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Found 183 results

  1. Hi guys last week i handed my app in to the brisbane office i was just wondering how long it takes. Also im on a WHV and expires in dec then what do i do ?? Thanks in adv
  2. can not sleep at night, burning question :arghh: my wife has a 8503 on their visa circumstance, we can still apply for the spouse visa? :confused: Or we must first apply for the cancellation of this circumstance? :confused: Thank you in advance for any replies :hug:
  3. Hello to all, sorry I'm new here and to be completed this time our spouse visa onshore 820. For this I must say that I am by birth Australian citizen and my wife is German citizen. What confuses me a bit is I need a passport to sponsor my wife? :confused: Although I have never left Australia, not even for holidays. :yes: And it also does not want to do. Can someone help me please, I need to apply for a passport or other documents as enough from the birth certificate, driver's license, etc.? Thank You :hug:
  4. Hello Everybody I am sure that this topic has been covered somewhere in a thread, however i have had a look and cannot see anything so here goes... I have recently arrived in Sydney on a WHV to live with my partner of two years. We met in the UK and the main purpose of me coming over is to be with her. I chose the WHV as it was the quickest and easiest way to get out here. I would now like to start the ball rolling with the application for a partner visa. Can anybody help with the following questions? - Is it likely that if i apply soon, the visa will be granted before my WHV (Year One) expires. Or, would you recommend that i complete the 3 months agricultural work just in case it isnt approved in time? - What documents are needed as supporting evidence. Doea anybody have a checklist of what has worked for them? Any advice would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  5. Hello everyone, I hope I can get some help and clear up lots of conflicting information! And I'll probably bore you all to death with my story but here goes..... I met my OH (Aussie) July 2010 in the UK, our relationship became official in August 2011, he flew back to Oz October 2010 and he asked me to join him there in Dec 2010 (so we spent 2 months apart but in contact etc). As we had only just started the relationship I decided to go on a WHV for 12 months to see if I liked Oz etc and to also do some travelling (so far we have travelled most of NSW and a little bit of QLD) We live together and have done so since I arrived in Australia - BUT at his parents house, we pay weekly board, cook, clean etc and we have a joint bank acct and our own bank accts and have our bills addressed to where we live. We both work (both casual jobs) We have also registered our relationship recently with the NSW births, deaths, marraiges & we are both next of kin on our super funds (So i think we can provide some good evidence!!) Now my questions are: Would me having a WHV cause a problem in applying for the partner visa? I don't feel I've broken my visa terms because I have done some travelling and I am working (my partner is a rugby league player so he gets offers of contract from all over the world so we weren't sure we'd be staying in Aus anyway) I am worried they will think I have come out here with the intention of staying, but we have only decided to stay recently because my OH has been offered another rugby league contract here Second when do I put my application in because an agent from the Immi Info Line told me to submit my application via post, not person, a few weeks before my WHV runs out, someone else at the Immi Info Line has told me to go into my nearest office on the day my WHV runs out and apply then... so confused!! Thirdly do I have to apply for a bridging visa at the same time I put my application in, if so do I fill out a form? Costs involved? Or do I leave it and Immi sort one out automatically? Or do I do nothing at all? And finally do I need to get an Australian police check or just the UK one, I will have lived in Aus on my WHV for 12 months in December 2011 so I was unsure if I still need to get one. I am planning on front loading my application too as we have saved up for the medical costs and the visa costs already Just also on another note, me and my OH are planning on a 4-6 week trip back to the UK to visit my family in October 2011 (I won't be able to afford to visit them next year and have my sisters wedding in the UK in 2013 to save up for) and to also visit a few European countries whilst we have the chance. Will this affect the 12 month living arrangement requirement and cause any upsets with my application? Sorry for the essay and all the questions, I am just so confused and worried that I am going about it all the wrong way. I want to make sure I've done everything correctly!! Thanks everyone, any advice will help me massively!!! :chatterbox::confused:
  6. hi guys anyone know what the timeline for this visa is currently at? i'm halfway through my two years on my temp visa and was advised when this was granted to apply for the permenant partner visa 3 months prior to the 2 years being up. cheers thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, We're just finishing up our de facto subclass 820 visa application to submit in two weeks. Quick question - I'm pushed for time and have read quite a few people on here haven't submitted form 80 and haven't been asked for one before visa grant. I'm from the UK which Australia seems to deem a low risk country and will be including references from my work in the visa to cite I am of a decent character. Is form 80 necessary? Many thanks, Leah:confused:
  8. Hi all, Can anyone tell me of the time line for these two visas please Thankyou very much
  9. Hiall. My British partner and I (Aussie) are currently living in Australia awaiting his 820 Defacto visa to be granted. As I understand it once this is granted we have to apply for his permanent visa (801 if applying onshore) 2 years after the original application date for his 820. My questions are: 1. Do we have to be Australia to apply for the permanent visa considering we applied onshore for the temporary visa or can we apply for his permanent visa (100) off shore in the UK. 2. Once his permanent visa is issued can we come and go in/out of Australia when we want or do we have to be living here? Our plan once his 820 Temporary is issued is to apply for my UK Defacto/Partner visa and move back to the UK. Look forward to your reply....thanks heaps everyone!!! :smile:
  10. Guest

    Partner Visa - onshore

    Hi everyone! I've got a question re partner visa... i am a permanent resident and 3 months pregnant with a 457 visa holder. we've been living in together since June of 2009. would i be able to sponsor him a partner visa? since we're having a child, would it be permanent or temporary? how long is the visa processing times? i'm in Perth. thanks very much in advance... cheers RH
  11. Hi My wife just sent in the 2nd stage partner visa paperwork. We are both in AU and applied for the visa in AU. One part of the paperwork was a listing of all the times we've left AU since submitting the original application. Actually, we've both left the country for quite a bit of time - in her case about 5 months over 2 years. We were together for most of that (3.5 months) but I kept having to return to AU for work :mad: with only limited annual leave. My question is - do we have to have been living together *in australia* for two years since the application, or simply living together ... or is it simply 2 years from the original application!? Reason being, we don't know if PR will be granted to her in 1-2 months, or 6 months - and we want to book ahead to go see her parents again over Xmas (much cheaper to book now). regards cdewsxzaq PS I realise my question is not so important as many on here, my best wishes to those stressed about vital visa issues!
  12. Hi Just wondered if anyone has recently been through the onshore permanent spouse visa (subclass 801) and if so, what was the processing time. I was told by immigrations 6 - 8 months but I am hoping that is worse case scenario. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  13. Hi all, In desperate need of some wise words regarding returning to the UK on Bridging Visa B whilst my partner remains onshore. Here is an overview of our situation ... *My partner applied for RSMS 12th January with me as de facto partner *Unfortunately we couldn't lodge our application 'decision ready' as our police checks weren't back in time and we had to lodge by mid January for a waiver of the 6 month limitation of the working holiday visa to allow us both to continue working for same employers *RMA estimated 1 - 5 month processing as at that time the standard service for RSMS/ENS was 5 months (ETA) *On 15th May my employer (Education Queensland - I am a primary teacher in a remote indigenous school) sent a letter to DIAC asking when they would expect to process our application as they needed an estimate for staffing next term and we got a reply saying our case had been moved from Parramatta to Perth and we had a case officer and it would be 7 months!!! *On 1st July RSMS was given priority processing above ENS but standard service was changed from 5 months to 5 - 8 months! *On 4th July we moved from Working Holiday Visa to Bridging Visa A * Our RMA has advised us that our RSMS application could be rejected as my partners qualifications don't match exactly to the job. He has 4 years experience in a very similar position but it is all very uncertain. I am on a career break from my teaching position in the UK and need to recommence employment on 15th August or they will take this as my resignation!! So if the case officers estimate of 7 months is right it will be around the 12th August before our application is looked at :-( Teaching jobs in the area I live in the UK are impossible to get now due to budget cut backs so it would be very foolish for me to give up my position to be told our RSMS has been rejected. Our RMA agrees it is very high risk for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best! * At the moment it looks like I will be booking flights to the UK for the 13th August with the facility to change the date if we hear back before departure. I need to do this by Friday as Flightcentre are holding my flights til then. It is going to cost me a small fortune to fly to the UK and wait a few weeks to hear back from the case officer and our RMA has told me our visa won't be granted whilst I am in the UK as we have lodged on shore. I am hoping if it is a negative decision I won't be expected to fly back to Australia to be told our visa has been denied?! Sorry for the long story but just wanted to give the full story to see if anyone has been in a similar position or can offer any advice. So to clarify what I need help with; Has anyone been a secondary applicant and left on a Bridging Visa B whilst their partner remains on shore? Thanks to anyone who can help, so stressed!!!
  14. Hi folks, really hope that someone on here can give me their advice/suggestions/experiences on this one. Myself, husband and daughter all have 175 visas, already activated. Baby( 7 months) was born in UK. Hubbie already started new job in Oz last week, we are still here to tie up the loose ends and give him time to get a house sorted out there. My preference would be to take baby into Oz on an ETA and a one way ticket and then apply for Onshore Child Migration, been told processing is 6-9 months. Has anyone done this recently? If so did you experience any probs at immigration? Would anyone just suggest that I apply Offshore and then take him out of the country when the visa is due to be granted? I am really in a bit of a tizz as to what to do:confused:!! have been told the Offshore processing time is 7-8 months. Many thanks in advance, any responses appreciated! Lx
  15. Philln01

    Child Visa 802 (onshore)

    Hi folks, looking for info or advice My son who is now 16yrs 6 months has told me he wants to come to Australia, possibly to live permanently due to the UK being the UK (Utterly Krap) no work ETC. I want to get him here via the child visa and im looking at the onshore visa as i can control the Financial side of it, i.e i dont trust his mother with my cash, or a 16 yr old either. Are there any down sides to him entering on the Holiday Visa and the applying for the 802 onshore visa once here. When we left his mother would not allow him to come so was never put on our Visa. Does anyone know how the bridging visa works, would he be able to work or go to Tafe / College. We are now Citizens so there are no issue there and ill sponsor him. All help and Advice is warmly recieved.
  16. Hi Does anyone know if you have to do an English police check for the last application process for the permanent spouse visa subclass 820 please? I did one for my prospective marriage visa but is it just an Australian police check for the 820 application? Thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  17. Hi I will be applying for my 801 spouse visa for permanent residency soon as the 2 year mark will be approaching. I know I have to do an Australian Police Check. Do I have to do a UK police check too? I visited the UK for a few weeks last Christmas. (I did Uk one a couple of years ago for the prospective marriage visa but is it only needed for that visa and not the 801?) Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  18. I am due to apply for PR this November which is when my 2 years is up on the temporary spouse visa. i''m thinking of having a 6 week holiday in the UK around this time- am I allowed to leave and still apply for PR? I was an onshore applicant when i got my visa. How might this work if I am out of the country when the 2nd stage visa is due?
  19. Hi All, I have lodged 885 application online 2 years ago,at that time my wife name wasn't added to my application.I am still waiting for the decision.I am thinking to lodge another 885 application with my wife name on paper base. Can I do that? and If I lodge it what will happen to my online application? WIll DIAC withdraw it or I can lodge two application simultaneously? Please Help me
  20. Hey all, Just thought i'd let you know I received an email on the weekend, advising that I had been granted my temporary residency! It has taken just over 4 months to come through. We applied in early feb in Brisbane, and heard nothing until we received a call this weekend from our case officer (that we didn't even know we had! lol), asking for a form 80. Once we sent that across, we got an email within the hour saying the visa had been granted! Thank you to everyone for their help, especially siamsusie - you are a star!! We certainly would not have been able to put our application together, without the help of poms in oz!
  21. Hi everyone, It's a relief to find this forum! :biggrin: I have called Australian immigration three times and received conflicting information on whether or not I can apply for a fiancee visa (Pros. marriage, form 47SP) while in Australia on a tourist visa. One person said "yes," another said no then spoke with a supervisor and said yes, a third person said "no." Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? My preference would be to remain with my partner (an Aussie citizen), rather than leaving the country. Thank you so much! Lara
  22. Hi All, I`ve got letter from DIAC today with visa (820 TR) grant, which is cool. After 11 months without any communication, I didn`t even know that I`ve got CO. My questions are: 1) Do I have to renew my medicals + Police checks from now till grant of 801 visa? 2) If studying UNI, can I study part time now or full time (because I am not PR but not student either) Any ideas by chance? Thanks for Your support :mask:
  23. Hi all, I have recently come back from a years working holiday in Aus where I have been living with my girlfriend of three years. We had planned that I would apply from the UK, but after being told that it takes 5 months to process these visa's I am less inclined to do this. We have almost spent as much time apart as we have living in the same country! We have served our time as a couple maintaining their relationship long distance! I understand I could apply for a visitor visa and then apply for the de facto visa at the end of the stay at which point they put you on a bridging visa with work rights. If someone could clear this up for me I would be eternally grateful! Perhaps I am just engaging in a bit of wishful thinking! Many thanks in advance, Sponts
  24. Hey, sorry if this info is already on here but i'm new to the forums. My partner is Australian and i'm from the UK we've been together 2 years. I used my working holiday visa when we first met. We have just had our offshore partner visa refused due to lacking of joint evidence like lease and utility bills. we have lived together both in Aus an UK however due to our circumstance were unable to get joint rental lease etc :-( My boyfriend is unable to come over to live in the UK at the moment due to personal reasons and we were thinking so we could get the evidence of living together that I should apply for a 676 and go over for 6 months so we can be together. Does anyone know whether we would be able to re apply for the partner visa onshore after 3months? we have loads of other evidence to show we are a genuine couple as the case officer told us if we just had bills etc for 3months then we would of been approved. Would be really grateful for some advice! Thanks guys! :-) seriously stressing out over all this! Hannah :-)