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Found 183 results

  1. Hello I launched my defacto visa application in Queensland today at the immigation office and was told I'd probably not hear anything for at least 4-6 weeks. Has anyone else applied onshore recently and what was their processing time? I don't mind the wait but would love to hear how others are getting on with their application! :cute:
  2. Hi, I came out here on a 457 visa and am still on one, however I married my wife in December of last year. We are now looking into getting my spouse visa and I have a few questions: I have been married before, I have the notarised divorce certificate, but not the marriage certificate. Is the previous divorce certificate enough, or do I need both? My wife is on a contract job at the moment which finishes in September, we probably wont get to put the application in until mid/end of June by the time we get all the required documents and information. Will they decline it because her job only runs until Sept? We will have savings of about $18,000 however.... I lived in the USA for a while so will need to get Police checks from there. Where can I go to get the fingerprints in the format they require and is there anyway to fast track this? Do I need to send a self addressed envelope and such? cheers Justin
  3. Guest

    visa types : Offshore : Onshore

    I've come up with some questions: (1) What is onshore and offshore please. (2) What is the logic behind variation of time (1yr) between them. Why does it take 1 more year for offshore please? (3) Cap and cease rule could apply to those application waiting for long but couldn't finalize because quota was used for other files? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone. wondering if someone can help me. On Friday (April 9th) I successfuly lodged an application from within Australia for a student visa for a 12 month course startring on the 28th July 2010 (3 1/2 months from now) and got my bridging visa. I received an E-mail today saying that the start of my course is too far in advance for an onshore visa application and that I should provide a CoE with an earlier start date or my application is likely to be rejected and I'm very confused. I thought student applications took betwen 6-8 weeks to process and were activated up to 2 months before the course start date which gives me enough time. Stressing out massively right now. I really don't want to lose the $540 application fee....nor do I want to have to leave Australia....
  5. hey guys ....again! haha. Ok so ive read through the migration booklets etc, thanks for that previous info. I know about the forms i need to supply etc. But i was hoping that anyone who has also done this process could give me some extra tips of supporting documents to help my application. We already have letters addressed to us both, rental bond in our names, rent reciepts, pictures of us in differnt locations, joint bank account, of course pictures of the upcoming wedding, wedding certificate etc. So while im compiling all this evidence etc i was hoping there would be anyone on here willing to give me any tips/advice on anything else that would be helpful for our application. Thanks in advance once again :hug: ( i also know about form 80 aswell thanks to this forum )
  6. Hi there again guys. I just wanted to start another ( smaller ) thread. lol I'm trying trying to gather all the infomation i can get for the 820 onshore partner migration. Ive been on centrelink payments as a single parent, so i know that for this reason i will be asked for a AOS simply because i do have a dependent child, and i would be considered "a high user of the social security system" I have friends/family that are willing to do the AOS for my partner migrating here. My question is - can i submit this infomation with my origional application, instead of leaving it until the CO contacts me about it? Thanks for taking the time to read this, Sarah.
  7. Hi there everyone, My name is Sarah and i'm new to this forum. I come across it on google when i was trying to find more infomation on the 820 onshore spouse visa. I was hoping to give a little infomation about our plans and hopefully get some insight from anyone. I'm actually the Australian, my partner is from the united states. We have known each other for over 2 years. I met him online and i went to the united states on the 3 month visa waiver program to meet. We hit it off and once the 3 months was over i went back home. A few months later he decided to come to australia and see what it was like, so he also come over on the 3 month visa waiver program and went home after that expired. We talked while he was here and decided that we wanted to get married - but thought that the process for a prospective marriage visa was going to take to long, so he applied for a 462 work and holiday visa for 12 months. That got granted and he is here with me now - we thought it would be best to get married while he was here and then apply for the 820 onshore visa ( i know it costs more but we didnt want to be seperated anymore ) Ive already gone through the intire immigration website and read and understand most of it, its just so long and daunting. I'm just not quite sure where i should start. Just a little bit more info - i have a 3 year old son and ive been on single parent payment from centrelink the intire time - so i know i have to get a AOS which is fine with my family to do for me. I'm just worried as ive been reading through this forum, i havent notified centrelink of the relationship - as its so complex to explain and we have only techincally been living with each other 7 months ( 3 months the first time he come here and 4 months currently ) and he isnt working and i didnt want to have my centrelink payments cut :unsure: i know im a idiot - but me being so stupid didnt realise that centrelink and immigration correspond. I want to go down to centrelink first thing tommorow and tell them that i'm in this relationship now omg im sorry i know this is a hugeeeeeee thread, i was just hoping to get some help, advice, insight on what i should be doing now, organising etc p.s we havent set a date for the wedding yet, but most likely it will be happening in the next 2 months we just need confirmation from his family about attending. Thank you so much in advance. Sarah
  8. Hiya, Were getting a little confused as to what is the best way to apply for our Defacto Visa. I am Australian and my partner is Scottish. Were currently living in Edinburgh but have lived together in Oz in 2009 which is when he used his Working Holiday visa. We are planning on moving back to Oz in October and dont know what the best way/time/place to apply for the defacto visa. We plan on Travelling on our way home so will be leaving the Uk in August. Origionally we had decided to apply for the Visa offshore from edinburgh but from what i have read it sounds as thought this takes a while to be processed and we are concerned about this coming through before we leave in August. From what i have read about others visa applications people have been able to enter on a 3 month tourist visa and apply for their Defacto Visa onshore. I am worried that Immi wouldnt take kindly to this and it would thererfore it would effect our application. However it would be much easier for us to do this when we get home rather than stressing out and trying to rush it whislt we are still in the UK. We have all our information and evidence basically ready to go whenever but it would be much better if we could put it off for a few months! Any advice or stories would be so grately appreciated!! PLEASE HELP US! :confused:
  9. Hi guys, Someone please give me an advice. I am on student visa, finished my course (IT degree) in 23 december 2009. My visa expires 15 March 2010. I applied for my ACS on 11th Jan 2010, got a confirmation email that they got my application. Since then its been "to be allocated" and I doubt I'll get it before my visa expires. My plan was that I would apply for 485 and use its bridging visa until my skills app comes in then lodge my 885/886 visa. Now here is where problem begins. It says in DIAC website that to apply for 485, I need IELTS score of 7 in each component. I just got my IELTS and it was 7, 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5. The writing part screwed me up and now I cant apply for 485. All I see now is a dead end. I can try to appeal my writing score but that will take 6 weeks max and I only got like 2 and half and it may not go up. I need to stay in the country to apply for 886 visa (885 is out of the window) long enough for the skill app to come through. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. User Name

