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Found 183 results

  1. Hi Again We have been looking in to our possibilities in our quest for moving to australia, I have passed skills tests and we are about to apply for our offshore 175 visa. We are now wondering if we will be able to change our application from an off shore to an onshore as we are on the verge of our house selling, I should also be getting a windfall around may next year which would enable us to live in aus comfortably while our onshore app is processed. My question is this: If we carry on and apply for our offshore Perm Res visa can I then change my application part way through to an onshore application easily enough??? Any help/advice on this matter would be useful Neil:biggrin:
  2. Guest

    GSM Onshore applicants timeline

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there are any onshore (885 and/or 886) applicants on this forum? I have copied Pilon's timeline (thanks), so that we can start an onshore applicants timeline because most of the timelines on here are for offshore applicants. This is mine. Date of Visa application: 15th June 2010 Nationality: Mauritius Trade/profession: Chemist Visa type: 885 State sponsorship (If applicable): N/A Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable): 7 Post-14th July 2010 Category: 3 Medicals submitted: 15th June 2010 Police check submitted: 28th June 2010 Date CO assigned: Nope Date of employment verification (If applicable): Does that apply for onshore? (Not yet) Date visa granted: Fingers crossed soon
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the process to front load the medicals at the time of lodging the file for residency, as I know we need to take a reference number from HSA now called as Medibank. But is it advisable to go for the medicals even before the case officer is assigned to you? As I have seen many people quoting that they have front loaded the medicals. So was just curious to know the process. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated. Thanks Cheers Adi
  4. Guest

    Onshore Visa granted?

    Questions: 1) Any onshore applicants on here who have had their visa granted after 14th July 2010? 2) Any onshore applicants who have submitted the 'Decision Ready Checklist' to DIAC and who have had a visa grant straight after?
  5. onecrankypom

    Spousal Onshore Visa

    Can any one advise me if I require to get my UK police check again as i will soon be applying my perm spousal resdiency visa and am aware that i have to get one from the Australian Federal Police regarding the last 2 years here in OZ just want to have everything ready so i can hand everything in at once
  6. Hi everyone! I need some help, please! I've been on BVA for some time now, and considering applying for a partner visa. We've been living together since Oct '08. Since I'm not on a substantive visa, what option do I have to lodge a valid application? I appreciate any help with this, please!:unsure:
  7. I would be grateful if someone could clarify. The Schedule 4 of the Skilled Occupations List states that it is "relevant only for GSM applicants who are nominated by a State or Territory government agency under a State Migration Plan." However, there are no State Migration Plans approved by the Minister at the moment. If I were to apply for an onshore State/Territory government sponsorship now, can I nominate an occupation on the Schedule 4 of the Skilled Occupation List?
  8. Hello - My partner is currently in Melbourne on a working holiday visa, which expires in November. We are planning to marry in August and apply onshore for him to migrate as my spouse. I called the national number yesterday to ask some questions about the application, and was told, by the by, that all applications of this sort had to be filed by post - that it was no longer possible to make an appointment or drop in to file applications in person. The person claimed to double check and said this was definitely correct for this application type. Is this correct? From past browsing of the forums, I had gotten the impression that it was possible to book an appointment or at least drop in when filing. I would prefer to lodge in person if possible, just so any obvious issues could be raised there and then... Many thanks all...
  9. Hi, I was just wondering, if we apply for an onshore spouse visa, will my partner get a Bridging Visa if he is currently on a student visa? He is considering taking a short break from his studies but wants to stay in Australia while the spouse visa is being processed. Thanks
  10. Hello, I remember reading somewhere on this forum (couldnt find the post anymore) that a user said something like "the DIAC are not able to tell whether or not the applicant is onshore or offshore at time of application, and DIAC said that if the applicant is onshore, he should let DIAC know"... something like that... Could anyone tell me where to find that post?
  11. Guest

    Partner Visa Melbourne onshore

    Hi, I have put my visa application for a partner visa in at the 21 of april and they told us from the look at the pile that it looks pretty complete and that it will take approx 4 weeks to get a case officer and 3-6 months to make a decision. It's been almost 7 weeks now and we haven't heard a thing. In this case is no news good news? I'm getting a bit worried but don't want to ring all the time.... has anybody made similiar experiences? this waiting game drives me crazy.....
  12. OMG i have just read the amendments on the MIA website and I think it gives a bit of a clue as to the Minister's intentions. I truely hope I have interpreted this incorrectly. If he is allowed to cap and cease applications, then the provision has been inserted to cease bridging visa's already granted as the PR application will be deemed as never been made! I feel sick.... This also applies to temporary visa's so I presume this will include the 485? Therefore, if you are like me and no longer on SOL list, and an onshore applicant I think our time is up:sad: Please, please do not let this happen it is soooo heartless
  13. Hi can anyone tell me how long does it take aus federal police verification i did it 2 weeks ago and sent forms to canberra and havent recieved yet,,, applying for 885 visa on 14th june just before implementation of new sol..can i apply without afp verification replies will be appreciated k.sandhu
  14. Hi all I'm here on a 457, engaged to and living with my partner who's an Aussie citizen. I'm not happy in my job so we're thinking of applying for a partner visa onshore and I was wondering how long this might take to be processed? Thanks Yvie :rolleyes:
  15. Hello everybody, I just thought that I would share a quick post to (a) share my experiences so far and (b) find out your experiences at the Adelaide Immigration Office. I lodged my onshore spouse application on my partner's birthday, May 17th 2010. At the time of applying, I was told by the gentleman who handled my application (not my C/O as I don't have one yet, but the man behind the processing desks) that I would still have to leave Australia before the 24th of May... This would be due to my current ETA visa requiring me to leave at the end of every three month period. Obviously this was a worry and a concern, but he told me should I wish to stay then I could pay a further $250 to apply for a 'further stay as a visitor' which would not require me to leave, but could incur a 'no further stay' condition! OUCH. But what must be done, must be done... On May 18th I received a letter stating that my bridging visa A has been approved and that I am not able to travel on it, but must adhere to the requirements of my current visa. The man I spoke to on the 17th told me that my bridging visa would not be valid until the 12 month expiry of my ETA visitor visa, as opposed to the end of the 3 month period. So I would have to come and go in the mean time. So on May 19th we went into the office again and this time we spoke to a very helpful woman who spoke to someone with more knowledge of the visas, etc. We were, luckily, told that my bridging visa kicks in if I don't leave the country at the end of this three months (so effectively they treat every three months as a separate visa) and that I didn't have to pay any more money! PHEW! So now, not only have I saved some money (and gained some temporary stress, haha) but I get to stay with my partner here in Adelaide at least until the decision is made. I have been told to expect a C/O within two weeks... So here's to hoping! How long did your visa process take at the Adelaide office? PS: Just thought to ask... I was originally going to apply offshore, but we found out my partner's dad has cancer and so returned to Australia to be with him and my partner's family during the time they needed us. Therefore, my medical and X-ray were completed in the U.K. with a certified panel doctor. They're at the London office. It is still within its 12 month validity period, so will they accept it or will I have to undertake another here in Australia? I have written a letter and included it with my application outlining this, so fingers crossed. =/
  16. Can anyone please help, I am currently on student visa with my 10 year old son in Ausse & my daughter is on a 1 working holiday visa as a hairdresser, which we have just found out that its been taking of the SOL list, she has been working for the last 5 months; :mad: Can my daughter apply for a last remaing relative visa as her big sister & husband are permanent resident for the last 6 months in Ausse, all my siblings are here; Any help or info would be great, from a desperate mum :arghh:
  17. Guest

    RSMS 857 onshore

    I am working in Regional Queensland on a 457 visa as a Farm Overseer since 20 Oct.2008. Now my employer wishes to sponsor me for Permanent Residency under the RSMS and is in the process of applying for nomination. I have some doubts. Will someone plz help? Q1) My current 457 visa is valid till July 2012. If I apply for 857 under RSMS, will I be brought on a bridging visa during the pendency of my 857 visa application? and in the event of a non-successful 857 application will i be able to retain my 457 visa or it will just lapse?
  18. hi i am applyin for my spouse visa onshore and was wondering do i have to do my medical and police checks before igo or what way would i do it..any advice would be great:biggrin:
  19. Guest

    Onshore 886 Visa Question

    I applied for onshore 886 Visa and currently on Bridging Visa. In auto response from DIAC they requested required documents and time frame to submit all documents was 28 days. I have submitted all documents except "Overseas Police Clearance". I applied for Police clearane 3 weeks before and still waiting.. Today is the last day of 28 days deadline. Do i just submit the receipt which i got when i applied for my India Police Clearance or what should i do in this situation any advice would be great full. 2nd thing they have not asked any documents of Sponsor in auto response i am wondering where and when i have to submit my sponsor documents.My relative is sponsoring me. I applied my application online myself. Any advice from all you experience guys will be helpful. Thank you
  20. Hi Guys! I'm new to this board and have just seen all the great advice posters here have been giving and I hope that you guys will be able to let me know if I'm doing anything wrong with my visa application. Anyways, just to start off, my boyfriend (Australian Citizen) and I met in the South of France in July 2008. We met by complete chance and he invited me out with him one night and we just really hit it off. Unfortunately, I had to leave for Italy a couple days later and at the time I was living in Singapore, while he was working in Europe. Just 6 weeks later, he decided to fly down to Singapore to see me and took me on holiday to Thailand. We pretty much fell in love and decided we wanted to be together. My OH moved back to Perth where he's orginally from and for the next year we had to fly to and fro to see each other. He came to Singapore twice for 6 weeks at a time to try to find a job but unfortunately it was in the middle of the GFC and he had to go back to Australia each time. Finally in June 2009 I came to Australia on a Student Visa to do my Masters as well to be with him. When we first moved here we moved into an apartment with someone else as we were worried about our financial situation, so I'm kinda worried that living in a shared flat might make things difficult? But in November 2009 we moved into our own place. We plan on applying for the visa in July this year and have gotten an appointment with DIAC for the 16th of July. We celebrate our 2 year anniversary on the 11th of July and on the 13th of July we have 'officially' lived together for 12 months. Anyways, so far here's all the evidence we have compiled: - OH’s Payslips/Employment Letter - Rental Agreement - Joint Utilities Bills - Joint Bank Account Statements (from June 08 to Present) - Joint Credit Card Statements - Joint Car Insurance - Joint Contents Insurance - OH’s Phone Bills (Showing him calling me during the 1 year we were apart) - My Phone Bills (Showing I called him during the 1 year we were apart) - Skype Conversation History (During the time we were apart) - E-mail History - OH's Credit Card Statement (Showing that he paid for our holiday to Thailand) - Joint Air Tickets to Thailand - OH’s Air Ticket to Singapore (Sept 2008, Feb 2009) - My Air Ticket to Perth (Dec 2008, May 2009) - Joint Air Ticket Perth (November 2009) - For OH's Dad's 50th Birthday - Photos from a number of locations - Relationship Timeline - Personal Statements - Stat Dec by my & OH's parents - Stat Dec by ex-flatmate stating we lived with her for 3 months - 5 Stat Decs from mutual friends I don't know if I've overdone the whole thing, but what do you think of my application so far? Please let me know if I should consider putting anything else in with our application. Thank You! Steph xx
  21. hi everyone this is being told to me by one of d best migration agent in sydney that file ur pr on the basis on 7 bands in each and provide them certificate when case officer will open ur file and will give u 28 days then it cud be 2 yrs wen case officer will open ur file and at that time if u cant provide 7 in each cert then ur case will b refused but this option can save u from cming sol and then u have almost 2 yrs to score 7 @ sum1 wid gud eng have a fair chance to survive cming changes KARAN
  22. onecrankypom

    Spousal 820 onshore

    It been a year a half since i put my onshore spouse visa in at the DIAC and haven't heard a peep out of immgration i know it can take 2 years and have been told 100 different things in regards to the process i know i have to contact them soon around December time regarding my application if nothing been communicationed. Has anybody had any experience or knowledge of the process
  23. Guest

    Onshore Spouse Visa

    Hi PIO This is my first post so i hope it makes sense! I have a question regarding the onshore spouse visa.....I have been married to my aussie husband for five years after meeting in London, my oh now wants to go home and we were thinking of making the move in July. My question is this....can i go over to aus originally on a working holiday visa and then apply for a spouse visa once there? If i do that can i work while awaiting the spousal visa? Or do you think it is better to apply for an offshore visa and hope i get it back in time for july? any advice is appreciated!
  24. Hi Everyone, I am new here. But now i am in big trouble: My husband is on student visa and because of his poor average mark, his university has reported him to DIAC. now we are explaining to the case officer, however the situation is getting worse, in his formal academic transcript he failed 5 units out of 12, however in the report from his previous school is 8 units failed. there must be something wrong, and it needs time to be checked. my question is can he apply for the partner visa now onshore? or it is better to wait until his student visa issue get sorted? and what if his student visa cancelled, can he still apply for the partner visa in Australia? we are really upset now, so many problems and the school's attitude is so bad, we don't know how can we find the problem? Thanks
  25. Hi All, I am having major nightmares with ACS. I am in Sydney, my PASA was finished and sent a month ago and and I never received it. After sending like 8-9 emails + complaints they finally resent it yesterday afternoon. The first time the tracking number they gave never matched in Australia Post's record. I am just worried that it will be the same thing again. It still not matching and should have been with AusPost by now. I am just few suburb away anyway. Anyone else had the same issue with ACS where they *send* letter that never came? Do they by any chance allow people to go to the Clarence street office and pick up the letter? Anyone with experience in dealing with ACS please advise. Thanks.