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Found 330 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have a question I hope you can help me with; I am going back to school next years so I can get an occupation on the SOL since my current occupation (Dietitian) is no longer on the list. So I am thinking of getting a BSc degree in: Nursing, Physiotherapy or Occupational therapy. Nursing isn't my first choice though since I wouldn't like to work with injuries or something like that (but I would do it anyway just to get the best opportunity to move to Australia). Can somebody tell me if it is much easier to move to Australia if you are a nurse or is being in physio or OT just as "easy"? Also I saw on Seek.com.au that Nursing is divided into different areas such as: Aged care, Management,.... Where I live we don't have different schools (except for Midwifery) - we only have "Nursing". So I was wondering if I would have to get some additional education in one of those areas? Thank you for your answers.
  2. Guest

    Please help!!!!

    Hi all.... I am from UK...working as a Registered Nurse.....and I manage to find a job in NSW nursing home....I passed the Interview..........and they told me the company head office will contact me for the next steps of 457 visa..... Honestly I have no idea what is 457 visa and next steps of actions I should do...or what will they do or ask me to do....?? any one got any idea.. also how long it will take to get this kind of sponsorship visa........I am ready for a move any time... also do I need police clearence etc...from UK..on nursing registration side, I got eligiblity letter from AHPRA...need to submit ID at any AHPRA office for completion of registration...how long will it take??? Someone know more about these procedures please help.... Thanks....:hug:
  3. HI folks I have an interview lined up in Sept with NSW Health arranged via Health Staff Recruitment. I just wondered if anyone has been interview by this board recently or are going to the various locations in the UK in Aug and Sept ? If anyone has any information on what to expect that would be great! Lisa
  4. I would like to obtain a job nursing in the mines, oil or gas industries. Does anyone have any contacts and know roughly the salary a nurse could earn there? Have heard that working in these industries is very lucrative.At the moment I work as a community nurse in Perth. Thanks :radar: Debbie G
  5. Hi, Today, my oh received an email from case officer requesting following document. "Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK". As far as we remember we did not receive any letter from NHS where she completed her adaptation course or from NMC in regards to completion of adaptation course. Please can someone advise us how we can arrange for this asap as she has got only 30 days to submit this. Mansawant
  6. Hi all... hoping someone can help:smile: does anyone know if there are many job opportunities for community staff nurses? went to london expo yesterday and was told by the rep from the NMC australia that district nursing jobs are out in the rural areas and not in the more built up areas, was a bit confused by that?!!:confused: do they not have community nurses in the towns and cities? we dont mind too much where we settle as long as its coastal, near a beach. Thanks in advance for any replies xx
  7. gareth and lisa

    Nursing in Perth

    Hi, are there any nurses out there that can give me some advice?? I qualify in Jan 09 and have a job lined up in England, were starting the application process once i get my pin. Can anybody advise what its like nursing in Australia compared to England?? I have only ever worked for one trust so have little experience on how other areas work, do you get support?? are they flexible?? is it better than England. Iv applied for a nurses post at Joondalup health campus can anybody advise what its like there?? Regards Lisa :twitcy:
  8. christoallan


    Hi people! I'm currently applying through an agency (Geneva health) to move to Australia where I plan to nurse and travel...Does anyone have any helpful advice (the Australian nursing board forms are a bit of a nightmare) or any guidance on one agency being better than another? Any advice at all very welcome, thanks, Chris
  9. On the new points list the points for Educational qualifications are below, have any diploma nurses applied since 1st July? If so have you been able to claim any points for your diploma, we're getting different opinions as to whether points can be claimed. Not sure whether points can be claimed because of a positive skills assesment? You have met the requirements for award of a: • bachelor degree, by an Australian educational institution; or • bachelor degree, awarded by an overseas educational institution or a recognised standard; or • post secondary qualification or award of a recognised standard as specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing. 15 points You have met the requirements for the award of a diploma by an Australian educational institution, or a diploma awarded by an overseas educational institution of a recognised standard. 10 points You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining the applicant’s skills for their nominated occupation. 10 points Thank you
  10. Hi all, not been on here for a while so hope youre all ok :biggrin: Anyhow just a question i need answering to do with my nursing ...... I am currently in the process of sending off full assessment to AHPRA , i have a diploma in childrens nursing and need to know if i need to apply for registered nurse or qualified nurse with my qualification? So need to try and contact the Australian nursing and midwifery council but cannot find telephone number anywhere ?????? Also has abody on here had to do extra course's as a childrens nurse in england before going to OZ ? Childrens nursing does not seem to be as recognized as much in Australia sooooo help desperately needed , getting in a real pickle ! Please help i am so confused :goofy: thanks lisa
  11. Hi all, I have received my employment details and it lists the pay scale and says that I can get info online about the Queensland Nurses Union Enterprise Agreement and pay scales for nurses. This trade union requires me to join to access the info? Does anyone have a link to info about the payscales in plain English, laymans terms so I can see the structure as it is proving to be a bugger to find any info! Thanks
  12. Does anyone know what the apy rates are for agency nurses in Melbourne? I'm tossing up about who to go with-drake seems to be well used:biggrin:. Can anyone reccomend a particular agency where there is plenty of work?? Jacqui
  13. I wonder if anyone can give me any pointers regarding an upcoming telephone interview. I am a Mental Health Nurse with 16 years experience and I responded to a Gov. Advert in a Nursing Journal in England. I've been contacted and asked for my availability regarding a telephone interview which will be '15 minutes long, with no preperation needed'. I was after some tips on questions I should be asking, and what sort of questions to expect to be asked? (& if anyone wants to pretend to be me so my Liverpudlian accent doesn't put them off that would be great too :-) Cheers for any help guys.
  14. Hi, I am looking for some info for my partner who wants to pursue nursing as a career. Currently we are living in the UK, when we do decide to move to aus, she will be applying for a Spouse visa, and hopefully will be granted a Perm. visa straight away. What she would like to find out is this: 1. If she studied Nursing here in the UK; How long will the course/s be and will she then be able to move to australia and get a job on those qualifications? 2. What specific course/s would she need to pursue in Nursing over here? OR 3. If we moved to Australia now; Could she study as a Nurse over there? And if so, which course/s would she need to pursue? Any info would be so helpful. Thank You
  15. Guest

    Nursing Registration

    Hi all, My wife has just recieved her Nursing registration for New Zealand, however , due to the recent earthquakes we may be heading to Aus. My question is will her NZ Nursing registration be used in the application for emigration. Thanks Nick
  16. angiemalc

    Nursing in Oz advice

    Hi All! Any nurses out there? Im looking for some much needed advice! Hoping to move to Perth on my partners visa - he has job offer with sponsorship. Can anyone tell me what info I need to enable me to register and work as a nurse in Perth so I can make a start gathering information?? I hold a BSc and have 13 yrs experience. I have contacted the NMC and they are sending me a ?verification letter which I complete and send back and they forward it to ?registration board in Australia. It all seems quite complicated - has any1 done this already and able to advise me on what I have to do?? Thanks for any advice in advance
  17. hi... can anyone give me some advice on jobs as a learning disability nurse in perth. many thanks !:biggrin:
  18. Hi, My partner wants to train to be a nurse. She will have a visa that will allow her to study in Australia and so we was wondering, where and how etc on her training over there..? Could someone shed some light on where to go to get training on nursing qualifications in NSW please? Any links to read through would also be great. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi I am a surgical nurse with 8 years experience. I am currently waiting for my skills assessment with the ANMAC then I will be lodging a 175 PR Visa. I am looking for info regarding people's experiences of Nursing in Australia, both good and bad and how Nursing in Australia compares to Nursing in the UK. Any info on the following would be great: 1 Staff to patient Ratio 2 Do you feel de-skilled? 3 Working hours and shift patterns 4 Resources 5 Training 6 Support from colleagues 7 Wages 8 Anything else I want to go to Australia with as much information as possible. I don't want to make the move thinking everything will be fantastic and then be shocked when it is not. I want the move to be permanent and prepare myself for all the good and the bad that come with starting a new life in oz. Kind regards X
  20. Hi Im a nurse in the UK that is hoping to move to australia, Ive got a partner and a 9mth old son and would like some advice on the best part of australia to move to with regards to nursing salarys and the cost of living? :wubclub:
  21. Please can someone advise which is the best nursing agency to register with, to get casual work with on the gold coast. Currently have a job in Brisbane in a private hospital but want OUT..... Hate it, so I just want to do some casual shifts nearer home on GC, choose my hours, not be ruled by ward rotas that you only get less than a week before the next months rota. Applied for permanent job with queensland health but just want to leave other job asap, work a little until ideal permanent job comes through. Thanks in advance, x Helen
  22. Hi guys So basically me and my partner are planning on coming over to Australia on a working holiday visa so we can do done travelling and see what areas suit us most. It was more of a last minuite decision so decided the process of trying to get a skilled visa may take too long ad we want to be out by the end of november. We are planning on travelling for a few months and then I am going to try and get a job when I'm out there. I will have had 2 Years experience and I work in paeds oncology/haematology n will be chemo competent too. I've also got my degree. Will I need to apply with aphra before I come over and will I need to sit the ielts test? I was hoping to find a job and get sponsorship whilst over there..travelling is a risk but I dont have a Morgage or kids so just going for it. Any advice would be appreciated so my much as just when I think I know what I'm doing I reAd something else and get confused! Can't wait to come over to paradise! Xx
  23. Brit Girl

    Nursing job wanted

    Hi, My name is Debbie I'm living and working in Perth and I'm looking for a full time Child Health Nursing job in the North Shore,Ryde, Manly area of Sydney. Does anybody have any contacts?
  24. 2adults2cheekykids

    Ielts!!? Visas!!? Help

    Hi all, I cant believe what i have done!!! iv only gone and sat the wrong IELTS test, i was wrongly advised and sat the general version of the test passed with flying colours then when i have sent the results off to the migration agent i was told that for my nursing registration in Oz i need to do the academic version!! how stupid am??? so another £115 and a pending exam to sit i feel like we have yet hit another brick wall as well as thinking is this happening to test us to see if we really want to do this!! OMG can anyone give me any advice for academic version of the test? Also our agent has said that because we have two small children we shouldnt be contemplating the 457 visa (as hopefully applying for 175 visa if pass this bloody test!) as its not really an option for families as if a job falls through you have to be out of the country in so many days... Help........ we have only just began the process of a 15 year dream only to be thinking of throwing the towel in already! Best wishes hayley, nige and boys x