    Sponsored onshore 886 visa question

    Hi, If I want to be sponsored by my brother, what evidence should I show to prove that my brother is my brother? I looked on the website and it says: We both went to differnt schools and both our birth certificates makes no mention of each other (obviously being the younger one I didnt exist when he was born hence no mention) and it only mentions about my parents. Is it possible to show that since my parents are his parents via birth certificate, that we are brothers? Or does it have to explicitly say that I got siblings and their names are x,y z. and his has to say the same? Thanks.
  11. Hi there, This forum has some really great information and advice on it so thanks to everyone for that. I’m hoping someone will have some pearls of wisdom to share regarding our situation, please bear with me while I try to explain it! I’m a Pom and I came over on a Working Holiday Visa in October 2009 to discover what life in Australia is all about and also spend more time with my Aussie boyfriend, who I met when we were both travelling in South America in June 2008. We’d both like me to have to opportunity to stay after my WHV is up this October and as I am currently 31, a second WHV is not an option, so we’re hoping to apply for a defacto spouse visa. However, we’re unsure of the best time and place to lodge my visa application as we need to full 12 months of my WHV validity to satisfy the 12 month living together rule. As I understand it, I could lodge an onshore defacto visa application just before my WHV expires, and I would be issued with a Bridging Visa A while it is processed. However, the problem with this is that I would be unable to leave Australia until a decision on my application has been made and I have promised my parents and elderly grandmother I will spend Christmas 2010 with them in the UK, having missed the last 2 years. I cannot afford to wait until last minute to book flights, especially not over the festive season so it seems this is a tricky option logistically. So, plan B could be for me to fly to the UK in October, and lodge an offshore application in London upon my arrival. Then my boyfriend could come and join me for Christmas, and we could fly back together early 2011, assuming my visa would’ve been granted by then. So my question really is, does plan B sound like the best option to you? Or are there any other options we haven’t thought of yet? Thank-you in advance for any help/advice you can give us. El
  12. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I applied onshore following a WHV on Jan 15th 2010, with police and health checks completed, visa granted today (Feb 16th 2010). I'm so glad it's finally over, good luck to anyone else applying, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I'd love to help. Also, applied without the help of a migration agent, had friends who had been through the same process, studied the website, documented EVERYTHING and ofcourse with the help of all you guys at PIO... Thanks soooo much!
  13. Hi, Just heard today from someone that went to a seminar on moving to Oz that it will be 2013 to get a visa 176. I thought things had started to move again, with some people on here getting approved in recent weeks No? If this is the case, we are now thinking of just getting a temp visa 457 or ENS 121 (permanent) Are 176 visa processed any faster onshore than offshore? If we were on a 457, we would apply for a 176 straightaway and let it run. Any thoughts? cheers caz
  14. Just want to say thanks to all the advice from all on here but finally got my onshore remaining relly visa granted !! 22nd dec yipeee this is after my co told me they could not find my last VAC on the system but got it all sorted , good luck to everyone and although no expert if you are going through this visa more than happy to give advice and hope . best xmas news ever Thank you xxx
  15. Happy New Year to everyone on PIO. It is great to see 2010 starting with so many visa grants. I have noticed that these are all offshore visa applications. Does anyone know what is happening with 886 onshore applications. We are currently on a Bridging Visa in Oz and applied for an 886 in July 09 and got our state sponsorship Dec 09. We also have our police checks and meds. Any ideas when we would expect to hear anything. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jo :laugh:
  16. Thank you, everyone!!!! I got the mail from my case officer today stating the grant of my Partner Temporary Visa (onshore)!!! My visa has been granted in two weeks!!!! No bond, no interview!! I didn't even get to know the name of my CO until today!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!! I owe you guys big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the help!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!
  17. Guest

