa, and its been a difficult 18 months, we ended up not selling house and just coming as soon as visa arrived and fingers crossed it sells soon! We landed on 14th Jan in Sydney and were greeted by a friend which was nice to see a friendly face, the goodbyes were hard, we ended up being in such a rush the day we left we even left the house with the fridge still full of food (so have family going in to tidy up!). The airport goodbyes to family were extremely hard, and i cried all the way to my seat! Singapore air were great, food was good (for plane food) and we got good prices, the airport in Singapore is huge and you would never get bored! Anyway since arriving we have been staying in an apartment in Collaroy (northern beaches) right on the beach, and the people here are so lovely and helpful. We have decided though to start looking for a long term rental asap instead of waiting for our container and we will make do until the 1st week of March. Some things i have learnt that i thought maybe useful to others i have outlined below: Food - the prices have definitly risen (as expected) since our reccie in May 2007, we have found that supermarkets tend to be way more expensive for fruit and veg, so going to markets and grocers is the better option, meat here especially chicken seems far more expensive than the UK too, we are definitly missing Tesco's prices! We are still shopping around but Franklins seems cheapest for meat so far. Petrol - apparently servos (petrol stations) can choose their own prices and they do vary a lot, when we arrived 2 weeks ago we passed some as low as 98c a litre!! We have been told that Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy fuel - it varies all week, they call it "Cheap Skate Tuesday" its definitly worth it! Phones - we bought our mobile phones with us (but make sure you get them un locked before you leave as we didnt with one of them and cant use it!) and have put vodafone PAYG sim in, top up is different here, we topped up $29 and it gives you $150 worth of credit which seems worth it definitly! Banks - we opened up a Westpac acct from uk so just had to go in and identify ourselves when we arrived, I am still getting to grips with the whole system as its slightly different with all the different accts you have, and remember to check the charges for different accts. Renting - we popped along to a few houses at the weekend to take a look, they tend to have open houses on a saturday morning, so we went along and found a house that seemed perfect, and when we spoke to the agent they had had 10 applications in the first 10 minutes! So you need to take or have ready all forms of ID, references, job details, just basically all your paperwork! We scanned ours and put on USB stick to save us carrying it in our luggage, this was definitly worth it as without an australian drivers licence you tend to need lots of other ID! I just want all the people out there who are waiting for their visas, dont give up, you will get here and it will be all worth it! In general the people have been so lovely and helpful, the sun is shining, and I am looking forward to our new life out here, the children already happy and have had surfing lessons, and body board most days, its just such a good lifestyle!! Good Luck to you all Zoe and Co xxx:smile: