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Found 333 results

  1. Hi I am new to the site and am due to start work in January when I move to Perth from the UK, as a registered nurse at SCGH. Has anyone got any top tips for me? Also can anyone help me work out the hourly pay rate for a level 1.3, also the increments for an afternoon shift is it 15% for the whole shift? Any top tips for nursing in Perth? Best place to live near the hospital? Thanks
  2. Hi all, im currently working towards nursing registration in Perth, Aus, and im trying to work out what you do first (i.e apply to AHPRA or do the skills assessment?)... Does everyone have to have a skills assessment, and who decides if it is a full or modified one (big price difference...) Thanks Saz xxxxx
  3. Hi all, I have registered with AHPRA but haven't done Skills assessment and now got the job in public hospital in Syndey and hospital is willing to offer PR (ENS 121) visa. I am working for NHS since last 7 years. However would like to confirm whether I need to do Skills assessment as I will be going on PR visa and not on 457. Appreciate any information. Ranjana
  4. Guest

    Good Nursing Agency in Sydney

    Hey guys, Just moved to OZ a month ago. Just started working for National Nurses Plus nursing agency they have heaps of positions for Nurses if you have not checked them out yet, give them ago. Cheers James Oh by the way anyone know of a good private medical company?
  5. Hi there I am a nurse living in Scotland. I have my interview for a nursing post in oz tomorrow. I have no idea what there are going to ask me does anyone have any advice ? At the moment I am working in a respiratory ward in the Uk ( general medicine) has anyone been for the interview tomorrow or if anyone is living in oz at the moment has any hints or tips it would be fantastic.. Any advice is greatly appriciated. Thanks :smile:
  6. Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me out here as I seem to be going round in circles here!!! I'm a registered nurse intellectual disability here in Ireland and am hoping to be Perth bound next March. We're just in the process of applying for visa's.....just waiting on my skills assessment to come back. My type of nursing is on the skills list for WA but saying not available therefore I may have to apply for an off List nomination, which means I need either proof of jobs in my field, a job interview or even better a job!! I did get in touch with WA disability services and they mostly employ EN's, they said it would be private firms in the city dat I'd need to get in touch with and this is where my problem is....I can't find out who to get in touch with!!! Hopefully there is somebody out there who can point me in the right direction! I have 17 years experience in this nursing so hopefully there is something in Perth for me!!!:huh: Thanks in advance, Karen
  7. Hi, Has anyone recently been offered PR visa by Hospital in Sydney for nursing post. My wife received email on Friday from agency confirming she has been approved by NSW heath for Royal North Shore Hospital. However during the interview interviewers haven't discussed about the type of visa they are going to offer and also when they want the applicant to start for them so no idea what they are going to offer. As we have 7 year old son we prefer PR visa so appreciate any info from anyone who has been recently approved for nursing post in Syndey. ....Mansawant
  8. Hi, My wife received an email from agency confirming she has been short listed for telephone interview for ICU nurse postion by one of the trauma centres in Sydney and they have given three weeks time to provide the availability in the morning time. She had no experience of telephone interview. In fact the current one is her third job in 17 years nursing career so only had 5-6 interviews face to face so far. She was prescreened by agency before forwarding her details to the hospital and that was about 45 minutes over the phone. That's the only experience she had over the phone. Appreciate any advice or ideas how to deal with telephone interview and infor about typical questions icu nurse can expect in the interview. Thanks, Mansawant
  9. Hi all If possible mods could this be made a sticky to help future enquiries? We are just about to start applying for nursing jobs at hospitals in the sunshine coast, Gold coast and Brisbane. It would really help us a lot if the nurses amongst us could just briefly post a contact name and e mail address on whom to contact regarding employment. To keep it concise if we could keep it to just the info and no banter that would be brilliant. LOL:policeman: That way it can become a definitive list. Many thanks JOHN AND LISA
  10. Hello..... Ive just been offered a job in Sydney, I was wondering if anybody could help with advice on a area which would be nice to live in, the hospital is in the Kogarah area!!!! I'd really appreciate any suggestions by anyone!!! Katie
  11. Hi everyone, i am new on here, i am a mental health nurse been qualified for three years and decided to look into moving over to oz, i dont have a clue where to start to be honest!. i am married to a butcher and have two teenage boys 15, 17. what is the job situation like and house prices? i have a nephew living in melbourne and he is finding it very expensive. i would be grateful for any advice where to start the ball rolling:wink:
  12. Hi guy Can anyone tell me what a rmn with 5 years experience be earning. Been told it was roughly about $62000 including living away from home allowance. Have done costing ie cost of living and as a family of four my working out says we can live of this. Would you agree. This is concerning us
  13. rache76

    advice on nursing applications

    Hi all, Can anyone help? My sister in law has been a surgical nurse for 7 years and been in the same job since qualifying, she is a single parent and is looking to come to Oz permanently. We have been reading about different visa's and are now very confused. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone been sponsored by the state or an employer? Thanks Rache :wacko:
  14. Hi , I have got my permanent visa 176 on 4th july this year, I am a surgical nurse with three years experience. I sent a CV , cover letter, a copy of my IELTS and a copy of my registration to the australian nursing board. I sent these to 5 hospitals, nambour, caboolture, redcliff, gold coast and robina hospitals. I have heard nothing from any of the hospitals, I addressed them to the postal address for the hospitals and headed them with nursing recruitment. Has any one got any advice . Sent them about 2-3 weeks ago. How else do you go about getting a job. I have also started a submission of interest on queensland website,but need to finish it of on my parents computer as it has word 2003 and it will not accept word 2007 which is on my computer.Please can any one offer any advice.
  15. Guest

    Nursing in Perth

    Hey guys! I posted on here a liitle while ago extremely stressed about where to start when trying to sort out the move to aus and you were all so helpful don't know what I would have done without this site!! I am now going over to aus on a whv then aiming to get sponsored when out there ad me and my partner want to do some travelling. I have finally sorted out everything for ahpra and they have taken my fee and are processing my application! Now for the advise again ! I'm a paediatric trained nurse with current experience in oncology. I have applied for a job at princess Margaret childrens hospital and inam just waiting to here back. This post doesn't specifically have to be about wa. I was just wondering if anybody could shed any light on current nursing issues in Australia and what sort of things may be asked in interview, I haven't even got an interview yet but will be applying for many jobs in the future and though id better get studying! has anybody had an interview recently and what sort of questions were asked? Any useful hints/tips. Important frameworks or current legislation I should be thinking about? I am researching on the net but there's so much it's hard to know what's current and high on the agenda at the moment when not living in aus!! Sorry for the long post! And if I can help anyone with any questions then please feel free to ask would love to give back after help I have received! Thanks guys! Xxxxx
  16. Can anybody help in advising as to whether the Diploma in Nursing (EEN) qualification gained here in Australia qualifys you to register as a nurse in the UK? Looking at the application form it seems the Enrolled nurse isn't recognised. Very confusing as am registered as a nurse here in Ozzie. :goofy: Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello I am a 26 year old Student Nurse from Surrey. I am in my final year hoping to qualify in July 2012. I would like to move Down Under as soon as possible after this, do hospitals in Australia take British newly qualified nurses? However, I can not decide whether to concerntrate my relocation on Brisbane or Perth. I understand that both cities have pros and cons, but which do people think would be better suited for a young newly qualified nurse, with no kids, who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. Any advice or information would be gratefully received :-) Kind Regards Nicola
  18. wishfulthinking

    starting nursing? Question?

