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Found 183 results

  1. Guest

    Medicals onshore

    Hello, We carried out our medicals on Fri 3rd Dec in Australia. Can anyone tell me if the medicals are stored online for DIAC to access? Usually how long does it take to finalise from Oz? Thanks.
  2. hi all, i was just wondering how long it's taken everyone else to be assigned a case officer for an onshore partner visa? the letter we recieved from immigration said the waiting time would be 6-8 weeks but its been about 3 months now and we havn't heard anything! i've called immigration twice since but they said i'm still on their waiting list so i just wanted to hear how long a realistic timeline would be. thanks alot Smeeta
  3. We applied family sponsored visa subclass 886 about a year ago, sponsored by my brother who has been living and working for the last four years here in Melbourne Our visa has not been granted yet, no case officer so far. My brother is thinking of going to Indonesia as he has a very good job offer over there, and the job offer is not from an Australian company. Does anybody know if his decision to leave Australia will have an effect on our pending application........or does he need to stay until our visa is granted....??????? Thanks
  4. Hello Everyone, My son lives in the UK. We live in Australia and are Permanent Residents. My question is: Is it possible for my son to come over on a tourist visa and then apply for an Onshore Child Visa (802)? My son is desperate to get over as soon as possible and we were wondering whether this was an option. Is it allowed? Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thank you Kent
  5. Hi All, I'm from UK been in Australia for 5 years currently on a 457 but lodged my 801/820 Partner in September (married to Oz Citizen for 3 years) fully loaded. I'm employed on a rolling 6 month contract (Agency sponsors my 457). My employer's (national big player) new policy is that they want long term contractors to become permanent employees and have offered me a position doing exactly as I do now, problem for me is they do not sponsor people and are not willing to take over my 457 but are willing to hold the offer open until the end of the year possibly into January. If I'm not eligible to take up the position they will be forced to offer the position to someone else and cannot renew my current contract due to expire end Feb 2011 (much against their wishes I've been assured at local level) Here's my dilemma (and request for advice from you good people): I've been granted a BVA which would come into effect when my current 457 is expired (sept 2011). I've written to Immigration fully explaining the situation but they replied saying "they have considered my request to prioritise my Visa application and decided against this" (not what I asked or expected them to do but I understand my situation is unusual and they can't single me out for special attention) Should my Partner Visa not be processed by the end of the year (unlikely given the current time frames) I'm thinking I could try this: My agent cancels my 457 (at my request, which they would as they'll be paid a fee to release me to a permanent position), thus activating my BVA upon which I apply for unlimited permission to work (form 1005, already submitted) What is the chance of not being granted the unlimited permission to work (then I'd be out of a job immediately) How long does it take for a decision for the above Anyone got any other Ideas!!!! Thanks to all for this fantastic site which has assisted me in many ways from the day I was offered a chance to come to this great country Neil
  6. I am heading off to Sydney in early January on a 457 visa, well on the back of my hubby's visa. He spoke with his boss this morning who said that we should apply for PR as soon as possible. He is happy to sponsor us for PR. So my question is should we apply now before we go or wait until we land in Sydney? What would you advise. What visa would this be ENS121??? Thanks a million
  7. Guest

    176 onshore application?

    Hello! V quick question- I have had a look through the forum and on the immi website (super confused after the last bit!) and have a quick question.... My boyfriend and I currently hold working holiday visas and will be coming over in Feb. I am a vet and he is a chartered accountant. Once in Australia, as long as we settle and find jobs etc we will probably be looking to extend our stay. Options I think we have open to us are 856 employer nominated - which from a few friends already in Australia seems quite an accepted route for vets. Or, is for my boyfriend to apply for a 176 SS Victoria (or NSW if eligible once list published) Visa. Basically from what I have seen on here and the immi website the 176 is an offshore visa. Which means you must not be in Australia when they grant it? However, I think we can lodge our application whilst on a WHV in Australia? Is this correct? Thanks for the help I'm sure you're all about to give us! Julie and Tim xxx :hug:
  8. Scroogemacduck

    CPV onshore?

    We are in Oz on a 676 Visa until May 2011 and have decided we want to apply for CPV 143.Can we do so onshore,ie in Oz on a 676 visa or should we wait until we return home to UK in May to do this offshore? While we wait can we apply for another 676 from say September?and if granted and we are in Oz when/if we get our CPV's is that a problem? From previous posts opinion was that it was no advantage to apply for 173 then upgrade to 143? We are 62 & 56 and have retired.
  9. Hi, Does anybody know if I can go offshore and lodge a 175 visa while studying in australia already on a two year student visa? I already have my skills assesed in a trade other than what I am studying, but do not want to leave australia after my studies. Am I allowed to do this? Any help would be great thanx.
  10. onecrankypom

    Onshore spousal 801

    Evening i'm wondering do you think it would be ok to ask the DIAC what the latest is on my permanent Visa application is as I coming to the end of the 2 year period and have to contact them in December to see what the situation is with my application if I not heard anything I know that is over a month away the last time i heard from them was to confirm they had received my change of address. Does any one know the processing times?
  11. Is it actually possible to get a decision regarding “offshore” GSM application without leaving Australia? Cause frankly that “Location” requirement is absurd. I am on substantive temporary visa (457) that allows me to live and work in AU, and hopefully within its validity period I would be notified that my PR (176) application is decision ready and I must leave the country to get a verdict. There are only two outcomes possible – 1) PR is granted, so having spent significant amount of money just to fly all family somewhere and stamp my passport I would be back. 2) PR is refused, but there are no reason to cancel my active temporary visa, it remains unaffected (hopefully – they can’t cancel it right? for what reason? …if I’m within my contract with employer). Thus I will fly back and continue as before. So what's exactly the point of whole exercise? What is the purpose, if I anyway end up onshore in couple of days? Just to sponsor airlines and give DIAC offices overseas some work? Is there any way around this requirement? Thanks for advice
  12. Hi all, Just wanted to know what would be the effect of SMP on the processing of onshore visa. Since the fact, SMP(176) would be processed in Adelaide and the onshore visa are processed in Brisbane. So is there any major impact of the SMP on onshore independent visa? I also heard someone saying on other forum that with SMP being announced the DRC would be revoked from category 3? Can any RMA or pomz shed some light on the same. Cheers Adi
  13. Hello forum, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am hoping a kind soul could recommend an agent in the Sydney area to help me with the paper work to apply for an Partner (temporary and permanent) - Onshore (subclasses 820 and 801) visa. I currently have a prospective marriage visa and I've been in Oz for about four months and I was recently married (the Saturday just gone actually). Any advice woul be wonderful. All the best -Stuart
  14. Hi I hope someone can help my overly active brain :confused:!! As some of you may be aware, I am currently 'sitting it out' in Australia waiting for my 835 Onshore Last Remaining Relative visa application to be processed. I have been here nearly a year and have been on the Bridging Visa A since February 2010. I am aware of the potentially lengthy wait (up to 6 years) however I am starting to wonder what could happen if my 'single, no kids' status was to change... If I met someone and entered a relationship, what would happen if this became 'de-facto' or if I was to fall pregnant? I would no longer be a last remaining relative and presumably no longer eligible for this visa. {{6 years is a long time for a girl hehe!!}} Also - I currently have 'no travel rights' to leave these shores... This isn't a huge problem at the moment, however can immigration really restrict my travel for so long and request for me to pay for the Bridging Visa B every time I wish to travel overseas or is there any way that I can get the restriction lifted whilst remaining on the Bridging Visa A {{again, 6 years is a long time!!!}} ?? I am about to start a new job whereby travel may be necessary and I would like to be able to partake in this rather than remotely manage the overseas teams... Anyway - if any of you can share any pearls of wisdom, I would be very grateful... Thanks Cx
  15. shaxncarl

    ENS 856 Onshore - Timeframe

    Hi Has anyone have an idea on how long the 856 ENS Applications are taken. We lodged ours approximately 4 weeks ago. Not heard anything if we have a case office or anything. Any information would be appreciated. Sharon and Carl
  16. Peach

    WHV -> 801 Onshore Defacto

    TITLE SHOULD READ 820 Defacto - WOOPS! Hi, wonder if you can offer advice / share experiences of getting from a Working Holiday to Onshore Defacto visa? The situation is that the couple met online. When they decided to live together the non-Aussie partner entered Australia on a WHV and they immediately started living together. This was December 5th last year. They looked at registering their relationship with the state of Victoria, but this isn't possible from a WHV. So the current plan is to submit their application for 820 Onshore Defacto in the dying days of the WHV. How anal are DIAC about the twelve month rule? In that the WHV expires on a Sunday, so to submit the application they either have to do it two days before they've been living together for a year, or a day after the WHV has expired? DIAC suggested (over the telephone in their normal helpful manner) the only way around this was to apply offshore. Would appreciate all thoughts and comments! :biggrin:
  17. Hi Iam pretty new to this forum. Bear me if I had asked the same question which was discussed earlier. I have completed my two years masters in information technology frm ECU perth. Graduation date sep09. Have applied from GSM 485 visa last september. I also have a ACS assessment which say my major is in computing. I went through the latest SOL which has scraped out the generalized term computing. My question here is 1.Am I still eligible to apply for a 885 permanent visa having scored 7 in all bands? 2. Can I use my existing ACS assessment for applying 885 visa which is dated 1dec 09, Taking into account the assessment is valid for two years. Or else should I apply for a new assessment and apply my 885 visa which will speed up my process as the new list shows that am in priority list 3(if am not wrong). 3. What are my chances of applying regional PR. (I work in a fuel station in perth). I have a plan of goin to esperance stay there for a year and work (in a fuel station)in esperance and come back to mandurah (which is a regional area i suppose) and work in perth for another year(same fuel station were am working now). Does that satisfy my two year stay in regional area and work in regional area for a year.(Am just trying all the possibilities not to mistake me as some crazy guy ). 4. Is it possible for me to apply for my 885 visa (having submitted all the documents) go back to my home country and return back in a tourist visa and get my visa stamped in australia. Thanks & regards Katik
  18. Apologies for what is probably a very dumb question... I am an Australian citizen, and will be marrying my partner in mid-October, and then applying on-shore for spousal visa for my partner. I have a child from a previous marriage. My child is an Australian citizen, and my ex and I share joint custody. My partner does not have any children. We're having trouble working out whether the various questions about dependent children on my partner's form 47SP, require us to list my child as a "dependent child" for purposes of this application. My child isn't migrating, and my partner has no official legal responsibility for my child (although he does, in practice, act as another parent) - if something were to happen to me, at this point, custody would go to my ex, rather than my current partner. The form says, on the one hand, that "A dependent child may be your or your fiance(e) or partner's child or step-child", which sounds to me as though it should include my son. On the other hand, it asks for a court document to prove that there is a legal obligation to care for the child - which my partner won't be able to provide, since the custody arrangements were negotiated between me and my ex. My child isn't migrating - he's already in Australia, and a citizen by birth. He's not a dependent on my partner in any direct way, although since the household finances are combined, my partner does help support my child. Just a bit confused about what's required... Any help would be much appreciated...
  19. I can't seem to find a definite answer to this question. Does anyone know for sure? I've read somewhere that for onshore it doesn't need to be but for offshore it does. Is that true?
  20. hi everyone! this is my first post since becoming a member hope someone can help me and my partner out! me and my partner are preparing to put everything together to apply for the onshore partner visa, im english and she is australian, im currently in the uk after bein in oz on a working holiday for 12months and living with my partner for the full 12 months. when i come back il be coming back on a ETA visa in 4 weeks then we will applying for the onshore partner visa, we are a bit unsure of how much the visa will cost us? is it the $2575 or will it be $300? i hope someone can help us out! thanks holly :biggrin:
  21. Hi, Can anyone help me? i have applied for onshore 885 visa 03/2009. I have been waiting for too long and losing patience at the moment. if i wanna transfer my case to employer sponsored, do i have to make another application? is it complicated? thanks for all your help.
  22. I would be very interested in your opinion about followings: Since couple of weeks a part of the onshore applicants are able to get their visas in only days through so called Decision Ready Checklist. (Their applications will be processed in Brisbane.) We all know, that the quota of possible visas in a financial year is maximalized. Am I the only one offshore applicant (application in Adelaide) who thinks, that this is very unfair??? With every visa approval for onshore applications with DRC are my (and offshore applicants') chances for getting a visa in this financial year less and less. I have not even the possibility to lodge a DCR or ask an agent to do so. I don't want that onshore applicants should be processed slower, I just would prefer to have the same chance if I already paid the same amount for DIAC and had to match the same conditions. What do you think about this?
  24. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help? My OH is a 42 year old Electronic Engineer and is currently on the new SOL but without MODL or SS falls short of the 120 points even with the full score points for English. We were and have been waiting for the SMP to be released but now these may be delayed? Confusion over the hung parliament etc? We have applied to attend the Skills Expo in London in September but as yet not received any reply. My question is? If my OH was offered a 457 job sponsored visa and went out to OZ before the family, who sorted out the house here then went too, how easy is it to then apply for a permanent residence visa on shore? and what one is it? Can you apply whilst on a 457? Are we better off waiting here til SMP are released? Any advice welcomed. Just want to get to OZ!! Thank you Julian (42) Jennie (45) Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)
  25. Hi, This will seem like quite an odd question, i'll explain a little more! We have permanent residents visas for myself, husband and daughter. We moved to Oz in 2006 but had to come back a year later as mother in law was diagnosed with cancer. Rough year of treatment then more hiccups that prevented us from returning. Then had baby but born prematurely so was classed as high risk etc. Finally at a point in life where we can go back, (and if anything else goes wrong were still going, cant put our life on hold forever!) Boring bit over, so my problem is, we want to return October, my baby doesn't have a visa. We thought it would be really straight forward but its not. We have to sponsor him on a child visa which will take 6 months. If i carry on the offshore application can we go in October and take him to NZ for visa to go in passport? How long does he have to be outside Oz to grant visa? Is there any way of getting a refund so we can apply for the onshore visa? Hope someone can help! Thanks