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Found 183 results

  1. Hello, i was hoping someone can advice. i am currently in Australia working on a 457 visa. Mym mum and dad are australian citizens and the rest of my sisters are Permananent residents. they are at school/ working in Australia apart from one who is back over to the UK selling her house. She plans to be back here in feb to set up home in melbourne. i believ I am eligible for the LRR visa as I have no partner and no other family members in the UK or anywere else. I just wanted to ask : Can I submit my application now even though my other sister is in the UK at the moment ( she is an australian PR)? for the application fees, do I need to pay the 2nd installment for myself and both my kids ( 9 and 10 years old) As I am working in australia will I still need the AOS of $5000 Approx how long will an onshore application take to be processed? What details do I need to prove all my family are residents ? Thanks. its a very expensive process so going to lodge the application myself so any advice would be apprecatied !! Thanks
  2. :wubclub:hi all we are about to book medicals through HSA in Bris Vegas as we are living here! what do we need to take with us? do we need our medical records from the uk? if undergoing treatment here (for cancer) that was diagnosed and treated here, what should we take? should they want australian gp record of medication e.g the pill and or anti depressants if only from GP. just been told no more cancer or follow up or treatment required. just periodic check ups that will be paid for by work or recipricol It does say this on the HSA page but wondered what else people were asked or had to take? Medical Examination by a HSA doctor Chest X-ray by HSA or HSA-approved Radiologist ( if you have had a Chest X-Ray by Health Services Australia onshore in Australia in the past 12 months, relating to an Immigration medical, then you will need to telephone for your appointment rather than book the appointment on line please) Nurse Screening - eye test, height, weight, urine test If BMI are high, and are losing weight and all blood pressures are normal and stopped smoking for over 6 months and sugar levels normal so no risk of diabetes = what can i say to put us in a better light?
  3. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know whether it is easier to obtain a Defecto Visa Onshore or Offshore? My partner and I have been in a 6 year relationship and certainly meet the critera. For the past 5 years my partner and I have taken my leave at our home in the UK but I have just changed my destination airport to Brisbane and will spend our time together at our home on the Sunshine Coast. I will be entering on a Visitors Visa. After my leave I will fly out to join my ship with my partner. I wondered if I could apply for a Defacto visa whilst in Australia as I will be based their and working out of the country and returning next leave. Its a bit complicated but thought It worth while asking the question before sending the application forms off to the High commission in London. Any advice would be welcome gary
  4. Hello all. Firstly thank you for reading this thread, I'm sure similar questions have been asked in previous threads, but any advice would be helpful. My girlfriend for four years (living together) has returned back to Oz, she is an Australian citizen, her parents also live there with whom she is living with at the moment, she left for Oz in the end of June beginning July (2008), she had a job offer which she couldn't refuse. I am hoping to leave the UK around February to go and live with her, I am currently fulfilling teaching contracts at university until end of semester one. I am a little concerned how this gap in our time together will affect an onshore defacto/spouse visa application. Also would I be able to work whilst waiting for the visa confirmation? Would you recommend getting the meds and police report prior to leaving for Oz? I will be able to find the necessary information for evidence of our relationship but am still quite nervous of completely selling up in the UK in the hope that Australian Immigration grants me a visa and my girlfriend back. Any hints, tips or words of confidence?
  5. Hi! Me again, :SLEEP: As some of you may already be aware! we are going to Perth in January on a 457 visa. I am aware of the limitations of this visa and we are only going for it as my employer has offered sponsorship for PR after only 3 months and a successful appraisal. I was wondering what the difference is between an independent and an employer sponsored onshore PR visa (if any). I am hoping the sponsored way will be quicker? I know the cost is the same. It's important that we get PR asap as we have 2 children and the family support will come in handy. We should be able to continue to claim child benefit and tax credit in the UK for the first 3 months (correct me if I'm wrong). So my reasoning is that there may only be a short period of time when we are surviving on just my income. Hubs will work as soon as we can find something that fits round me/look into childcare options etc. can anyone advise? x
  6. Hi, This is my first post so please be gentle with me! I have just completed a 2 year course of study in a skill in demand and have done all the required bits and pieces and have applied for a skilled sponsored 886 visa having been sponsored by a relative. I lodged my application on 16th April this year and the immi.gov website is quoting 6 months to process this onshore visa, so far I have heard absolutely nothing at all and sent a blank email to aspc.processing and they are stating that they are currently processing visas lodged on or before 30th October 2007!? I dont know if I have been allocated a case officer yet as I'm using a migration lawyer and they would recieve any correspondance etc. What I'm wondering is am I nearly done or are the ASPC running 6 months behind and I'm in for a long wait? Any help or advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  7. emmaroo

    Onshore Student Application

    Hi Does anyone know if you can make an onshore student visa application. Had a look at immigration website but could not find anything. Any info greatly apprciated. Emma :unsure:
  8. Hi all, I have been keeping eye on rental costs (on realestae.com) on the Gold Coast and noticed a significant rise in the last 6 months. Then the average 3 by 2 seemed to be around £280 to $300 per week and now its more $330 to $350. Can anyone advise if you can actually pick up rentals any cheaper once you are on shore at local estate agents? Thanks Emx