    I'm heading back to perth next August next year but was gonna start a nursing course over here in the uk, if i did a year over here on the course training as a registered nurse, can i follow on the course over there and do the last 2 years in perth. Hope you understand what i mean. Cheers
  19. Guest

    general help for nursing please

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie on this site and am sooo glad I have come across it, bothme and hubby are qualified nurses. he is Mental I am General. He has had a kinda/conditional job offer and we have started the process ....we are dying to move!!! He is 32 , I am 28 and we have 2 kids, 4 yr old gilr and a 5month son. i would love to check with everybody we are applying for the right things in the right way. we are applying through my husband and I will come on a spouce visa? and do all my nursing aprha stuff once we finally get there( which seems so far away!)....we are hoping to head to perth we have sent off his application to aphra ( july 31st.... we have phoned to see if they have recieved the application -in perth, but they say they have recieved nothing yet, sent it signed buy ukmail cant tell us wether it got there or not till the 6th sep!!!is this normal??) as soon as we get this registration we are going to apply for cridentialing acmhn and visa at the same time? not sure where to start with the visas but just wanna get registration sorted first does this sound like i am doing everything the right way round?? am i right in thinking we dont need to do skills assesment as he is being assessed by acmhn? thank you thank you any advice welcome!!:confused:
  20. Guest

    Nursing Agency?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and asking for help from any nurses. I made the decision to move down under a couple of months ago and now need to start the process HELP!!! I am not sure whether to apply through an agency or do it all alone, has anyone got any experience of using a agency and is this the best option? Many thanks Stevens Family
  21. Hi can anybody tell me what the salary would be for a Division 1 nurse Grade 3B year 1. I'm applying for jobs but can't find up to date pay scales anywhere. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  22. Guest

    Nursing Q re visa??

    Hi everyone, Im currently about to start my 2nd year as a student nurse. Currently on the diploma course, but am hoping to transfer to the degree in final yr. I am 36 this yr, so i will be 38 when i qualify. I had a look at the new points test briefly, as I saw on here it has just recently changed in July?? So far, i dont think i have enough points, i thought if you was a nurse, then you would be welcomed in with open arms...? What I cant decide is whether to try and come in through the points test, and get a skilled visa, but by the looks of it, if i stay here in uk after qualifying, to gain some work experience, i then lose points with age, as that will tip me past 39. But if i try to come over straight after qualifying, i lose points for having no employment experience..?? So I am thinking is it best in this scenario to then try and get sponsored by a hospital or try and get on a graduate program?? But then what visa would you come under?? Im very confused...can someone shed some light on all this. As this has been a dream of mine and my husbands for a very long time...its one of the reasons i decided to take the plunge and do my nursing course..to get me over there. Luckily i do actually love my job, so is not only reason im doing it. But gutted would be the understatement of the century if i find out, even doing the nursing i still cant get into oz. Another extra bit of info, i do have lots of family out there, and willing to sponsor if necessary, which helps! Anyway if someone can point me in the right direction, i would really appreciate it. xxx
  23. simonwilliams

    little confused! NURSING

    Hi im hoping someone can help me. I am 6months away from qualifying as a registered nurse in Wales. I am moving to Perth with my parents as soon as i finish the course, im on their visa as a dependent. I am wondering as i will have qualified as a nurse over here in Britain do i have to do the ielets test before i can apply for a job in aus? im a little confused over the need for this. i am only 22 and been in education since leaving school all educated in english. i have also spoken to some hospitals around the perth area , they never said i would need this ielets test and also said that i would be ok with applying for a job as i already have a visa in place (permanent resident) . please can someone assist me with whether i need to do the ieltes test. thanks amy
  24. I'm sure its been asked alot of times before but i'm a UK registered adult nurse (6 years qualified), I'm looking to apply to do agency work in australia and was wondering how long the process of registration would take? I'm still in the UK but looking to come out soon, to victoria first. All help welcome!! thanks Heather
  25. Guest

    Nursing registration

    Over the moon just received an email from aphra to say i am now register to practice YIPEE. Just a few pointers I learned from this site. Keep on their case because if you don't they will not let you know if you need more paper work etc, I email at least once every two weeks. Also make sure you clarify with the NMC that they have sent your vertification over as this can also be a delay. Now for the hard bit and to apply for a visa, whic i am a bit nervous about a one off psychotic episode in 2007 which had me detained in hospital for 3 weeks. Everything okay now and have not been on medication for over two years, just don't want to fail the medical over this. Can anyone help me out with advice.