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Found 330 results

  1. Hi all. I'm sorry if this has already been covered but I couldn't find anything when I searched. My girlfriend and I are intending to spend some time in Oz later this year, for 6 to 8 months, on Working Holiday Visas. My girlfriend is a registered paediatric nurse with 7 years experience. Does she need to register with the ANMC and complete the IELTS etc in order to pick up some temporary nursing work whilst over there?? We understand that her skills will need to be assessed and she will need to register, but how do we go about this?? Any help and advice would be hugely appreciated as we are keen to start the registration process now. Many thanks.
  2. I may be in the fortunate position to have the chance of 2 jobs, one is within my speciality in the city the other is a general position in knox ....... with 2 boys in primary school (age 8 & 10 ) could anyone please offer advice on affordable areas (salary of approx 60,000) to live within travelling distance from the city or if I should stay in the suburbs where it is generally more affordable ....... (my heart says city in a position I love my head says suburb where it is affordable???? as we are looking for a better lifestyle / family time what would people suggest)
  3. Guest

    Nursing agencies

    Hi all, so....my APHRA application has finally gone in after months of getting all the paperwork together....Im not holding my breath at getting it back any time soon!:SLEEP: But just thought i would ask if anyone can recommend a good Nursing agency in perth to register with? Just so i can get a feel for whats out there work wise. thanks
  4. Guest

    Nursing transcript of training

    Hi everyone I'm getting all my info together for the ANMC skills assessment. I'm sorry if this has been asked before but i'm a bit confused over the transcript. I have my degree transcript but it only lists my academic results it doesn't list my hours of clinical placement. Is this the right transcript or do i need to obtain a different one which includes the clinical hours? Thanks :smile:
  5. Guest

    WHV nursing registration

    Hi, Can someone please help me out. Having spent the previous year looking at visa options and discussing every possibility my g/f and I have decided to just take the jump; go on a WHV and get sponsorship whilst out there. Can someone advise how to go about getting your nursing registration for a WHV?? I had a look on the AHPRA website and couldnt find out how to register. Thanks
  6. I was put in touch with Geneva Health - recruitment agency and was advised to do the IELTs academic test, which I did, passed and I am now making a start on my registration paperwork. However, I've been thrown really as there is a box to tick to indicate whether or not secondary education was taught and assessed in English. Of course, I am English and was about to tick the box when I realised that I would have to provide evidence of this. However, my recruitment adviser told me that as I've done the IELTs test, I should tick 'no' to the question and provide my IELTs results. It seems a bit odd....has anyone else done this or can any advice be offered? I'm keen to get this out of the way!!!! Zoe
  7. gareth and lisa

    Nursing interviews

    Hi, im starting to look for work in adult nursing in SA and worried about the interviews. Im usually quite a confident and chatty person but find interviews very stressfull. Can anybody advise who has had an interview probally on the telephone what type of questions they ask?? In this country i usually look up on clinical governance and NHS benchmarking, etc. Also does anybody have a link to an Australian CV as iv heard they are different to ours. Thanks Lisa
  8. Just in need of some friendly and expert advice from any MH nurses in Adelaide. We look as if we are about to be granted our visas pretty soon. I am training to be a RMH, due to qualify 2013 and will look to move to Oz probably 2014 after gaining 12 months experience in the UK (pay wise is it best to do 12 months to gain extra experience in UK, or if we move to Oz will I have to do post grad?) I would like to know what the job situation is like in Adelaide for MH nursing, predominantly interested in acute adult wards. what the rate of pay can be expected to start on, and how it progresses, how does work on acute wards in Oz compare to that of the UK? Any links to check out in SA? Just need to see what the demand, pay, etc is like to gain big picture of work vs the UK as I know that jobs in MH aren't that easy to come by in the UK now. Thanks in advance for any advice M x :unsure:
  9. Hi, i am a registered nurse and am about to commence applying for a visa with my partner and kids.I have an australian passport as i worked in sydney in the nineties. my o. h is currently the bread winner as our youngest is little but i would like to return to practice in the next few years and wondered if anyone has any info? My registration has been lapsed for seven years. Made a few enquiries here but as usual they did not make it easy...expensive and not particularly easy to get on. Time wise would love to do it in oz, any info greatly appreciated
  10. Can anyone help? Myself and web developer partner want to move to Melbourne. Does anyone know of any good nursing recruitment agencies to assist with our move? There are so many advertised and not sure which one to go with. Not many see to assist with money towards flights etc. Is this the norm?
  11. Elliott-Family

    how do you find nursing in Au?

    Hi, i'm a UK trained RMN currently working in mental health for Peninsula Health, vic. I've been qualified for 20yrs and been here 6months. I'm incredibly frustrated with the mental health system here and feel as if i know nothing. I feel that psychiatry is viewed as a 2nd class stream of medicine where as in the UK i felt more respected by other disciplines. I'm not too sure if my frustrations are because our team is run on part time staff, i'm only 1 of 3 full timers in a 24hrs service. We are majorly short staffed and i'm based in a busy ED (A&E) where they def' view psychiatry as 2nd class. Yet again they are trying to tell me i cant take any leave due to staffing shortages. I couldn't take any leave during the summer due to low staff numbers and now they are saying the same again. In 6months of being here i have worked constantly and picked up many extra shifts incl' nights so i am really ready for a break. Although i've been offered a 'sort of' promotion once i've completed a 2yr uni course i just feel so under skilled at present and that the system here is rather behind what i'm use too. How have you found the transition?? Ian
  12. Anyone recently gone through there skills assesment with the ANMC? Just wondering about the time scale at the moment. Thanks
  13. hello all can anyone help with this one? I am about to apply for an offshore ENS 121, my employer in Oz is adament that my APHRA registration is enough proof of my skills and I do not need to provide an ANMC skills assessment From reading the application form it would appear I do need to provide one with my application. I have four and a half years post reg experience could someone give me a concise answer so I do not make an error thanks TT x
  14. Hi Just wondering if anyone could recommend an immigration agency (specialises in nursing) Thanks
  15. Guest

    Nursing Jobs in ED

    I am a nurse still in the UK, with a permanent visa and registered with AHPRA. I am looking for a job in Brisbane, preferably ED. Does anyone have any advice on how to get any contacts? Already filled in the expression of interest (QLD Health) just wondered if there was any other ways of finding work. I am interested in the Princess Alexandra or other surrounding areas.:wubclub:
  16. Hi everyone, Me, my OH and little boy are currently in the process of imagrating the oz, AHPRA is nearly completed and now comes the difficult part of finding ajob with sponsership visa. However HCL international, offer sponsership and guanteed salary, I wondered has anyone worked for this company before, or know someone that has? as just trying to find out my options. Any information would be great Many thanks Gemma:cute:
  17. I know it sounds like it should be the easiest thing to do but....Ive searched a few hospitals and just end up on wierd job sites. Ive sent my CV off to one recruitment agency. They said they would get back to me last week and havent. Surely it should be easier! I want to work near Berwick really but the smaller hospitals dont seem to be jmping up and down for staff. ive got alot of experience - senior sister, matron etc. Not sure where to go with this now.
  18. Hi, I have applied for my midwifery registration from APHRA in january to work in Victoria. Does anyone know how long this takes, I was initially told that it can take up to 90 working days. Has anyone received their registration and how long did it take? Thanks :eek:
  19. Guest

    certifying nursing certificates

    We are looking at migrating to adelaide and i am a critical care nurse. which of my nursing documents do i need to have certified and do i send them to aprah or anmc?
  20. Hello everyone, This is my first post so if this is in wrong place feel free to move it or let me know so i can ensure correct placement next time. Ok the business end. Basically i have applied to the Victorian nursing board to registrar as a nurse in the UK I am dual qualified in general and mental health nursing. They confirmed receipt of my application on 20th of December 2010 and have last week again confirmed the date the application was received however they have still not taken any money from my account and none of my references have benn requested. I double and triple checked the paper work before sending it and have all the ticks in the right boxes etc etc. Qualified over 8 years with vast portfolio. My question is how long can i expect to wait for the process as i would like to leave the UK as soon as possible with my family to try pastures new. Any feedback on times, hints and tips would be very greatly received. Also any questions you may have to help me elaborate my question please feel free.
  21. Guest

    Study nursing

    I would like to move on to plan B now,seems like plan A is dormant.Thats the SMPs. Want to apply for a visa for me to study Diploma in Nursing. We want to live in Adelaide because we have friends there to stay with for a few months until hubby can get a job and kids settle in school.Would this be a good move,I am aware of the 20 hours a week that OH can work and he says he will be happy to go and give this a try. Our 475 SS visa is taking too long and i have wasted a whole year waiting for information about SMP. We have money saved up and accounts are paid up. We want to keep our home here in RSA. I have done enquiries with the Australian Nursing Federation in Adelaide.Have asked about price of the course for international students,await a reply.TAFE has the most exorbitant price for the same course and they are both registered with CRICOS. http://www.anmfsa.org.au/ I have contacted my friend in Adelaide,who is on holiday in Melbourne,I know its wrong to disturb her holiday but I am so excited about this new adventure and want desperately to make it happen for my family and I. Have asked her to enquire at the schools near where she lives, I need price and availability information for my 12 and 5 year old boys. Has anyone had experience studying at the Australian Nursing Federation, and whats your view on this step we want to take. I have no problem taking the IELTS, seeing that OH got 8.5 band score on his test I have lots to live up to LOL. Help please and hugs to all waiting.:hug:
  22. Guest

    Nursing In Brisbane

    I have a question. I am little bit confused about the requirements RNs need to have to work at a hospital in Brisbane: My wife is an Australian RN. Graduated and have 1 year and a half of nursing experence. She called me yesterday here in the US stating that the hospital there in Brisbane requires 2 years of experience before they can hire her. Can somebody enlighten me on this. How can a brand new RN who just graduated can even start a new job? The hospital never told her of this piece of information before she left the US to Brisbane for her scheduled interview. I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.
  23. dandt99

    Nursing Home RNs

    Hi guys, I'm a registered nurse working on an elderly acute medical ward here in the UK. I've been in touch with a couple of agencies who would be happy to sponsor me (457) but the only positions they have are in elderly care homes. Does anyone have any experience of the role in a care home that could tell me what the job entails? Worried that if I accept a role in a care home it might be difficult to get back to a hospital based job if I decide the care home's not for me. Any opinions gratefully welcomed. Thanks T
  24. Guest

    nursing registration

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes for AHPRA to process your registion. Thanks