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Found 330 results

  1. LittleRebecca

    Study Nursing in Australia or UK

    I am considering studying Nursing in Australia (well I started but dropped out). Would I be better studying in the UK or Australia with regards to getting a long term visa for Australia? I was 28 in Feb so I reckon my age will also be a problem.
  2. Guest

    Nursing Agencies in Brisbane

    Hi there, i am registered with Queensland Nursing Council and plan on emigrating with the family in the next few months to Brisbane area. Can anyone recommend a good nursing agency to register with please? Cheers X
  3. Are Australia really short of nurses? I have been living in Fremantle in WA for 3 months now and still not working! I have been qualified for 5 years, I have 3.5 years of A&E experience in a busy British hospital, I have also done a year of surgical nursing and 6 months of elderly care. I have a First Class Honours degree in Adult Clinical Nursing. Surely my skills should be snapped up if Australia is so short of nurses? I have applied to agencies and hospitals direct but nothing. I am now beginning to run out of funds and thinking of returning to the UK to do a few months stink of bank nursing in the hospital Ive come from. When looking at jobs from the UK there seems to be lots of nursing positions available however i have noticed that for each hospital job going there are about 20 agencies that will also advertise that job and therefore i am getting nowhere. Has anyone else had similar problems or have any hints and tips for me before i give up and head back to the work in the UK which i don't really want to do! :nah:
  4. Hi all nurses, Does anyone know if EU trained nurses (German in this case) with proof of EU directive 2005/36/EC standard education, IELTS 7.0 and experience and recent practise meeting AHPRA requirements need to undertake any kind of bridging/adaptation course in Australia before being granted registration? Our registration application has been processed to the stage where its going to the board for assessment on 16 April but AHPRA in Tasmania has said it’s likely a bridging programme will be needed. Searching AHPRA’s website I can only find proposals from 2009 of what might be put in place for this not anything current nor can I find anything very illuminating on the net in general. Does anyone know anything about this, my fingers are nearly worn out from searching! Many thanks and good luck to all who are waiting and hoping. Simon.
  5. Hi Currently at the end of my first year as a Student Nurse studying for the diploma. Hoping to go to Australia to live and work when I qualify but have heard that the diploma may not be recognised anymore and I would need a degree. Could anyone clarify this for me? many thanks...:biggrin:
  6. Kirstyaa

    ANMAC help for a nurse??

    Hi, My husband and I are both nurses, hoping to apply for the skilled independent visa 189. We have a growing list of things we need to do, within that list on ANMAC it says about our nursing qualifications - we have to produce our graduation certificate and 'transcript of training'. Number 7 on this link. http://www.anmac.org.au/userfiles/file/international_docs/On-Line%20Application%20Information%20%232%2018%20March%202011.pdf What exactly does that mean? Transcript of training? pre registration qualifications? as in gcse's/a levels, or a declaration from where we did our nursing training?
  7. Hi everybody This seems to be a common issues from what I can see in the forum but I am an Irish RN in Intellectual Disabilities and am confused about looking fro a job in Oz. I am currently on a sponsered work visa in Melbourne and have been working in a respite centre for just over a year. It also acts as a hospice for children that need end of life care so I have picked up quite a bit of experience in Palliative care from working here which I hope will make a job search a bit easier. I have also worked in a low needs age care facility for three months which was also in Melbourne and prior to coming to Oz had a years experience in Ireland in the field of I.D. Despite working in different places my registration is officially limited to ID. Due to things generally going pear shaped in the personal department here I want to leave Melbourne asap. I would absolutely consider anywhere but my first preference is Perth, S.A and then Tassie. I know this is a broad question but can anybody point me in the right direction of organisations and state/regional boards that I can contact about a possibility of a job and transferring sponsership?? Any information from outside VIC would be awesome.
  8. Guest

    Nursing study n job

    hi every one!!! im new to ttis forum and very confused...im a bsc nurse frm india and am trying my best to get outa here...heard there were some bridging courses in australia..and its very convenient to get a job ter in view of the requirement there...ive been wrkin in india for more than 8 months now ive been wrkin in and intensive care unit and have already been certified as a bls and acls provider by AHA...I preferably wanna wrk first and study more or vice versa...im planin to give my ielts as well as i feel it'll open up many more options..how ever iv learnt IELTS is not essential for a candidate who has done his junior college or 12th grade in and english medium Frankly im confused n m lookin out for t best and earliest poss option.. n e Help or advice plss..
  9. Hi after having A bad experience with APHRA, just wanted to warn anyone applying so you dont have to have a stressful time waiting for your registration!. Most important bit of advice is to send your application to WA perth office. When I applied, i sent it to melbourne VIC as it says on the form but after them having it for 3 months and not so much as looking at it and I was getting desperate for work over here I investigated and got told to transfer it to perth. They are much more efficient and have processed my application within 8 weeks!! YAY at last:biggrin: The staff here actually email you back in perth rather than ignoring you!! Make your life easy and send it to perth!! (although now everyone will send it there it will take longer!! haha)
  10. Hi all, Please can someone confirm when this DRC checklist (using RMA agent) started for ENS 121 visa and what's the current time frame for nursing profession. My wife' is a nurse and her employer NSW Health is happy to sponsor for 457 but refusing for ENS 121 as it takes months to process. Being a big employer any idea how much time it will take for their Nomination to appove and then if we lodge visa application using DRC then roughly how much time it will take. They want her to start work in May or June so if the whole process (Nomiation and visa) takes 4-5 months then we can request them to sponsor for PR visa. Appreciate any info/advice. ...Mansawant
  11. spicton1979

    Newly qualified nurse

    Hi, My younger sister(21) is just about to finish her nursing degree (expecting a 2:1) and she wants to move to Australia (Brisbane in particular) as soon as possible but doesn't know how to go about it. I know you can get a working holiday visa for 12 months but would that allow her to work in nursing? ideally she would like to get a nursing job as soon as possible so she can build up her experience. Does anyone know if she can gain her work experience in Australia and if so, what are her options? Thanks Steve
  12. Hi Everybody, Just a quick question, (i only ever post on here with questions sorry) I'm training for my DipHe in adult nursing over here, a 3 yr course which allows me to work as a registered nurse in the UK (get pin number can dispense meds etc). My mentor on my latest placement is from NZ and has just told me that in NZ you can only work as a registered nurse there if you have a Bsc and she thinks it is the same in Oz... in other words i would only be able to work as an enrolled nurse and not a registered nurse which basically means 3 yrs of hard work would be wasted...... Have to say i've never heard this before and thought as long as you were a registered nurse in UK then you could take that over there (subject to skills assessment from ANMC blah blah blah). Can anuone shed some light for me please? Cheers xxxxxx
  13. Hi, I wondered if anyone has experience of training as a nurse once they get to Australia? I am thinking of JCU in Cairns. I already have PR so will have to pay the same fees as the Aussies, about $5000 each year. I was wondering how people have found it, is there as funding provision to get you through to registration (I imagine not) and what was the workload like? I already have a relevent science degree so was thinking of doing the shortened 2 year course for graduates, but unfortunately I think this would mean I wouldn't be able to practise in the UK should we ever return! Does anyone know anything about this? Would I be better to do the Div 2 Nursing course and then go into the 2nd year of the Bac of Nursing, so I have actually studied for the 3 years stipulated by the NMC in the UK? Would this be acceptable?? Any info/comments welcome. Thanks
  14. Hi, I have a query about what to answer for two questions on the AHPRA nursing registration form. Question 5. Is your residential address the same as your principal place of practice/employment in Australia? I live in London and working for a NHS trust and I do not have any job offer. I want to register first with AHPRA before starting applying for the vacancies so should I answer "no" and provide my NHS address. Question 17. "Do you commit to only practise the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?" What would be the answer for this question. And one more question, if we register in one state and got an offer from hospital in another state will that be an issue or we can work any where in Australia irrespective of where you have been registered. Thanks & Regards, Mansawant
  15. Hi all, We are in the process of sending everything to AHPRA for my wife's nursing registration. As we have to notarise everything, I have come across NOTARY FOR NURSES here http://www.notaryfornurses.net/ Does anyone know if they are worth using? Has anyone used them or heard of them? :embarrassed: Any help would be welcome!! Thank You!! :biggrin:
  16. Does anyone have any advice for a Learning Disability Nurse looking for work in Australia.. We were hoping to move to Perth but the qualification is not recognised in W.A. We have been told to head for Sydney or New Zealand... The high cost of living in Sydney puts me off, although i have never been.. What do you think????? Liz & family,,,.......
  17. Hi all :wubclub: I was just looking to hear about peoples experiences nursing in an Australia and how it compares with nursing in the UK. At the moment i work in a hospital environment in Scotland and feel that its becoming more and more stressful due to cutbacks, increasing workloads etc. My job satisfaction is pretty much non existent which is sad really as nursing can be so enjoyable and rewarding under better conditions. Im hoping theres light at the end of the tunnel, please dont burst my bubble :laugh: x
  18. dani5

    nursing application questions

    Any help would be appreciated, sorry if any questions sounds silly. My partner (plasterer) and I (paediatric nurse) are at the very start of our 175 visa process. I have my IELTS test next saturday which i require an 8 for all 4 parts to obtain the maximum points. Now this is where i get confused.. if i get the required points from the test, i then need to send off my ANMAC skills assessment - is this the online one? and obviously certain evidence needs to be sent directly from universities, work places etc so will obviously be sent separately from the application form?? from everyone's experience, how much is the average charge for documents to be certified? once my partner has had his trades skills assessment, is this when our actual visa application can by lodged as well as my registration to APHRA? i am just trying to get it all clear in my head so i know what i should be doing. it all seems so confusing at the start, i hope it becomes clearer!!
  19. Hi All, I have been seriously thinking of a career change into nursing. I have looked into this and think I would enjoy the job. From looking at the entry requirements I would meet the requirements of a post graduate diploma, which mean I would qualify in after two years on study. However I am not sure this would be recognised in Australia. I have seen than nursing diplomas are recognised, but cant find anything about the post graduate diploma. Looking on AHPRA's website it states post graduate courses are accepted - but must be at least 6 semesters in length - which I thinkg my post graduate course would not be (I think its only 4 semesters - but maybe they mean tearms, in which case it would be fine). Please - can anyone help! Thanks
  20. Hello, I have recently joined this forum to try and start our journey in moving to Australia. I am a nurse in the uk and my partner works for the royal air force, we are desperate to start a new life in Australia. We will be going to Australia on my visa as a nurse but having started to look at the paperwork required to convert across to the Australian nursing services it all seems quite confusing...and I haven't even started with the visa process yet!! From reading the posts on here I realise that I am not alone. Is it worth using a migration company to help, specifically a nursing migration company or are they a rip off for what they do? Speed is not at the forefront of our move because we both have to wait two years before work will let us go but for assistance in completing the paperwork, would it be worth it? If so, which company? If not, where is the best place to start in collecting more information? I apologise for all the questions....I just don't have a clue where to start! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you....and hello! Katie :biggrin:
  21. Hello all, Just wanted to ask a few questions if I may...I am currently in my 2nd yr of Nurse training...and am really wanting to emigrate to be with my family who are in Australia once i qualify. Have just been told about the 457 visa, where you can go on a temp visa for 4 yrs, and be sponsored by an employer. The only worry I have with this one, is how easy is it to get a hospital to sponsor you? Do they generally want at least a few yrs work experience after qualifying? Alternatively is the Graduate Nurse program the way to go? Where I can possibly apply to one of the hospitals and get on one of these, straight from uni? But how do you that with what visa?? Am really confused! Can anyone help by having experienced either of these? Many thanks Sarah
  22. Hi all I have a telephone interview for a clinical nurse post within Adult Community Mental Health..Gold Coast on Tuesday evening. I have to admit I am a bit nervous because I do tend to talk even more rubbish than normal when I am on the phone:wacko: I have been looking on the forum for ideas but haven't seen anything specific for mental health. Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of questions to expect? Thanks Pam xx
  23. Hi I am new to the site and am due to start work in January when I move to Perth from the UK, as a registered nurse at SCGH. Has anyone got any top tips for me? Also can anyone help me work out the hourly pay rate for a level 1.3, also the increments for an afternoon shift is it 15% for the whole shift? Any top tips for nursing in Perth? Best place to live near the hospital? Thanks
  24. Hi all, im currently working towards nursing registration in Perth, Aus, and im trying to work out what you do first (i.e apply to AHPRA or do the skills assessment?)... Does everyone have to have a skills assessment, and who decides if it is a full or modified one (big price difference...) Thanks Saz xxxxx
  25. Hi all, I have registered with AHPRA but haven't done Skills assessment and now got the job in public hospital in Syndey and hospital is willing to offer PR (ENS 121) visa. I am working for NHS since last 7 years. However would like to confirm whether I need to do Skills assessment as I will be going on PR visa and not on 457. Appreciate any information. Ranjana