    transfer onshore to offshore

    is this possible? and how? thx in advance
  18. im working here in oz on a 457 visa but am getting my paper work together for my pr, what im i classed as onshore or offshore ? julie:wacko:
  19. Hi, I'm currently onshore and am looking to apply for my de facto visa. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. We've lived togehter for about 2,5 years. But in a shared house in London as well with his parents here in Sydney. Basically we have very little evidence to prove that we have lived together. A few bills, maybe 3, and a lease contract. we have another lease here in Sydney now. I went back to the UK for 5 months this year to try and find a better job as my WHV made it harder to get any good jobs here in Sydney. But I'm back now as it was even harder getting a good job in London... Basically, am I wasting my money applying for a de facto visa? We have som eveidence but not much. We also travelled for 6 months trhough Asia and shared our money there, but again, not much eveidence. Would it be easier to go to NZ perhaps and apply for a fiencee visa? We've handed in our notice of intention to get married as well..... Very long message.....sorry just really confused. Should I go to an agent? Any recommendations in Sydney? Help please:) THANKS!!!!!
  20. Guest

    De facto application (onshore)

    Hey guys my names Tom im 20 years of age and i moved to WA Perth last November with my family (Mum, Dad, 2 brothers, dog and my girl friend). my family and i are all permanent Residents but of course my girl friend is not So her years working visa ends this November and we are about to apply for this onshore de facto visa. is this wise with less than a month left before she has to leave? or by applying is she allowed to stay in the country until the application has been processed with a verdict? Thanks guys Tom
  21. can a prospective marriage visa - 300 - be applied for onshore or do i have to go back to the UK? I am nearing the end of my ETA and don't know how long it takes to process over there....we don't want to spend that long apart! i have heard up to 9 months - is this true? is there any way of applying onshore or from NZ and rushing it through? if possible onshore will i get a bridging visa in the meantime? many thanks claire
  22. I took in my (frontloaded) onshore spouse visa application into Melbourne DIAC on the 12th August. I received a call from my case officer yesterday asking for proof that we actually lived together so I took in a copy of our flat lease agreement. He asked me to wait 20 minutes and gave me my visa on the spot!! I am DELIGHTED!!! Good luck to anyone else awaiting visas!!!:jiggy::biggrin:
  23. Hi Fellow PIO's I am in Australia on a prospective marriage visa and got married a couple of months ago :0) I am now going to do my temporary spouse visa and wanted to ask if anyone knows what forms immigration will be wanting. For the prospective marriage visa I frontloaded everything so that when the C.O. viewed the application there was nothing else they would require so I would to do the same for this. I am aware that I will have to fill in the forms 40SP and 47SP again along with ID, stat decs, proof of living together, bank accounts, etc but are there any other forms immigration ask for? e.g Do I need to do a form 1221 (Additional personal particulars form) Also, can you hand in the visa application? When I rang immigration in Sydney they said I have to post it, not bring it in but I would prefer to do it in person. Is it the same rule for all immigration offices around Oz? Any help would be much appreciated Smiler
  24. I put in my front loaded application 12 weeks ago. I have been calling DIAC on a two weekly basis and get different info every time. Two weeks ago they said that it would be soon, today they told me it could take up to 6 months. Also, I read on here that sometimes you get your medical results first - is this the case? Mine were sent to me in a sealed envelope with strict instructions NOT to open it. Should I be concerned? Or more patient?
  25. Hi All, We applied onshore to Brisbane Immi dept at the end of April and received a letter a few days later to confirm receipt of application and payment. But the letter advised processing time is currently 6 months Does anyone know if it's likely to be processed more quickly than that? I'm currently on a 457 visa so am ok to stay in Aus but finding the waiting really stressful! I sent police checks, medical docs and form 80 with the application so I was hoping for a faster turnaround :unsure: