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Found 183 results

  1. Hi, We recently got our 176 visa and are in the process of sorting life out to move to Aus in the next few months. In preparation, I´ve been speaking and e-mailing various agencies (mainly e-mailing as they don´t seem to return calls!) but without a great deal of response. I had hoped to get a few interviews lined up and then fly down. My gut feeling is that I´m just going to have to take the chance and come down on my own (ahead of the family) for a month or so and hopefully have better luck in finding something. I was wondering how other people had found job hunting....? If it´s any help I am a construction project manager. Thanks
  2. Hi all, We`ve lodged our complete flawless application in Sydney 11 months ago and we haven`t heard anything yet (except for that confirmation letter right after lodgement), not even email. We don`t have case officer yet. I called them up and was told that it was put in a backlog. Fair enough but my question is - do I have to renew my medicals? I don`t want to keep on waiting and then be asked for new medicals.. Is there any rule that every year requires new medicals? I mean - if that booklet says 6-8 months for TR, 2 years for PR, does that actually mean something? Cheers:wacko:
  3. Guest

    Onshore spouse visa..

    Hello evryone, im planning to apply for an onshore spouse visa for my husband.. How long it will take for the temporary spouse visa 820 to process?? If any body has got similar experience plz share ur time line??
  4. xenos1987

    Pre Sept 2007 Onshore Applicants

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know what happened to the above group? I know the offshore ones were meant to be capped and ceased. From what I remember individuals from this group were meant to contact DIMIA asap. Did they get their visas, get capped and ceased or still waiting? Thanks
  5. hi im further along in the saga of getting employer sponsorship in that i am now definitely getting a 457. however, im on a bridging visa A which disallows an onshore 457 application. it has to be an offshore application. can i make an offshore application onshore? as far as ive been told you can apply for it online so why not apply online here and just go out of the country for the visa grant and stamp? might be quite nice to go to kl or somewhere and do a bit of shopping! however, itll be cheaper to just stay onshore during application and then go offshore for the grant, which is my preference. is it allowed? cheers! k
  6. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that my partner and I lodged our Partner visa in Melbourne today (30/03/11) and was told that there is a back log of visas to process and we could be waiting between 6 - 9 months! Another point worth mentioning is that the lady didn't want to take all our evidence as she said the offices upstairs had been complaining that they didn't have enough room to store all the paperwork!! I found that a bit strange as all I've heard is to put in as much evidence as possible! I wouldn't take no for an answer and made sure she took everything. Last thing I want is to have to end up sending more in! Anyway any questions let me know, and hope everyone is well and happy
  7. shaxncarl

    onshore timeframe for 856

    Hi All Has anyone been recently granted a onshore ENS (Employers Nomination Sponsorship). 856. We are living the dream in Australia already, but waiting for the visa to come through. Would love to hear any information from anybody.
  8. Hi, My spouse and I are holders of a Skilled Recognized Graduate visa (Subclass 476). I was a primary applicant and my spouse is included in this visa as secondary applicant. My spouse satisfies all criteria for applying for a Skilled Permanent Residence Visa (Subclass 885) as a primary applicant and has all supporting documents for that. We plan to apply for this visa immediately upon arrival to Australia but I am not sure whether she is eligible or not to apply as a primary applicant onshore. In this respect I kindly request you to advise whether a secondary holder of Subclass 476 Visa is eligible to apply as primary applicant for Permanent Residency onshore as a primary applicant. Thanks
  9. Support Evidence-What i included APPLICATION FORM 47SP APPLICATION FORM 47SP SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (ALL CERTIFIED)- Birth certificates copies for both, passport copies for both, Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates APPLICATION FORM 40SP APPLICATION FORM 40SP SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (ALL CERTIFIED)-Your partners employment contract, Your partners last three payslips, A letter from all the companies stating your partners employment & tenure length-This will all prove they can support you as a sponsor! HISTORY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP- Stat Dec from you (Mine was four pages long & include detail but not fluff, make sure you include dates & you dates match your partners! Stat Dec fr your partner-As above Itemised phone bills (Important if you've been apart like we were) Highlighter pen all the contact & tally up the total number of minutes & texts per page so they dont have to sift through. Skype (Again,Important if you've been apart like we were) Copy & paste the entire logs into a MS Word document & Highlighter pen all the video call time, tally up the total number of minutes & also take screen shots of Skype to be matched up to these Word 'logs' so they can tell they are genuine. Emails to & from each other- I put a disclaimer saying "We've been apart for months, please excuse the rudeness as we missed each other" Nothing says you're a couple like Smut! Presents-Receipts from any Birthday, Valentines day, Xmas, Anniversary presents to each other FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF THE RELATIONSHIP A stat dec signed by you both as to what all the following information in this section relates to (Seems dumb ass but make it so for your case officer, the clearer your app. the sooner your Visa!) Bank statements-Take a highlighter pen to your credit/savings/chequing account statements showing anything for both of you, presents, shopping, meals out, cinema~Put a few words stating with you've highlighted IE Meal out with Partner at..... Superannuation beneficiaries- Make each other your 100% beneficiaries for your Super fund in the 'event of your death'~shows financial commitment Large purchase receipts~TV/Fridge/Car/House~All show huge joint financial commitment-All Certified NATURE OF THE HOUSEHOLD Stat Dec saying whats what in the section below ie If bills aren't in both names, explain here why, its not necessarily the worst thing as it shows one of you 'financially supporting the other' Stat Dec signed by you both of the divided house chores~Nothing special, just a list of "I do the washing, my partner does the hoovering", very boring, very basic!!! Food bills- Receipts etc Rent receipts Utilities bills A household budget-Very simple~Joint Incomings & outgoings on an excel & word doc SOCIAL CONTEXT OF THE RELATIONSHIP Facebook-Again like Skype, screen shots of Relationship status' & Status' naming each other & any other correspondance between you, your partner & friends to show you are a socially known couple Stat decs from Aussie residents that have known you 1yr+ Stat decs from Non Aussie residents that have known you 1yr+~Get them to get them 'certified' by doctors or police in their countries sent along with photographic proof certified ie-Passport copy Cinema tickets Plane tickets Hotel Receipts Restaurant receipts Day out receipts ie Zoo/Beach etc Photos~Limit these as they dont like loads~I included 10, mostly with each others friends & family at social occasions Planned trips-Email Flight centre,give them your names & get itineraries for planned trips you might make Planned financial info-Mortgage quotes, health insurance covering babies etc Birthday cards from both families to you both of individually NATURE OF THE COMMITMENT Relationship registration for defactos~Well worth it, check if your state does it because not all do, here is VIC http://www.bdm.vic.gov.au/CA2574F700805DE7/page/Relationships?OpenDocument&1=30-Relationships~&2=~&3=~ & NSW http://www.bdm.nsw.gov.au/Relationships.htm And TAS http://www.justice.tas.gov.au/bdm/relationships/register You can register even if one of you isn't an Aussie citizen, as i wasn't ! Long term plan stat dec- Quick, we both want, Marriage, kids, to buy a house etc statement, signed by both HEALTH REQUIREMENT Panel doctor letter sealed http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/panel-doctors/ CHARACTER REQUIREMENT Police checks from any country lived in by either of you longer than 12 months
  10. rodaz21

    onshore partner visa

    hey everyone! wonder if anyone could help me and my partner out, wer looking in to applying for the onshore partner visa and we wer just wondering how much all up does it cost on average with all the medicals and police checks and getting the paper work checked out? im having to come back to england every 3 months at the moment, which isnt ideal! where trying to figure a time frame how long it will take for us to save up enough to apply for everything. hope someone can give us some rough idea so we can put a stop to the long distance and endless trips back and forth! =]
  11. information - Onshore partner visa 820 & 801 Supporting evidence help Hope it helps :-) x:biggrin:
  12. Guest

    Onshore Partner visa

    Is it possible to apply for a partner visa whilst in Australia on a Student visa? Or do I have to leave Oz to lodge & have the application processed?
  13. shaxncarl

    856 onshore visa timeframe

    Hi All Just a quick update to let you know my time frame for the onshore 856. We are living in Western Australia. We lodged our 856 from a 457 in September 24th 2011. We have just been told last week that we have been given a case officer and will now take approx 3-4 weeks to complete. So all together the process from lodgement has taken approx 6 and half months. We have therefore been on a bridging visa for this amount of time, which kind of leaves you in the land of limbo, not really sure what is happening. Just thought this information might help someone. Knowing how stressfull the whole move overhere can be. Dont assume this process will be a quick one, because it really isnt. Shaz n Carl
  14. I am just wondering about Cat 4, I lodged in Aug 2008, if Onshore Cat 4 is next after Onshore Cat 3, or Offshore Cat 3 will be processed first. What are your thouhgts? I think things are finally moving in good direction!
  15. Sarahelle

    Onshore or offshore?

    Hi all, I am in the midst of sorting all the info for my partner visa application which I was going to do onshore, but my partner and I are visiting my family in the UK in a couple of weeks and I'm seriously considering staying there and applying for it offshore instead while my boyfriend comes back here. Obviously it would be difficult to be apart for a while but I'm thinking that it may be worth it in the long run. I would be really grateful for any opinions people may have! Thanks all Sarah x
  16. Lurkio

    How much are onshore meds?

    Can anyone save me a phone call to Spire and tell me how much are meds? Are adult and child different prices? Assume they probably are as under 16's don't need the HIV test. Thanks
  17. Hey guys, Just wanted to let anybody know that was interested that it is fine to apply for a partner visa/Defacto visa whilst in Australia on a 3 month tourist visa. I entered Australia on 4th Feb and am going to submit my application once my police checks and medical checks are back Hope everyone is doing well Tasha.
  18. Hi all, i applied for an onshore partner visa in sept. I know the waiting time has been increased to a year now but i was just wondering if anyone has heard anything from immigration regarding their case? i called up in jan and asked if ive been signed a CO at least and they confirmed i havn't! anyone else still in the dark?
  19. If the parents are already in Australia and an onshore application for a parent visa is submitted, what visa would the parents have used to enter Australia, if not a holiday visa which is frowned upon, I understand?
  20. Hi I know I am annoying every one asking same question again n again, but what i do i cant get any info about onshore i m SA 886 visa waiting from sep 09 and reading this forum from ayear and 10 times check in a day if i get any onshore info, I m happy for those who got co and visas but all info from offshore which courage me too but what is happening with onshore applicants is all black...............so do anyone know any onshore discussion forum or anyother who is same situation as me Plss share................ Thanks:sad:
  21. Hi guys, I am onshore applicant and there are so many offshore applicants got CO or got their visa, just want to know if any onshore got CO or visa recently tHnx
  22. Franklin

    Onshore skilled sponsored

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question. I applied onshore skilled sponsored more than one year ago and now I need to go back to country for a while after appliying Bridging visa B. But let's say the PR is granted when I'm not in Australia, if that the case, how will it affect my application? Will it be canceled? thanks a lot! Franklin
  23. Hi All I am in Australia on a 457 visa from my employer, and want to apply for residency. The difference with me is that I have bought 35% of the company which employs me and holds my 457 visa. I have spoken to the company who handled the 457 application for us and they have suggested I apply under the business sponsored route. What is the visa number for this type of residency application? Is this the best option, we have only just arrived and I was going to stay on the 457 for at least 2 years before applying, can anyone see any problems with this route. Thanks Rob
  24. Would anyone support such initiative to ask the Minister to lift onshore Cat 4 applicants with current ongoing job in their nominated occupation to Cat 3? I am trying to find a way to separate the seeds from the weeds, as it is true that many applicants clearly took advantage of the system and having Australian qualification on their PR visa application, they have never worked as IT, cooks or hairdressers... Would such initiative have your support? Yes, it is hard to get a job on bridging visa, but there are options. Get a bloody ABN and work on short term contract at least somewhere near your nominated occupation and don't complain. Many Australian companies only care if you have a work permit and for 3 months there is no binding. And if you don't have a job, prove otherwise you are a benefit to Australia or withdraw your application.
  25. hi all, ive applied for an onshore partner visa back in septemeber. on the letter from immigration it stated being assigned a CO will take 6-8 weeks but the overall timeline for the decision to be made is 6-9 months. its been about 3 months now and i still havnt been assigned a CO- when ive called immigration they skim around the fact that my CO assignment time is overdue but keep on stating it will take 6-9 months for my final desision- which im perfectly aware of! when i last called back the lady said it could take upto 6 months to get assigned a co- and when i asked if that's the case why does it say on the letter it will take 6-8 weeks her reply was "i don't know" - efficent government workers! i was just wondering, those of you who has applied for the same in the past how long did it roughly take for you to be assigned your CO? just so i have a valid clue. these government workers are horrid- so any help would be much appreicated. thanks alot, Smeeta